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How to Contact CVS Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

CVS Corporate Address:

One CVS Drive

Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895 USA

CVS Phone Numbers:

CVS Corporate Phone Number: 1-401-765-1500

Corporate Fax Number: 1-401-762-2137

Corporate Email: info@cvscaremark.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: CVS

Customer Service Number: 1-800-746-7287

Website: https://www.cvs.com/

CVS is famous for its drugstores. CVS stores offer pharmacy products, health and wellness products, groceries, candy, and general merchandise. CVS is one of the largest drugstore chains in the US.

CVS’s competitors and alternatives include Walgreens, Kroger, Publix, Walmart Pharmacy, Alberstons, Costco and Rite Aid.

Cvs Store’s Customer Support Phone Number is 1-800-746-7287. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.CVS Corporate Office


  • Once again I will look at my sign above my desk that says "DON'T BOOK WITH CARNIVAL". They made two costly mistakes while my client was sitting beside me booking her 50th wedding anniversay with her family and Carnival won't do anything to make the situation better. They won't even give her any onboard credits! The mistake is over 900.00 difference and all because the representative didn't listen even when I repeatedly asked for the grats. to be added in and the ins. Now I have a customer that is really mad and probably won't use a travel agent again. Carnival offered no help….this isn't their only time. It's their word against yours and they don't make notes in their computers so they win all the way around. You can't trust them for their word at all and I will not use them ever again. I will sell another cruise line. Their whole crew screwed up in Oct. of 2011 in St. John's NB and we almost had a stampeed…….it was awful then we had to wait too long to get back on the ship and I myself had to wait in line for two hours! These people are idiots!! They offered no apology no me what so ever. No more of my business!!!

  • My spouse has worked for CVS for years both as an assistant and now as a store manager
    And I will have to be 100% Honest with This company … There has been many benefits to her employment with CVS. It was good at the start (few years back) But now it's the worst thing to happen to us. For the past Three years, I almost NEVER see my spouse!! Working 65 hours a week with there almost always having some store visits LP visit Next to no true in store help. All for what a 45 hour base work week salary pay check!! This job is killing this wonderful hard working person. There seems to be no end in site. I have see a time where the way to get ANY time off is to work 7am to 10pm shifts. Or like a years plus ago be hospitalized!! I know for a fact it's this job and it's physical/emotional stress that will lead to death or disability or unemployment.

    Being a store manager, grants my spouse the ability to NEVER have time to LIVE THE LIFE. That CVS campaigns about. They DON'T Care!! About the employees!! There truly is no end, since the hours are so long and looking for another place of employment is next to near impossible. Asleep is all I know or my love these days. Stop this madness to gain your own greed! Give back to the ones that make CVS. What it is!!! This problem is across the board!! So help me lord if I lose my partner because of your cor~Pooor~ation! I will find myself on a mission to take away everything you and the higher up have!!!!

    I hope for the meaning of being human someone takes the time to read this and stand up and really do sometime with your power!!

    Thank you
    ~ A Concerned Spouse

    • CVS SUCKS. What else can I say..I have read a lot of post here and 99% of them are NOT GOOD…CVS corporate doesnt matter as long as they get there $$$$….I have been given the wrong meds more than once,not ready after they called and said they was ready… and one of the best was it will be 30 minutes more..Hell I dropped it off 24 hours before..and today day (9/4/2013) 3 trips to CVS and still dont have all 2 of my meds…CVS you should be ashamed of yourself…never had this much trouble with WAL MART or Wall Greens..GOOD BYE CVS….YOUR &*&^%^$#@^&()__&*^^##@@__.Logansport,Indiana

    • The conditions at CVS is they treat their employees like lamb for sheering and they will drain every minute of every hour they can out of all the ones who bring in their Christmas bonuses and the employee does it out of fear of losing their jobs and the company knows this rather than provide enough hours to properly staff each store oops that would take away from their bonuses trick or treat

    • Wow i work for CVS for yrs and to go through and read some of this comments are very disheartening and it's all true! I just don't understand how a major big corporate million-dollar company can treat its customer and employees the way that they do. It's very sad! All the bonuses stuff is true they pockets get fat and they are able to feed their family while we are struggling to feed ours. In the beginning i loved working for this company cause they cared and i have great customers who keeps a smile on my face and i keep a smile on their face too. Now as a full time worker they cut my hours my customer always asking where i've been? I still smile through the pain to satisfy my customer but they also have seen the change through the company. Happy employees=Happy customers=more $$$$$$$$ for these company. Greed will destroy it all. God don't like ugly! someone need to reevaluate the head people in charge.

    • I still hope u have your job after that last remark about god dont like ugly people!
      someone need to reevaluate the head people in charge especially with the
      way the economy is now good luck to u and to what u said.

    • In response to concerned spouse. I too never get to see my fiancè. These GREEDY SNAKES work their store manager insanely and stress them out. My fiancè and I almost broke up.

      These GREEDY SNAKES DO NEED TO KNOCK IT OFF and .quit being so demanding! My fiancè works from 4:30 AM- almost 11PM.

      If we lose our husband/wife/fiancè, it'll be your fault, YOU GREEDY SNAKES!

    • Re: PLEASE PLEASE Do Anything, or so help me!

      I am in the same situation as you. I almost NEVER see my fiancè. He is a district boss. He is stressed out because of all the BS that corporate is doing. There is no personal time whatsoever.

      My fiancè and I were able to work something where we can see each other every week. We almost broke up because of this stupid, demanding BS. I don't call it a job, I call it slave driving.

  • I am so sorry about the terrible service people have obviously gotten from CVS, but I am writing about a positive experience…but non-drug related (which should mean something).

    I have some lingering short term memory problems from a brain surgery operation, and it's difficult to remember things that happen just a few minutes ago. I had been at the Flagler Beach, FL store making photos and forgot the CD I had made. I went back to the store two days later and asked if it was still around, it was! I was surprised Kathleen found it because it was just "floating" around the countertop. I was very pleased as I had taken a photo that was unusual and wanted more copies. Kathleen was wonderful! She helped me through the process at several points, patiently explaining what was needed. I can't say enough good things about her. Such a nice lady and valuable employee!

    I hope someone reads this and rewards her for her work on behalf of CVS. She is very deserving of a raise, an award, SOMETHING!!! to recognize her hard work and caring attitude. It seems to to me, considering the other reviews, that CVS could use the good publicity


  • We have been having many problems with the CVS on Louetta in Spring Tx.for several years now, since the long time pharmacist who was personalble,got to know customers, explained and talked to you, helped with over the counter questions…and CARED left!I have been told by someone who worked there that when Dale left,and the new phamacists were so lax, that customers that also loved Dale, left in droves!!! Now management appears to be non existent,and now have been told the manager is retiring, so everything is slack and unprofessional. They hire teenagers to work in the pharmacy,they come and go. They are not friendly or knowlegeable/helpful. The one female pharmacist, Jackie, does her job well, but pays no attention to the delays and lack of customer care by the teenagers.She appears to be very overworked. Yesterday was the last straw. I went to fill a pain perscription directly from the dentist office. I told the young girl "pharmacist" ? in the pharmacy that I was in pain from a dental procedure and IF there was a wait for filling the percription I would take it somewhere else.She told me it would be filled right away. I noticed a young man sit next to me and then go chat with her. After 15 minutes I asked a young teenager at the pharmacy checkout if it would be much longer…she "didn't think so", but didn't check… Then I saw the young man go back of the pharmacy counter and he was laughing and joking with the young girl "pharmacist"?I I waited a few more minutes and when I saw the "pharmacist"? I told her I was really in pain and was the perscription ready?! She told me that her printer was down and the young man was working on it. Obviously she had to know that for quite a while since he had been sitting next to me before going back there. She said she had no idea how long it would take to fix it!!! I was in tears and told her to give me my perscription and I would take it to another pharmacy. It was just so uncalled for and she could have cared less!!!! No apology…Nothing!!!! And needless to say ….. how unprofessional the whole scene was and is at that store!
    I called corporate CVS today and complained…I hope someone will contact me. From other emails…it doesn't look promising.

  • I have a problem with CVS. I have had an issue for a week and I have spoken to my store manager and I have sent and E-mail to the corporate office for some help to my iusse, and I have not received any response back. I'm very disappointed in CVS.

    • I have the same situation, it's been about 3 weeks since contacting CVS online about the poor service and overall dirty store conditions. We shop at RiteAid now.

  • I was sick dying with 104 fever. Went to get my prescription from the CVS on Alameda, Burbank CA. The girl first look at my paper work that I had gotten from the Urgent care about 40 min prior and says " this is not the right prescription paper work. You have to go back to the hospital and try to get it from their pharmacy". Now I barley was able to stand on my feet because of the fever and muscle pain that I was having. I asked her to contact the pharmacy in the hospital, she said that it was not her job to do so. Finally, going back and forth with her in my sick situation for about 20 min her manager comes up to me very rudely and says " I'm sorry that your sick but you have to go back to your hospital to get another form of prescription paper work in order for us to help you". He did not want to do his job and call the pharmacy in the hospital to transfer over the prescription. Instead, he argued with me and told me i need help so i should go to the hospital. There are people out there that desperately need a job that they can actually help people and provide excellent customer service. People like that should get fired for LIFE!! Right after that I went across the street to Walgreen's pharmacy, right away they called the hospital and transferred over my prescription to them. I got my prescriptions less then 15 min. I had never experience something like that my whole life. I would never ever again go to cvs for ANYTHING!

    • I understand how frustrating that would be to have to go back to the hospital. I have a friend who owns a pharmacy. The right paperwork needs to be given by the hospital or they have to send you back to get it. I'm sure it also would have been possible for them to call it in. Anyhow, my friend had a situation where the date was missing from a prescription that he filled and it was found during a medicaid annual visit. This resulted in fullscale internal audit and was fined about $10,000 for every discrepancy.

    • I would have called Corporate. It is easy to find if you can google it or look it up on your phone. And I would have gotten the names of the employees involved and reported it to Board of Pharmacy in the state you live in. That was/is totally unnecessaary for anyone that is trying to get medication and sick as you were and having to go through that BS. That is also a liability on the CVS's part.

  • I worked at CVS and can agree. They DO NOT know what customer service is!
    They don't treat their employees much better.

    • In response to the employee above… You are one of the few good apples employed by CVS and understood the value of customer service. Unfortunately, the majority doesn't have an inkling…just like CVS…they are unprofessional with no standards and incompetent. The managers need to go back to grade school and learn math. Because
      anyone who should be a manager, must have the ability to balance the daily deposit slip. I mean how can you NOT figure out where the missing money is…and expect your employees to know?
      You're the MANAGER of the store! YOU SHOULD BE THE ONE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE MISSING MONEY!!! You are the one who makes the bank and so how can you NOT KNOW WHEN THERE'S MONEY MISSING DAILY? It's IDIOTIC!!!

  • I had made the terrible mistake of enrolling in the CVS automatic prescription refill program. Because I work at night and with the many prescriptions they provide, I can count on a “good morning” wake up call at 9:21 am every few days. After repeated requests to be taken off the program, the pharmacist tells me, “ the telephone calls are to remind me, to call for a refill. “ Clearly, I must change my telephone number or my pharmacy. The Hamburg New York store is a good place to stay away from! How rude and ignorant can you people possible be?

    • They can remove you from auto-refill and you donot have to receive the phone calls they can enter your # in an other box so incase of a problem like out of stock medications or need to call your MD etc

    • Sorry about my comment, was having lot's of trouble getting into this tiny box on my phone. And when I we nt to add more it kept jumping back to the top. I never got to ask thought if anyone knows of other places to complain/formally besides the ADA or CVS corporate office. (Which I am planning on doing btw)!

    • I was under the impression that the CVS I use was an anomaly. After reading these comments I now know that the situation is systemic. Also to change to Walgreens presents the same problem. Medicare and other insurance entities must be in cahoots with these pharmacies to insist that they be used. I will be writing to all my elected representatives about this matter and hope that all of you have had these problems.

  • I have been using CVS in SEvierville TN for three years, and today.. I went to get a prescription which costs 80.00 after insurance was applied. And, I had a gift card to pay for the amount and the pharmacist was very rude and his name is Claude. He said I had to get verification from the store manager before using the gift card. I am switching from CVS to Walgreens or Walmart. Yall are the meanest, rudest company I have ever seen. You do not help the people you just rob the people. Fleece the people. You are the Worst pharmacy in the world with your corporate GREED!!!!!! OCCUPY CVS!!!!!!

    • Well you might want to look at other pharmacy's all together, Walgreen have some of the same issues as CVS that is why I switched from Walgreen's,CVS employs younger adults that do not understand the value of working,therefore customer service,filling prescriptions and overall their ability to handle insurance concerns out weigh the structure of the days business, on my way out of the store yesterday I had to address my concerns with a manager unfortunately the manager agreed and stated that if it were a employee in the store she could fix the problem.And due her designated area the pharmacy was out for her correction.although I feel in a big company like that all managers should be able to address customers concerns on the managers merit and ability to address as such. I do understand your concern and hope CVS reads this.

    • Pharmacy CVS on 510 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, N.Y. 11023 is the worst pharmacy to go to. They have given me the wrong presciption twice in a row. That could have led me to the hospital and die if I haven't noticed. I am extremely upset with their service. Their lack of professionalism is known in the community. They are DANGEROUS to go to!

    • I totally agree with you…Not only are they not professional, they do not have a sense of responsiitlity to their neighbors…On 11/5/12 at the store in Coral Lanes strip mall on Richmond Ave., SI I purchase $57.73 worth of stuff for the victims of Sandy for my Church…I asked for a discount, the manager said no CVS doesn't do that…She could have used her employee discount, but she didn't….On the other hand, Waldgreen's did…

    • I have also had problems in my Ironton, ohio local cvs. i had dropped off prescriptions for my two boys who are adhd. when picking them up they told me they had some for one child but not the other. i couldnt understand where the other childs prescription went. when i got home i started looking and they filled them all in my younger childs name. had i not noticed this and just gave them to him like the bottle said, what may have happened could have been real bad, sickness or even fatal. when asking about this the pharmacist acted like it was no big deal and when i complained about another issue to her she basically told me my doctor was stupid for writing me a medicine i have been on for 5 years and under three doctors care. so that is three stupid doctors and the smartest pharmacist in the world. its so weird bc i have had great experiences in ashland ky, and in cincinnatti oh every time i been to them. why is ironton so uncaring?

    • Reply to Margaritte Hinson and everyone above: I couldn't agree with you more on the employees incompetence at CVS Stores, but the MANAGERS takes the cake! As far as WALGREEN & CVS having the same issues with their pharmacies and employees??? It's because… here's a SHOCKER!!! THEY ARE ONE AND THE SAME COMPANY!!! Well…at one point in time. Has anyone ever wondered … WHY THERE'S A CVS ACROSS FROM EVERY WALGREEN??? FYI: IT'S A BATTLE FOR YOUR MONEY!!! What happens when TWO people don't get along? Especially when it comes to MONEY? Your well being and customer satisfaction is NOT IMPORTANT here! What's important to CVS….. is your wallet and taking WALGREEN down. That's. why these people lack the ability of providing satisfactory customer service, because that's the least of their concerns. I suggest WalMart or any other pharmacy for future refills and prescriptions. At least, you'll be dealing with professionals and. NOT some imcompetent snot nose kid fresh off the McDonalds burger line with no respect for your time and money. They also lack the ability to understand that without customers repeat business, they wouldn't have jobs and. paychecks.

    • In respond to Anonymous I can said yes are human but NO take a own responsability with peoples, in my case are CVS here in Cleveland OH, I was in Walgreen and after some who working in a pharmacy was steal medication, in that case was Moephine and a Manager was to rude, now better was call a Cop and doing a report, but I move.For a last two years all was OK, but in my house we are two peoples with a Pharmacy, and with her was mistake a medication, she are diabetis and use insulin,mistake can kill her, next time I know i will call a COP and report, now in my case some peoples became to rude with my, in part have a problem get a Doctor over a telephone for refill, but is not my fault, now I don't drive and use a electric scooter mobility, in a winter are to hard go to a pharmacy, last time I was call and order over a computer, I doing every month, but today was told me I don't have a order in a computer, and sorry again is not my fault and less toerate be a rude and take me for idiot, I am not young, I am 65 and disable, plus I know all medication I take and what is for each, but I have two for pain and arthritis, I can wait a few day, my pain are to severe. I thing better for CVS is warming one time and second time fire direct from job, I assure that worker never be will make some mistake.All worker get a salarie from a customer who paid.

    • Hey talk about CVS managers! I just called my local CVS in Pearl River, NY with a question for the pharmacy. When the pharmacist I spoke to did not give me a satisfactory answer, I asked for a manager. The pharmacist put me on hold and then got back on the phone to say that the manager did not want to speak to me, When I insisted that I speak to a manager, a person named Justin M. got on the phone and identified himself as the pharmacy manager. I asked Justin if what the pharmacist said to me was true – namely that he (Justin) didn't want to speak to me. Justin then told me that he didn't say that. In other words, the pharmacist lied to me! Why does CVS hire people like this?

    • I guarantee you, you will be so much more angry when you visit a Walgreens pharmacy. I promise you. I will never step foot into any of them again. If you thought cvs was rude, your in for a rude awakening… just so you are aware. Only trying to help… pick any other than Walgreens.

    • As a long time pharmacy user, just yesterday ran into the absolute most sincere, helpful pharmacists I have ever dealt with. He is in Richmond Hill, Ga. and I hope somebody actually reads this and relays this info. Carl went above and beyond to help me get out of a tough situation med wise. Again, Carl Collins is the man.

    • I too have had a totally unsatisfactory event in a cvs in sun city az.
      when I tried to pick up a medication given to me that very day by my doctor along with another medication, the second medication was there but I was told the doctor had not sent the first one. When I check with the doctor, they confirmed they had sent it. So when I went in trying to determine where this mix-up originated the person who deals with all these matters, and who had originally denied getting the order fromn the doctor lied and told me that I had refills for the medication, and could not give me the one I asked for because it had not been received. This person is a moron and should not be dispensing meds or dealing with the public. Of course all she had to say is you have refills. problem solved. but she was not smart enough (and I mean it) to do that. shame on CVS for hiring such people, especially when dealing with life and death issues.

    • Dear Anonymous Pharm Tech: You are an a$$ and have definitely chosen the wrong profession. Find a job behind closed doors where you don't deal with people. I'm sure your coworkers will be charmed by your dazzling personality.

      As far as CVS and their incompetence, in the last six months, I have been shorted twice on the SAME medication (90 caps instead of 180 – and by the way, try getting a pharmacist who tells you she "doesn't make mistakes" to admit she can't count!), have been given vials of injectable pain killers instead of B-12 (which could have been fatal had my husband not caught the difference in color of the solution), and have had not one, but TWO written prescriptions for controlled substances lost that were supposed to be on hold. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to explain to your doctor that your entire pharmacy is apparently full of idiots and get another prescription from him?! You, and apparently my CVS pharmacy staff, must be from this latest generation of young people who expect to get paid just for your precious selves to show up, instead of actually doing your jobs. Contrary to your poor perception of your customers, we have a right to get angry when our pharmacy makes so many "human mistakes". What you apparently fail to understand is that you all are literally holding our lives and health in your hands. So act like a grownup and just do your damn job.

      Oh, by the way, I don't have one little prescription that won't make or break CVS. I have 21, the cost of which is in the thousands – to the extent that I meet my annual $2500 deductible by Feb 1 every year.

    • I am a pharmacy tech at cvs or was not sure anymore, I was bullied by the pharmacist and another employee. My customers loved me because I would help them with any situation or get them answers. I was complemented many times about my courteous attitude, yet I am being pushed out and no one is helping me. I really miss my customers.

    • By the way my name is Lesley Whitehead I made the comment above and I am giving my name and that I work at a store in Gulfport,MS. To all the customers I miss you.

    • I always take their customer survey and I wondered why there was never any improvement in their customer service and in store employees. Now I know the reason CVS DOES NOT CARE. WE ARE THE FOOLS who keep spending our money in their stores. We must keep looking for alterative to find a corporation that genuinely cares about it's customer.

    • I am a Retail Merchandiser I Work Most Retail Stores in My Area, I've met the meanest rudest manager in Carthage Ms. She say's all we do is take pictures and get paid for it, I take it she want's to be in control of everything so nothing was ever ready when arrived to my job even though it was her responsibility to have work order and materials ready, she would call my company and say we never did a job when she was the one who didn't have it printed out and would say she couldn't find it on the computer when I arrived to the work, then trough it at me the next time and ask why I didn't do it, She called my company because new items weren't put out that she didn't bring to the floor while I was doing the ticket and then wanted me to do it when I didn't have a ticket for that job..Harassment if you ask me, now they have some other poor soul servicing her store..lol

    • WOW! I am so not surprised to see all these comments. I came on to this site to find a place to contact the corporate office to tell them of my displeasure but now I will tell all of you. A year ago, I got a flu shot from a pharmacist in CVS in Paulsboro, NJ. Since then I have not been able to fully use my arm and am in constant pain. I have been to several doctors, have had physical therapy and still it's not better. CVS originally contacted me to say they would pay my medical bills that I accrued during this time. THEY HAVE NOT SO FAR!! when I try to contact my CVS "representative" to follow up, they never seem to be available. I am so discusted with this company and will not use them for anything ever again.

    • sir i have been avaue customer with your store in Plymouth Indiana and south bend on Ireland road and irewood I have a sititualation just recent were I had hand surgery having ar least three bones removed from my wrist I went into your pharmacy to get a new scrit filled which my insurance had no problem with it was your pharmacist who question every thing I showed all the paper work regarding the surgery that same day he filled it with regrets of my condition I do have a family dr who takes care of me for head aches and for back problems which is document he did not fill the script as written and charged as a 12 day filling which it should not have been a week or 9 days later I got a new scrit same dr but this time I went to cvs in Plymouth he gave me 50 tablets of the same meds it tolk me 13 days later toget it filled not because of the insurance but because of your pharmacist trying to play my doctor which they are not now these are legal prescritions for hand surgery which they gave a hard time now on april 20 I went to get my medsfill for myback pain and so forth the insurance said fill it your pharmacy onceagain want to play law inforce ment and said tey need to cvall my dr theres no need I see my dr every 2 months so hince forth if I'm going to keep being treated this way I'm going to a different pharamacy after I have beendealing with you for almost 8 years this is not right the people in your pharamacies are not my legal dr I have one of those so you need to correct thisand the over charging of meds your stores are doing for the meds I got from you I paid 45 dollars and for the same meds I got from another store I paid 12 now that's a big difference this needs to be looked into

    • I agree with you 100%
      They were charging me full price for my prescriptions and when I complained, they blamed it on my insurance carrier. After I checked with my insurance, they found out that CVS was not even submitting my claims to them. I got a refund but as a CVS gift card. I left them for Walgreens. Why can't I have my cash back so I can use it in a place of my choice? Why would I want to put my refund back into CVS? Rude…tell me about it. The tech was so rude I thought he would jump out the service window at me. Never again.

    • My wife works at CVS and you are absolutely correct, they are nothing but a money hungry corporation! They have reduced the amount of hours the store is supposed to operate with and as such, it leaves people vulnerable. For instance, this morning some crackhead came it trying to force an exchange for an item he claimed he bought with PayPal (something done by Walgreens). After she refused to make the exchange, the guy became all erratic and started knocking things off of shelves. My wife is all of 5'6 and had a customer not stepped in to remove the guy, who knows what could have happened. Their reduction in hours allotted to run the store leaves her alone and subject to danger in which many things could happen. Despite there being pharmacy employees in the store, they are in back of the store where she'd be lucky to get any kind if assistance in a timely manner. I hope they read this and take it to heart, I will be making some phone calls today!

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