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  • Coco’s Bakery Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Coco’s Bakery Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Coco’s Bakery Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Catalina Restaurant Group, Inc.
2200 Faraday Ave., Ste. 250
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Corporate Phone Number: 1-760-804-5750
Fax: 760-476-5141
Customer Service Number: 1-877-225-4160
Website: Coco’s


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  1. Went into the Coco's in Simi Valley for Prime Rib at 4:45 pm on Saturday the 22 of April. Ordered it medium – it came well done. A guy a few tables down ordered his medium rare – he got his well done also. The server explained that it all depends on when they put it in! What? I have never ordered a cut of prime rib that I couln't get the way I wanted it! At least today if you wanted it well done you would be golden. Otherwise, for get it. Never Again!

  2. Last evening my brother and I whom are both seniors went to the Sun City, Ca. Coco's. We waited about 8 minutes to even be noticed. We were seated and told a waitress would be right with us. About 15 minutes later a waitress as if anyone had taken our order. We said know and we still have no drinks. She said she would see who was our waitress. A few minutes later Monique came back and said I guess I am your waitress. We gave her our order and she got our drinks and a basket of bread. From there on out it went downhill. From another booth I heard a man say is anyone going to wait on me. My brother and I had ordered soup with our meals which finally arrived and was barely warm. Another 25 minutes went by and our senior cod dinners arrived. We both had cold cod and baked potatoes. My vegetables were cold and wouldn't even melt butter. We were so hungry that we went ahead and ate our food. In the meantime my brothers coffee cup and my ice tea had been empty sitting at edge of table and no one bothered to refill them. The manager was walking by and I asked to talk to her about service and meal. She immediately got defensive and said our waitress was new. I said everyone has to start somewhere but as management someone should be helping trainee. She then said I will comp your dinners. I said I wasn't asking for that I just wanted to talk with her. She said well I can see you've already made up your mind. We were there at 7:00 p.m. Sunday evening and night manager's name is Nancy. I have no complaint about Monique our waitress at all. She was overloaded and not being properly supervised. Coco's should be ashamed of this managers customer service. Very Rude. I have never sent a complaint to any restaurant in my entire life but I feel like I have to this time. I live here in Sun City and have gone to this Coco's since 1993. I will not return. Shame of her.

    1. Forgot to add to above complaint that manager went and got me another cup of ice tea but when I looked at cup it had lipstick all around one side of the rim which I showed to waitress when she did come back. I feel she didn't get a new glass and gave me one that had been used. I do not wear lipstick. Horrible experience. Horrible manager.

  3. We live in the Sun City Grand area in Surprise Arizona. Cocos is our go-to choice for great bakery and food. This location is right on the golf course with great view.
    My following comments are intended for the corporate office. This location is in need of new booths. Most are sagging and broken down. You also need an overhaul of employees starting with the manager. Keep the cooks and replace all other workers. This location would be woe the putting a few dollars into. Hop to it and we will be loyal customers!

  4. bought 2 pies the apple was loaded with apples and was pretty good
    the cherry pie that I was told turned out to be some kind of berry
    and did not have a single piece of whole fruit, if I wanted jelly I would have bought some at the 99 cent store it almost ruined a dinner for
    my family

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