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CVS Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact CVS Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

CVS Corporate Address:

One CVS Drive

Woonsocket, Rhode Island 02895 USA

CVS Phone Numbers:

CVS Corporate Phone Number: 1-401-765-1500

Corporate Fax Number: 1-401-762-2137

Corporate Email: info@cvscaremark.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: CVS

Customer Service Number: 1-800-746-7287

Website: https://www.cvs.com/

CVS is famous for its drugstores. CVS stores offer pharmacy products, health and wellness products, groceries, candy, and general merchandise. CVS is one of the largest drugstore chains in the US.

CVS’s competitors and alternatives include Walgreens, Kroger, Publix, Walmart Pharmacy, Alberstons, Costco and Rite Aid.

Cvs Store’s Customer Support Phone Number is 1-800-746-7287. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on its website.CVS Corporate Office


  • August 7, 2018
    I have to complaint about CVS stores here in Gary, Indiana they never
    have my sister prescriptions ready on time. What is wrong with CVS stores you get bad service in all these stores in Gary. You'll need to come out and check these workers in these stores here. When Fagen was here we didn't have this problem. You'll are losing customers fast. You better do something about this. When the doctors fax the prescriptions over to pharmacy they say they don't have it. check your computers, check your workers, check everything. This is very very bad.

  • CVS at Ocean Isle Beach, NC needs help. Went to pick my prescription up and it was not ready. Said it would be an hour. Tried to call and no one would answer. I need this real bad. Someone has gone to pick it up for me. Hope it is ready.

  • Why does CVS Pharmacy in Center City Phila Pa have delays in obtaining certain meds – what is the cause? What is the chain of command i.e. from the manufacturer to the distributor to CVS? Not acceptable. when a script is presented, the meds should be available then or at least a day. Telling the customer it is available the following day and it is not – that is wrong. I have gone to pick up 3 times and was promised the next day, the next day. No such luck. What does one need to do to get their meds? to be heard? I am voicing my complaint to the Top Mgtment at CVS, to Allergan. spending thousands of dollars a year helps their bottom line so they should take action and clean up their act.

    ion and clean up their act.


  • I have been using the CVS in Stanley NC since they built the place which was about 25-30 yrs ago? Everyone there knows me and would say "Hello Mr P——-" as soon as I walked in and it always made me feel appreciated as a customer. Yesterday I went to get my grandson some non-prescription medicine for his sinus allergy. It was one of those where you take the card from the shelf and take it to the pharmacist at the register. She got the medicine and asked for my drivers license (which is standard procedure) and noticed that my ID picture was a little worn and could not really tell if it was me. This girl had checked me out many times in the past and KNEW me. She showed my license to her supervisor and she looked at me and said "I can not tell by the picture that this is you and you have to get a new license with a new picture". I told her that everyone knows me and all you have to do is enter my license number and my name will come up. She said "sorry, we have to be able to see the picture and verify that it is you". No less than 4 people in the pharmacy knew who I was so my identification was not a problem. After 30 yrs of using them I will never set foot in this CVS again!

  • Come on CVS! Every pharmacy in Orange County, CA has had the same awful, loud, warped piano music for 14 years or more. Add another song, or just all together…get with the times!!

  • Dear Mr. Merlo and all people from corporate,

    Kind of an informal comment but I really hope you get to read this. To be honest, when I first started working on CVS, I thought it was going to be a great job. I thought it was amazing that a person that started as a pharmacist get to such a high position as yourself. I was really fascinated of all of what you did and then I told myself, “He really seems like a role model”. But yes, things sometimes don’t end like you want it to be. I started CVS because I needed a good job. My friend who is currently working told me, “You can do it! Go into Shift Supervisor Trainee!”

    Of course I was fascinated with the idea of learning how to be a manager. I only saw little things of depositing and such in my old job, but I never experienced it. I was so excited. I currently had just a few months in the states (I’m from Puerto Rico), my English is a not that great but I can at least speak it a bit fluently and write as well. I can’t really explain how hard it was to work there. All I wanted was to learn. Most of the times I was scolded at for doing stuff wrong. How do you want someone to learn when people constantly make jokes and ask you, “why are you even a Shift Supervisor?” All I wanted was to learn, to even grow to like it, maybe even work in the pharmacy. I’m really tired of this discrimination and I hope people understand that there’s people out there that try to do their hardest at their job.

  • I just had a problem yesterday with the attitude of the clerk & the Pharmacist at CVS E. Plaza Blvd. National City. I called Health Net Pharmacy Help line 1/800-600-0180 Tuesday and spoke to the representative for an hour while he was trying to check what is the issue for the higher co-pay that CVS is charging for my husband's prescription refill. At the end, he said there is now a generic drug for prescribed drug and told me that he already ordered it from CVS for a co-pay of just $5.00 and they will advise us when the order is ready. Wednesday, I received a text message from CVS Pharmacy to advise Rx order is ready for pick-up at the Pharmacy. I called CVS National City to check the co-pay and the clerk, Monica told me is $130.00 and they instructed me to call Healthnet as shown in my health card. I called Health Net customer service 1/800-539-4072 and spoke to Jackie and she instructed me to ask CVS to call their Healthnet Pharmacy Dept. 1/800-548-5524 to explain about the new generic drug. I called up CVS National City again spoke to the clerk, Monica again and I was trying to give her the Healthnet Pharmacy no. but she won’t take it because she said, NO ned because the Pharmacist already said there is NO generic drug for the prescribed drug. I am so frustrated and called back Jackie again at Healthnet customer service and we came to a conclusion that the generic drug just came out mid-December 2017 and maybe the Pharmacist is not aware. I called CVS National City again and looked for the Pharmacist. She then made the excuse of because they only received 1 bottle of the generic drug and that she is helping me now that implies I should stop complaining & be thankful. Our request for refills started Dec. 18, 2017 and was put on hold due the increased co-pay from $25.00 that we have been paying for the past 8-9 months then all of a sudden they are charging us $130.00. I kept on asking what might be the issue and they keep on saying that is the co-pay call your health insurance. Healthnet confirmed no changes on the medical coverage. Yesterday, the issue was finally resolved after a long process of going around and the no customer service and bad service I experienced with CVS National city Pharmacy staff. I am a registered Pharmacist in the Philippines and have worked in the retail pharmacy. Our branch was very busy but I always provide customer service to the patrons because I believe that part of my job is to provide great customer service not just dispensing prescription and explaining the dosage & administration to patients. It's the staff attitude that needs to be addressed.

  • The CVS store in my neighborhood is super. I wish this was the same for the one my daughter is forced to use in Marietta GA. Today they made the decision to not inform her that the script her Dr. ordered could not be filled for insurance reasons. By the time she found out, her blood sugar was over 800 and she was on her way to the ER. CVS does not have the right to play with peoples' lives like that. You will be hearing from your new corporate owners (my daughter and I) shortly. It won't be pleasant either.

  • Getting a real run-around by CVS wasting my time, and other customers' time. The manager told me they cannot accept two like coupons in the same transaction. If I want to buy more than one item (and use a coupon on it) I would have to break up into separate transactions. What a waste of everyone's time, and it's against official store policy! Per the written CVS coupon policy you can use one mfr coupon per item in a single transaction. Manager simply refused and referred to the bullet point in coupon policy that said she had the right to refuse. That's fine if it was because of a problem with the coupon etc. but 1. they will accept the coupon in the next transaction and 2. It is opposed to official policy to not accept two like coupons. Also have been waiting for a district manager to call me back only to find out when I call in to the CVS help # that their notes erroneously state he has tried calling me and has left voicemails. Wrong. I thought a policy was written so everyone would be on the same page when shopping, but I guess CVS makes their own rules. Bad customer service. Still waiting for someone to contact me after two weeks.

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