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  • Diesel Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Diesel Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Diesel Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Diesel S.p.A. Head Office Address:
Via dell’Industria, 4/6 n7
Breganse, 36042 Italy
Corporate Phone Number: +39-006-4265-0246
Customer Service Number Online Store USA: 1-877-361-6150
Diesel Watches: 1-800-699-2556


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  1. This is a complaint for the diesel outlet store located in Houston Premium Outlets in Cypress Texas : I went in wasn't really greeted or helped the store looked I guess what you would consider a typical outlet store to look like not as good as the regular stores kind of depressing . I wanted to apply for jobs so I ask for the manager. I usually ask for the manager I don't go straight for the application. And when she came out she was wearing what look like pajamas or sweatpants she didn't look like she was dressed in diesel apparel . So that was a bit of a turn off I didn't really want to work for a manager who didn't keep him or herself up to store standards. Also she looked tired or out of it maybe she was high her eyes were bloodshot and she smelled questionable (recreational weed) I have nothing against it I just don't want to see it or smell it in the workplace. So right then and there I just turned around and left and said I was mistaken . I can't work for somebody who's not professional even if it is an entry level job I don't want to work for somebody that I'm going to have to act better than. I'm looking for a way to email or call the headquarters but nothing seems to actually connect me to the diesel headquarters

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Corporate Office Headquarters