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  1. I have a disability. I live in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I try to shop places that have a riding shopping cart. I have called the store here several times asking where their carts are. A man named Mr. Anthony stated he was sorry for not having the carts there. He even said he would give me a discount. I have called many many times to find out why these carts are not there. One time they said they were getting new ones. This has been going on for about two years. Still no new motorized carts. Your floors a very hard floors and it makes it very hard on us older people to get around and your stores are very big. I went there just two days ago to pick up a filter no riding cart was to be found, so I thought I would just try real hard to get the filters and leave, but mother nature called and I had to go all the way down the store and back again. I was in so much pain when I went to check out and had to stand in line for 20 minutes, I just left. I looked for the riding cart all over that store and could not find one. Also, as I looked I saw five elderly couples and single older women trying to just get around to shop. Two of them were looking for the riding carts. One had her walker and was talking about how this is the last time she will come to Lowes. Now, to you at the CORPORATE OFFICE, this generation of shoppers are the baby boommers, now the older generations. More then ever millions of shoppers are now moving into the older people with handicaps. So is it too hard for you the builder of large shopping stores to provide riding carts that work and are ready to use in your stores? This store has two, they either never work , are they are gone. We need at least four new carts. Do you think you can provide them for us please. Thank you Sheila Nelson, snelson883@aol.com

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