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Cosi Corporate Office Headquarters

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Cosi Corporate Office Headquarters
Boston, MA
United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-866-580-2674

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I love the food, but the service is awful. I challenge any top executive to go to the two downtown Chicago, IL locations within the Central Loop area. Operations management should really put their thinking caps on and come up with a better ordering process. Every time, without fail, they mess up orders or employees are not trained properly on how to make them. Specific example, I ordered the TBM sandwich and no surprise they forgot to put the basil and tomato paste on the sandwich. The employee asked me what goes on the sandwich. Need I explain more? I challenge you to experience the quality of service yourself. Great food, horrible operations management and horrible training on employees.

I will like to write a complaint on Cosi, they are very deceiving about their prices. They say that your sandwich is 4.49 for taste two and then you get to the cashier and it's up to almost 10 dollars with tax. Wow!!! What a way to rip off someone. Like your consumer who's confused with your menu!!! Stop it Cosi take that taste two stuff DOWN!!! Not Good!!!

I have been coming to cosi for years now.An I have never been treated with so much disrespect an for it to come from your manager. I will no longer be visiting your store in the IDS Minneapolis MN.John is always nice an speaks as I'm coming in your store.John should show her how a manager should talk in act

Cosi's in Philadelphia, Pa on:15th street & Locust, they have managers that do not take their Mission Statement seriously!!!!!! Even though they keep their restaurant clean they do not keep the exterior clean, they throw trash all over the place near the Fire Exit, they drag trash out the Front of the restaurant instead of using the back area!!!!!!

Message to RJ Dorney, CEO
You need to make the Cosi experience right in the stores you have before expanding to the suburbs.

Your flatbread is the best product you offer.
Cosi soups are too salty and poor selection.
The lettuce is never fresh. The turkey is like rubber
Your locations are prime spots you need to make the Cosi experience better.

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