Cricket Wireless Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Cricket Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Leap Wireless International Inc.

5887 Copely Drive

San Diego, California 92111 USA

Cricket Wireless LLC

575 Morosgo Dr NE

Atlanta, GA 30324 USA

Contact Phone Numbers:

Corporate Phone Number: 1-858-882-6000

Corporate Fax Number: 1-858-882-6010

Corporate Email:

Corporate Stock Symbol: LEAP

Customer Service Number: 1-800-274-2538

Cricket is a mobile phone provider in the USA. Cricket offers wireless service without a contract or credit check. Cricket Wireless is one of the premier pay-as-you-go mobile phone companies in the United States.

Cricket’s customer service number is 1-866-384-4425 or 1-800-274-2538. The company does encourage users to use their technical support system and help forums on their website.

cricket wireless corporate office headquarters hq

  • Wife and I are going to make our own Commercial soon and put it on youtube with all the stupid comments their agents told us. If we do not get the right service. And total satisfaction, we have no recourse than to make them do good business or die by the sword.

  • I have never dealt with a company with such poor customer service. I transferred my services to another company and was charged a full month from cricket. Cricket automatically charged me on the same day I transferred over services. I called customer service twice. the first person told me to call my bank and ask for a chargeback. the bank wouldn't do it. I called again and the second person told me there was nothing they could do. they couldn't give me a credit. I then spoke to a supervisor who told me I was charged automatically. So the phone was active for 4 hours and you charged me for a full month. CROOKS, YOU CHARGED ME FOR SERVICES I DID NOT GET AND REFUSE TO GIVE ME A CREDIT.

  • My husband's account was suspended. He upgraded his service the day before his payment was due to Auto deduct. No idea they Auto deduct 2 days before due date. We did not know the difference would not be Auto deducted also. We were charged to reinstate his service. They should have sent him a text message explaining why he had to actually pay that even though he has Auto deduct. He saw make a payment and thought Auto deduct will pay it. I called Cricket they said they could not refund the fee!

  • I am not a happy customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I purchased a phone from cricket as a new customer !!!!!!!!! I was given a defective phone ….When I tried to return it before the 7 day period I was told that I had to call customer service… When I did I then was told that I had to go back to the store so NO ONE was doing their job….. I have called to fix this issue but no one wants to take care of it ……… All I get is the run around when I call there is no person that can seem to give me the phone number to corporate office so I can speak to someone……… I was told that someone from the corporate office was going to get in contact with me that has been 15 days ago …….. So my impression is that corporate has no concern for their customers ……….. They just want money ……………… This is a poor way to handle business …………

  • I ran across this while trying to find an answer to my Cricket dilemma,but want to share my story. I switched myself and my 3 kids to Cricket from AT&THEIR because of the obscene amount of money I was paying out every month from being overcharged, lied to, and basically stolen from by AT&THEIR. Cricket had a deal for all of us to join that saved us over half of what I was paying, so we got a family plan and all was great it seemed for the first 2 months, but last month I broke my phone and could not afford to replace it with the same new phone, so I looked into buying a cheap temporary phone through Cricket. First thing I hate is that you cannot purchase a or order a phone, over the phone through customer service or Cricket representactive and so I had to go to their webpage. Not that big of a deal, just inconvenient for me, since I was already on the phone with them. So, I find the cheapest phone deal I could. .99 cent refurbished Alcatel that had a delivery wait time of 5-7 business days through mail. Not my ideal solution but I didn't have the funds to buy another phone like the one idea broke and didn't want to spend more money on a phone I really didn't want either, so I ordered it and had to pay $26 and some change ($25 activation fee). I had heard that as long as you still had an active Sim card that had service paid for that you should be able to simply insert that simple into another cricket device and it work. But, before ordering the phone through the Cricket webpage, the customer service rep informed me that the phone purchase required a new sim to be activated, which was $25. I didn't argue because I didn't know the facts about that, so the $26- was immediately taken out of my bank account by using my debit card and the ordered phone was to be shipped the next day. I receive the Cricket refurbished Alcatel phone that I ordered within 6 business days and it came with a new sim and instructions for activatonight. I followedon't he instructions that came with the phone from Cricket and nothing. No service. It came on, seemed to work fine, WiFi worked- even the bars for phone signal came on and 4G appeared beside it, but I could not make or receive calls because the screen that I could not get past said "please enter the email that was previously synced to this phone". I knew that it was a phone that had been owned by someone before me, but did not think that Cricket would send a phone that could not be activated or a phone that was still linked to the previous owner, So I entered my email that was linked to my account on my old phone. Nothing. So that evening my husband called Cricket customer service and explain the whole ordeal,Which took 45 minutes, due to the lack of understanding by the representative(probably because of the language barrier). They walked him through some steps but still could not bypass the screen from our end or theirs. They sent us to technical support an hour later nothing. Might I add that hour of going through the whole story yet again and the same step by step process they wanted us to do on the phone. At this point my husband is so frustrated that he ask for our activation fee to be refunded due to notbeing able to providenjoy that service. It was then that we learned there is no refund even on an activation fee that they cannot provide activation for. My husband was livid. He asked to talk to who was in charge. He spent 10 minutes arguing just to get someone else on the line. Finally a manager spoke with us and we had to explain everything yet again. At this point we have been on the phone for nearly 3 hours and still no activation of newly purchased phone and no refund for an activation that was never established. As of now, I have been without a working phone for 3 weeks. We are still paying for a phone line that I cannot use, have a phone that is locked and have a paid activation that never happened. AT&T…Cricket…Same Thing. Must all work for the Government. I looking into a landlines phone

  • I came over to you plan from Verizon on May 23rd. Was given a LG Titan. I came home charged it and received a warning it was overheating. That has happened four times. Since it is a new phone. I called the store. They told me I couldn't receive another phone in the store. My seven days were up. Which I was not told about at time of purchase.

    Now,13 days later I find out that if I use the insurance I purchased or the warranty I will receive a refurbished phone. .Also,a $10.00 fee for the insurance. If not I will have to wait 4-5 days to receive a refurbished the mail. So I will be without a phone also. With all the problems of phones exploding I am very concerned about a refurbished phone. I received a brand new one and it's defective.

    This is my first smartphone. I was not aware overheating was a defect. I thought I did something wrong. The funny part in all this is I had to call Verizon from your store and they told me "Good luck with cricket". Guess they were correct.

    All I am asking for is due to the short period and usage of this phone I would like a new one and be able to pick it up at the cricket store.

    If that is not possible I feel your company does not stand behind your products.

    I also called LG. Their brilliant idea was to reset the phone

  • The location at 17029 Torrence Ave. Lansing, IL., should be investigated. Be sure to check your purchases. I purchased a new phone and the clerk, Candice did not put the new sim card that came with my phone in my phone. She cut my old sim card from my old phone and kept my new sim card. My phone was not functioning properly and another clerk at the store told me what was done.


  • Well..called customer service and asked for a Supervisor – now holding for 26 minutes and counting… Looks like I will be taking the business elsewhere…loss of 3 lines to Cricket

  • If not for the excellent service I receive from my local Cricket dealer in Bremerton, WA, I would find another carrier. When I needed assistance today, I called both customer "service" numbers. One only ran me through menus with no human available. The other number was just a series of marketing ads for other products. I tried the chat line. The poor worker was multi-tasking to the point he could not keep my situation separate from others. His "fix" did not work and he signed off before I finished chatting. I tried again. I let the new person know about my dissatisfaction with phone attempts and told her I still needed a fix for my non-functioning voice mail. She hung up. Lucky for me the folks in Bremerton actually know how to fix a problem. 45 minutes wasted. Spent less than 5 with a real person.

  • I notice that they do not offer statements online and they say they cannot mail me one. I have to go into cricket store. This is illegal and I am about to switch companies. Been with them for years but this is crazy and nobody answers the phone at corporate office.


  • I've have been trying to get a claim handled since December 23rd for a duplicate payments refund I'm waiting on $393 to refund back to my bank, and every day I call and they keep saying try again tomorrow, not a happy customer at all


  • I set up bridge pay paid it they shut me off anyway and made me pay full amount of my bill. The customer service people are like talking to a rock. I'm taking my business somewhere else. They refused to give me any credit on my account and it's happened 2x now. Don't get service with these guys go to anyone else, cause they will be better then this crapy company.

  • I have been with a signal on my phone for over 2 months and I am less than two miles from one of the towers owned by cricket. and they tell me I have to live with it. So I ask for the unlock code so I can switch providers. They tell me I have to have a active account for 6 months my service expires on 11/30/16 and my six months is up 12/01/16 and they tell me I have to pay for the whole month just to get the unlock code. I am writing corporate and if that don't help the BBB will be informed.

  • I went to a Cricket store in the DeSota Square Mall in Bradenton, Fl and paid my bill on 9-20-16 and left my debit/credit card there, only to have someone else use it at the same store and charge $100.00 on it but NO ONE would/could help me .The district manager came while I was talking to the police and left within 2 minutes, never taking the time to speak to me. That is credit card fraud and the DM didn't even have the courtesy to talk to me. The service that I have had with cricket has been the WORST cell phone service I have ever had with any company. I pay my bill every month but I have to go outside in the middle of the street to use my phone. I may get text messages from whoever 2 days later. Please have someone get in touch with me about my fraud and terrible service.

  • when you try to purchase a phone and service and go to check out, they tell you the address on your card and the one you provided do not match. then when you check your card info and the address matches, try to get cricket to fix it. I had my card company and cricket on the line at the same time. Cricket had no idea what was wrong. call corporate and all you get is a busy signal all the time. so why buy cricket? I wasted over an hour with these fools in the Phillipines. WTF? Thats outsourcing at its finest. Trade agreements suck! I am going all American. You either speak English or KMA!

  • I requested to unlock my iPhone 5S 16gb after completion of 6 month contract and as per Criket policy, I want to use my phone on different carrier in USA or internationally. My Cricket internal case number is 160613496183 , I have been cricket customer from December 14th 2015 to June 13th 2016(6Months) Even after timely payments and no issues with accounts they are not unlocking my phone. Regarding this I spoke with Customer service manager for more than 10 times and they put some internal notes to their end team for 5-6times and there is no response from their to unlock……. To Badly bringing down the name of AT& T(parent company of Cricket)…Really really worst service and company in USA…… I am frustrated and not having phone to be in touch with family and friends….

  • Worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. I simply asked for an educated answer and not excuses from there customer service supervisor Richard Employee ID# 6132536 and he than asked me to stay on the line and hung up on me. He also says he was the top of the contact chain and his only advice to me was figure it out on my own through the website.

  • The service Sucks ,You can call 858-882-6000 An you will never get anyone

    An when you call 1 800 cricket , You get some one out of the USA, An they will NOT say where they are An Will NOT give you the phone number to there HQ An when you call for help they do not know what to do they keep putting on hold

  • Cricket stole $62 from my credit card. I called in to pay my phone bill the representative applied it to the wrong account told me there is nothing they could do about it. I called over 10 times speaking to different people no one has a boss. This company is scam they are full of it. They are thieves and tell so many lies. None of the headquarters numbers work. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau office. They need to put out of business.

    • yes they are they will take money from your card and say they didn't do it. This company is a fake no headquarters or cooperate office all lies.




  • Cricket is the worst service in the world it does nothing for you it doesn't help customer service is the worst is horrible for their customer service someone needs to fire everyone who works for Cricket yeah you know what it may be cheap but it's not worth it I hate Cricket and I hope everyone who sees it says the same thing only thing I've seen on here is bad reviews and they know they're bad that's why they don't give you a direct number to the headquarters because Cricket is horrible I would never recommend Cricket to anyone in the world my name is Keke hope and I no longer want to work with Cricket ever again in my life I believe that they should shut Cricket down

  • Going to sue GMET Communications [FRANCHISER doing business as "Cricket Wireless'] in local small claims court for HIDDEN fees NOT shown ANYWHERE in the stores and TOTALLY BURIED in Cricket Wireless's website. Deceptive trade practices! Looking to consult with an attorney as well for possible class action status!

    • Neither am I!!! I have been I and our of the store and calling "tech support" sooooooo many times,, I'm embarrassed to even do back in there! I've had problems from the day I got the phone and all I get is the damn run around!!!! Totally pissed with cricket!!! Dumping them soon!!!!!

  • Hello I am writing this today for I can help another person so they may not have to go thru what happen to me
    while lets start with what happen 12 days ago I went in to Casa Grande CRICKET to change my sim card due to this so called merging with att I was getting text messages every since day so I decide to go in This is when my terrible lomg and difficult trouble happen
    Lets start by saying my iPhone was working I was a happy customer I never had a problem with my iPhone I loved it
    I went in to the Casa grande cricket store the clerk Stephanie put it a sims card I don't recall if the phone worked but I do know that the next day when trying to text my babysitter it wasn't working I couldn't go to cricket this day due to I work a 16 hour shift THe next day I go off work late and by the time I could drive to Casa grande the store was closed So I finally took the phone the following day I was told by the store all I needed was to updated iTunes I didn't know how to do that so they didn't it for me at the Casa Grande Store due to the 1800 cricketwireless told me. This day I left the phone due they said it would take all night I went thw nexr day to pick up the phone They said they needed to keep it due they need my password to iTunes and apple and icloud and my username, I I left the phone again for another day. The third day I left it there at the store again due to the Store manger Armando had to bring his personal computer to down load the updated version of ITunes. I was getting upset but I kept hope in getting my phone back. Then when my mother went to pick up the phone the next day for due to I was at work I was told that I had to take the phone to a Apple store due to a security error coming up 1671.. once I got to Apple Store I spoke to a rep name Drew He right away told me your phone is BRICKED I have never heard of this I was so upset I started to cry Drew said that Apple Store can replace my phone but it would cost me $199 due to my phone was more a year old. Drew then recommend for me to take the phone back where they bricked the phone.
    The following day thats actually what I did I took the ohone to the same Rep of Cricket who put the sims card in the first time I explain what the Apple store said She was very rude and treated me like I was lying I was in the store from 1030am I didn't walk out of the store until 1330pm She said she had to escalated this to her Store manager and I would get a call baack from him today…. No call
    The foolowing day I went back to Apple store due to I need help to get pqperwork. Once I told the rep everything that has happen in this day Little did I know that I was being walked all over the rep said He said for no reason did I need to give the Store manger my personal information or my password to iunes .apple , and my icloud. This was a violation of my privacy n especially on his personal computer I was told to call Apple 1800 to reset my information right away. Apple rep also encourage me to call fraud dept due to my information had been on other person computer. Apple rep recommend again to get my phone replaced by Cricket
    I still haven't heard from no one 1800 cricket said they would give me a call and I would get a conference call with the district manger… THat never happen I missed work for this call I have missed a total of three days I need my phone for work, my custody visit with my ex where to meet, and I had along of important calls to make
    I finally got enough money to buy the phone with my insurance but I feel I shouldn't have to use my insurance n pay the deductible cuz I didn't break my phone it was the cricket rep
    I would for everyone to read my story it took a total on me I couldn't breastfed my baby due to all the stress they put me thru
    hopefully now Cricket Corp can do something I called everyday to 1800 cricket n was at the store everyday

  • this company has the worst customer service in the world. I was actually getting ready to add a third line to my account but instead I will be shopping fro a new carrier. Customer service rep Pilipe Butamante # 742922 decided it was better to lose my business completely than to refund ten dollars, better to lose thousands than ten. I will also tell every one I know not to use your service, and I had been telling every one how good it was and that they should switch to it, but now I will tell them the opposite. Absolutely the worst customer service ever.

  • This is the worst ripping off company I have ever seen before. f ghetto people and horrible customer service skills. I bought an apple phone with them and it started acting up and when I took it to apple store, they told me that the phone didnt have any warranty and It was sold AS IS, so I went back to CRICKET and they didnt want to give me a refund , they just decided to give me another phone and wanted me to take it to apple again so I can make sure is not fake. WHY DO I HAVE TO GO THROUGH ALL THAT? . I just want my money back and thats it. Screw you cricket, I will def change phone company . YOU GUYS SUCK.. WORST COMPANY . THIS IS ALL MESSED UP, THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. F YOU!!!!

  • By the way I was just told the corporate offices were in eoharhey and when I asked them to spell it they said G as in John e as in eona o as in (unintelligible) I finally said just say the letters and it came out Georgia. Do you mean the state in America? Okay. NO one speaks English and they said they don't have a phone number for the corporate offices. Is this a phone company? I just paid my bill three days ago and I can't make a call unless it's an emergency. The better business bureau will be getting a phone call if I can ever make a friggin phone call.

  • I have been a customer of cricket for over a year now and the service suck. The customer service reps are ignorant to their own product and it’s pitiful. Each time I call the customer service line I get a different response and to believe that I have been giving them my hard earn money for all these months. I have recently become so over whelmed with them I decided to change cell phone carriers, but I do believe something should be done about their actions. I paid my cell phone bill at approximately 5:30 am the time now is 1:15pm and my phone have yet to be turned back on. I have called them over twenty times and on top of every customer service representative giving me a different story they are telling me that my account is say it is active. I can’t believe this, it’s ridiculous and to believe that say they have made some changes to improve their services is an understatement. Does anyone have any advice on who I should contact? I have already contacted the BBB and made a claim.

    • I have the same issue every time you call it's someone different with a different answer & a different lie.

  • I have been a cricket wireless PREPAY customer since 2003 in Modesto California. Both of my son's first phones were Cricket wireless since high school. The reason I choose cricket is because it is prepay without a contract. I get paid biweekly and my pay date never falls on the date payment is due. Many months my phone is shut off for a few days until I can PREPAY AGAIN. Naturally in this world of greed cricket has decided to charge late fees. I went to pay my phone today and for the first time cricket wants an additional $5.00 as a late fee. Well DEAR CRICKET MASTERMINDS….you've lost a long time customer over $5.00. I simply hung up and did not PREPAY. I will go with another company. I doubt you even care.

  • Its a sad day in AMERICA fellow cricket dupes (that's a good one) Cricket SUCCCCKKKKSSSSSS!! Everything that this new merger was suppose to do it has not. I literally had a fatal incident (someone was killed )at my job , and wasn't able to receive the call from my job to tell me what we needed to do, because Cricket couldnt migrate my phone, and that was 5 days ago.THey said my old phone would still work!! LIEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!! They cancelled my old phone as soon as I pushed the button on my credit card to pay for the new one. SO now I have no form of communication..O but here's the good part…They just called on my husbands phone, and told me to go a head and resubmit my phone on line everythings good…and guess what another LIEEEEEEEEEEEE!! The new phone still doesnt work. I guess I'll go into the store and listen to more lies. If that doesnt work…screw you cricket…I'm going back to Tmobile!! You know what they offered me ??$20 credit.. WOW!!

    Wheres Ms Padilla, Im in Texas??

  • I would like to address your employee Arleth Padilla. She is an awesome emp
    loyee. Ms. Padilla is always helpful, patient with me and my many questions
    and very knowledgeable. Please address her great customer service with her
    . When I come in I am usually very upset and she has a way of making everyt
    hing right when I leave. Anthony D Watkins

  • I was a Cricket Customer for years and had LifeLine–a service provided to disables persons to assist with paying half of their phone bills. The supposedly "NEW" cricket is not currently taking Lifeline and can provide no date as to when or even if the "NEW" cricket will ever take LifeLine. So I am transferring services but I need to get my unlock code and the "NEW" cricket is trying to tell me that I have to be with them for 6 months in order to get my unlock code. I have been with Cricket for years. All of a sudden I am treated as a new customer. It 's all a bunch of bull. And I cannot get a number for Corporate –What kind of Customer Service is that? Leaving Cricket so fast

  • Cricket Wireless has become a horrible company, and is no better than common criminals! Was dealing with customer service (HA!) for THREE hours and transferred to EIGHT different reps/supervisors…getting no satisfaction. They took my money, but never credited my acct! Where I come from that is considered thievery, or at the very least FRAUD! I will see what my state's attorney general thinks of all of this!

  • I guess I have been lucky. I have had the same Cross Wave modem for 6 years and still works fine. Auto pay every month no problem. Sorry to see it go. Signed up for an HTC Desire 510 and got the $75 rebate in less than a month with 10 GB and now with their new promotion upped to 20GB for the same price. Coverage in my remote location is just fine. If I call Customer Service they are helpful. I agree on trying to call a corporate store it is hard to get through, but if you go there they are helpful. With their new towers it seems as though service keeps getting better. I hope it continues.

  • I wish I had these reviews before I signed up with Cricket. I am paying for the mistake of not doing my due diligence first before paying $208.95 for the ZTE Grand X phone I purchased on 1/22/15. The phone stopped working after twenty three days later. I was not given a new phone to replace the defective phone I was sold – instead I was told to mail phone to the Manufactor I have been without a phone over two weeks. I have called the Warranty Dept, Customer Care Dept, etc, etc,. Also, I was told to wait another two days to receive a reburbished phone instead of a brand new one such as what I paid for. I did not pay $149.99 for supposedly new phone plus $50.00 for one month of service plus taxes and activation fee. Cricket Wireless is a RIP OFF. They don't value new customers or existing customers. You're given the run around from Dept to Dept and in the meantime the customer is frustrated, stressed out, and inconvenienced and out of money with no satisfaction. Very bad customer service policies.

  • I used to think cricket was the most awesome phone service, but as of late it is turning out to have the worst customer service I have ever seen! The online/phone representatives can't see receipts or know anything that is happening in the store, I added a new line to my plan, paid for a full month of service, then I get charged again for that line of service 2 days later! I pay $85.87 in store to get it activated and pay for the service, then they charge me another $53.33 for that line, and now are saying that I never paid for the service in store, even though my receipt, and the associates at the cricket wireless store told these people that I did… absolutely horrible, and they will not transfer you to corporate, in fact they are stating that they don't have a corporate contact, which is complete garbage…. Not a good representation of the company cricket, step your game up and actually take care of your customers! DO NOT SIGN UP FOR CRICKET IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU! 3 hours on hold in 2 days, your choice!

  • Hello,

    I am currently a Straight Talk customer. I heard good things from a
    classmate, and decided to try your pre-paid cellular services. I initially
    tried to order online, but your webpage is not set up to accept orders from
    Puerto Rico. I then called your customer service department, and after he
    consulted with his supervisor, I was told that there was nothing that could
    be done.

    It is surprising that that the supervisor (did not get on the telephone
    with me, only sent messages through the rep) could not come up with a
    solution to gain me as a new customer. I guess I will simply have to be
    happy with Straight Talk.

  • I am so sick of this company beware. They just scammed me out of my money. I was on the phone for three hours. Even after my back gave them the information that they needed they still did not want to help. All of the people were very rude and the supervisor continued to cut me off and eventually hung up on me! I have contacted the BBB. I pray they give me my money back and see that I am not crazy. Advice, save all message and communications between you and cricket, you may need it like I did.

  • Hi Fellow Cricket Dupes:
    I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Cricket Wireless for false and misleading advertising. If anyone is interested in joining me or showing me what I need to do please let me know. I have a brother who is a paralegal. Maybe he could help me but I am tired of the lies.
    I tried to contact Cricket Corporate and they have no phone numbers or names for execs. Just customer service and a third party who handles the rebates that only have Cricket’s customer service number.
    These clowns whooed me away from Metro PCS with promises that they had no attention of keeping. I say let’s take them down.
    Are you with me?
    Power to the People

  • Cricket Wireless is the worst phone company, I have ever used. They not only have bad customer service in store and over the phone, but they scam customers out of money. After getting two new phones and spending over two hours to get them, now one phone does not even work and I did not even have it 30days. I am so sick of this company.

  • I am with T-Mobile and have been with them for the last four years after leaving cricket. My wife wanted to go back to them to save about $15.00 a month and to get 3gb per phone so we went to the store at 32nd St & Thomas in Phoenix, AZ. and the lady attending didn't have a clue as to how to unlock a phone. She put in the wrong # and then crossed up the sim cards and then tried to unlock the phone with the other carriers sim card. To make this short, I was upset and told her about her mistakes and the other lady got upset and said we could leave the store when she didn't even know what the heck was going on… As far as what had happened. Just because she was the manager. I'm a manager and I know business ethics and this cricket employee spoke volumes for Cricket. No wonder they don't put a phone # out there to corporate – can't blame them after my experience. Oh, by the way… I rather pay $15.00 a month more for another four years, money isn't that important. Maybe corporate will start listening up because I will spread the word.

    • I agree I got three different numbers from cricket to call and complain,none of them worked. The agent Stephanine who helped us lied to us and didn't know what she was doing. She needs to be fired, but know one want to pick up the phone to here that. I guess they like having horrible people working for them making them look bad.

  • Cricket sucks!! Bridge pay use to be soo easy for us poor working people.
    Use to be pay $17 per line on your due date and pay the remaining amount in 7 days or longer and keep the same due date..not anymore, pay $25 and if u miss that 7 day bridge pay you are screwed!! You have to pay for another month payment before they re enstate your phone service.
    your bill: $67
    Bridge pay: $25 on Jan 10
    You should pay $47
    You miss the bridge pay date you have to pay $67 all over against
    Time to talk to an Atty regarding hidden fees AT&T is bad about hidden fees

  • I Sent in three mail in rebates first one was denied because of a migration clause that is we gave you 25$ up front so we will keep the other 25$ of the rebate. The second phone went through without any issues the third phone however was denied for having the same number as the first phone. Now I know I am bad at paper work but even I could tell those were two different numbers one contained a 69 and the other a 96 obviously whoever they had processing the rebates either A: did not care enough to look close or B: was dyslexic and not qualified to process documents that determine who does and does not get money back they are owed. Also the week we upgraded our phone plan the bill we had just paid the 90 something dollars went poof we had to pay activation fees and the first month bill I am at my end here I really have no idea what else to do I need help does anyone know where to start?

  • Your Cricket store at 8249 W Overland Rd Boise ID does not answer their phone (208) 323-9573.
    This has been going on for several months. the call goes to a mail box that is always full. It is obvious that employees do not want to be bothered with phone calls. Is this a Cricket policy?

  • How come cricket offers plans and the stores don't honor them? They sell you a SIM card have to charge you an activation fee… and don't give you a phone number or anything and tells you that you have to go online to get a number and a plan…. then online charges you another $25 fee to start up the service and no one wants to give you a refund back… the online place calls you a liar and says they don't take payments… Very unhappy… Ready to discontinue service and only had it for like 5 hours

  • I am going to make an hiring ad for cricket. CROOKS AND THIEVES APPLY TODAY! if you like ripping people off, calling them names, stealing their money, selling them things that don't work, hanging up on customers, being rude, hurting people finacially by charging them for things they didn't purchus, wasting peoples time and taking a dump on loyal customers than this is surley the job for you ! APPLY TODAY

    • I have been a customer for five years almost six!!! This happened to me today. They told me if I didn't give them money from this random charge that they would take it from my account because they have my information already. Or they would just give my info to the bill collectors. Then they hung up on me!!

  • This company is trash, I've been a customer for eleven years and can't get any resolution to my phone problem, thanks for taking care of your loyal customers

  • Cricket robbery company, I am gonna go hell or high water, through the BBB, my lawyer, and u tube, Facebook, to WARN people

  • I had been with Cricket Wireless for 13 years. Back in April of this year they had offer of 5 phones for $100.00 dollars. We purchase 5 new smartphones. ( phones worked for about 3 months), somehow the rep in the store didn't put it on the plan and offer was no longer available. So this has been an on going issue, I was told by rep buy new phones again and than they could put me on new plan as they had merge with at&t. I have went from corporate office to the CEO, issue never resolve. I did finally get a call from a Lisa, who advised me that unfortunately since the merger they can' fixed the problem that's why cricket was sold cause they were just crediting people. Giving away money told her that's not my problem. Your rep made it a problem when they didn't follow though from the get go. I was told by a rep in corporate store that I am just wasting my breath because they don't need to fix it. I have call corporate numbers, email, sent letters with no responce . I told them, I wanted new phones, and credit for 5 months of overcharges. Was advised that would not happen. So, I left them and went elsewhere. Now I get emails and mail telling they want my business back……Suck It….. All their customer service needs to be retrained, along with management. What happen to quailty customer service, or the customer is always right. Mind you when you are in the stores and ask for CEO's number or address rep told me not allowed to gibe me that information. No wonder they get all these complaints. Phones as well, you're lucky if it works for 4 months before you have trouble with them. It truly amazes me for a business that wants your business they do not know how to treat their customers. That's sad no wonder their losing money. F-for customer service, F-for quality of products, F-for lack of resolving issues with customer, F-for blaming it on mergers, F-for not being honest, F-for not listening to customers. I stand by this email dated October 7, 2014!!!!

    • Also, F-for not advising customer of true facts,F- for theft by deception, not providing accurate information to customer.F-for customer service not providing their correct name, as I took everyone's name, date and timed I called, F- customer service didn't have one employee by any of the names they previous provided me with. F- for not notating any information to the account, either in store at corporate office. It would have help if the did make notes for their sake and customers, when I ask why they didnt, said it was for each rep if they choose to notate customer acct.just wait for a few months to purchase another phone. Next year everyone who has old phone will have to get a new one. Hopefully another merger doesn't take place. I would also like to contact news station in our local area.
      So, if you think you want Cricket and their plan RUN, DONT walk to the nearest EXIT. How sad that a company blames all their problems on a Merger. This was told by several customer service reps, in store reps, managers at corporate store, and assistant at corporate headquarters. TRAINING needs to be implemented, who are they gonna blame it on after the Merger. Maybe, after the merger they will actually get phones that work. I switch companies got a great offer and got 5 free IPhones, with new service.



  • Cricket Wireless/ LEAP has merged with AT&T recently. This merge requires all current customers to purchase new cell phones. I have purchased 3 cell phones a few months ago which will not work come March2015. Cost was approximately 950.00 They refuse to give me a refund or let me add the difference of money with credit of what was paid to them, to perhaps a phone that will work on the new GSM network. I'm not the only customer who's tremendously upset and I'm sure 100k's to come. Theft by deception by knowing this merge was taking place and knowing phones wouldn't work in only months.

    • I agree with you..I paid 600 dollars for a gs4 a few months ago..also they were rude and told me they can't be sued. .I'm so angry I feel like doing something violent to them..also..THEY ARE STILL SELLING PHONES THAT WONT WORK AND LYING TO PPL..THIS CAN BE LEGAL..IT'S FRAUD..IT'S GONNA HURT A MF!

    • they robbed me also i was lied on and police called on me by a liar her name was kelly she told me after i tryed to return my phone that cricket are rip offs

  • I'm currently going to the higher ups for a refund for never activating a phone. I got the sim card and paid for one month of service. I ended up not switching. I never even took the sim card off the card it came on. they won't give me a refund. It only costs $5 to sue someone in small claims court. if I have to I will.

  • Hi. I also got some problem with cricket phone that I purchase from them. and this my phone is stolen from me and cricket would not turn it off at my request since JUNE 11/2014. The same problem for all my 5 different phone for 4 years.Now this last phone, is lost or stolen from me. and some one is using it for an Identities thief.

  • cricket wireless warranty department are liars even the supervisor pat and Brittany you will be hearing from me soon this is how you treat the disable thanks.

  • I find it funny that no one has even tried to get back to me! Maybe I just need to start posting the pictures on the internet then I will a response!

  • I am generating this letter in regards to our current service or lack thereof with Cricket. Our recent experience in trying to obtain a working effecient phone for my husband who is a heart patient has proved to be bordering on victimization. They have issued him four phones now all of which have been defective. First of all let me state that we originally purchased three brand new phones which from the start two of which were defective and then we were issued two replacement phones of the same type (Samsung Discovers) which were also defective i.e., ( dropped calls, would not hold a charge, would not allow internet access.) After repeated attempts to communicate our needs to the local store manager who never called us back, we wrote to the Federal Trade Commision and BBB and Cricket Corporate offices.

    We were promptly contacted by the district manager, Linda Alexander to follow up after a week or so which we did appreciate. She instructed the local retail store employee where we purchased the original phones to bring over two refurbished phones for us to use temporarily. After taking the phones home we found out the one issued to my husband did not have a working speaker, therefore it would not ring. We called Ms. Alexander who then instructed the local store employee to pick up another refurbished phone. We went to pick up the phone and they did not have a battery for the phone when we came to the store. So days later we finally picked up the phone which took some time to get as the employees did not communicate where they had put the battery for it which had to be delivered from the other store. This current phone is an old refurbished phone less than 3g and can not access the internet and when dialed can not be heard by the receiving party. We contacted Ms. Alexander who stated that we as the customer would have to contact Samsung factory as they would send us new Discover phones. The local store employee had stated to try out the used phones and we could keep them and she kept our new Samsung Phones with her at the store. We contacted the Samsung factory and they told us we would get back after turning in our new phones two refurbished phones of the same model as only the retail stores could give us new phones. So once again we are being told misinformation. If any one counted on Cricket during time of war they would be on the losing side.

    Now all these trips have cost us money in gas and undue stress. We were told by the district manager that Cricket would not issue us a new phone unless we replaced the original Samsung phones with the same model. We of course dont want another of the same defective model the third time around or refurbished phones which no matter how you look at it equals to used phones not new which are what we in good faith originally paid for.

    What we would like as would anyone is a phone that works! My husband is a decorated veteran and as one of our country's wounded warriors deserves respect and consideration, not the run around and victimization.While we were at the store today here in Los Banos, CA another customer came in and in a few choice words told Cricket off and stated he switched to Sprint and that he would tell everyone he saw not to purchase Cricket. I don’t know the situation there but can fully appreciate the gentleman’s frustration.The employees just looked at him and his wife and acted like they don’t care just like with us every visit. The word incompetent does not begin to cover their public customer skills.

    All we want or (need) is a quality phone comprable to what any paying consumer deserves and by rights should receive. As of today’s date no one has returned our phone calls to further resolve this matter.
    Thank you for your prompt attention..On June the 23rd 2014 my Husband had two (2) heart attacks and we could not call 911 for the phone that was given to us would not call out ,the other phones we have with cricket was dead and on charge for they will not hold a charge.

  • We were excited when we heard about the merger with AIO. Everyone at Cricket stated that it was done to improve the service provided and increase coverage, as well as being able to offer better products. After the merger went through, we had nothing but problems. Went to the Cricket store and were told to call 1-800-CRICKET. Called the number and were told to go to the store. After doing this at least 3 times (and I live at least an hour from the closest Cricket store), we made the decision to leave Cricket. Now we have been unable to have our numbers ported to the new carrier (2 of which we brought with us when we came to Cricket) and have been fighting with Cricket since 6/3/14. I will NEVER RECOMMEND CRICKET to anyone I know. In fact, I will tell everyone to run the other way!!!

  • I can't stand this phone company I choose it because I thought I wouldn't have to have a contract. I made a payment through Walmart Bill Pay and they are saying they have not received a payment when they obviously have and it was confirmed through Walmart. They have turned my phone off two times because of this. They are liars and cheats I just lost 68 dollars because of them. Right now I am pregnant and I am separated from my abusive husband this is an added stress I do not need. I cant even recieved messages from my doctors or anyone since they shut off my phone unfairly. I am highly upset and I hope they improve their horrible customer service skills before someone shuts this company down.

    • Cricket wireless, should be called crooked wireless, they lie, and they have probably done of the dumbest people I've ever dealt with in Customer service, there is a"supervisor" named Christin, yea. Right and my name is Ahmedudabu, from America. Anyhow this bi$%h tells me she is the highest person i could talk to. The corporate line is just a busy signal, and i haven't had a usable phone in a month, but they want me to pay the bill for it. I think it's time for everyone to start using social media to inform EVERY BODY they can about how horrible Cricket really is. Oh and my name is really Cory Grider from Louisville Kentucky. Problem is their call centers ate in India and nobody there side from barely knowing English, knows how Customer service is really done. Screw this service, I'm changing today and going to talk all my family and friends into it as well….. I suggest you do to…

  • I have reason to believe that Cricket is owned by a communication company out of India! Ever notice you never talk to an American ? If you talk to anyone they seem to have either a British or Indian accent, yet they are Indian

  • Have been with cricket for over 4 yrs and am tired of a few things. Tired of dropped calls, tired of making a call and it rings on my side but not the other person, tired of that data game.
    A new wireless company hit my home town; Metro PCS.
    For the same price I am paying cricket/ 60$ for 2500 MB and at 3g speed only @ Metro PCS for 60$ I will get UNLIMITED 4G speed…period! And online I can buy a windows8 phone for only 100$.
    Thanks cricket for being greedy with data or I would have never found out about Metro PCS!

  • I have never experience anything like this in all my life. I call yesterday about my phone droping calls and my data plan, I thought I had unlimited data plan but guess not. I put 10:00 more on my data plan and this morning I got a message stating that I have used all my data, I tried to explain to the man that I had already put 10.oo more on my plan and I have a confirmation number but he said no transaction was taken but they send me a confirmation number. I thought cricket was a good company, but I will not recommend this provider to no one and I am going to change my service, because they could not help me with my problem and charge me an extra 10.00 dollars. I will be calling the corporate office and channel 12 or 9 news about this problem, people need to know about this.

    • I experienced and learned how the so called data vanishes..I upgraded the data online at and right after making the upgrade and paying for it I checked my phone using the MYaccount icon and 500 MB was used already. I then called and got some one on the phone way up North. She stated I upgraded 4 hours ealier in the day, which was wrong it had only been 5 minutes according to my watch.. our time zones were different (5 hours apart) so why did I lose the 500 MB and where the hell did it go when it is virtually impossible to use that in less than 5 minutes. She had no answer and refused the give me it back. Cricket phone service are theives!
      If your tired of crickets crap! try a new service that called Metro PCS. Faster speeds, and for the 60 one is paying cricket for 2500 MB @ 3 g speed @ Metro one will get unlimited 4G speed …
      Good luck!

  • All that information above is wrong and out dated. I just got through to the corporate office with the phone above 858-882-6000. Good Luck

  • Trying to find a way to email on corporate office headquarters website to "Complaint Department" or whoever will listen — all I get is sent to ads for other products (not even Cricket) or no connection!!!!!!!!!! Has Cricket gone out of business?????? Any of these complaints been sent to the BBB??????? Why isn't anyone calling the cops for "highway robbery"?????????????? I wonder who started Cricket??????????

    • I contacted the bbb and basically cricket swaped my phone out for a phone that half works and it bull. I just contacted the bbb again because this phone is crap to.

  • I live in Houston Tx; recently went into a CRICKET store on Gessner (near Hammerly Blvd)- the first issue is that there was presented to me a pamplet in Spanish and (NO DISREPECT) I am not Spanish; and when I asked him if he had English Pamplets he stated, "It is the same!". He asked me for $20 for something I did not even know what he was talking about and when I told him I did not have $20 he said, "That's OK" and did something with my phone. The 2nd and final time I went there he told me he would "wipe everything off of my phone" and I asked, "Everything like my pictures and phones numbers?". He said, "Yes.". I said, "My whole life is on that phone.". He said, "Maybe I can save it on my computer.". I said, "I am not taking the chance to loose my whole life on a "maybe". That is when he became disturbingly verbally abusive: "Get out of my store and don't come back!". I said, "If you think you have the right to come into my country and disrepect me like that you are sadly wrong!" and walked out. I am 62 years old and have NEVER, EVER BEEN TREATED THAT WAY. I was brought up in America to be treated with respect and treat others with respect. However, I find that rather difficult to do when I am faced with this type of action. If I had cussed him out or been rude to him I could see he would have the right to treat me that way; but, I was only standing my ground of not wanting to loose "my world" in my phone. Am I so wrong for that???

  • HORRIBLE COMPANY! Phone cracked so we ordered new one online lady says we cant keep same number so we get a new one.. little did we know they would continue to charge us for old broke phone and new one! Call costumer service get the run around, then they say we we're calling each month from the broke phone to make a payment! Really and then when I call to get money back im not allowed to access the account because I dont have the "right" authorization code that only can be found at a corporate office that is always closed! Hate this company!

  • I've been with Cricket for twelve Years and recently while in Fayetteville Arkansas Store on N College an Employee got My I Cloud Password. This Guy continues to change My I Notes and now I have a My Cricket account someone set up online. I cannot change My cell to not send texts to the Internet. This is a bunch of crap and that Guy needs to loose His Job. I've reported it an received nothing back. I'm not receiving all My Calls or Voicemail. I know Who He is and He has a Friend that I thought was a friend of Mine.

  • Without playing guessing games and guessing the phone is REFURBISHED the easy way to find out is to call the manufacturer and ask them if your phones ESN has ever been activated (they can do that)!! The San Diego phone number for ZTE is 858-554-0387. Their 800 number is 877-817-1759!!

    There you go easy fix. You should be able to find their numbers in Google as easily as I did (there are many other numbers)!!

  • My phone gets water damage so while at Cricket I decide to buy me a new phone. And hey, why not upgrade. The clerk who helped me was absolutely clueless. He obviously was new but clueless to answer any basic questions that you would think training would have taught him. Not only did he charge me 179.99 for a new phone, he never even added the phone to my account. When I called to activate it, my phone rejects the call. I go back to the sales clerk and he 'doesn't know why its rejecting my call'. Turns out while he was in my account he never closed my account and now my account was locked because once i left he failed to log me out and now that my account info page was still open, it was locked from a second attempt to log back in. He assured me that he would have the problem situated but it will take two hours. Three hours came and then one hour till closing. I return back to the location and course he see's me and claims he was just about to call me. He then says it was going to take 12 hours because my account info wouldn't log him back in and it had to be reset for the following day. Next day came and nothing. I have been with Cricket since the first store opened in this town. I have never dealt with such people who, with the proper training from a money taking business, would give the proper training. Time to do without Cricket.

  • Easy fix cancel the charge!! DEFECTIVE merchandise not fit for the purpose intended!!

    You know after reading these comments in this thread when I found this page I see a couple of comments that would make one whale of a news story like the lady who has never had their service in her life but was billed by the company anyway and they refused to refund her cash without all the red tape!! If you can find this page then I hope you can also Google your local TV stations and see which ones have consumer reporters and tip hotlines (almost everyone does)!! Had Cricket not done what I wanted, I would have crucified them in the media!! This is sort of the wrong time of year to have that type of report run as well so, don't be fooled, if your claim is the facts of what happened and not half truth to another story you all have leverage (just like I did)!!

  • Alert To All Parents:
    I changed my phone number, when I changed my phone number Cricket gave me a (out of area/long distance prefix) calling number so anyone that called from a land line had to dial a long distance access code, Cricket also BLEW AWAY ALL my contacts in online backup (a PAID feature) when they changed my phone number. I called Cricket to find out why mybackup did not work, all my contacts were gone, Cricket said by changing numbers a new account was created, after finally speaking with a supervisor it is learned no new account was created however Cricket maintained "oh it was user error my fault"(NOT). Fast forwarding things: I finally get a local calling number only when the internet did not work I sifted through every setting there is in the phone and online in my account, when i checked mybackup I had ALL THE CONTACTS of a MINOR UNDER AGE 15 year old in my new phone numbers online backup. I called the girls father in my contacts, we met, I showed the girls father all the screenshots I took and logged into my account so he could confirm or deny if those contacts were his girls friends or some one else. They were his MINOR UNDER AGE girls friends. I take all this to the SLC, UT corporate store, explain it, explain how badly they screwed up and expect at the least a couple of free phones and a load of free phone service for their MAJOR screw up. SLC, UT said oh my who us? We can not give you anything all though we (Cricket) screwed up BIG TIME, exploited MINOR UNDER AGE GIRLS information more than three months old after deactivation of her account and cost me a lot of time and money Sir fixing their screw up!! I work at a local TV station affiliate part time. Through some non-public resources we have made available to us I quickly learned that Cricket exploits MINOR UNDER AGE kids A LOT and has more holes in its security than a ball of Swiss Cheese does!! Parents: STAY AWAY. Cricket: I seriously suggest your corporate office contact me or you are not going to like what is coming!!!! Say hello to your new public relations rep and a dinky little camera man at a TV station!!! You know Cricket, you never know who may know who, you never know who may work where!!! Parents BEWARE!!!

    • Update to my post above:

      Everything stated above is true, documented, ready for news production "if ever needed" and did happen. Oops, I guess I had my ducks lined up before I emailed their President and Chief Operating Officer.

      I wonder how this happened: their company President and Chief Operating Officer called me less than nine hours after I emailed him before leaving to work Friday Morning. I returned his phone call when I returned from daily field shoots, we spoke, I expressed my concerns and the concerns of the individual I mention in my post above, The gentleman I spoke with at Cricket's (San Diego) Corporate Office said: everything I explained to him is absolutely unacceptable and should not have happened (he had no idea that any of what I stated above was happening within his company and is following on my documented report), With that said, agreement made, agreement done and finalized!! I have a printed sales receipt of what we agreed to that read's zero's at the bottom!! So, wanting to be fair to the company and report the "facts" of what happened (that was pretty easy)!!

  • Cricket phone service is by far the worst service I have ever had with phone service providers. I have had services with almost every service and Cricket takes the ICICNG OF THE CAKE for being the worst out there. The customer service people or supervisor or store employees do not know what they are doing and they do not know the meaning of GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I will make sure to be informing my friends, family, and who ever to never use Cricket!!!!!!

  • This is the worse phone service I've e ever had. I wish I never switched and I will be switching to another company. You customer service sucks miserably and I will definitely never refer anyone at all!!

    • Hi Fellow Cricket Dupes:
      I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Cricket Wireless for false and misleading advertising. If anyone is interested in joining me or showing me what I need to do please let me know. I have a brother who is a paralegal. Maybe he could help me but I am tired of the lies.
      I tried to contact Cricket Corporate and they have no phone numbers or names for execs. Just customer service and a third party who handles the rebates that only have Cricket’s customer service number.
      These clowns whooed me away from Metro PCS with promises that they had no attention of keeping. I say let’s take them down.
      Are you with me?
      Power to the People

    • There are regulatory agencies out there . . . The more you report the more likely something will happen. . . Ventin on their page is a great stress relief but . . . BBB FCC

    To whom this may concern;
    I am a senior engineering student at UT El Paso and I think I have a "reasonable" understanding of engineering, science, physics, and technology. As a college student I appreciate the budget minded service your company provides but as a future engineer I also recognize that sometimes issues with a product arise that get past testing and quality control. That is why tech support was created with the intention of attempting to resolve customer related functionality issues. After spending an entire day trying to convince your outsourced "technical" support personal from some call center in India that there is an issue with crickets My Data Backup server and all they can imply is that there is nothing wrong with their server and I don't know what I'm doing, that is when I realized that one truly does get what they pay for. I have contact phone #'s stored on my account with your "my backup" website. I tried for 2 days attempting to delete certain contacts to no avail. Your system froze in a" please wait" loop as long as I would allow it to. I assure you my internet service and /or provider was not the issue since I spoke with them and they verified the issue was based at Crickets end. I have a thorough understanding of how backup servers for mobile phone sytems work as I spent a year as an advance tech support rep for a major national wirelesss provider. Your personnel were an insult to the field of customer service and tech support. I'm sure you will state that they are highly trained employees, but their training is only in english double-talk, their expertise and training ends there. I have never been so disappointed and insulted. I clearly explained the procedures I had performed and all the various combinations of resetting, deleting, syncing , unsyncing, and restoring I had peformed and yet it was as if I were talking to a wall. I would finish explaining to the "tech" that I performed a certain procedure and they would ask me try the very same procedure as if it was something new that I had not tried. In the end, she simply told me that I was not doing what she instructed and she was sorry for the "inconvenience". I cannot afford to change providers at the moment but rest assured that finding a new mobile provider will be my first priority upon graduation. A mobile service provider is only as good as the support they provide when technical issues arise. Cricket failed horribly to resolve my tech support needs as a customer and this is not the first time. I know one customer means nothing to you but in this age of social networking, word travels fast with the advent of facebook, twitter, and IM-ing and no amount of flashy advertising specials can counter word of mouth testimonials amongst friends and family regardless of what what your market studies tells you. As of this moment I will live with this "inconvenience" as your employee so kindly referred to it but rest assured I will make it known to all my family, friends, and classmates ,via every medium available, what they can expect in terms of customer support from Cricket wireless. Sincerely, an obviously unappreciated client and future customer of your competition,


    • F.E.
      If you ever read this I want you to know that your understanding of networks, backups and how things work in the phone business royally suck. Your well rounded understanding of nothing is why you have nothing and obtained no results. Not only was I given FREE high end phones and FREE high end accessories, my content manager and I at the TV station I work were looking to take what happened to me and make a full blown news story of it so obviously we did our homework which lead us to find out in less than 5 minutes that Cricket has no backup servers for their mybackup service a (paid feature). Here is how it works: Cricket and just about every other carrier out there contract with a company called "asurion data backup." I made asurion the same offer I made Cricket "fix things with reasonable compensation or I am going to crucify you in the media"!! Two different companies, as expected I came out on top both times. So hopefully if anyone else reads this and you have issues with data backup I just gave you the name of the company that handles Crickets data backup. I would post Crickets Corporate "internal" information but I entered into a contract when I offered Cricket the privilege to buy out "cheap" with high end phones, high end accessories (a lot of accessories) and FREE service for the time we agreed to or crucify them in the media (I had a contact lined up to give Cricket local and National coverage). I hope the data backup information I provided helps someone!! Happy holidays all!!

    • Hi Fellow Cricket Dupes:
      I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Cricket Wireless for false and misleading advertising. If anyone is interested in joining me or showing me what I need to do please let me know. I have a brother who is a paralegal. Maybe he could help me but I am tired of the lies.
      I tried to contact Cricket Corporate and they have no phone numbers or names for execs. Just customer service and a third party who handles the rebates that only have Cricket’s customer service number.
      These clowns whooed me away from Metro PCS with promises that they had no attention of keeping. I say let’s take them down.
      Are you with me?
      Power to the People

  • Hello, I had a problem with a refurbished cell phone. I paid for the insurance and they sent me a new phone, but the phone they sent had account information on it, and now I am not able to use it. I have no numbers to call, I have nowhere I can go to get it replaced and this has taken hours and hours of time, just to be able to use the service I HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR!!! THERE IS A PROBLEM HERE!!!!

  • I've had numerous phones from cricket. Not bad for a cheep phone and basic service. The employes aren't the best but not the worst (Verizon) until my last phone experience. I bout the huawei phone for what was supposed to be 180.00 sale price normal price 220.00. I also got the 90.00 Doller discount by bringing in a junk active phone. A nice young kid was taking care of me. Then this other employee whom seemed to really know what was going on decided to help out. He told me I can also have a free case and screen protector for my phone. I said cool but instead of screen protector how bout head phones? They said no problem. I asked for good one and I would pay the difference. Yes they said sure. So phone should of been90.00 +65.00 to turn on. Try didn't want to show me the bill and they were whispering stuff at end of transaction. Finally said give me the bill. Guess what it was? 265.00 and some change. The booze oes charged me 220.00-90.00+20.00 for case + full price for head phones. I said u made a mistake the older Guy tried to double talk me until I raised my voice in disgust. Then what I thought was a manager sfeped in and the older Guy who thought he was helping me by telling me I am getting free stuff turned around didn't say a word to anyone and walked into the back room and closes the door. I told the manager that that Guy said I can get free case and dis. Headphones guess what the manager said? Well he's not hear right now and I can't just take your word. I said are u nuts he's in the back room. J saw him walk back there. He said well we can't take off the price of the case or headphone but we can give u another case for free. What the hell do I need two cases for one phone r u stupid. I told him u know what take this stuff back and give me back my money. He wouldn't do long story and I better get a reply from someone who works for cricket. And I want some free stuff. I also have all the names of the players in this game and have no problem hanging them out to dry. They r the worst people I've ever delbtwith

    • Hi Fellow Cricket Dupes:
      I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Cricket Wireless for false and misleading advertising. If anyone is interested in joining me or showing me what I need to do please let me know. I have a brother who is a paralegal. Maybe he could help me but I am tired of the lies.
      I tried to contact Cricket Corporate and they have no phone numbers or names for execs. Just customer service and a third party who handles the rebates that only have Cricket’s customer service number.
      These clowns whooed me away from Metro PCS with promises that they had no attention of keeping. I say let’s take them down.
      Are you with me?
      Power to the People

  • Funny how none of the email addresses I have found ever work. Having a long standing problem concerning Lifeline services that have never been provided no matter how many times my sons (SSI and legally blind) have filled out and turned in the paperwork. Real problems in San Marcos and Carlsbad CA, offices AND NO ONE TO TALK TO BY PHONE, EMAIL OR IN PERSON(IN ABOVE MENTION OFFICES)

    WHAT KIND OF SCAM IS THIS CORP RUNNING? NO WAY OF CONTACTING THEM! (And people in their stores that don't know jack….)!

  • I've been waiting for over a week for a return phone call because my music app isn't working. Despite numerous phone calls to customer service, the promised phone call from a "higher level of technical support" has not happened. Of course, Cricket expects me to pay full price even though I can't use the Muve Music app. I've filed a complaint with my state attorney general's office. I'm sick of paying high prices for services that don't work. Of course, you can't actually call the corporate office because they know their service and support both suck.

    • We have left 5 messages on 5 different occasions and have yet to receive 1 phone call back. And yet,no matter what day or time you call to talk to anyone "higher up" they are always on another call and will call you back if you leave them a message. Maybe they really are that backed up with calls from customers. THAT actually makes sense

    • @ Karrie Bacon " talk to anyone "higher up" they are always on another call and will call you back" — Someone did call me back, but I think it was just another phone answering clerk. Was not able to satisfy my complaint and could only offer an excuse.

  • I'm a Cricket customer and quite frankly I'm pissed that I have to go through all of this to fix something that customer service should be able to. My account has been tampered with by one the Cricket employees and now I CANNOT USE ANYTHING THAT I'VE PAID FOR. I can't text or receive text, I can't make calls or receive calls, and I can't use my internet that I've paid for and have confirmation that I've paid for it. I call customer service to have it fixed and have to wait until the next day to have it fixed. This is highly unacceptable. Just a hour ago, its working fine and now its unusable. I pay for an android plan and never late on payments so why is my account switched to a PayGo plan that I did not authorize them to do? Cricket has the crappiest customer service center ever and I'm actually considering leaving Cricket after this. I have business to handle and can't now because one of the employees has screwed with my account. THANKS A LOT CRICKET! Tomorrow morning, someone WILL here about this and someone WILL fix it.

  • I just had the most frustrating experience with a cricket agent at the Aliquippa pa office. I'm surprised they are still in business! When cable operators come out with traveling phones in a few months you will have serious competition and then maybe you'll be forced to learn how to treat your customers like they matter. What a concept!

  • I live in alabama and on april 17 cricket took a payment out of my account and I dnt have cricket. Cricket sucks. They can't refund my money without a bank statement and I have to go to the main office in texas which makes no damn sense cuz again I'm in alabama. The cricket place in texas is the one that took the payment. I got the run around for 3 hours. One lady was going to put the refund request in then next thing I know it got disconnected. Then I called back and got a dude named salvador and he told me that wasn't their prpcedures and told me I had to wait 24hours for them to do anything. And I tried again that's when they said I need a bank statement and take it to the main office and they will refund it once they see the proof. And it will take 7 to 10 buisness days to get it sent to me. I'm not driving to texas for 58.44. I think they really need someone to sue them to get a point across. They take anything else out on my account, then they won't like me what so ever and they can see my bank account info in court.

  • They need to have real services such as printing receipts online. I will cancel my company's cell phone for each of our 435 employees. I get nothing but complains. They need to have a corporate account instead of having us get services under each employee.. they loose over 25225.65 per month on changes. I can't do business with such a lame company.

    • Hi Fellow Cricket Dupes:
      I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Cricket Wireless for false and misleading advertising. If anyone is interested in joining me or showing me what I need to do please let me know. I have a brother who is a paralegal. Maybe he could help me but I am tired of the lies.
      I tried to contact Cricket Corporate and they have no phone numbers or names for execs. Just customer service and a third party who handles the rebates that only have Cricket’s customer service number.
      These clowns whooed me away from Metro PCS with promises that they had no attention of keeping. I say let’s take them down.
      Are you with me?
      Power to the People

  • this company sucks and all the workers with it there is no true worker in this company there out there just to build more sweet shops and people to tell me there is no one to talk to….this company is crap


  • so let me see If I understand, the phone number above doesn't work, and the email is no longer valid?? Crookswireless!

    • Hi Fellow Cricket Dupes:
      I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Cricket Wireless for false and misleading advertising. If anyone is interested in joining me or showing me what I need to do please let me know. I have a brother who is a paralegal. Maybe he could help me but I am tired of the lies.
      I tried to contact Cricket Corporate and they have no phone numbers or names for execs. Just customer service and a third party who handles the rebates that only have Cricket’s customer service number.
      These clowns whooed me away from Metro PCS with promises that they had no attention of keeping. I say let’s take them down.
      Are you with me?
      Power to the People

  • My mom just called my crying because she went in to a Cricket store, the one in Lakeside, CA, and the guy behind the counter told her he was sick of all her stupid questions. I am livid! I doubt anything will be done about this but I do plan on making some calls. My mom has a disability that makes it hard for her to understand things sometimes so I'm sure she was probably asking the same questions over and over but still, isn't that there job?

    • Hi Fellow Cricket Dupes:
      I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Cricket Wireless for false and misleading advertising. If anyone is interested in joining me or showing me what I need to do please let me know. I have a brother who is a paralegal. Maybe he could help me but I am tired of the lies.
      I tried to contact Cricket Corporate and they have no phone numbers or names for execs. Just customer service and a third party who handles the rebates that only have Cricket’s customer service number.
      These clowns whooed me away from Metro PCS with promises that they had no attention of keeping. I say let’s take them down.
      Are you with me?
      Power to the People


  • I am on a fixed income and have to use cricket, its the only long distance unlimited with a good muse music price. But , and its a BIG BUTT
    why have I spent 2 hours trying to get a 10 minute transaction done. I went thru giving my information and secret code to 3 people in 2 departments I asked the last guy if they had a supervisor because I could not understand his english, when he got done he over charged my bank by 30 dollars, messed up our phones, Finally 45 minutes later I got a supervisor who I specifically asked to speak better english so they give me Jackie Chan's cousin who has never been further then the Phillipines, people get real you make a load of money off us, we have to kiss your butt and accept anything you throw at us, how about giving some of those IT jobs to americans, who help other americans whats the matter you afraid you other investments will suffer, a pox on all of you may you get stuck in an elevator and your only way out is dealing with your sucky non english customer service personnel.

    • Hi Fellow Cricket Dupes:
      I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Cricket Wireless for false and misleading advertising. If anyone is interested in joining me or showing me what I need to do please let me know. I have a brother who is a paralegal. Maybe he could help me but I am tired of the lies.
      I tried to contact Cricket Corporate and they have no phone numbers or names for execs. Just customer service and a third party who handles the rebates that only have Cricket’s customer service number.
      These clowns whooed me away from Metro PCS with promises that they had no attention of keeping. I say let’s take them down.
      Are you with me?
      Power to the People

  • I returned a phone to cricket for a refund in January 2012,and to date has not received a refund. Every time I call about it, I get a representative that does not speak good englsh and constantly put me on hold; now that the 30 days have passed, they're telling me they have to send an escalated report to the corporate office, which has been done twice now. I feel I may never get my refund,so I will never refer any new customer to them, nor will I continue my service with them.

    • I am going through the same thing now. I have been on the phones with them almost every day since 12/6/12. It's now 1/15/13. It is well passed the 30 day return policy; however, they have still not given me my refund back. It's a little ridiculous at this point so I'm looking into legal action.


    • Hi Fellow Cricket Dupes:
      I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Cricket Wireless for false and misleading advertising. If anyone is interested in joining me or showing me what I need to do please let me know. I have a brother who is a paralegal. Maybe he could help me but I am tired of the lies.
      I tried to contact Cricket Corporate and they have no phone numbers or names for execs. Just customer service and a third party who handles the rebates that only have Cricket’s customer service number.
      These clowns whooed me away from Metro PCS with promises that they had no attention of keeping. I say let’s take them down.
      Are you with me?
      Power to the People

  • Called Cricket to have my service canceled on the following day. The rep said they are unable to to schedule cancellations for future days, but that I could stop by my local store and cancel it when I was ready. The next day I stopped in, canceled my account, and left. Two days later I see that I was billed for the upcoming month. I called Cricket and was told local stores cannot cancel service (only by calling them), my account was still active, and they don't give refunds. I went back to my local store, told them what happened, and they said the account was active, but they would cancel it, but I had to give them a copy of my bank statement so that they could submit a refund claim. No matter what number I've tried calling I get a run-around. At this point since my account is cancelled "for real" (the rep's words) I can no longer get anyone on the phone b/c I don't have an account. Service coverage and support are both a joke. I've been a Boost! customer for years and love them. I switched my kids to T-Mobile and so far things have been great. Avoid Cricket like the plague.

    • I am so so sick of Cricket. They beat me out of 2 phones that I returned to them and the refund. They said that they credit my account but it never happen. I had been very ill, in and out the hospital got a prepaid phone untill my refund came, which never happen all my prepaid min went to calling Cricket about my missing refund. Now that I'm out of the Hospital and feeling like dealing with these people I called them now they cant find any records of my account. Of course they couldn't now that they have my property. We should all get together and protest

    • Hi Fellow Cricket Dupes:
      I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Cricket Wireless for false and misleading advertising. If anyone is interested in joining me or showing me what I need to do please let me know. I have a brother who is a paralegal. Maybe he could help me but I am tired of the lies.
      I tried to contact Cricket Corporate and they have no phone numbers or names for execs. Just customer service and a third party who handles the rebates that only have Cricket’s customer service number.
      These clowns whooed me away from Metro PCS with promises that they had no attention of keeping. I say let’s take them down.
      Are you with me?
      Power to the People

  • Absolutely the worst service of any company I have ever dealt with. Bad billing practices, no available customer service reps unless you don't have a number and are wanting new service, and mysteriously androids get viruses that only they can clear up.

    • oh my goodness u r so rite why does their phones have problems allllll the time and their answer is troublesoot or giving u a refurbished phone is that why we pay all that insurance for old non working phones really we should get together and talk to a LAWYER because the is false advertizing .

    • I agree about the LAWYER and I also feel that the way the economy is why are they employing people from overseas in the Phillipines when we Americans don't have jobs and buy their phones,and customers can clearly understand what we are saying

    • They overcharged my card 450 and put that towards credit I've Been calling trying to talk to a superisor but everytime I call and wait 30 minutes they give me someone who barely speaks English and they never let me to talk to the supervisor. They keep saying keep calling your card to see if you got the money! I'm so over it I want my money! Just as fast as they took it they can put it back

    • Hi Fellow Cricket Dupes:
      I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Cricket Wireless for false and misleading advertising. If anyone is interested in joining me or showing me what I need to do please let me know. I have a brother who is a paralegal. Maybe he could help me but I am tired of the lies.
      I tried to contact Cricket Corporate and they have no phone numbers or names for execs. Just customer service and a third party who handles the rebates that only have Cricket’s customer service number.
      These clowns whooed me away from Metro PCS with promises that they had no attention of keeping. I say let’s take them down.
      Are you with me?
      Power to the People

  • why do you all have local customer service when ALL of your stores NEVER answer the phones for as long as i have been a customer i have never been able to speak to anyone in the golden triangle area….

    • Amen to that . I can never talk to anyone live and I have had a lot of pain in the asses because of it. I dont understand why you have to leave a message either when it says someone will call back and they never do. This needs to change in the phone system.

    • I agree. I have called each and every cricket phone number in Corpus Christi, Texas that I could find just to find out how to pay them monthly instead of being charged an additional fee and cut off each time. If they don't start handling these situations alittle better they're going to lose tons of business as well as mine. Theres too much competition out there to chose from.

    • This cricket company is pure garbage. Never buy there hotspot or they phone. There control the usage from the beginning of the month to the end. Wonder why you can't watch Utube. You wonder why it load real slow and freezes.

    • Now their make it hard for you to contact their corporate office. They hiding. They want to merge with AT andT. Don't let get away with it. This company need to go straight out of business.

    • I was able to contact 1858 882 6000 their corporate office number all last month and was finally able to get my refund back from them after series of arguing with them for weeks. But now they then riged their phone number where they can't be reach at all. Because they owe me more money. That hotspot was pure garbage. I was loseing surfing all month thinking it was my computer. But after receiving cox cable hotspot I realize, cricket was beating me.

    • Hello, I live in Phoenix, AZ and have had the pleasure of dealing with Cricket for three years, and while having this phone service I have yet to have four phones that I paid $250 to $350 work longer than three months. The last was an "Unlimited Talk, Text, Internet and Muve Music ZTE phone that was downgraded within two months to a Wonderful "Paper Weight."

      While they did finally replace that Phone with a HTC V one with the same said amenities, it has been replaced four times, yet they say I have not been in their Corporate Store since August 2013. WOW, we spend the Time, Gas, and aggravation of having to get Used Re-Built phones as a replacement, a gentleman Today, June 12, 2014 let me know that they do not Re-place the phones with Used Re-Built cell phones.

      I will assume that he has never had a phone replaced, due to failure and that he probably gets his upgraded every three months. Then again he may not own one.

      Apparently Cricket has decided to stop documenting when their customers go to a Corporate Store and get their phone replaced.

      The deal I agreed to with Cricket was that the Phone they replaced my ZTE "paper weight" with needed to work without problems, meaning that my friends and business contacts could carry on a conversation on both ends of my phone without interruption. One would assume that this would mean that the conversation is not echoing in the background, NO static, NO garbled conversations that are inaudible, NO "Party-Line Calls" this occurs when other peoples conversations are louder than yours in the background when there is no one else in the room, office, car, or home on either end, and NO Dropped Calls because of the lack of connect ability.

      I would venture to guess that The Great Service is due to the fact that the Stores are swapping one bad phone out for another and since I have yet to have one phone work for one complete year even based on their records, which are inaccurate, maybe (check that) it is time to throw the Cricket HTC V one in the Dumpster and start over.

      Question: How many people have had a New Phone Replaced with a New Phone by anyone in this Business?

      Answer: No One Has.

    • Had TERRIBLE experience with Cricket today. NO calls to corporate store were answered or returned, even though I called during normal store hours. Why doesn't Cricket want new customers? Obviously you do NOT want my business at all. I even looked online and called the only 800 number that I could find. Can't use it if you don't already have an official Cricket number. What a TERRIBLE company.

    • Now that Cricket has merged with AT&T, cricket customers are screwed! In March, NONE of our phones will work and we will be required to buy a new phone from somewhere in order to have cell phone service. All under the rouse of "providing better service"? WHAT A SCAM!!! Now, AT&T/Cricket gets to keep all the money we have all spent on our $400-600 phones and we ALL have to buy new ones. Oh, but don't worry, Cricket's going to give us all credit when we give them our old phones & buy brand new $500-600 phones (they just don't tell you that you'll be lucky to get $100 credit for your $600 phone that you bought earlier this year). Again, WHAT A SCAM! They sure are going to make a lot of money this year by screwing all of us over. BOYCOTT CRICKET!!! In March, when they turn off your phone, go SOMEWHERE else to begin your new service.

    • Hi Fellow Cricket Dupes:
      I am interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Cricket Wireless for false and misleading advertising. If anyone is interested in joining me or showing me what I need to do please let me know. I have a brother who is a paralegal. Maybe he could help me but I am tired of the lies.
      I tried to contact Cricket Corporate and they have no phone numbers or names for execs. Just customer service and a third party who handles the rebates that only have Cricket’s customer service number.
      These clowns whooed me away from Metro PCS with promises that they had no attention of keeping. I say let’s take them down.
      Are you with me?
      Power to the People