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Cubesmart Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Cubesmart Corporate Office Headquarters HQ


460 E Swedesford Road Suite 3000
Wayne, PA  19087 USA

Phone Numbers and Contact Information

Corporate Phone Number: 1-610-293-5700

Customer Support: 1-844-248-3104

Website: CubeSmart.com

CubeSmart’s competition includes Public Storage, Extra Space Storage, iStorage, LifeStorage, U-Haul, Clutter, Pods, Neighbor, Compass Self Storage and Storage Mart.

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  1. Just commented on rat infestation in the Cubesmart on 290 just west of Austin. That comment has disappeared!! Tried to call corporate office but of course the number doesn’t work!

  2. This published comment serves as a formal complaint
    Over the holidays cube #1030, in Newport KY, has reeked from cigarette smoke upon opening the overhead door
    & my personal items are soiled by the odor
    I notified a cubesmart attendant of this matter while in the highbay

    I smelled someone lite up & smoke a cigarette for 30 minutes ~ 9:30 p while there last month
    States prohibit smoking in public places
    If cubesmart does not enforce this section of the code, I will pull the fire alarm

    I want to relocate to another cube immediately
    I expect the local office to review the video footage & confront any violators

    Arriving to cubesmart, a neighboring lessee told me of her concerns then she vacated

    thank you in advance for quickly taking the appropriate actions
    #1030, Newport KY

  3. Worst Customer Service I have ever experienced! I was totally ignored by the employee in the Frazer, PA Cubesmart. He never acknowledged me when I entered the office and ignored me while he was bs'ing with someine on the phone. After 5+ minutes I left. I called the 800# and the Call Center Agent could have cared less. Getting no where I hung up frustrated. All I wanted to do was update my credit card expiration date in the system because I received a new card but no one would help me.

  4. Due to a back problem, I was unable to empty my storage unit until 1-12 and the monthly fee was due on 1-2. They took the whole months rent due even though I am done with it an will not be using the unit. I want the money back for the 20 days I am not using it. I complained to BBB but will I have to take them to small claims court?

  5. Do not rent from them. I am handicapped and cannot walk. I should also very the veterans discount. They get a hold of your account and I am paying $210.00 a month for a 10 x10 outside unit in Bradenton,fl. They are advertising the same unit for 110.00. Twice I have had thousands of dollars in damage due to bad roofs,where I had to find help moving me. A leaky roof inside them a few months later outside. Your things will be ruined,you overcharged and poor customer service

  6. Cube Smart is the most unethical group around. They sent an email saying my location would be closed due to Hurricane Irma. After the hurricane hit the area was out of power for three days, however I went by every day. The first day they reopened I was there to pay my bill only to find out they sold my unit two days before online. I have heard nothing since then but lies and stories about how the contract date was stated and they had the right to sell. Yes I understand that but there was a HURRICANE AND NO WAY TO PAY!!!!!! We had no power, internet, and cell service was hit and miss for days. Tell me how this was good business. My mother's ashes were in that unit as well as all my personal papers and pictures. My son cries nightly because he lost his toys and I can't sleep knowing that my things are gone because this company didn't think that an extra 48 hours might be in order due to A HURRICANE!!!

  7. As I have been with cube smart for over 3 yrs paying 55.00 a month for a parking spot. Last month my boat was broken into. They said they look at the security tapes of the month and 3 days that it happened in and saw nothing. I have emailed the store in Tucson as on orange grove rd twice asking them to add more security cameras. The have never answered one email back. They keep saying this is an isolated incident. They have 3 cameras for the whole lot. With all the money we pay for storage they should be able to protect our belongings. I don't believe they even watched the tapes. There is a camera like 500 feet away. I don't believe they could see faces but they should have been able to see something. I even left a review on there website for that store that was approved but never shown up.

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