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  1. My stay at CocoKey Orlando was a giant nightmare. I was in town 6/17/22-6/25/22 for my daughters volleyball tournament. The morning of the 18th we were awaken to the sounds of a fire alarm. We evacuated and went downstairs only to return on a guess because no one came to address the situation. We tried to go the pool to unwind when it was closed due to a power outage. Murmurs from other guests prompted us to go speak with the front desk. They were begnibg to relocate guests out of building 6 into other rooms and to nearby hotels. They informed us after 3 hrs waiting in suspense that we would get another room on the resort. We were exhausted and had officially lost our entire Saturday to the chaos. We moved I to a smaller room and just opted to stay positive. The next day we had the beginning of a 4 day tournament. During the tournament I reached into my backpack looking for my AirPods they were gone. When we arrived to the hotel I retraced my steps and tried to locate the on find my iPhone. The last known site was room 6510. I use my AirPods to block out noise when I sleep and during large volleyball tournaments. I informed the front desk and they assured me they would look. Only minutes later they signed off and stated they didn’t show up. From my knowledge those rooms still were without electricity so who cleaned it and how did they finish a building that fast. Forward to Monday evening Im preparing to go out on a team formal dinner and as I seek my Tory Burch purse I realize it’s no where to be found. I quickly asked the front desk to allow me into 6510 so I could look for it. The purse was last hanging on the closet. Now remember when we vacated the room we had only a few hours of sunlight and it was very hot. We are a family of 5 so repacking was a task to complete in less than an hour. We also had 10 days worth of belongings to gather. The front desk her my complaint but again assured me the room had been cleaned and nothing was found. Moving along to Tuesday, my purse is found I informed the front desk I would arrive at 10pm from the tournament’s at OCC and could stop by. Wednesday arrives and we actually think we’re having a great day. No issues so far but then again we had tournaments. Thursday and Friday were our free days to hurry and do site seeing. Friday night I gather the dirty clothes to wash and head to the laundry. Everything went well I would set the washer and leave then returned to set the dryer and left. When the dryers are running the room gets extremely suffocating and hot. When the clothes had finished and I was folded up ready to leave the door o longer worked. I was trapped in the laundry room. I called the front desk and texted family to come help me. After 5min another guest saw my desperation and helped by opening the door from the outside. Thankfully she had her key card or I would of been stuck longer. During this time the front desk does not answer. 20min go by and finally the front desk answers. I inform them of what occurred and they assured they would get to work on it. They never asked if I was ok or did I need anything. I requested to speak to a manager or have the manager call me. This would be my second attempt at reaching the manager with no success.

    I’ll never stay at cocokey nor will I recommend this resort to anyone ever.

    Management can reach me at rkperry86@gmail.com to discuss further.

  2. DO NOT stay at this hotel. My bed sheets had blood stains on it, the air conditioning system also had blood stains. I came back to my hotel room around 1 AM , I laid my 10 month old baby and my 7 year old son on this bed without realizing how the deporable and disgusting condition the bed sheets and comforter were in.
    I’m writing this post to warn others and not make the same mistake I did, our job as a parent is to protect our children’s, god knows what occurred on that bed. I am appalled at the response I received at Coco Keys when notifying them about this horrible situation me and my children’s endured while staying at this Water Park Resort. My daughter is a premie with health risks and having her sleep on dirty, un sanitized sheets could have been a great risk to her health. I also want to let you guys know that CoCo Key did not take this matter serious , they laughed at my face when I brought this up to they’re attention.
    I advised them that I was 99% that this was blood on unchanged sheets used by previous guest prior to me checking in. The front desk manager George proceeded to tel me this was KETCHUP, again I am certain this wasn’t ketchup and was blood. Coco Key was able to find me another room at 3AM after numerous times arguing with them , the only reason I decided to go to another room and not booking another resort was because everything else was sold out due to being Thanksgiving week.
    They did comp me $185 but at this point a full refund should’ve been given due to the fact of how disgusting the entire room was, again this was my experience and I just want to warn others about it.

  3. TERRIBLE!!! I made a reservation, but our planss have changed and I have been trying for weeks to cancel but they can not FIND the reservation, but how did my credit card get charged and I'm gettting emails, but the confirmation number are not found in the system, nor can my name or phone number be found in the system. So, just HOW did my credit card get charged the reservation fee if I DO NOT have a reservation?????? INEED TO CANCEL!!!

  4. When entering the lobby the hotel looks very nice but, once you go up stairs the hotel really looks like a motel. The walls are not finished being painted. In both rooms there were stains on the carpet. To top it off I accidently left my purse in the lobby upon leaving and one of the staff members from the hotels front desk stole 100 dollars while retrieving information to identify me. There wasn't an incident report made, no manager on duty to assist and no one has reached out to me in regards to this matter, these people had no remorse. I do not recommend anyone staying at coco key.

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