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  • Crunch Gym Corporate Office Headquarters

Crunch Gym Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Crunch Gym Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

AGT Crunch Acquisition LLC

22 W. 19th St., Fl. 4

New York, New York 10011 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-993-0300

Cancellations: 1-866-428-9664

Billing: 1-800-547-1743

Fax Number: 1-212-367-0960

Customer Support Phone Number: 1-888-227-8624

Website: Crunch Gyms

Crunch Gyms competition includes Lifetime Fitness, Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness, In-Shape Fitness, Anytime Fitness, NYSC, 24-Hour Fitness, Retro Fitness, Blast Fitness, Fitness 19, California Family Fitness, Snap Fitness, and Orange Theory.

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  1. I was informed about this website as far as leaving comments for Crunch headquarters. I am so glad because I have to say that this gym is a DUMP!! I used to go to Parisi's Gym, and it was great. Now a Crunch, members are treated like garbage, and they will do absolutely nothing to keep you there as a member. All they care about is how much money they can get out of you. The front desk staff is horrendous, and I do not even want to talk about the gym manager. Plus, the music is awful! The end of October, I am out of there….thank God.

  2. My trainer was never availablehen I was scheduled for 90 dollar pt SESSIONS. Then I got a surprise charge for 3 months of training I never received bc I updated my cc for my regular gym membership after my purse had been stolen. The manager, Derrick is a peach.

  3. Crunch bought Idaho Athletic Club a year ago. The promises of stepping it up, getting the Clubs up to date, pools & Jucuzzis clean, Jacuzzi jets fixed, Saunas working, clean and repaired accordingly to wear & tear. None has been address, specifically at the Eagle ID location. It is dirtier then ever!!! Nothing has been fixed, club is in a mess, while employees are hanging out in their offices! Last week the showers were ICE COLD for most of the week. No visible notifications as such!! Sauna was warm. Jacuzzi is still not working properly. Pools and Jacuzzi water is grime. Towels availability is unreliable. The Music is blaring in the women's locker room, consistently. When requesting to have it turned down, so one can have a conversation in there, or at least think, we're told that they can't!!! Yet at times the music is at a much lower level!!! The last straw, hence this email, was when one of the long term members requested to have the music turned down, they were told they could take their membership else where!!!!! This is called customer service???? Front of lockers still have soap from when there was an attempt to clean them….Shower tiles look horrid from the commercial product they used!!! I am seriously appalled at the attitudes of the staff at this location!!! Yet money spent on paint, new muscle building equipment and massage beds….go figure…who's going to pay for this, as members are looking for alternative gyms. Yes, newbies to Boise do not know differently….yet, but will eventually once they experience the lack of customer service, club maintenance and promises not fulfilled!!!!

  4. The facility in Stanhope NJ, is poorly managed by the kids that work there, there isn't a manager and the owners are clueless or don't care. They are never at the gym and when they are and you say something it's the same old story "things are going to change". Half the equipment doesn't work and they don't seem in a rush to fix anything. In the winter they have the heat up so much that you cannot breath in there and the cleaning people are always there at the peak time clean with the bleach or Clorox. So if you like to inhale those fumes then this is the place to go. In the summer the air conditioning is never on so it's so hot and stuffy, that you almost pass out while working out. The music the kids play at this gym is the worst, and can be very offensive, but they don't seem to notice what the rapper is saying. It would be nice if they played music that makes you want to move, then makes you mad, depressed or walk out the door (which I have). With summer coming and the new years resolution people only going to last another month, you would think the owners would listen to the clients that have been there for years.
    After reading all the complaints it appears that the issue starts at the top and all anyone wants with the "Crunch" name is the money!!! If it wasn't for the great people I have met, and the great trainer I have at this facility I would leave.

  5. The facility in Sarasota Florida on University Parkway is so poorly managed it's ridiculous. The facility is not clean, the manager of the group fitness classes cannot organize instructors and the flow of classes. We all pay extra for classes in addition to our membership fee and it's unbelievable how poorly it is managed. When they have people who manage the facility that do a great job, they move them somewhere else. Did you ever hear of "proper training" for managers of these facilities???? You have a large group of very unhappy and angry customers. Better get on the ball and fix this place before you think about opening another poorly managed facility. Word of mouth advertisement is the best, right now it's not good for Crunch fitness facilities.

  6. Bad customer service at the Colorado Springs location. The company double charge my account. When I called about it the manager at the gym was not helpful. Just keep repeating that I would need to pay 10days before my due date for my account not to get charge. The reason I was calling because Crunch Fitness double charge me for the annual fee and would like my money back since this was paid back in July when they finally opened!!!

  7. Mr. Thompson Today 9-23-17 at approximately 1:15 I entered your gym. I stepped around a guy standing in the aisle right next to the front desk. I turned to see who it was and the guy yelled you got a problem and other choice words. I walked back toward the desk he stepped in front of me trying to provoke a confrontation. I said you were standing in the middle of the aisle so I looked to see who it was. He stepped up to me close enough for me to smell his breath and yelled in my face. "You say excuse me” then proceeded to tell me he would take me outside and beat my ass. I walked away. I went to the desk where the only employee as far as I could see was glued to the computer screen. I said" hey are you going to do your job?” He looked at me obliviously while I explained the situation. Then told me he would “ talk to the guy”. He of course denied threatening me. I no longer wish to be a member of your gym. This is the second time I have been hassled and you and your employees seem to do nothing about it. Did the employee take the name of the threatening member did he write a report? Is there an procedure to protect vulnerable members from harassment and violence. This could have ended very differently I hope you realize how serious this issue is! I hope this will serve as a notice as discontinuation of my Membership. I would very much like to hear whatever response you have to this situation.

  8. I have made several complaints about this business, concerning unauthorized charges on my card for the past month and still have yet to be contacted or any attempt to solve this matter. Appalled at the unprofessional attitude of this total business

  9. On 04/01/2017, Crunch San Dimas, trampled all over my disability, breaking federal law in the process, as their computer system wasn't flagging my payments properly, and Belen Desantes, the UFC manager threatened to call the police on my for being unacceptable, after she pushed me into a manic state, after telling me she had no authority on the Crunch side of the gym.

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