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Comcast Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Comcast Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Comcast Corporate Office Address:

One Comcast Center

Philadelphia, PA 19103-2838 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-215-665-1700

Corporate Fax Number: 1-215-981-7790

Corporate Email: info@comcast.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: CMCSA

Comcast is famous for communication services. Comcast’s products include wireless voice and data, broadband internet, video, and data and phone service. Comcast is one of the premier cable tv and internet providers in the USA.

Comcast’s competition includes Verizon, AT&T, Dish, Charter, T-Mobile, Centurylink, and Optimum.

Comcast’s toll-free customer service number is 1-800-266-2278. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on their website.

CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com is not associated with Comcast. This website is for information, reviews, feedback, ratings, and complaint purposes only. Information was verified by a live person on April 2023. Please report any errors to the webmaster.


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  1. I just signed up on line for internet for $19.99 for six months. I was suppose to have it installed on May 12th. I received an email saying my internet service would be $66.95 a month plus my installation of $39.99 one time fee. I called today & get a sales rep to reduce my internet to $19.99 a month for 6months but then they told me installation would be $59.99 because, they could not give me the internet rate since I was calling in to them. I said no way then I want to cancel. So they send me over to someone to cancel & the stupid B*$%ch says we aren't charging you $59.99 a month only one time. I said, I know that but, online installation is only $39.99 a month and you have my service all screwed up & I don't even have it yet. She says I don't understand. I try to explain it all again and give up & said just cancel this it is not worth all this trouble. Your company does not know what they are doing. I will never call comcast again! The people you deal with just don't seem to care! I work Customer Service and would be fired if I treated my customers the way I was treated. STAY AWAY FROM COMCAST!

  2. I moved on April 1st 2014. My email was working in my new home. On April 24th, Comcast disconnected it and has NOT re connected the email address to my new account. I have received a bill that I paid. They issue work orders that take "24 -72 hours to fix the problem. I am on my 5th work order and my emails still bounce. This cannot be that hard to fix. I want my email address back…now please !!!

  3. Because someone else is using my address I Have to suffer thats not right. Do your job and fix it. Ive been waiting two weeks now an had enough. There is no reason for this.

  4. First off they is no such thing to comcast as making customers happy. Ive been waiting two weeks to get any type of service to my house but I keep getting a different answer each time I call. To keep to short and to the point, I'm dealing with someone else using my address so I have to suffer, thats messed up..I will never recommend Comcast to NO one..they is no reason i have to suffer for you not doing your job. I deserve some answers..

  5. All these complaints and you want to get bigger, if you cannot handle what you have how do you expect to handle a larger company. I will not complain about the money you took from me but I will contact my Senator (Christ Coons) and while you are involved with the investigation you can explain to him why you over charged me, why it took 45 minutes on the phone to get no response about the problem and you hung up on me. OUT STANDING SERVICE!

  6. My name is Alvin, I recently had your service at 900 S Boardman Ave Apt E50, Gallup NM 87301. The service was not good in this apartment. I had a total of seven in-house service calls and many service calls over the phone. My cable or internet service was out two to three times per week. The bill came like clockwork for fill payment each month. I have a balance of 233.00 dollar in which it was report to the three credit companies. I feel that Comcast owe me money for such poor service. I hope someone in the cooperate office review my account and fix this situation for me.

  7. i was told by comcast that i would have service in my area when i moved and come to find out they lie to me

  8. This has got to be the WORST Customer Service I have ever received in my entire life. Since October of 2013 Comcast has been charging me for Home Security that I don't have, they came out to make sure I did not have it which is fine, but they are still charging me for it every month even though they came out here and realized I don't have it. The worst part is their customer service the 1 800 Comcast, every month I have to deal with these people that make promises that they don't keep, the first time I called I swear, I talked to 15 people 3 of them just hanged up the phone on me, and still 5month later I am still dealing with this bull. I finally called here the Corporate Office if they don't fix the problem I hate to do it but goodbye to Comcast, I am just going somewhere else. I am just sick of this.

  9. 100% Dissatisfied!!! Xfinity Home Security & services in general. I am paying for home security that I have to disable certain key features to use the system. I was told by numerous supervisors My home security would be fixed and working correctly, but when I gave Comcast the chance was told it couldn't be fixed. I was told I have to pay $1000.00 to cancel service a service that I can not use correctly. I was going to be held hostage by Comcast shutting off my TV and internet while trying to dispute early termination of home security service. When speaking to the supervisor Sierra at (304) 506-8426 I was told I had to speak to the retention dept only to then be told I wasn't allowed to speak to a supervisor in that dept. The supervisor Judy (id 7FK) told me she would call me back and get this resolved. She never called back. A supervisor after Judy said I had to allow a certified Comcast tech to come out to fix the issue, only to be told by the tech the issue could not be resolved. I spent over 6 1/2 hours on the phone with them just today alone, only to be told tough luck. I was basically told if I try to dispute or fight it all of my services were going to be turned off and my account was going to be reported to my credit. Is this any way to do business?? Bully and threaten your customers?? If so Comcast is doing a great job at it!!!!

  10. comcast is a ripoff they even charge you when service is disconnected customer lack of service said that is their policy to charge even when no service was turned off by them they still charge full amount and are very rude never had cable this bad before this company is a ripoff do not sign a contract with them you will be sorry i am

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