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Crossland Studios Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Crossland Studios Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Corporate Address:
11525 N. Community House Rd., Suite 100
Charlotte, NC 28277 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-980-345-1600
Fax Number: 1-864-573-1695
Customer Service Number: 1-980-345-1600
Reservations: 1-800-804-3724

  • Wow!!! It would appear that the Crosslands aka hometowne studios is absolutely disgusting and there employees are apparently awful everywhere!!! I was staying at the crosslands in kent wa for 72 days my rent was 32 minutes late and they kicked me out because it was the 4th time it had been late in 70 days… and by late it was never more than 40 minutes late, which I paid the late fee. If it was so awful to be a little late why is there a late fee?? On the day that I was kicked out they gave me less than 30 minutes to pack up all my stuff mind you I had been staying there for more than 70 days so basically it's like packing up an entire apartment and under 30 minutes impossible since I was 30 minutes over the time they gave me to pack up my things the lady mandolin decided to call the police so the police stood there while I pack up my things not only that but a bag of laundry came up missing out of my room which had my white towels in it all of my White's including tank tops Etc as well as my wallet sitting on top because I had just gotten back from the laundry room when I went down to pay my rent on the way down parently they had closed the office to go check the rooms and the lady locked me out of my room so I couldn't even get back into my room this place is absolutely awful when I first moved into my room it took me four days to clean it it was repulsive there was hair everywhere the bathroom on the floor was just black from Gunk that heater look like somebody threw cool a sticky Kool-Aid all over it the kitchen had a hair stuck all over the stove it was absolutely awful I wish I could send pictures I don't know what is wrong with the housekeepers and how they can even keep their job as far as mandolin goes the lady at the front desk when she was talking to another customer as I was standing behind him trying to deal with being kicked out and my things she told the gentleman that she has tried to quit her job but they won't let her quit so she wishes they would just fire her so apparently she doesn't even want to work here anyways I think she should be fired immediately she's definitely unprofessional and I know for certain she stole my bag of laundry with my wallet on top which had money my driver's license my social security card my kids social security card the lady should be fired immediately unacceptable it's pretty unbelievable that almost every Crosslands in the United States has the same issues I think there is obviously a huge problem here

  • My husband and I enjoy staying at this hotel for the location, the price and the fact that we have been around for such a time as to know a lot of the guests who stay as well as the staff. Since the new management has taken over, however, things have not been changed for the better. The remodling that was done is very nice and the rooms look great, but that is merely cosmetic. For a room that costs over $300 a week, it should come with a maid service and toilet paper and clean linnens at the VERY least. Also, if certain policies were to change concerning room rates or money reimbursements, the guests should be made aware of that fact from check-in. We hope to be able to continue our relationship with this hotel for ourselves and all of our friends and family who we have stay there as well whenever they are in town, but if these things are not resolved, we will be forced to discontinue those relationships as well as spread the word that Crossland Economy Studios West Oaks and Crossland Economy Studios Northwest (also in Houston where we have had the same issues) are NOT the places to stay when in Houston. The prices may be the cheapest around, but you aren't even getting what you pay for!!! We would like to know what the hotel is going to do to rectify this situation and compensate us for our inconvience which the hotel itself has caused.

  • My husband and I have stayed at the Crossland West Oaks location in Houston Texas many times over the past three to four years. We usually stay at least a month at a time and have been here for a month so far at the moment. This most recent stay, however has been quite different:

    1. We have always had our hotel taxes reimbursed after day 30 and that pays for the next week's stay. It has always been automatically done. We are now being told, however, that we have to file a form for reimbursement and that it could take up to another week to receive an answer if we are going to get the money or not. In our current situation we can not afford not to get that refund and it puts us in a very difficult place not having been told about the possibility of not receiving it in the first place. Why has this practice changed when every other hotel we have ever stayed in, INCLUDING THIS ONE has always given us the 30 day tax refund?

    2. We have been here for 30 days tomorrow and NOT ONCE has a maid even come to knock on our door offering to clean. The cleaning schedule states that if you are here for a week the maid comes once a week and replaces sheets, towels, sweeps/vacuums etc. If we have needed a broom or anything to clean our OWN room we have to track down the maid and chase her down every time.

    3. We have to take our own dirty sheets and towels down to the office if we would like replacements. Every time we take the dirty ones in however, there are never replacements at that time so we have to wait, sometimes more than a day, to get clean ones. Also, instead of letting us know when there are clean ones, we have to take it upon ourselves to keep checking with the office until we just happen to call at the right time. The first week we were here we took our comforter in to be washed with our sheets and it took two weeks for us to get a clean comforter because the office was always "out of clean ones". This is unacceptable!Most of the time when we do get clean towels, we are only given one set at a time when the room is suppose to come with two sets of towels, wash cloths, hand towels and a bath mat.

    4. Because we do not get a visit from the maid service at all, we do not get our toilet paper replaced or shampoo or soap or anything the hotel is suppose to provide. When we have to go up to the office to get toilet paper, the ladies in the office always act like it is the biggest inconvience that we are asking for it. If we. as guests, are suppose to provide our own toiletries, we should be notified UP FRONT and the rooms should not cost the same as a hotel that does supply those things.

    5. For the most part the ladies in the office are at least moderately polite but are far from friendly and have the attitude that everything we as of them is inconviencing them in the worst way. Guests are no longer allowed in the hotel lobby due to some armed robberies that have happened at this hotel and are forced to communicate with the office via a two inch thick glass window while standing out side in the south Texas heat with no chairs or anything. It is very hard to hear through the glass and if there is no one standing directly at the window, it is impossible to get someones attention because there is no bell or any other type of notification device to let the office know someone is waiting to be served. This is highly inconvient and could potentially dangerous for people with health issues having to stand outside in such heat expecially because the window is situated in a hallway that has very little air flow.

  • Yes I would like to make a complaint against Robert Muhammad he told me if I was going to be outside my room I had to wear my shirt like I was in a jail or prison or something very nasty rude man you should really hire better people especially for general manager's I was going to extend my stay another week but I'm now going to be looking for another hotel where they don't harass their guest's

  • Crossland extended stay in Irving Texas was by far the worst hotel I have ever ever ever stayed in hotel room was extremely dirty the manager wouldn't give money back I asked her to clean the room at 10pm at night when we arrived which room should of been cleaned that morning she said she might be able to clean it if we have her another hour but she said the hotel was running low on sheets so she might not be able to give us clean ones .. What hotel says that???????? There was creepy creepy people living there and drug deals and prostitution all hours of the night. I have tried to call corporate for over a month and no answer so either they are to lazy to answer the phone or they have a million complaints a day

  • What a shame when the helpful staff at the front desk at Crossland HOTEL at Addison left. The place is a haven for criminal activity, namely prostitution, but there are murderers, domestic violence, drug dealing, trespassers and thieves going through the windows or removing doors. Last night ,May 5,2017, ambulance and firetruck at 3AM. Thepolice come about three times week. Insect infestation is awful and new manager will do nothing. Guest must wash hotel linen themselves or do without. There are no kitchen utensils as advertised.No housekeeping-paid maids and cleaned toilet myself. I should be reimbursed eighty dollars for paying a maid from the outside, This is unsanitary conditions plus guests let their dogs runloose and poop all over. Smoking is a problem as it sets fire alarms off in the middle of the night. There has been one suicide. Two weekends in a row garbage spread all over parking lot. Taxi drivers said Crossland has a reputation for prostitution. I was treated very, very rudely by the new manager, Julie, who know nothing about PR and is letting in trash. Why is the place being remolded when the foundation is cracking? The noise element is awful with two main roads, construction with the building next door and the two main roads. You need a security guard and two at the so called coincerge desk, because the phone is hardly ever answered at certain times.

  • We stayed at the location in Sharonville, OH, off on Chester Rd. It was the worst experience we have ever had. When we got there we almost stepped on a used condom that was by the office. The lady at the front desk and another worker was discussing non-sense that had to do with a complaint. In the meantime they made us wait until they finished. When we got in the room I was so disappointed that I didn't even pack, we just dropped our stuff off and went about our day. We came back at around 8:30PM and all we heard was loud annoying music, apparently they have a club right behind the hotel, which no one informed us about. I think this was important because some people do want sleep. We asked to be moved to another room the was further away so that the music wouldn't be so bothersome. Nope, the played games about it instead of being upfront. Needless to say we got our stuff and went somewhere else. Now we are waiting for the manage to call us back and apparently he's playing hide-n-seek because he's never there! What a manage should always be there at least at some point during a 24 hour period. This place has really gone down in the last five years and from what I was told, they use to be so much better. I guess the staff don't care because they probably make their sales from hook ups from people who leave the club. So, if you're their to relax and enjoy your stay, you may want to rethink staying at this location at all cost. The price is not worth it. In this case you definitely get what you pay for!!


  • I stay at crosslands studios in Spartanburg and I will be leaving tomorrow owing nothing. The manager the GM the she/he Carson is uneducated on experience unprofessional and doesn't need to be the GM. He gets high his girlfriend be behind the desk like she is running the place with him due to her all access pass because she is friends with Scott.They screwed Renee over. She may not have been right on somethings but from what I could tell from the short time she was here she didn't play. the only good thing about the place is the black girl on front desk and housekeeping and maintenance. and the undercover employees that does odd jobs for carson. I like the hotel just can't stand how it's being ran. So me and my husband and will be leaving. When you guys decide to get a person of one gender to run the place I will be back.

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