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A&W Restaurants Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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1441 Gardiner Lane
Louisville, KY 40213

Corporate Phone Number: 1-502-874-8300

Fax Number: 1-502-454-2410

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-502-874-3000

  • I had a really bad experience at the Wittenberg A&W, please refer to the above explanation… I did call them at Wittenberg to get the Store # so that I could correct the mistake that I made on my survey… The younger lady that answered the Wittenberg A&W said that she looked on a receipt that they had and that there is no store # on the receipt, and why I wanted to know… I stated that there must be a store identification # on the receipt, she looked again and said that there is no number on the receipt and again asked why I wanted to know… I then said I was doing a survey and she hung up on me without any comment or explanation… That did not help my very poor experience with the Wittenberg A&W

  • I just did a survey for a really bad experience that I had at the Wittenberg A&W and then I realized that it was the wrong receipt that I did the survey on, so please know that the very poor comment on the receipt with the code 1637W WAS NOT FOR THE A&W ON THE RECEIPT AT 2646 MANITOWAC ROAD, GREEN BAY WISCONSIN…. THE VERY POOR COMMENTS WERE ONLY FOR THE WITTENBERG A&W!!!! THE 2646 MANITOWAC A&W WAS EXCELLENT AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN RATED ALL EXCELLENT COMMENTS.. PLEASE REFER THIS TO MANAGEMENT, THANK YOU!!!!

  • Today is National Root Beer Float day. I went to our one local A&W in my town and presented my coupon for a free root beer float. I was told this is a fund raiser and I would have to put money in some box they had sitting on the counter. I asked for a manager. I told her the problem and read to her the "free root beer float" language, and she stated to me that this is a fund raiser. I made the comment, well it isn't free then is it?" I have never heard of such thing. This is extortion. I will be contacting our attorney general's office and their corporate headquarters tomorrow. The manager needs to be fired. She got very snotty after she figured out I was right and turned her back and walked off. Hey A&W, your food is too expensive and I can by root beer and ice cream at the store. Don't need your employees' crap!

  • Stopped at West Broad location in Columbus Ohio. Cashed in a coupon for a bacon double cheeseburger. Was charged and paid for it, but when I got home, I only had a plain double cheese. Stopped back the next day to get the correct burger that I had been charged for & paid for, but was refused by very rude manager who said I should have let them know on the day of the problem. As it was the next day, she couldn't/wouldn't fix it because it would mess up her precious paperwork. Yet she had no problem taking my money the day before for an incorrect order. I consider this stealing from a customer. Will no longer be doing business with A&W or Long Johns, which shares this location.

  • I know someone who worked at the monroe michigan a&w he went to go get his chech and there was only a envelope with some money in it he came home and called the next day to get hung up on and told the big guy was not there again today now mind you he is always there how can my friend get help

  • I have received 2 letters date, 22nd Jan. 1958. They refer to opening a new franchise, specifically the western part of USA.
    These 2 letters note that these were sent from the Hotel Schroder in Milwaukee Wisconson, Jan. 22nd, 1958. They were sent to a MR. E. Hagon; 2 different addresses; but both sent to Mondovi Wisconsin. If any one at A & W Root Beer would like these please contact me.

  • Dear A&W. I live in Carson City Nevada. . The closest A&W is 20 miles away in Reno Nevada. There have been A&W. in my City in the past . The Tesla giga factory has brought many new residents to this area. So much that housing in very hard to come by . I would love to see a A&W. Back in my Capital City of Nevada.
    Thank you Kurt

  • I am to the point of forming a public Boycott of the A&W in Yellowknife, NWT because of the recent actions of some of it's customers. The place is dirty and the Manager has no control over customers who are constantly causing disturbances which appears to be almost everyday and, having the need to call the RCMP. The environment is not the best and you have customers vomiting in the store where other customers are trying to eat. More importantly the Manager has know control and, I strongly recommend you send him for additional training so as he can deal with irate customers. Customers are leaving and going elsewhere and if the problem is not fixed you might as well close the place down.

  • We love a&w and used to like the restaurants that carried A&W and KFC. We have been in 2 restaurants this week, one in Boise and one in Nampa, ID. Both put their rootbeer in the fountain now with the pop–no rootbeer dispensers or MUGS!! And both had chicken breasts just barely cooked inside. No more A&W's or chicken for us.

  • Your so called chicken sandwiches are a joke you charge almost 8 bucks for 2 tenders on bun. And mind you the tenders are way smaller than the bun i wont be going back anytime soon and i was not the only one complaining

  • I had a TERRIBLE experience at A & W in Boulder City, NV. Went drive thru; ordered a regular and a diet root beer float. First I had to ask for the drinks to be put in a carrier. Then when I asked which drink was which I was told…"the one overflowing the most is the regular." I was handed a soaking wet carrier; drinks STILL overflowing; not one single napkin. I had to drive around; do into store and get napkins to clean up my car. I have left feedback 3 times and no one has bothered to follow up with me. Beyond disappointed

  • Upset!!! I've been online and the web address is incorrect, i.e. (awrestuarants.com/contact_us/index.php. I tried to email my complaint and the web site never processed my complaint (in Redmond, Or). How can someone pass on a "problem" when there is no address/email or phone number…Pls call me @ 520 682-1311, Chuck Smith, Retired USAF.

  • towelroot went this morning to get just a large soda in a foam cup I told the girl that I wanted extra ice she said we don't even have ice today and all we sell is foam cups very rude i didnt even know that cause it was my frist time there. I left and called to speak to a manager she said she was the manager and her name was Taylor well I wanted to speak to the general manager and she said she couldn't tell me what day he would be there cuz she can't tell me his schedule I didn't ask for the schedule I only ask for what day you would be in so I can call and she still didn't want to give me that information

  • Here's my Facebook post after my visit to the Harrisonburg Va. location last night. "At 8:20 pm this evening at the KFC/AW Root beer on 42 south, I pulled thru the drive thru and ordered two chili-cheese dogs and a large half cut (half sweet, half unsweet) iced tea. Pulled around to the window and was told that "we're out of sweet tea", long pause, "and we're out of unsweet tea too". I asked if they were getting ready to close, heard "oh no, we don't close until 10, we just don't make any more tea once we run out". I asked what else they had and apparently that was a very hard question because I never really got an answer, nor did I hear "would you like something else" when she told me there was no tea, so I said never mind, I'll stop somewhere else for a drink. Pulled around the corner and dug my (very messy) chili dogs out and apparently they don't make any more napkins either once they run out or else they're a hot commodity that has to be rationed, I don't know. Either way, good thing I had a few stashed in the truck. Thought about going in and offering them my extras. Now, after all that, please tell me again why fast food joints should pay these people a greatly increased minimum wage??". The vast majority of replies to my post had similar experiences, from terrible service to out of things to the place being filthy, and all say they too will never go back. What's going on with this place?

  • i have an idea for advertising that will guarantee you more business than McDonald's unless of course you are not in competition with them. otherwise my idea will be of interest to you i suggest you contact me at your earliest convenience at 1-204-221-1634. i really think it's important to give credit where credit is due & i want some form of recognition or whatever to make sure i am given credit for my idea.

    • The A&W at Woodfield Mall is terrible they don't really treat each other with respect and if your new they don't treat you with a nice Welcome and the Restaurants Gm picks favorites and then when you tell her about something that happened she doesn't wanna do anything about it and they let other places come in and borrow ice when their ice machine is broken so I don't see why they don't just get ice from Wetzels pretzels when their ice machine is broken because honestly nobody wants to drink Warm root beer it taste's terrible and then they have a shift leader trying to say that he's the Asissant manager now

  • Not very happy!!! We stopped at the port richey Florida location and tried to order root beer floats with our order and the girl taking our order told us that they were out of ice cream which I find hard to believe!I got pieces of fries in my side order of clams and the fish meal didn't have any hush puppies. I am a previous manager of a fast food restaurant and I know all of the tricks like cleaning the ice cream machine early and saying that your out of ice cream!!! An incomplete order is unacceptable. As a customer you should be able to order any item anytime of the day. I was there an hour before closing… I also took a picture of the ice cream machine with the clean parts sitting in a bin under the spouts. I'm not sure I want to continue to be a customer of A&W with this being the second time this has happened.

  • Not very happy!!! We stopped at the port richey Florida location and tried to order root beer floats with our order and the girl taking our order told us that they were out of ice cream which I find hard to believe!I got pieces of fries in my side order of clams and the fish meal didn't have any hush puppies. I am a previous manager of a fast food restaurant and I know all of the tricks like cleaning the ice cream machine early and saying that your out of ice cream!!! An incomplete order is unacceptable. As a customer you should be able to order any item anytime of the day. I was there an hour before closing… I also took a picture of the ice cream machine with the clean parts sitting in a bin under the spouts. I'm not sure I want to continue to be a customer of A&W with this being the second time this has happened.

  • Restaurant in monroe mi gave burned fish.M Nager aggravated to help us and mad we complained.This place was the worst a&w ever.We got. Refund but the manager gave me dirty looks.Im in retail snd cooks should be trained to not serve food that is inedible.I think this manager should be booted down to a workermCustomer satisfaction is the one thing a restaurant is to put in place

  • Re: Waitress coughed in her hand then she handled my onion rings that were then exposed to her hand. I didn't want to make scene and I had already paid for them with my credit card so I didn't say anything, but I am taking steroids for my asthma and her behavior posed a possible health risk to me. She was heavy set and had long black hair and could have coughed in a napkin. I tried to use the email utility but there didn't seem to be a send button, figures. This religious stuff, I am not sure if that is part of it, but there seems to be a real snootiness that goes along with the disrespect as if they were saved and we weren't. I went to the A+W. cause the shell convenience store doesn't allow knapsacks in the store, and they have a big sign saying to leave your knapsack at the door, of course I had my laundry in the knapsack, as if I could afford to get a knapsack and clothes stolen, then I almost got bit by a dog, and the lady who had to be asked to shorten the leash said it was cause of my knapsack. The whole town seems have this religious slant to it, and add that to dogs that don't wear muzzle leashes when they should be, it becomes a scary place. Treating others the way you would like to be treated would really work.

  • The Deer Lodge, Montana A & W on Main Street advertises out front on a big sign: — "Real Fruit Smoothies" — but that's super-false advertising! What they really offer, are just fruit-juice out of a plastic bottle. The poor A & W worker was embarrassed, & said I don't know why they advertise it that way out front. I don't either, because it besmirches the reputation of A & W. I now think less of A & W whereby this kind of "trickery" & false advertising is being used on this summer's tourists. When I first saw the sign I was really excited to see what kind of fruit they had available, (& then I'd hv also wanted to know what else they wld put in their so-called smoothie) — but when she apologetically showed me the plastic juice bottle as being their fruit, well that made me go write this note of disgust about your Deer Lodge, MT's A & W ownership's false advertising tactics. Not good, because A & W just lost my future business.

  • yesterday I went to Tomah WI A&W if I managed that place there would be 2 less employees l witnessed the cashier yell for a manager by name to the tone of an order, as my employee would be trained to say manager to the register please…. the second girl took an order out to a table slid it on the table and grabbed the # pole without a smile or saying a word My employee would be trained to at least show a little courtesy.. as she walked away the customer said thank you and her response YEAH if they don't want the job then get someone that does…the date of my visit 6-23-15 around 11:30 am

  • On 4-2-2015 I went through the drive through at Store #31625 in Leavenworth, Kansas. From when I ordered at the speaker it took 17 minutes to get to the window with only 3 cars ahead of me, and then the order was not correct and had to be "MODIFIED" as the ticket showed. (Ticket #1410) That was more than half of my lunch break waiting in line and from past experience, the inside is just as slow. I had only 2 items, chilli cheese dog and a root beer. The cashier did not even apologize when I mentioned how long it took.

  • The latest round of ads are a huge joke! We used to go to A&W quite a bit, but since this outfit started to try and brand themselves as a 'healthier ' choice, I refuse to patronize these fast food outlets. The impromptu 'people on the street' interviews are pure crap. I know this because anyone I have spoken to and asked them if they cared about the steroids in the beef, simply do not care. A & W serves comfort food, nothing else, people going there do not really give a damn about anything else, other than they are getting some French fries, cooked in grease, burgers that taste OK when combined with the various condiments, All in all, just have the food fill a void in the stomach. Stop the BS ads, and bring back the humor that the ads showed when you had 'Ryan' in them. At least we knew they were meant to be funny. The current ones are 'crap'

  • One of our friends, my boyfriend, our 11 year old daughter and I eat at LJS in Liberty MO for dinner on Sem. 2 2014. We all got sick. My boyfriend called the Liberty store to let them know that we all got sick. The manager was vary hateful to him. She was yelling so loud that I could hear her. She would not even give him the corporate office number. We will not be back to any of the LJS stores at all.

  • I purchased a Papa Burger @ 3937 Devonshire Ave NE, Salem, OR 97305 It tasted like an old burger that sat and got hard if that wasnt bad enough it was cold on a soggy wet bun for the ridiculous price of 5 dollars and 5 cents. absolutely the WORST! contacted the owner he didnt do a damn thing about it.

  • You need to close.down the Store I'm Walsenburg CO all the kitchen equipment is not working properly and is very unsafe. The truck stop manager.insist that the workers are the problem when it is a total disregard for food safety. The dressing table and Ste table no longer works the grill is so kicked up with grease it has to be hand lighted and neat with a hammer until the grill comes on. The fryer filter pump does not work. A inspection needs to be done immediately so you can see how unsafe this situation is for the workers and the public.

  • I work at store # 95030 and I like work there the Mrg, dose not treat her work right , all the people would like to walk out on her , they do not give any breaks or any thing , she treat the works like sh**** sorry to let she most up A&W name for people to work there .

  • A&W – Modesto, CA – Root beer was tasteless and served in a paper cup. Burgers were cold although they said it would be a few minutes because it was cooked fresh. Order was wrong. When I complained she said sorry I heard it as deluxe burger not double burger although I ordered by combo #. Only upon returning the mug I insisted on (which wasn't cold much less frosted) and stating how disappointed I was in my visit and intended to say as much on fb did she offer to "make it right" with a dessert. No thank you. Will not being going back. For $16 we could have eaten at McD's and got more.

  • Stayton Oregon A&W is in sad shape. I've lost count of the number of times my order is short when I get home. How do you miscount 3 burgers? I realize that kids need jobs too but can we please make sure they can count to 3 before hiring them?

  • Stopped at the Riddle, OR A&W Drive-thru today. Have not been to one in years…fond memories of A&W as a child in California. Sadly, the burgers were terrible! Tempid, with cold cheese on thrm and highly-shredded difficult to eat lettuce. Am requesting a refund? Anyone else have luck with this? DEEPLY DISAPPOINTING!

  • I took my granddaughter to the A & W in Jefferson Iowa yesterday after a ballgame. She wanted to go inside and eat, so we did. I have to say that the guy behind the counter who bags up orders for the outside had to be the most condescending, arrogant, rude person I have ever seen!!!! The way he talks to the people who are doing the cooking is HORRIFIC!!! After some investigation, I found that apparently it's his family's restaurant.. and they allow it!! You would think that they would expect better people skills in this position. To top it off… this guy was dressed like a SLOB! I can guarantee that if he was an employee of mine, and he spoke to co- workers like that…I would have fired him ON THE SPOT,!!!

  • I tried leaving this on the page for the Tampa Fl Fowler location but always says errors on page and you can not post anything..??.Sign says you close at 10 twice in last 2 weeks doors are closed at 9:45 & 9:48 went through drive though and was told dining closes at 9:50 as I looked at the phone it was 9:48 we tried door at 9:45..Yet I know we some times get their late and you have been open. Sign still says 10, we are in and out in 10 or 15 min..Just want to sit & eat..The night we arrived at 9:48 when we went through drive though told no ice cream of any type . I typically get Root Beer floats ..I was told you were out of FORKS… I use Tarter with clams I need a fork..We visit approx once a week love both A&W and Long Johns..Eat last night at 9…..Thanks Rick

  • I am an employee at the A&W restaurant in Indianola, IA. And I am appalled by the way that my boss, the owner, treats me and the rest of my coworkers. He will constantly scream and yell at us for looking left instead of right. Or when I am supposed to put cheese curds into the fryers, but am not told to do so by the cook handling the orders on a busy day, I am the one to take the blow for it. And the way that he runs the place is just as bad. He will leave extra food made by mistake lay under the heat lamps getting cold for at least an hour or more. One day, there was an extra fritter laying on the fry rack, waiting to be served. It had no bun no dressing and the order for it was canceled before we could do anything with it, next to it was an extra chicken tender. Now at this point we had an order for tenders and this one tender would complete the order. But it just so happens that when I grabbed the tender (only being about 5 minutes old) it hooked onto the fritter by a crumb and pulled it up and caused it to fall behind the fryers, obviously one of the dirtiest places in the store. So what does my boss do? He digs it out, and instead of throwing it away, he puts it back into the fryers for 1 minute and then serves it up on the next order for a fritter!! And as of recently, as I mentioned, he screams at us for the smallest mistakes in the world. As of last Monday, as I was filling the backup cheese for the coney cheese dogs, I stopped and waited for another employee to clear out of the way so I could check how much cheese we had left. (Keep in mind that I have only been there three months and have only changed cheese once or twice before) And as I was waiting, I turned around to answer a question that a newer employee (my friend) had asked me. So being 56 and senile, my boss freaks out at me for 'standing around and talking' like I said I was waiting for another employee to move out of the way as it was the quickest way to the cheese and he was almost done with what he was doing. As he is freaking out, he tells me that "If you were as efficient as you are stupid, then we wouldn't have any problems!!" For the whole restaurant to hear. And to top it off, as I am preparing the backup cheese in another pan, he hands me a tray and says "Take this tray and put it on the shelf above your head right now or I swear that I am going to hit somebody with it. Now the people that I am trying to get this through to are the CEO(s) of A&W!! I am not going to stand for this any longer. Either I a going to defend myself and my self esteem, and rights. Or you are going to handle this once and for all. I have read the other complaints that you have received. And I know that anyone else who reads it will agree that you are losing business little by little. Now if your own employees are reporting problems I'm the system and about how your people run the system, then I recommend that you fix it. Cause I have a slew of applications ready for companies that are far more deserving of my time and effort. And everytime that he yells at us for nothing, another friend of mine that works there, come closer and closer to snapping and yelling back at our boss, Larry McCollum. Cause I we quit, than he loses two of his best employees before the summer crowd hits. Cause as our manager and favorite supervisor, Anita, said. "Dain, you learned and could do more in a week than (undisclosed name) could do in two months." And the way I see it, Larry believes that the way to get us to do things the right way, is to scream at us and scare us into, as he puts it. "Thinking just like me!"

  • I'm appalled at the service at the kosher restaurant in San Jose , California .no ice at 84°!!! Who gives jobs to these ungodly people?

  • today we sat in the drive through line for 20 minutes (just one car in front of us) In Anderson, SC When we got up to the window, there was no ice cream left in our root beer floats, so we handed them back, and had them fix it. Our burgers came with No veggies at all on them, so we handed them back, and it was made right. This is the 3rd time we have gotten stuck in the drive through line for totally unreasonable amounts of time. There must be a better way, It's looking like not eating there.

  • I am very enjoy having break fast with family at your location 5011-137th ave Edmonton. However, this morning I felt bad that when I requested for a coffee re-fill at 10:40am from your server Julia and she told me that I was not allow to get a re-fill on my paper cup and this is your policy that only a mug can have re-fill. It was my first time to hear that and we never see a aw policy that paper cannot be re-filled. I really felt disappointment that why I am the only one to be told this.

  • I got served grease soaked burgers. The buns were so soggy and the chicken was so hard that my dog wouldn't even eat it. The fries were plain, the root beer floats were nothing but ice cream with maple syrup and they even got the orders wrong. I'm fully converting too Wendy's because of this.

  • A&W of the past was a wonderful place, always loved it. Wow has that ever changed, A&W has went down the crapper bad. I wonder if all locations are FALSE advertising. They gave me a cup to help myself to Root Beer. I walk over there and the tap is gone. My cup says right on it… "Real Draft Root Beer"…. Carbonated crap is all it is.. Draft means from a tap without carbonated water. I sure hope some day A&W faces a major class action law suit for this false advertising, or call it consumer manipulation… I will never go in A&W again in my lifetime, unless of course they bring back REAL Draft Root Beer.

  • I am writing to inform you what happened when i ordered at your A&W restaurant in St. Johns, newfoundland on November 15, 2013, i place a huge order totalling 36.00 dollars and after returning home to eat my meal discovered that the food was disgusting I ordered 6 wraps with chipole sauce and it was without the sauce and there was only a small amount of chicken in the wrap and it was as if they were cooked for hours, i ordered a teen burger meal and that too was cold and the gravy tub was only a quarter full, i also ordered sweet potatoe fries which should have came with the chipole sauce and that also wasn't there. Another complaint i have is that this store doesn't pass out your receipts after you pay for your meal. my gosh i really dont think that is right at all. I called the restaurant and reported my complaint and the employee was very apologizing and told me to come back and get another meal the next day. The next day i returned to the store and was talking to one of the supervisors there and she called her manager and told me that there was nothing they could do cause i didnt have a receipt. well how was i suppose to show a receipt when i didnt receive one. He told me to contact your office to report what had happened. My gosh i eat there quite often but due to these circumstances i will not be returning there. I was amazed and disappointed with the response i got at this store

    thank you

  • As a person who travels all over the state of Wisconson for work, I stop at A&W locations quite frequently. I've always had great service & great food, until tonight. I am very, VERY! Unhappy about the service at the Location in Wautoma Wisconsin. Tonight was my second time at this location, and both times provided absolute terrible service, with tonight being the worst.
    My mother and I walked in around 8pm this evening and stood at the counter for about 3 minutes and didn't see a single employee. Eventually, an employee showed up in the kitchen area, looked at us, made eye contact with me, and kept going about what he was doing back there. My mom and I were the only customers inside, so the gentleman was not cooking any food. We continued to stand at the counter, even after this cook made eye contact with us for another good 5 minutes with no service. This employee could have found another employee who could assist us in ordering our food, but neglected to do so.
    After a total of over 10 minutes of waiting, this employee making eye contact multiple times, I finally asked him to come up to the counter. He acted like he didn't hear me at first but once again made eye contact! I then asked slightly louder and more sternly for him to come up to the counter, and this time he comes around.to the counter. I ask the employee (who looked to be in his mid to late thirtys & hispanic) who his manager was. He responded with he does not know! At this point, I as a customer, who wants to spend my hard earned money at this establishment, and beings that I have worked for Culvers, Subway, and as a lead cook for a resteraunt in the past, knew that he was aware he was in the wrong, and lied to me. I told the employee that he is lying to my face, and I demand again that he tells me who the managers name is. He thinks about for a few seconds and gives me a name. (I do apoligize that I did not get that name wrote down because the name he provided me was Hmong, and I could not pronounce, nor spell it) The manager must have heard his name, and at that moment, walked up. (Wearing a black shirt) At this point, my mother & I were so disgusted from waiting around well over 10 minutes, the hispanic employee being rude and lying to us about who was in charge, we walked out out of the store and went to Culvers just down the road, where we were provided prompt respectful service and had our diner with no problems at all. I am in no way a racest type person, and have worked in the food business with many diffrent types of ethnicities, and never, would any company I have worked for let this type of service and interaction occur.
    A very unhappy would have been Customer,
    Cory Hakola

  • I get the worst service from time to time.. if its not one thing it's another and to top it off, the high prices!.. compared to other fast food establishments..is just not worth going to A&W at times..if i don't have Coupons i surely would not see why. Sometime the Workers are so Confused that they get the Order Wrong too! I always Loved it but not Lately.. Please Train your Employees Better… this would be a Big improvement..

  • I went to the A&W in the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL., craving a A&W hot dog and root beer,
    they were the worst hot dogs I ever had, I was given a warm glass mug and informed to "help myself". The help were rude, and the manager acted as though I was bothering her. I NEVER will visit another A&W again!
    To top it off, I was sick later in the day from the hot dogs. From all of the negative comments that I have read, it is a shame to see what A&W is becoming

    • You sound like you eat a lot of hot dogs, I mean for someone who eats as many hot dogs as you do..if you're gonna have to swallow it shouldn't be from a warm mug anyway. And about feeling sick, its just the herpes.. I put it on the dogs myself.

      A&W staff

  • I am a former Legion Member in Ingersoll, ON. A fellow legion member of mine who is employed at the A&W location in Ingersoll Ontario ( Roxanne C ) has been stating she is Management of this Restaurant. It has been brought to my attention that is is simply untrue and I feel it shines a negative light on this location for someone to be falsifying their credentials in a small community.
    I sincerely hope that this matter is dealt with.

    • Impersonating a fast food worker is a serious accusation. I suggest we take this to the supreme court and the media. Everyone must be made aware of this injustice.

  • I recently went to the KFC/A&W in Oregon City, OR to find out that they no longer have Draft Root Beer? I could get it out of the fountain soda machine if I wanted Root Beer. I grew up on A&W Draft Root Beer. My Grandfather owned a A&W. I was shocked to fing out that an A&W does not have a draft root beer tap. How can you sell a Root Beer float without it?

  • The manager in Londonderry mall in Edmonton Alberta needs to learn how to treat her customers and employees n not to swear at them its!!!!!

  • We went into the A&W / Long John Silvers in Thornton Colorado. This is the second time we have been in there that the restuarant was filthy food all over the floor & tables. There was one other customer in the whole restuarant and it's that dirty. The fish wsas brunt we couldn't even break it in half. The manager was sitting talking with a girl. They didn't have batter for the hush puppies then had to make the batter for the fish. Disgusitng we will never go into a A&W or Long John silvers again. Not to be treated that way and get the kind of service.

    • I have never been more disgusted with the punk at the drive thru. He asked me to pull around front and wait for my dinner. I went around front, and over 5 minutes later i walked in the restaurant to find out what happened to my meal, he said it takes five minutes to make a hamburger, and I said are you sure it wasn't staged back there, and the little punk threw the bag across the counter at me. I at that time said I want to manager, she was on the phone at the time. I told her he threw the food at me and she said "he threw it at you?" I said yes and then I told her I was going to talk to corporate and I want his ass fired. She said she would write him up, but couldn't fire him. When I finally got home, my fries had been staged and soggy. The plain hamburger I asked for was a cheeseburger with mustard, ketchup and pickles. The bacon was burned on my A2 burger. I am done with this restaurant and there bad service.

  • I have to agree with the views on A&W and the environment. It is a shame in this day and age that corporations have to be trained by their customers. I just bought a burger and it was wraped in foil and then placed in a cardboard box. Please rethink your packaging choices and the environment!

    • If you are so concerned about what goes in to the environment, why are you not concerned about what you put in your own body? Fast food is worse for your body than foil is for the Earth.

  • Very rude manager. I went through the drive thur and my order was wrong I asked for the manager and when she came to the window she was very rude and nasty. she didn t want to refund my money and didn t want to correct my order. She said that you people always want something for free and asked me is this how you are living what you want me to do take the money out the register and give it to you? When I left I was so angry. When I left I was driving down Mound st I looked out my rearview mirror I saw the Warren police behind me. They pulled me over with their GUNS drawn asking me where is the gun? What gun? They was told that the manager at A&W (Mel) told them I had a gun! I had three small kids in my car. REALLY? Real classy A&W. You will not hear the last of me.

  • today I stop by the Warren Michigan A & W Very rude manager. I went through the drive thur and my order was wrong I asked for the manager and when she came to the window she was very rude and nasty. she didn t want to refund my money and didn t want to correct my order. She said that you people always want something for free and asked me is this how you are living what you want me to do take the money out the register and give it to you? When I left I was so angry. When I left I was driving down Mound st I looked out my rearview mirror I saw the Warren police behind me. They pulled me over with their GUNS drawn asking me where is the gun? What gun? They was told that the manager at A&W (Mel) told them I had a gun! I had three small kids in my car. REALLY? Real classy A&W. You will not hear the last of me.

  • Recently stoppped at your store in Coloma WI and was served my drink in a styrofoam cup. Very dissappointed. The server said that they had switched this past summer (I was hoping they were just out of the other cups)I hope that they will reconsider this decision. Styrofoam is horrible for the environment.

  • Recently stopped at your store in Coloma, WI. Our drinks were served in styrofoam cups! We are way beyond this. I asked the girl if they were out of the regular cups and she stated that they weren't, that they had switched to styrofoam this summer. I hope that they will consider the environmental impact and switch back to the other cups.

  • I had the most rude server at your Berea KY location on Monday the 9th of July that I will never go back there again. I am pretty disappointed at this grown woman's version of customer service. She needs a refresher course on human behavior.

  • I am aggrevated to the point of forming a public boycott of the Antwerp, Ohio A&W restaurant because of the way they are trying to sell their religion by offering free ice cream to any young child who can recite by memory the publicly posted religious verse of their choice. I find it hard to explain to my young child why the other children can recieve a free ice cream cone and he cannot. Our religious beliefs differ greatly from those of the current owners. If it is A&W's policy to create favortism by ignoring every persons constitutional right to freedom of religion without persecution, so be it.

    • 925 Federal DR., Sheridan, Colorado.
      Made my order without a problem. I was then served with a dirty tray with cheese and grease all over it. When I said something the server looked at me with a blank face and looked at the tray as if there was nothing wrong. The manager asked what the problem was and I repeated myself. She looked at the dirty tray and looked at me as if there was no problem either. The server picked up the food and placed it on another tray as if magically the food would be clean because it was on another tray. I use to love the A&W drive in when I was a child but it sure isn't what it use to be. Looks like Dairy Queen from here on out. I have never had a problem there.

    • The A&W there in Eaton Colorado has really bad management. The main manager is rude to the costumers and to the employees. The assistant manager is very rude to the employees making them cry when I was in there. She is a short elderly woman who should not be in the food industry is she is like that. They also let young teenagers work in kitchen what it looked like to me. They have no adults at night nothing but teenagers. They need to do something about that place they will never have my service again.

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