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  • Dick Blick Corporate Office Headquarters

Dick Blick Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Dick Blick Corporate Office Headquarters

Dick Blick Holdings Inc.
1849 Green Bay Rd., Ste. 310
Highland Park, Illinois 60035-3168 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-309-343-6181
Fax Number: 1-847-266-8791
Customer Service Number: 1-800-828-4548


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  1. Truly awful customer service at your Evanston location. The sales lead I had the misfortune of dealing with last night (Travis) had the grossest rude behavior I have ever seen in retail. You need to hire people who know how to act decently towards customers, not angry punks who don't care about anything.

    I also highly recommend that your company makes your returns policy more transparent, ie. Actually stating it on your receipts.

  2. What follows is just one exchange with DICK BLICK CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS, who adamantly refuse to believe my claim and LIE about my transaction:

    WHAT?? The GIFT CARD I used as PARTIAL PAYMENT was issued by XFINITY ~ NOT BLICK! Are you people all insane or just stupid?? You're LYING to me and don't even realize it.

    Once AGAIN, the information for you to verify the purchase in question is as follows:

    Utrecht Art Material, 1930 E. Carson Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 412-432-1945 to ascertain the veracity of my claim, and correct your records accordingly. Refer to ORDER #: 14966476. Date of Purchase: 11/23/15.

    My patience is now at an end. Unless you rectify your incorrect information and stop lying, this sad situation will be plastered on Facebook, and all over the internet.

  3. My wife, Andrea ODriscoll teaches art at Chestnut Hill College. She has ordered online for the college classes many times. Today we visited the store at 1300 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. She was looking for art boards, a special kind of paint and an artist projector. There were more than 20 people working in the store yet no one offered to help at anytime. We approached someone who was not at all helpful and didn't seem to know the inventory. We found a projector at the back of the store and asked a group of 4 employees gathered at the back of the store if the could give us price or scan the item. We were told to go to back to the front of the store. The employee at the front of the store register called someone with our question and the same person who couldn't help us the first time returned and was unable to answer the question. We left the store after more than 30 minutes frustrated and with no purchases. We called the corporate office and were informed that the regional manger would call us back to discuss the problems we had at the store. Over 4 hours have passed and still no call back.
    We just don't feel that you provide customer service at any level of the company. Steve O

  4. I think a Dick Blick store should open in Grand Rapids, MI, as there are no fine art stores in all of West Michigan. I like to look and feel so purchasing online is not always an option for me and others in the art field.

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