Coast Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Coast Dental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Coast Dental Services, Inc.
2502 Rocky Point Dr., Ste. 1000
Tampa, FL 33607 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-813-288-1999
Fax Number: 1-813-281-9284
Practice Support Line: 1-813-288-1999
Customer Service Number: Contact your local office.

  • CHECK YOUR BILLS AND YOUR CREDIT CARD: The Bloomingdale Office overcharged us $600.00 plus and now we are trying to get a refund. Also they charged our card which is still not posted for the same day. AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. VERY UNETHICAL DENTAL PRACTICE. I WILL BE GOING TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT IF I DON'T RECEIVE MY REFUND AND THE ADDITIONAL CHARGE ISN'T REMOVED FROM MY CARD. CALLING AND CONTACTING DOESN'T WORK.

  • This organization is a joke. No customer service from local Tallahassee Office on Tennessee Street or Headquarters (except Wanda who took my information and sent an email to someone else to call me doubt they will call). You can't speak to a person only leave a message if the mailbox is not full. Local office voice mailbox is always full and they have the worst customer service skills of any medical office I have ever been in. Would not suggest this organization to my worst enemy.

  • After having yet another problem in there New Tampa office I decided to call there corporate office to put in a complaint. I have now called the number provided 3 times and left them a message once. I finally get a call back for them to just say there sorry and to transfer me to another extension which I left another message. This is very unprofessional. The dentist at this office is great and upfront with my daughter but the receptionists have no idea how to do there jobs. CHECK THE PATIENTS RECORDS AND SEE IF THERE DENTAL PLAN HAS BEEN PROCESSED BEFORE CALLING AND WASTING THE PATIENTS TIME AND GAS!!!! I live a half hour away WITHOUT traffic. ALSO, DON'T DELETE APPOINTMENTS AFTER CONFIRMING THEM OR MAKE US WAIT AN HOUR ONCE A TIME IS SCHEDULED. BE MORE AWARE OF YOUR PATIENTS AND THERE TIME. THIS PLACE HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER CARE!!!! My daughter got treated better in the hospital by strangers.

  • I visited the Morrow, GA Coast Dental office. Believe me when I say the supervisor is so unprofessional that it is unreal. I just wish I had read the reviews before I spent my money there. Are they not trained in customer service? I will be contacting my insurance company to let them know what type of business they are supporting.

  • Tried to write corporate office with the address listed above…..8 days later, it was returned "incorrect address" I wont give up. If anyone knows of a better address, please advise. #ArmyVet

  • The WORST dental corporation ever. I thought Greenberg were bad, but they make Greenberg look very classy. They will put you on hold and forget about you. You can leave messages until your face is blue and they MIGHT return your call a week later. HORRIBLE. I thought maybe it was the individual office that might be bad, but it's every location including Orthodontic care. They are rude, don't answer their phones and if they do, like I mentioned earlier put you on hold and forget about you. We saw Dr. Vaca in Tuscawilla and they are the most unorganized and unprofessional people I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. DO NOT GO TO COASTAL DENTAL.

  • Went to the coast dental in Punta Gorda and saw Dr. Choi.
    He came in with no introductions of any sort.Did not introduce himself or ask me my name or exhibit any of the normal introductory behavior as is customary.
    I felt like a car being examined by a mechanic.Very disrespectful treatment! Like I'm not important enough in his mind to warrant a proper personnel introduction.
    I have never met a practitioner with such a level of unprofessional and rude behavior.

  • I've dealt with coast dental in Tallahassee, Florida before and had a good experience back in 2011. However just recently back in April of this year I went in to get some work done and I was given a treatment plan for everything that needed to be corrected almost 5,000.00 my insurance paid 1500.00 and I paid the remainder cash my money. Not knowing the dentist that would be doing the procedure was planning on leaving the area. Before I was even made aware of this they had already started the work after starting that's when I was told he would be leaving but he plans to finish my case before he leaves. Ok at this point I have no other choice because he's already filed my teeth down for the crown and pulled my front tooth for the bridge work. However from April until June I went back and forth to the office maybe twice if not three times a week. Due to the temporary kept breaking and once the permanent came in it wasn't right. The lab guy had to come back in forth to the office because the bridge was made wrong several of times. Due to the dentist sending it to a local lab instead of their usual lab that they use in Tampa. The permanent bridge was jacked up from the beginning until the end he went ahead a cemented it in before I could really get a good look at it at that point I was so frustrated from having to come back and forth so much It was what it was. But when I got home and look at it I was very disappointed. The crowns are really high on my gums and every time I floss my gums bleed he dentist saw this himself when he was losing the bridge before he cemented it in. But at his point for them it was a rush rush thing anything to say they finish it. What normal dentist would have cemented that in my mouth knowing that most likely from the crowns being so high is why my gums are bleeding DIDNT CARE!!! This is horrible I'm very upset. Then they called me back in the office after asking who was going finish me and telling them how unhappy I was with the bridge to sign the form that it was delivered and approved. I told the tech I don't want to sign this because I don't approve of it and she said no this is just because you've already paid and you can just right on the side what you don't like about it.UGGHHHHH To top that off I was getting a partial done to replace one that I have because he was going to pull two of my side teeth that had decade. I was never scheduled a date to come in for my pulling and partial to be installed. However the week right before he leave his assistant calls and wants me to come in so he can do all that without even given me an advance notice so I could make my job aware. Now mind you I've already been off back and forth 2-3 times a week since April at this point I just cant keep doing that or I would be without a job. So being that he was jamming everybody up on that week he left and haven't completed my procedure but I've paid in full. So now when I call to see is another dentist going to finish my case or I want my refund their giving me the run around. But I promise I will not wait forever I will get my attorney and sue them. First off if I was told before they started that this dentist would be leaving I would not have let him even started doing anything to my teeth. Second the other dentist that work with them don't want to go behind their work so if something went wrong who would fix it. So no he would not have started on me at all. Like now he's gone and haven't completed my case and my gums are bleeding with a jacked up bridge and the look of the crowns are horrible. Stay away from coast dental they are very unprofessional and will not return your calls in a timely manner. I'm so upset that I'm emotional frustrated at this point.

  • I agree with BoathullTech, No one at Cape Coral Coast Dental cares for their patients.. The only good doctor they had they drove off. GOOD luck DR. MAMO. When I first started going to the office in 01/2013 I was given two options too fix my teeth. first option was to cost $7500, second option 3800. So I opted to pay less because work was to be similar and not so expensive. Well, it's been three years and they are still not done. I have spent 11,000. My teeth look terrible. The last work they completed in 10/2015 broke. Permanent crowns. Well I have had crowns from other dentist that lasted 15-25 years. Their products are cheap and they don't do quality work. I'm surprised they haven't been fined since they are a government entity. Like BoathullTech I have had a lot of work done and all of it has broken at least once.. Dr. Brawley should just leave dentistry. She seems to HATE seeing patients when you see her she has a look that says don't talk to me and she is unapproachable and seems to consider the office a social club.

  • COAST DENTAL KINDERGARTEN DENTISTRY COMPLETE HACK WARNING!!!!!! This Corporation and this office is one of the most crooked Dental firms in the industry.everyone will read about it i guarantee! And Coast Dental Corporate are the biggest thieves in the industry. A corporation like this is a disgrace to society. What i describe below is nothing compared to all they did. Coast Dental hacks filed my teeth threw on some temps and told me to go somewhere else to get finished because they are too incompetent for such a big job.and they refuse to give me back my $7776 .the disgusting manager there told me to leave immediately when I went to get my records on 2 different occasions .if you go to Coast hack Dental you are a fool! They are crooks hacks and the reviews..not on there site but Google search them. I beg of you for your own sake! Corporate Dental hacks like this outfit will cost you huge. They are hacks costing me over $30000 plus the $7776 they ripped me off, and an additional year of hell ! I am still in plastic temps as of APRIL 3 2016 and do not have the $30,000 to fix there MESS , THEY ARE ALL HACKS AND LIARS and the disgusting so called manager Michelle in Cape Coral and Coast Dental Corporate Lisa Rodreguez are rat snakes, I WARN THE PEOPLE. The only miracle El TRIPPE COOK her BOYFRIEND is that Coast Dental hacks continues to operate. They destroyed all the teeth on the wrong guy you hacks thieves and liars!!! I REPEAT KINDERGARTEN DENTISTRY RIGHT HERE GUYS ALL THE WAY ANY COAST DENTAL ANY SMILES CARE YOU GO TO, I DARE YOU SERIOUSLY I DARE YOU TO GET EVEN ONE FILLING! EVEN If I were to write down everything they did you would be reading for a couple hours or more straight I am very very serious!!! These fools were even ordered to get me my Lab records over and over but failed to do so and now they are going to pay the price by the State of Florida Dentistry Board !! you will see my review in hundreds of online locations and you will not see even one rebuttal regarding this matter so this proves that they are a disgrace and acknowledge there errors and have nothing to say! COAST DENTAL SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED IN FLORIDA THERE IS ENOUGH CROOKED BUSINESSES HERE AS IT IS!

  • Coast Dental are HACKS AND THIEVES. And Give back my $8135 so I can get my teeth finished that you filed down in Sept 2015 and called quits because incompetence. I mean business!!!!

  • I went through Coast Dental in Melbourne, Florida. They pulled all my upper teeth, I received a bottom partial and an upper denture. They told me that I had to pay out of pocket what my Insurance didn't cover, well I did. I went in to get my teeth and they didn't even fit my mouth. The Dentist left the office to move to Ft. Lauderdale I have gone 2 months without my teeth in my mouth, no dentist there to fix the problem, and didn't receive my money back. Then they have the odasity to call my home about my 12 yr olds appointment with them had to be cancelled and they don't have a dentist still.

  • My nightmare with Coast dental started in July of 2014.The dentist their is the most hard headed jerk I have ever had to deal with. Because of an abstraction I had to wear my upper temporary partial for 6 months. while waiting for my bottom temp. partial I had to go north for a month. When I returned He put my bottom partial [temp] in for less than ten minutes and sent them in for a permanent plate. when I got them I complained that the right rear needed to be built up, He told me they fit good. After arguing with him he finally agreed to let his assistant line them the rocking stopped. When it was time for my upper plate fitting he put a wax plate in that flopped around in my mouth. When I tried to complain to him about the looseness he walked out of the room and told his assistant that he would no longer work with me. His claim being , I could never adjust to false teeth. This took place in Feb. 2015 .Even after numerous calls to his office about my 1200.00 dollar refund I have not heard anything from Corporate. I would never refer this office or from what I have read any other Coast dental office in the state of Florida or Georgia. It is too bad that we have to deal with less than competent doctors, but more so with totally inefficient and incompetent corporate gurus who flat out refuse to return the money they have had in their possession for a year. I agree , where is the Att. gen. in this issue? It is obviously a state wide issue. STAY AWAY FROM COAST DENTAL.

  • My wife had all her front and bottom teeth worked on and she wanted crowns to be put on each teeth. Which it looks nice but now the crowns are falling off. The dentist that did the work left the office and openned his own private office.
    After about 2 weeks one crown fell of so we went back to Coast Dental and they recemented back on no problem.
    No one from Coast Dental had mention that we need it to buy a night guard, that for the price that my wife paid for the crowns the night guard should be included.
    Since then several crowns had fallen off. The last tme we were there to recement the crown the dental assistant told us that we had to go and visit the original dentist which does not work for Coast Dental anymore cause he did the work and got paid already. Coast Dental had told me to ask the dentist that does not work for Coast Dental why are the crowns fallling off.
    Coast Dental told me that he is responsible for the crowns cause he already got paid for.

    My concern is that we made the contract with Coast Dental and they should be responsible for all the crowns falling off. I don't think it's my responsibility to be chasing after the original dentist and ask those questions, Coast Dental should be responsible for it. I don't think that the original dentist that did the work should be responsible cause he does not work for Coast Dental and besides his office is to far for us to drive cause we take care of our granddaughters.
    My question to you is should Coast Dental be responsible or the original dentist that did the work.
    If this issue is not resolved soon I will need to take some action.

  • This company should be embarrassed by all of the bad reviews they have. You would think they would try and make some changes in their policies and practices. After having $13,000 in dental work done over a 6 month period they refused to do a cleaning on me because they said I owed them $108, that actually I did not owe them, they actually owe me $90. I have no complaints as far as the dentist, he was great and did a good job, but before I paid them $13,000 I wish I would have read all of these comments and went for a 2nd opinion. I have been waiting for my $90 refund for 3 months, from the sounds of it I could be waiting alot longer.

  • Went to the Woodstock office to get a replacement for my upper denture and stated clearly I wanted one just like the one I have. I had to go there due to my insurance. I can't count the number of impressions they took and each time the trial denture came back it was worse than the time before. My mouth would hurt for several days due to a really bad fit and it was deplorable. I have asked for a refund but not sure I will get it. I will contact the insurance company and hopefully they will. Now I know why they wanted full payment before they do anything. The staff was nice but apparently someone with the company has no idea how to make a denture. I have had one for 54 years with replacement as needed and all it took was one impression and the denture fit perfect. For the price they charged it should have been top of the line and fit perfect, but it was not.

    • Went back for another trial and it was very bad. Again the staff was very nice but PLEASE DON'T GO THERE FOR DENTURES. I also received a bill stating I owed $15.00 when I paid $696.00 plus the insurance company paid $911.00 and for what, I still don't have a denture. I asked for a refund but not sure I will ever get one. Oh, the amount I paid was not on the invoice so not sure where it went.

    • Now months later and I still don't have a refund but the clerk stated it would be approx. $200.00 and I paid over $600.00. What a rip off. Also I called about the $15.00 statement and the clerk stated she would have that cleared but received another statement and the clerk stated this time that it would be deducted from the refund. WHAT REFUND AND WHERE IS IT. I plan to file a BBB complaint and hopefully that will get things going. I could have gotten everything done for less than $800.00 from my regular dentist but my insurance wouldn't cover them. I should get a lot more than $200.00 refund when I paid over $600.00. Pain and suffering should be worth more than that. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!!!!

  • Another one bites the dust! I am an innocent victim of this deplorable company! Coast Dental – please beware. I had a root canal and crown done (well was it really done? who knows!). Before he did anything with the tooth, he gave me a nice shot. Numbed my side of my upper face, under eyes, temple and right eye. I could not close my eye and could not see out of it. All was blurry! As for the lower jaw, rear molar, no numbness. The complete idiot hit a nerve. 5 weeks later, I have pain in the tooth, pain in my jaw, pain in my right temple, pain and feverish in upper cheeks, below eyes and in headaches. I ache so bad. I want to go to bed at 8 just to get away from the pain. Will they help? Ha! I was told it was "ghost" pain – all in my mind! I am a senior with no money. I have no idea what to do. I will not live this way for whatever life I have left. Stay away from Coast Dental on Cortez in Brooksville, Florida.

  • My first encounter with Coast Dental was with the dental assistant who took panoramic film in conjunction with FMX for an extra cost. Finally, I met with Dr. Dalleske. He reviewed the x-rays and said I needed four crowns on my four front teeth, my two front natural teeth and the two on each side, which already had crowns that were over 35 years old. He told me that the new crowns would last as long. Dr. Dalleske told me he could do the work that day and come back after lunch. Two weeks later I had my new teeth. I then made an appointment for a cleaning. However, this turned into a deep cleaning (which had to be done first) an then would require another appointment for a regular cleaning at additional cost. He also wanted to do an oral cancer screening (he insisted) and a couple of days later Dr. Vascimini wrote an article in the newspaper that the same thing could be done with a flashlight and this was a scam. Fast forwarding to July 2014…while brushing my teeth my new crown falls in the sink, IT DIDN'T LAST 35 YEARS OF CLOSE! I placed a call to Coast Dental of Inverness and made an appointment. At that time they informed me that Dr. Delleske no longer practices there. When I went in for the ppointment they charged me for an x-ray and visit, I was surprised. My new dentist Dr Kokkas told me the tooth broke off because I was receiving Chemo last year. Dr. Ghandki said my Chemo was not strong enough for that. Too fix their problem Dr. Kokkas wanted to perform a root canal and if that didn't work to do an inplant to the tune of $1,598.00 for the one tooth. I decided to get a second opinion; on side not they let me go out of the office toothless. Then I made an appointment with Dr. Lewis of Beverly Hills for a second opinion. He told me Dr. Dalleske took too much off the shoulder and didn't allow the new crown to attach properly and the two front teeth only needed fillings. The fallen tooth was in such bad shape that it had to be pulled. Dr. Lewis also said the crown next to it was going to fail as well and had to be redone. Dr. Lewis created a bridge consisting to two crowns and on false tooth. Total cost at Dr. Lewis was $2,762.30 to correct Coat Dental poor work. I am also forwarding notes and x-rays from Dr. Dalleske, letter from Dr. Lewis of work performed and why to DIVISION OF MEDICAL QUALITY ASSURANCE Enforcement Program.

  • I made an appointment to have my teeth clean and ended up with x-rays instead. I understand they need to see if there are any problems but then the hygienist did not have time to clean my teeth. Now is a wait until March. The dentist did take time to try to have me commit to extensive work which I do not want such as a bridge. All I need is teeth clean and fillings done if needed. This organization is a rip off. I had a crown put in by the same dental group and the assistant put my crown in and did a lousy job. The dentist sat in his office while she did his work. Someone needs to look into this dental group. Hey perhaps the state attorney should hear about all these complains.

  • Coast Dental located at 650 Grayson Hwy Lawrenceville also crooks. They billed me for 2 procedures that they did do but per my insurance are not allowed to do on the same day. I was told in office that I was responsible for $154.00 which I paid that day everything else was covered per verification with my insurance company. Come to find out the 2 procedures they did on the same day per the American Dental Association they are not allowed to do together they did it anyway knowing insurance would not pay it. Calling the headquarters is a joke because you can not talk to a live person. This company is a JOKE they will rip you off…Filing a Complaint with the BBB today.

  • Coast dental in Naples have owed me a refund of $138.00 for over one year. I call almost weekly and still no refund. Biggest rip off dental corporation ever.

  • My Insurance paid more than anticipated. I called at the beginning of April to get a refund. The Towne Lake Woodstock, GA office manager at that time told me she would look in to this and call me back. Never heard from her.
    Called today 5/7/14 and was told that yes the credit is on the account. I was also advised that she would tell the office Manager Ann to issue a request for a refund.
    I am amazed that unless the patient calls to get a refund of money they paid, they just keep the over payment. This isn't a very professional way to conduct business.
    My experience with the root canal was awful & had to go to another dentist to have repairs done. The Dentist even advised that there is no way that the dentist who did this root canal should be doing this type work & if I ever need another root canal to seek other options.
    This root canal has ended up costing me several thousand, and I can't even seem to get $40 that they owe me!
    Totally frustrated!

  • I will never go back to the Coast Dental Office in Ruskin, Florida. We usually deal with the office in BayShore Plaza in Bradenton, Florida, but they did not have a Dentist available for the month of April, and I had just cracked off half of my tooth. We really like the BayShore location and figured the office in Ruskin would be the same NOT SO!! My initial appointment was cancelled, I got a frantic message on my machine that it needed to be changed, and I called immediately, that happened twice.
    Once I was in the chair and evaluated, they came up with a proposal for a crown that was well over $1,000. We were not pleased at the amount, but decided to go ahead with the work. To our surprise, they made my husband pay the full amount before they would even start any work to put in a temporary cap. Maybe they thought I would run out of the office without paying??
    When we got home we looked up what the BayShore Office charged my husband last year and it was over $400 less. We immediately called and questioned the charge and were told that they were giving me the Cadillac of crowns, they never gave us the option for a less expensive crown that would work just as good.
    When it came time for my permanent crown to be put in, I went to my appointment and was told that my crown had not come in. I was very upset as I have a 50 mile round trip to that office from my home. I asked why I was not called and was told that someone tried. Well, they got a hold of me when they needed to change my appointment, besides I have caller ID and call waiting. They lied, they never tried to call me
    Making a long story short, the people in this office are very unprofessional in the way they treat their patients. You can believe that I will change Dental Companies before I ever go back to Coast Dental. Please beware of their practices.

  • Hello
    I was informed that the transfer of funds that belong to me were approved a week ago today. You should have no problem transferring these funds as they will not break you, but like most businesses you seem to think you are better than your customers and decide to keep it until you are damned ready to send it. What is the problem, is your hand used to transfer funds broken or what. This money you are holding is mine, NOT YOURS.. I will never recommend anyone to your dentistry business, as you are the worst I have ever dealt with. Put that money into my account or you will be inundated with messages like these and calls. Whoever the female is that I am directed to when I call the 800 # maybe should stay at her desk once in a while, but she is probably off having a corporate lunch with the big wigs or taking a long break. get with it and do as I have asked, it should not be too hard for you to comprehend. if nothing is done I am going to contact one of the tv stations here and let the public see and hear for themselves what deceptive and fraudulent a corporation you are.

  • I agree with just about all of the comments made. I contracted to have a set of dentures made which cost $1,500.00 up front an in advance, AFTER insurance. Three months later, when they were finally made, was told that before I could receive them I owed an additional $465.00. Stated that I wanted the dentures at the agreed upon price or a refund.
    After "processing" the refund and deducting fees and expenses, I was told that I would owe and ADDITIONAL $560.00.
    They have $2,500.00, and I have nothing.
    Their "Patient Relations" department NEVER answers repeated calls.
    These people are deceptive and fraudulent.
    I will now seek other remedies

  • Well, Looks as though there's a chain reaction here with this unskilled dental practice. My mother(senior citizen) originally went into the Smile Care Dental Group in El Cajon, Calif. and right from the start she was treated badly and taken advantage of. She went in to have an exam and possibly an upper partial plate made for the teeth she was missing to eat with and walked out $1700.00 in debt, living on a social security fixed income. Everything they told her they were going to do, they didn't and gave her the run around for 4-8 wks while she wqas waiting for the plate(s) to be supposedly made. It only took them 6 mos to finally get the upper plate somewhat right so she was able to wear it, since this was the only one she had originally asked for. Meanwhile, the lower plate still gave her problems and to this date still doesn't fit properly for her to wear it to eat with. She found another dentist to make the adjustment(s),in one visit, so she could wear it. She still has to have another adjustment, hopefully to make it wearable. Everytime she went back to Smile Care for an adjustment on the lower plate, they never got it right. They NEVER had a caring attitude and NEVER showed any kindness towards their patients. This company needs to be shut down once & for all! This kind of customer service is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE to the public & senior citizens.

  • Coast Dental in Stone Mountain, Georgia is one of the worst dental offices in the world! The entire staff is totally incompetent and unprofessional. I strongly advised you never to go there!

  • The Punta Gorda FL. office is a big mistake to go to if you need dentures I was in for impessions on my mouth twice and both times the dentures wont fit. I have a small mouth which I was born with and cant change that fact so they apparently cant deal with this , because after trying repeatedly to chew food with them they would not stay in even with denture cream. I called the office to see what could be done and the Dentist came on the line and spoke to me like I was a complete moron and an incompetent idiot, he stated that dentures werw not made for eating they are for purely cosmetic reasons , he asked who ever told me they were for eating. WHAT THE HELL KIND OF MORON IS HE AND HOW DID HE GET A LICENSE TO PRACTICE!!!!!!! I also paid for whitening that was never done.

  • Lakeland office is a joke! I took my 13 yr old daughter to get braces and financed work that was to be done through Coast Dental. I showed up for three appointments and that included initial visit which was supposed to be free. I moved to Naples Fl and wanted to continue my daughters treatment and I went to Coast Dental in Sarasota. I got bill in mail for 1100.00 dollars and it was for 2 visits and only got braces on top teeth. I paid them 300.00 cash and gave them my insurance card. I have very good dental insurance and they claim to have given me an electric tooth brush which they did not but they charge me for it anyway. I even ask for a break down of charges which I never received. Don't waste your time or money with this group of dishonest people. Read reviews this is place is a joke! Don't bother with this group of thieves! I am consulting with a lawyer and I see major problems in their future since he sent someone to them as a test. Lets just say its not one that they passed!

  • Coast Dental is a joke. I used to dental assist at the one in south Lakeland Florida. I was asked repeatedly to lie to patients about what they needed, owed, etc in order to receive payment. It was horrible. A patient came in one day for an emergency crown prep. We had run out of impression material and I was made to take a "fake" impression of the tooth to deceive the patient into believing their crown would be sent off to be fashioned at the lab…..their plan was to call the patient back in when the material arrived and have it re-done due to an assistant's mistake.

    Today my husband went in to get a temp. crown replaced that had fallen apart. This was the last day his insurance would cover any work. They proceeded to keep him waiting for 2 hours, told him his insurance wouldn't cover a crown, gave him an antibiotic, and sent him away with his tooth open and exposed. Didn't even give him an option of treating the tooth. His insurance certainly would have covered his visit because my dentist just gave me my quotes for the same treatment and it is covered.

    This place is amazingly negligent. They need to be blown wide open for their less than honest practices. I would rather pay an honest dentist double than to ever give this company a dime of my money.

  • My experience at coast Dental was not pleasant at all. I would not suggest that anyone go to them for these 3 reasons:

    I was charged for services before they were done. Okay I get that Coast Dental wants their money. but the problem came in when I was told that the deductible would be $50 and the consultation was $110. That makes a total of $160. Which later was turned into the insurance as a $160 consultant fee and they payed all $160. Coast Dental did not turn in my deductible to the insurance as they had told me and is in my statement. So they told me one thing and did another. If I had not been charged by the another dentist the $50 deductible again I would not have known that coast dental owed me $50. By the way They took my money on march 11, 2013 and told me today April 22,2013 that it would take 3 to 6 week before I would get the money they owe me. Something just does not seem right about this way of doing business.

    The day of my visit I had to wait for about 2 hours before they called me back to the back for my consultation. I also received no explanation for the wait. Not even "sorry". That is not good business but I understand it happens sometimes. I suggest that you read other reviews. It looks to me like it is not the exception but the rule, that as a patent you will wait a long time for service.

    Serve; I did get my root canal done. But was not at all happy with the way things went. I was numbed way too much. Before the shot of novocaine I was given some of the pink stuff on a Q tip to numb the area. It was way too much. There was a big glob on the end and then she rubbed it all over in my mouth. I had to ask for water to rinse some out after wiping most out of my mouth myself. I got tired of waiting for the water so I got up out of the chair and went to the sink to get my own water, to fix her mistake. Then the dentist came in and gave me the shot of novocaine and she hit a nerve and numbed the ear and up my head. the response was that it happens sometimes (This only happens when they go too deep in the nerve). During the root canal she did not have everything she needed in the set up so the dentist and the assistant began digging in a drawer for the missing item to put in my mouth. ( was it sterilized? I do not know and I am now worried about it) The inside of my mouth, gum, under the tongue, and tongue was bruised. My tongue was all cut. I had to go to my regular dentist to have things checked out and fixed.

    Please please think twice before going to Coast Dental. This was not my first root canal. I know they are not pleasant but this experience was not the way it should be.

  • Wow, Well I have had problems with the Ormond Beach office. Now The dentist was great I had no complaints there, But they are over booked and understaffed. Twice I was told to find a new dentist when calling for an appointment. This last time My face is swollen and I have sever pain. Thankfully I was able to find a new dentist to take me on such short notice and have my insurance switched to that office. Stay away from the Coast Dental Ormond Beach Office, They don't want you business anyways.

  • I just finished with dental work at Coast Dental in Vero Beach. It took 6 visits to complete root canal and crown. I waited an average of 25 minutes beyond appointment time. Was called and asked if I could come in early as the afternoon was going to be very busy. I accomodated them and proceeded to wait 40 minutes after coming early. The billing is confusing. Still have a non-painful sensation when biting even after root canal. Not pleased and will never return to this office.

  • Vero Beach office mishandles my insurance claim. Sent wrong persons x-rays of wrong teeth for verification of work done. Insurance denied claim and asked for resubmission of x-rays. Office sent wrong x-rays again. Ins denied claim. Office billed me and I followed up with insurance company and clarified problem for the Dental office. They never got it right and sent my account to collection agency. This was from Nov. 2010. I have spent hours since then trying to sort this out. It is now January 2013 and my credit report shows that I have an account taken to collection. They agree that they are at fault in this matter but won't make any attempt to correct it.

  • Orange Park office – have been trying to get a refund since 9/12 still don't have 1/30/13. Keep getting the run around. They don't dispute the money is owed, but every time I call they have another excuse for not paying. They won't return phone calls and now trying to call Corporate and SHOCKER – they don't answer their phones either!!! STAY AWAY FROM COAST DENTAL….unless you have money to throw away.

  • Coast Dental will over-charge you which includes "non-billable" services; FORGET GETTING A REFUND…..IT WILL TAKE FOREVER. FILE COMPLAINTV WITH BBB; STAY AWAY!!!!!

  • I am experiencing the same thing with a refund. Was overcharged $598 in late October, early November and was told 4-6 weeks. When I inquired, I was told that it had to go through four departments. As of yet, no refund check and when I called a few weeks back was told it will be another 4-6 weeks. Will definitely submit a preauthorization next time and will not feel pressured to have the work done NOW! I must say, I feel my cleanings are excellent.

  • I have been waiting since April of this past year (2012) to get a refund from these folks and the preferred dental program they are affiliated with which my insurance provides me is about to drop them from the program. They supposedly have 10 days from last week sometime before they drop them from their program. After reading all this negative accounting, I'm not sure they'll pay? It's a major insurance company so I would think that would be a big revenue loss for them. Maybe they'll fold up and run for a measily 650 bucks. Surprising how some people run their business???

  • Owed a refund since Sept and was just delayed yet again and told it would be the end of Jan/Feb for the refund to be processed. I would have been sued months ago if I owed them any money. Avoid this company they are crooks. If you double bill someone and know its a mistake then fix it.. don't just stall and hide behind company policy unless that policy is to rip off people.

  • Add me to the kids of being billed for services not rendered. Been trying to get a refund since September and due to a policy change I was just told it will be the end of Jan/Feb before they issue it. This company is nothing short of a fraud. If I owed them money they would have sued me months ago.

  • i agree 100% with these people they are horrendous!!!! all of them specially the people in corporate get out before you get deceived

  • I was billed for service on 8/29/12, yet I have not been to Caost Dntal the entire 2012, I called the Stone Mountain, GA office to clarify this, they continue to be very unprofessional. She told me I had to call the corporate office becasue she could not help me. This is sooooooooooooo unprofessional. Nothing has been resolved.


  • Coast Dental Fleming Island Florida.
    NEVER GO THERE… This dentist has become the devil of dentistry, my 7 and 10 year old were told they had 2 cavities a piece after waiting and hour and 30 minutes after having x rays and waiting for the dentist and assistant to obviously eat their afternoon lunch.I was told that they no longer made silver fillings and that my insurance only covered a percentage of the white. So basically my portion was I believe nearly $90 per cavity,per child making a total of $360. I went a few days later to be told the same news. so now my bill was $540. We scheduled for my daughter's to have one of their cavities filled and a few days before the appointment Coast Dental called to cancel, No suprise . I have never had an appointment that hasn't been cancelled . Anyway after finally getting to the dentist and waiting an hour to get back to the dentist , which I may add was first thing in the morning and an empty office she waitied another 45 minutes to be seen, by now my cavity free child was getting a little anxious. When the dentist finally came in he looked at the x rays and inside her mouth and said ok lets get these filled. Ny daughter got scared and said No . Long story short the dentist then decided that he was not going to see my daughter,since she was not going to open up.After a few days my daughter realized that she indeed needed to get this cavity filled and was willing to go through with what ever she had to do,but after trying to reschedule the appointment for her I was told that they would not see her and that they would refer her to a pediatric dentist. This was not an option for me with my Insurance, so I took her my 7 year old and myself to another Dentist on my other Insurance list and was seen with in the hour and told that all of us had great teeth and NO cavities.How can a dentist be prepared to drill into a childs mouth and take Money from someone unnecessarily…. Biggest Rip off dentist ever…… NEVER USE …

  • This company is the most unprofessional dental office I have ever been to. I have called several times and been sent right to voice mail with no return call. When asking the receptionist to be put through to her supervisior she refused and put me through to another voice mail. This is absurd!!!!

  • An incredibly frustrating corporation to deal with. I have been trying to get a refund from them for months. They don't dispute that it is owed. They just won't send it. If I owed them money they wouldn't be slow in letting me know about it.

    • Anonymous: I am equally pissed off with the actual dental office in Daytona. I went in today to get all my work done. Called yesterday to confirm amount owed to get money order. Got to the dentist and they had the total wrong, I had paid previously and it was not deducted. I was told the total included everything, until I got there today and found out 2 procedures were not added. Well the dentist said he would do them anyway no charge. So andf took a impression of a tooth to be caped….the dentist came in and numbed the right side of my face. Here comes the billing girl telling me they would take my money order but would have to wait for the $200.00 refund, and said wow, the refunds take forever. Now I have to make another appt and bring the second correct money order. The girl said she was awful with numbers and she was sorry. I said that wasn't enough. My 91 year mother, who lives with me need someone to sit with her, and that is hard to find. I don't have time to waist time. Such incompentance was overwhelming to me so I left one and a half hours with the right side of my face numb and nothing done with my issues.

    • horrible people they tell you you have things that you don't have , they overcharge you and then don't refund your money. If you still choose to go to them, keep your eyes wide open and if you can, get a second opinion!!

    • I had my teeth pulled last October 2012 and was suppose to have my dentures (that have already been fully paid for) by April, but they didn't even start making the molds for the dentures until the first of March and then after making the molds you have to wait three weeks to get the wax try in, but every time the wax try in comes in the teeth are not right, and a couple of times now the lab keeps breaking either the wax mold (on the one set that was right)and so had to have another mold made, long story short since March I have had to have four new molds made because the lab does not know what they are doing and keeps messing up, this last one was August 8th, and it has now been 2wks and I still have not heard anything or have the new dentures. DO NOT MESS WITH THESE PEOPLE for what ever savings you think you may be getting by going to them, YOU PAY DOUBLE FOR in irritation and frustration, THEY JUST ARE NO WORTH IT!!!