Cox Communications Corporate Office Headquarters

Cox Communications Corporate Office Headquarters
Cox Communications, Inc.
1400 Lake Hearn Dr.
Atlanta, Georgia 30319 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-843-5000

  • In Northern Virginia, ou all give family discounts for kids in school lunch programs, and all other customers end up paying for all those families. What are you doing for senior citizens who are living on Social Security?? NOTHING! Why not give seniors, many who are stuck in the house with nothing else to do, a break and offer them a discounted lineup but please NOT a bunch of useless channels nobody watches! By the way, you keep adding sport channels, HEY, not everyone is in to sports! The cheaper TV packages have mostly channels nobody watches. Can't you do better for the seniors than that? With all the money you are wasting on advertising you could give Seniors a good Cable line up with that money! Such a waste, every time I turn around my mail box is flooded with your annoying ads and so is the TV! Stop the waste! Give Seniors a break!

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