Comwave Corporate Office Headquarters

Comwave Corporate Office Headquarters
61 Wildcat Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 2P5, Canada
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-288-5779
Customer Service Number Canada: 1-877-474-6638
Customer Service Number USA: 1-866-884-6901
Customer Service International: 1-416-663-9600

  • Comwave is the worst company i have EVER dealt with. DO NOT acquire their services. I was locked into a contract for 3 years and it took me 4 months to receive a credit that they owed me. Instead of sending me a credit they were sending me emails weekly stating i owed them money. Finally a received an email stating my case was sent to collections. The NERVE!!!! I called the Better Business Bureau and within 3 days Comwave finally called me back only to say my refund would take 6-8 weeks. Unbelievable!!!!! Terrible customer service…You SUCK!!!

  • I've been waiting for a Tec to come and hook my internet up was suppose to be done August 18 and Im still waiting 10 days of being on the phone and having to call 7 times a day to be told ill have to wait till september 5th now to have service
    And they still wanted me to pay 95 for installation and then my Bill that i hadn't used in 3 weeks. N when i finally had it with how dumb they are i cancelled my service to be told i owe over 200 dollars for cancelling

  • Totally agreed this company is fraud. Think twice before using this service. They will do adjustment without your knowledge and start taking your money. If 10 days past;that's it… your money become theirs; despite their mistakes; customer pay; even though you are absolutely sure and have proof that they took your money all thelse years;they defend themselves and say they are doing you a favor; steal your money and blame you. Daylight robbery to poor customers.


  • Worst customer service ever!!! Was stuck for over 2 months trying to cancel with…when i requested to speaking to a Manager or having Head Offices number i was turned down as as a customer im not entitled to it and had to find it myself. When i asked for their names their names they could only provide their extensions. They say they value you as a customer yet all they value is our money. $225 short and 2 months of hell dealing with bad service bad im glad to be done with them!!!

  • I have been trying for some one to come hooked my internet and phone for the last month and no one showed up. I called them and they said some one will be there between 8am-9pm, waited and no one showed up. I have been calling them almost every day and they kept telling me they will sent some one but no one ever showed. I have no phone or internet. I'm going to cancell it. Don' t deal with this company

  • This is a horrible company. Poor quality service. You will spend days with their tech support trying to fix the unfixable. The customer service is next to useless. To add insult to injury, when you go to cancel, they charge you a cancellation fee $200 for each service. Stay away from this company. The service is horrible all around!!!

  • a whole month waiting for them to send a technician, they kept promising to send a technician twice but when the time comes no one shows up, finally when i kept asking to speak to a higher management – and after an exhausting waiting and argument- i finally had the services provided.
    i was soo happy, "finally I've got the 49.99 bundle package", but wait, it turns out that -as usual- Comwave don't keep there promises, how so well, in stead i am suppose to spend over $100 monthly, mind you this is with the 6 months free phone promotion, which means after the promotion period I'll have to spend more, AND THE WORST PART OF THIS IS YOU HAVE PRESCRIBE TO PREAUTHORISATION PAYMENT SO YOUR screwed…..akhhhh i am tired of this company
    my last attempt will be to go to head office and try to speak to some one there, maybe I can get some of my money back

  • Highly disappointed with Comwave's service. Today they want to charge me over 700$ + taxes to cancel a telephone service which i never had. Add to that, they say if I don't pay them now, they will keep charging me a monthly fees (?)
    They said I signed a contract, i never signed any contract. Then they said, you read the Policies, they never guided me to any policies.
    Finally Comwave has hidden charges, please don't trust hem and keep away from them, save headaches and your money.

  • Service sucks
    Had for 13 days hasn't worked for 3 of those days spent hours on hold asked to leave message with the ceo told they couldn't put me throught to his office they don't seem to care about people

    • Well I've been trying to cancel my stupid comwave for 4 years!!!!!! and they keep telling me they can't. The first time they said I was locked into a 1year contract….the next they said that I had called to cancel too late…..then last night I was on hold for 15min only to be told that in order to cancel I have to pay out from Jan-June….which is total BS

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