Direct TV Corporate Office Headquarters

Direct TV Corporate Office Headquarters

Directv Company

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-964-5000

Customer Service Number: 1-800-824-9081

  • I am so fed up with the message I have been getting on my television when I try to access Channel 5 (NBC/KSL – Salt Lake City, UT). I feel a breach of contract between Direct TV and their customers needs to be addressed. This inability to access a major network has been going on for months, and I think things need to be settled before there is a major lawsuit.

  • I can't believe AT&T puts up with the incompetence and poor service of Direct TV. I added the service as part of a bundled plan from another company. After 2 days of service interruptions and hours trying to contact the company ( foreign call centers with incompetent agents), to resolve issues, I cancelled the service. I was told I would either pay the early cancellation penalty under a rental agreement (I had never seen until 2 days after the installation), or a collection agency would be hounding me. I ordered the bundled service through a telephone solicitation. FCC and State law provide a 3 business day right of recision but the supervisor I spoke to told me their lawyers don't observe such a legal requirement. Buyer Beware!

  • I spent over 5 hours on Direct Tv’s merry go round to get my promotional $100 rewards card. I never received any notifications. I called in February and was told it would take at least 2 billing cycles. When I called again this week, I was told it expired and talked to a total of 15 different people in 2 days. Now this has become a real challenge to me. Today I will jump back on their vicious circle and call Corporate. My husband thinks I am nuts, but is entertained by my insistence. I am so sorry I went with direct tv and would never recommend them to anyone. Worst ever customer service! I was scammed by Direct TV!
    Linda from Wyoming!

  • Has anyone thought to contact the US Attorney's office for these acts? How about the Federal Trade Commission?

  • Called canceled service was supposed to get a pre paid return box to send equipment back guess what didn't happen so now turned over to collections called the collections they put it on hold contacted direct tv and they still have not sent out my box so called customer service explained to the lady what is going i was told by their customer service lady just relax it's not worth having a heart attack over wow I was blown away by this so much for calls being recorded for quality purpose asked her for operator number refused to give it asked for a supervisor was told they are not avaible and they don't talk to customers so again fighting over this with people who have no respect for customers

    • I was scammed by direct tv! When I ordered the service, I was told I would get a $100 Visa card. Never happened. Talked to 18 people in the last 2 days. No one would take responsibility. Finally got connected to Summer in the Philippine s and she was the billing department. Same scripted line “this is beyond our scope” and took no responsibility. She would pass me on to her boss. I will contact corporate tomorrow. I am so angry. Spent over 4 hours making calls…mostly put on hold. I can’t get rid of them soon enough! Will post all this on social media and ask friend to share, share share!

  • Same here! No installation ever occurred. DTV Sent 2 kids to deliver the dish which sat in my yard for 4 weeks. No one ever contacted me, no one ever called me. I called corporate and told them that it was never installed. I had to contact corporate to request the box to ship back. Thank goodness that I was connected to a person who was honest, wonderful and rapidly shipped a large return container immediately and did so for no cost. Thank goodness for decent people. Then I get a call asking for payment from a "service rep" today. I guess decency is a lost art for some.

  • I called for over 5 hors to get an issue taken care of that was created by the technition.terrible service and contacts never made .I recommend getting corporate number in us and persueing

  • Directv has the customer purchasing Directv protection plan premier and Corporate office said they have no control over the company Asurion, But DIRECTV is collecting our monies and on the bill it says DIRECTV Protection Plan, so DIRECTV is passing the buck, and will not live up to it contract with the customer, I am currently on hold with corp, and on line with DISH, Goodby to DIRECTV, I encourage every to drop DIRECTV and then maybe they will listen to the customer.

  • I agree that they lie and since ATT owns them this is true. I had my Direct TV suspended due to up coming move. Move has not happened and my bill went from 50 dollars to 212.00 because direct tv was back on my bill. When I called I was told after 6 months it is automatically turned back on. My question to the people I talked with was why was I not notified and why were extra charges on that were never there before. This is a scam, it is not legal I should have been notified as I am on a limited income as an older person.I will never recommend these people to any one ever. This is just bad business practice this is very discouraging. Very stressful never talk to the same person twice. Horrible, they are taking advantage of older people and it is just wrong

  • I was bundled with Direct and Verizon, it was a nightmare, I cancelled the service. I ended up so stressed I was ill, all of the phone cals, on hold, rude customer reps. I finally paid $190 in scam charges just to have it out of my life. Now Direct claims they never got payment, even though my bank shows the check cashed for deposit only in a Direct tv bank account in Chicago, Illinois. I sent them the cancelled check, front and back, my checking account statement showing the transaction made. Now they want my debit card information, my bank and lawyer have advised not to provide as it was not used in the disputed transacton. Its now in collections and ruining My Credit. Shame On Direct TV for ripping off older Women.

  • I loved at&t wireless. Opted for Direct tv. Total mistake. I will now cancel
    all my wireless phones with AT&T because of aggrevation. Losing Internet over 300 times in 7 months and promise of no early cancellation fee, they now want me to pay $503.38. I have since invoiced them to same amount for punitive damages.


  • TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, I am very disappointed with how my recent account problems have been handled!!!! I recently started a contract with direct tv in January. It WAS NOT explained to me that after 3 months if i didnt call in to cancel i would be charged for all the movie packages. When i received a notice for a $350 bill i immediately called in. They stated to me i was being charged for the previous partial month apparently there was some kind of glitch and my entire bill didnt generate, then also being charged for the movie channel packages due to being past my 90 days. When i explained what the door to door personnel explained to me they stated to keep my diret tv and internet without being cut off i would need to make a payment and they were also going to credit my account for all the over charges to fix the account and my service WOULD NOT be interrupted. I made my payment then receive an email stating i had only received a credit in the amount of $68.00 which was no where near the over charge. I called in and spoke to another person and they were going to credit the account more but stated it would take up to 72 hours to post but that my service again WOULD NOT be interrupted…. Needless to say i went home on my lunch break today and everything had been cut off. when i called in your company REFUSED to restore my service until i paid the supposed past due balance which is an error on the companies end when i stated i would not make a payment for something that was supposed to be credited the person on the line told me then i would have my service restored. When i asked to speak to a supervisor i was told they don't have one. I attempted to call again and was left on hold for 45 minutes for a supervisor only to be told "they were at lunch" and one would call me back with in the hour! Guess what i never received a call and honestly im not surprised at this point. I again attempted to call this morning when i got to work again sat on hold for literally 40 minutes the person that put me on hold was WELL AWAREI ONLY WANTED TO SPEAK TO A SUPERVISOR and connected me with a regular employee when i asked for his credentials i found out he was not a supervisor and was then put on hold again after another 15 minutes a supervisor by the name of rachel employee # HXHB482 immediately informed me that i would now need to call a different number!!!!! THIS HAS BEEN THE ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD IN A CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT. DIRECT TV HAS THE MOST RIDICULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT EVER THEY HAVNET RESOLVED ANY OF MY ISSUES AND IVE BEEN CALLING EVERY DAY TWICE A DAY FOR 6 DAYS TRYING TO GET THIS FIXED!!!!!!

  • It is so disappointing to pay for service month after month and not get it. As a fistt time customer, I was slammed with unauthorized services day one and am still fighting to get them removed. It is very time consuming and every customer service rep has been rude and abrasive. I agree with everyone that this company is deceptive and steals from it's customers. Still fighting.

  • please warn your technicians about lying on other tv stations when your equipment is third world equipment-I do noy appreciate the lies your tech blamed on our local stations,when in fact it was your ghetto equipment that failed again and again, and again.if we paid our bills like the ghetto service we get,you would be bankrupt-but because you have no sense on decency nor proper protol,we expect by now to know that you dwell in the dunghill (cesspool),you and your service leave a stench in our area-please cease and desist pretending that one day you will understand yhe operation of tv service-return all of your customers money back,with interest and you and your crooks go to Siberia for the rest of your miserable lives-fakers.

  • Tried to get them to send a service rep. to the house and they wouldn't so I canceled my account. they didn't want my money I guess. I told them I would pay for the call.

  • Your employees are a joke! every one of them says something different (prices, fees) my account was put ON HOLD for 6months and wasn't suppose to restart until February. Direct TV charged me for Jan today when I JUST talked to a supervisor last week who reassured me it wouldn't happen. The supervisor I spoke to today, was very rude, wasn't listening at all to what , I, the customer, had to say and pretty much told me to take legal action if I'm not happy. I terminated my account on Jan 27th and was told I had 44days to pay my termination fee.You guys took out an automated payment for 119.35 today (a week later) when my account was ALREADY terminated and auto-pay should of been deactivated. I will be talking to an attorney.

  • I had $888.31 taken out of my account without any contact to advise me that the payment was due or taken. I just so happen to check my account one morning and noticed that there was a payment taken. The issue is that I don't have automatic withdrawal and have always declined to have my card held to my account when I called in to make my payments, so how is this legally possible to just take someone's money without permission? When I called and spoke to my first supervisor she advised me that my money would be placed back into my account after 3 business days. Well that was Monday and here it is Friday and still no money. I called today and spoke to another supervisor only to be advised that the first supervisor provided incorrect information and I "may have my money by next Friday." I'm assuming that I asked one too many questions because she became irritated and when I asked to speak to her supervisor she stated "we don't give out that information, call back and hopefully you can get someone else." Reminder she is the supervisor of customer service only her patience is low and her attitude was piss poor. She then hung up in my face. Long story short, I just want my money back, but it seems that everyone provides different information in the Billing department and prolongs the process. They should all get on one accord and if you don't like dealing with people then maybe customer service shouldn't be your career choice. Awful, awful experience and I will be sure to share my experience to any and everyone that I come in contact with. They are disrespectful, unprofessional, rude and inconsiderate. Sucks when customer service doesn't care about their customers nor the service.

  • we had moved, and I took all my equipment with me, for that DIRECT offered me free HBO/CinemaX FOR 3 MONTHS, only problem was there was nothing free about it. I was charged every month and every month I needed to call and spent a average of 80 mins on the phone trying to resolve,and on top of that they over charged me on my NFL PACKAGE ,they continued charging me the monthly deduction after the season was over and once again had to spend another 80 mins on the phone to resolve the problem ,direct tv are out to scam and rip you off, cant wait for my contract to end so I can wash my hands of this unprofessional,inconsistent company

  • I had a terrible experience today with a customer service agent and then his supervisor was even worse. I have never been so upset with the way somebody I'm giving my money and business to treated me as a long time customer of over 14 years. I wanted to speak to someone above her and she refused and directed me to corporate so now I get to spend even more time writing a letter to report her behavior after spending 30 minutes on hold and over an hour on the phone trying to get movie charges that were clearly duplicated corrected. It should not be so difficult getting clear mistakes reversed. I was so shaken by this woman and her scolding me on what i'm doing to get the movies charged twice to my account and her excessive rude comments and not just helping me with the issue. Thanks Diane for the pleasant experience with Direct TV. I will be looking for a new provider I will not give a company that treats its customers with such disrespect anymore of my money.

  • HEY !!! DTV…… a Corporate entinty such as yourselfs,that does not have the capability to negotiate contracts with TV affiliates !!!! HELLO Earth to DTV, did you ever think of maybe dealing with such important issues and eliminating thousands of people on the Central Coast of California to be without 2 major channels, cut off, and no compensation for your customer? AND when do u do this? during football season?? are you idiots?? so much for Customer Service !!! AND to make it even more frustrating you didn't even train your phone personnel on how to respond to all of us here!!!!! AND what is your response to Rob Lowe ??? You have NO DEDICATION to anyone,even SPOKESMAN FOR YOUR PRODUCT !!! I want an answer when our service will be re-established AND what compensation are you making for me, for the loss of my programs that I record and now I have zip, and do not tell me that I can retreive from on demand. Thats on my dime not yours !!! 20, count em DTV, 20 years we have been your customer !!!

  • Direst TV are nothing but crooks, they have more commercials than regular TV channels and still rape everyone on their monthly charges. We are changing our TV coverage!

  • I have been with direct tv for 28 years. call on August 13,2016 and request to renegotiate my contract for a bill comparable to Dish or I was going to go with dish. They agreed to lower my bill for 1 year. Well, like you all said. liars. every month the bill was different from what they promised. I've called 4 times now, put on hold between 40-50 minutes because each time I requested to talk with a manager. Today was the final straw!! called at 10am said sup would call me. At 2pm I finally called back and was again on hold for 50 min. then was hung up on. Finally talked to someone claiming to be a sup. and promised the same lies. Going to dish after this.

  • Direct Tv has a bunch of lying morons working there. So disgusted. Spent hours on the phone just to be lied to time and time again. I even called corp. and talked to Jen and she even lied to me. Really pathetic company with no class.

  • I have gotten a satisfatory response from Directv's CEO Michael White, you can reach him at regarding any issues you might have. Another POC would be, Carmen P. Nava
    Senior Vice President – Customer Care
    208 S. Akard St.
    Dallas, TX 75202
    (214) 757-5620

    Chief Executive
    John Stankey
    CEO of AT&T Entertainment & Internet Services
    2230 E. Imperial Hwy
    El Segundo, CA 90245
    (214) 757-8001

  • I don't understand what happened, when I started writing explain things and said the lady sent a thenician fix the line of direct TV i was happy thaan the same thing happened again by just cut off. I was not happy about it for a second time; that night i called i explained and I told the lady to please takeit off, she said ok she will send me boxes so I could send them back which I did. I am a 65 years old woman who been having my phone for over 15 years, that was way over att took over. Now she took my phone away from when I don't owe money on my phone. last month att asked me to paid $ 120.00 so they wouldn't cut my phone, I paid them them one day before the date but they still cut my phone. My phone used to be $106 but when they start with their problem they put it $ 120 I was still kept on paying them until the situation could resolved. att. don't care about customers the only thing they believe in is to bleed us to death I never see a company can be so hurful to his customers it's unbelievable and when you getting all watch out they will crush you. The reason we have so much problem with diret TV it's because it's own by att. and att control them' even when they want to do something rigt, att reverse it because att don't care.

  • After having to call 3 times in one week due to my service not working, I wanted to cancel my service but I refused to pay the early termination fee. Their response was to pass me around, each time they realized they would get nowhere with me they transferred me and I had to start all over with a new rep. Even the manager, Michelle at El Segundo, transferred me after pretending she would handle it. After an hour and a half I was literally screaming. They finally cancelled and waived the early termination fee. They will never have my business again.

  • I recently contacted DirecTV on 6/22/2016 regarding new service and the customer service representative quoted me all the various plans and pricing options.
    I agreed with the entire sales pitch which, if true would have saved me a great sum off my bill (I am currently using a different service provider).
    I gave DirecTV customer service representative all pertinent information required to setup a new account/service.
    A date and time was scheduled for service installation (early a.m.) I waited around and there was no call/no show by DirecTV (poor customer service), in the meanwhile I had to cancel my doctor's appointment. I immediately called DirecTV customer service to inquire about my installation and was informed that my account was placed on hold for some outstanding bill my spouse incurred back in 2012, and until this situation was resolved they could not provide me with service.
    Now bear in mind that after I gave them all requested information to include my payment for which they took out the prepaid taxes for installation, address and phone number. Could they not see or research the information at the time and inform me that there was an issue and if it's not resolved I could not get the service/installation as promised.
    I'm very upset and as a long time customer with AT&T I feel that I have an obligation to post this comment

  • I was a customer for about 15 years , my bill was about $150 a month for just TV , changed to a company that gave me internet tv and phone for $150 a month ! Now this is how they work ! do not leave your a valued customer you can have a 50% discount no thanks well you owe us money be for we can shut off account ! bill me ! one month later my bank card was charged with out any bill of final charges ! yes we get e-mail bill but the totals do not match ! And not you took money and I sent in some payments while waiting on my bill and now I have paid more than I owe since this is the way you do business I 'AM GLAD YOUR PAID AND OUR CONTRACT IS DONE ATT AND DIRECT TV RECIEVED THE LAST DOLLAR IT WILL EVER SEE FROM ME AND EVERY CHANCE I GET WILL BE TO TRASH YOUR COMPANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Not once but twice this week, we had scheduled a tech to bury our cable that should have been done when the dish was installed. The initial tech who did the install was a fat lazy slob that said he wouldn't do it. So this week we had an appointment scheduled for Monday 4-6pm. The tech showed up at noon. I had received notification that he was on his way so, I called customer service and told them to cancel the appointment. They said they would notate the system and cancel it. The guy still showed up. I work from home and cannot stop what I am doing to babysit because these people cannot follow the schedule. So, the guys sat in my drive way trying to verify the cancellation for 20 + minutes. Today, same thing…appointment scheduled for 4-6pm. I get an email confirmation that the tech is on his way and its only a little after 1. Mind you I never got a call from the tech either time. So I had no way of telling him not to waste the trip. I called customer service again and Olivia tells me she is noting the account that the tech cannot come till 4. I tell her I want someone to call the guy because this is what happened last time and I do not want to stop working to deal with another tech for 20 minutes that shouldn't be here. She says she is going to put me on hold. She did, but then transferred me. So, I had to give all of my info to a 2nd person. Told her the same thing. She tells me they do not have the information for the techs they hire??? How is it, Direct TV hires techs, which are through contractors but, you don't know who? I asked for a manager at this point and was told the same thing. Both people were rude, mindless and could care less that this is affecting what I need to be doing. The manager promised the tech would not show up….guess who just showed up??? I'm so done and will be complaining to the BBB! How dare you send out a tech and then not have a way to contact them. Dish is so much better to deal with! I hate Direct TV and will blast them on every social network site I can!


  • I have been trying to get my $200.00 dollar rebate card for almost 3 months. I made 6+ calls 3 were routed to their Manila call center they asked for name on the account our address,account number,phone contact etc. after a some what long pause the customer service agent returned and stated yes indeed we qualify for the rebate she then said she would transfer me to a person that could walk me thru the claim process. The phone call dropped out this happened 3 times. then after trying to again contact customer service finally reached a state side call center was given the same runaround but was told to expect a call from a so called Customer Service Manager if they have any, so far I have received nothing. Ironic as it may seam on TV on Undercover Boss who should appear CEO Mike Wright and he voiced his concerns about customer service (WHAT A JOKE). I guess he does not care about the people that pay his $18 MILLION DOLLAR A YEAR SALARY. MIKE YOU HAVE A GREAT COMPANY ETHIC THAT TEACHES YOUR EMPLOYEES TO LIE, CHEAT, AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE

  • 26 year customer here. Unapproved service costs were added to my bill, well over an hour on the phone with people who clearly didn't care about customer service. It's truly sad that corporations become so large that they don't care about the customers that keep them fat and happy. Corporations, banks, greed, and politicians are leading the demise of the America I once proudly fought for! Cancelled my service, not that it really matters to them!

    • Don't think Direct TV has been around that long. However, whenever I have had a problem with billing or anything else, there has never been a problem and the bill has always remained steady. Maybe since the merge with AT&T, the new charges started and AT&T is a monster, not Direct TV. I just use the TV service so nothing new can be added.

  • We have been with directv since 2002and have watched a steady decline in service. Current problem with our services starting 1/30/16. We had a local Tech,Steve came out on 2/2/16. No troubleshooting conducted as outlined on under our contract/equipment. He stated that we had "no line of sight". He Pointed out seven trees that needed to be cut. Once done, he would be back to rewire and upgrade equipment. He placed a white flag in our yard and for tree person to follow. He could not tell us why we had service on one of three devices when this was pointed out. Just "No line of sight" stated again. Bought ROKU on 2/2 so 90 year old demented mother had something to watch at a cost of $90 for device + cost for Hulu and Netflex. Had the seven trees cut at a cost of $900. Still no service. Placed call to 800 and was directed to Javar, "Supervisor". Chip on shoulder and liar. He stated that there was no corporate headquarters and that there was no supervisor higher when asked. Found corporate number in El Segundo CA on line. Placed call and spoke with three different people (Brian, Kevin and Aaron). They gave credits and emailed the local office serving Lane County, Oregon. Mike, Tech was sent over from Eugene on 2/24. No troubleshooting done and. immediately stated " no line of sight". Asked him to check dish. He verified that the electronic device on end of wand was full of water and was not working. Denied having any parts or replacement dish and we would have to reschedule. Placed call to Corporate office on 2/24 and was advises by Kevin that he would email the local office for immediate call back Appt. scheduled for following day. Rec'd call from Kellie, "Supervisor" from Lane County local office and Heather, "scheduler" confirming appt for following day 2/25. Rec'd recorded confirmation morning of 2/25. Rec'd call from Eric in afternoon on 2/25 stating that they would not be coming on 2/25 and stated that they would be coming on 2/26 if that was ok. I explained that I was not happy with this change. He stated that it was too late for anyone to come on 2/25 and stated that local Tech, Steve and Supervisor, Joe would be out on 2/26. 2/26. No confirmation call and no Steve or Joe by 1:30 pm on 2/26. Placed call to Steve. He was not happy to hear from us and stated that he would not be coming out. He stated that "Supervisor", Joe would be out one of these days. Placed call to Corporate again,. Email sent to local office. Rec'd call from "Supervisor" Joe stating that he was not aware of any appointment and that nothing was on books. He scheduled service visit for 2/28. Joe scheduled appt for he and Steve would be out on 2/26. Placed call to Corporate and complained about the lies by Eric on 2/25. Visit by Eric, "Supervisor" on 2/28. He stated that while our visit for 2/26 was not placed on the computer, it was scheduled. he was asked specific questions by My Partner and myself. He confirmed that we were not valued customers, that since we had elected not to have local channels, Tech would only come out and do nothing and would use the cookie cutter response "no line of sight". He stated that we needed to cancel our service contract since it will do us no good. He checked and replaced the censor at end of wand (cost of $24.99). Immediately we were receiving the services on all three boxes. Called Corporate again and spoke with Aaron. Complained about lack of troubleshooting and that we would not have had to spend what we did had they done troubleshooting on 2/2. He would file a damage claim and we were assigned Yvette Martinez (Useless human being). Was scheduled to come out on 4/13. Rec'd call from her on 3/11 stating that our claim was being denied as service tech, Steve had sent her an email stating that he never directed us to cut our tree. I asked to speak with her supervisor. She refused stating "I own our complaint". It is about the money and not about service.

  • my account 37612597, email someone fix my bill please? I am tired of dealing with all of your employees . I think they give you information that is untrue just to get rid of you , the problem never gets resolved. I cant even get my contact expiration date , will anyone help??

  • After being on the phone for 44 minutes just trying to get a refund back on my closed account is rediculious. Was told that it would take 30 days to have the refund sent back to me, and that it would be on a pre-paid VISA card! Really.
    I guess being a customer with Directv for 10 years doesn't pay off.

  • you people suck so bad that I warn everyone of your stupid and very easy to figure out scam. you can suck it.

  • I signed up for new service and did not get the promotion I was told. I didn't realize it within the 14 day period because I work long days and don't sit in front the tv checking out my services. If I would've known how bad Directv's customer service was, I would've never ever changed from Time Warner Cable. I did it because I thought I would save money with the $19.99 they advertise but they'll get all of their money on the back end because year number two the price will shoot up. Not worth it!

  • Good Morning. I have a complaint about Directv. When my sister got her Directv account, she was told that she could get Showtime, Cinemax, HBO and Starz. So, when she received her bill, she noticed the bill was 50.00 more than what it was supposed to be. We called Directv last night. Well, they credited the account, but told her that she no longer would have the channels that she had. So, when she asked about a new promotion, she was told by Kyler from the Idaho office that there was a promotion for the next six months where she could get Showtime, Cinemax, HBO and Starz, including the internet for 130.00 a month, for the next six months to include the internet. We spoke with Moketa from the Rochester, NY office last night who verified that we had this promotion. Well this morning, my sister called me to tell me that she only had Starz. I called Directv/ATT this morning and I was told by Olivia and Tom from the Rochester office that there was no promotion for the next six months. So, I asked Tom from the Rochester office did Moketa and Kyler lie to us, and he said yes, they did. So, I told him that I was going to put that information out there that he said that they lied to us last night. Man, talking about service — how about the lack thereof.

  • horrible for 2 years could not get consistent reception. 11 techs later 4 dishes and holes everywhere I gave up. I desperately wanted Christian tv in my area or I would never have stayed. Calls led nowhere. I finally gave up when we moved. Advised new owner don't use direct. She's 85 went with direct anyway. She had service for 3 weeks 4 techs still same issues. I'm surprised naw! Finally she got her nephew involved. A supervisor came out pics stayed 4 hours( once thetech started to tell them all that was wrong the young man her nephew called me and started to tell me what he was saying my husband and I drove over since they said he said it was going to take hours to correct we listened as he explained why there could never have been great reception now or previously it was wired wrong he pulled 33 ft of unnecessary cable cord and showed crimps and bends in the cord and was astounded the new tecs didn't bother to take time to remove and replace let alone take a box of the house that was not to be in use. I have called Direct, escalated to the office of Presidents mail on their and was send response we will contact you in 24 hours its been 32 days still nothing. I gave the new lady thee receivers to give to the tech per direct customer service Rebecca I could take and wait for ups and deliver to them which we couldn't do to the move so I asked could I give them to new owner and she did take pictures of him putting in truck 1 month still no credit she told me the tech backed into her mail box running over it and pulling out of the cement my husband put it in when we did it years ago and tech never stopped

  • My story begins with a couple of young men approaching me in Walmart about a promotion that DirectTv had going on. I was told by these gentlemen that my bill with DirectTv bundled with the services from AT&T would be about $115 including tax. It sounded like a good deal, and about $40 cheaper than my current cable bill so I signed on. I was told that DirectTv would be out to install services one day and AT&T would be out a day or so later to install my phone and internet. DirectTv came two days later and installed my satellite, one week later I had heard nothing from AT&T. So I call the young man that initially set up the service and he tried to blow me off, but I told him that I expect an immediate response from either him or his supervisor as I was currently taking online courses and needed my internet ASAP. To make a long story short of this chaotic mess. I called DirectTV and cancelled my service because AT&T was dragging their feet which caused me to flunk my online course and it's going to cost me $1900 to retake. (THANK YOU AT&T!!) I talked to customer service rep Nick who assured me that because of the issues that had transpired the early termination fee would be waived and should I receive a bill that I should call back and talk to billing and it would be taken care of. Now here we are almost a month later and I receive a bill in the mail for $450.34. I call DirectTV and of course get the run around from this one and that one. All of them telling me that the early term fee could be waived if I were to reinstate my service with them. Ummm how about no. So I continue to get the run around from this one and that one, I asked for a supervisor only to be told that the early term fees are valid and that a supervisor is going to tell me the same thing. I told the rep I do not care what the supervisor is going to tell me I want to speak with one. Well I was conveniently placed on hold for about 10 minutes only to have been disconnected. I'm done playing games with these people. I am calling the corporate office tomorrow. If I do not receive any answers then I am going up the chain until someone fixes the issue. I will not pay for services that I did not receive. SHYSTERS!!!

  • It took 5 1/2 hours to straighten out my new account ,placed on hold transferred to a new representative, talking to completely inept un trained people, it would have been easier talking to someone in India who din not speak English that did farming for a living. Direct TV was great before and had good service but now it works as well as the government. All things discussed and promised did not make it into the work order and in the package deal. It was a complete nightmare trying to get these primates to understand and to solve this simple problem which is obviously way over their comprehension. How anyone could possibly have a large corporation and function with these Neanderthals on the phones is beyond me. They say your calls will be recorded for training, it's obvious that nobody listens to them as they would see the problems. I'm calling Corp Offices today to advise them, I hope it's not another ground hog day.

  • I order directv, it was a total nightmare. 1) heal a gun to my head to pay wife old bill that I was told was not owned back a 1 1/2 years ago. paid it, 2) block was taken off to get service, on the 16th of June, scheduled install for a sunday the 21st no one showed. Call customer service, was told that the block did not get removed until that day, why didn't some one call me, wasted my whole day . Worst customer service than any company. Go to cox for better service the nfl ticket is not worth all the trouble, and upper management is just as bad

  • As a consumer I feel every complainant out here but as of 07/12/15 I can honestly say if you reach the proper person with your complaints they definitely follow through. To Rachel In all of the confusion the paper I had information on I cannot find but I want to take time to post this to show my appreciation for your timely resolution to my problem.

  • On 5/19/2015 A Rep came to door from Clear Satellite, as a third party for Direct TV.
    We have ATT Uverse I told him. My wife and were told that ATT Uverse would be going away and that it would cost more money later to get service. So it was better to do it now.
    I called ATT to cancel my service and they wanted to know why, and I told the person that it was because they were doing away with Uverse. She said that was not true. On 5/22/2015 I sent an email to cancel the service. I cancelled my card so no more charges would be charged.
    Today, 5/30/2015 I called Direct TV to make sure they cancelled my service when I requested on the 22nd, it had only been a little over 2 days, and that I expected to get a refund. I was told, after a long conversation, that the contract stated that if I cancelled I was going to have to pay over $460.00. (Ask questions and read find print) I thought as large as Direct TV Is, that as a good business practice on their part, to cancel and no charges would be in order. Not So! What has happen to our country? MONEY! MONEY! is all they care about. My wife and I are both over 70 and try and make cuts where we can from the income we get. We thought this would be one way to reduce our cost, NOT SO!
    I would strongly NOT recommend Direct TV to anyone.
    One unhappy Senior! Hope they sleep well tonight!

  • Direct TV does not honor their own service agreement. Let the first year get by and they double your rate. When you tell them you are discontinuing services they want to charge you $200! Used at least 90 minutes of cell service trying to get someone who spoke English. This person also said that the people at corporate travel so much, no one can reach them. What are they traveling so much for? Avoid all the complaints that would surely rain down on them? This is truly a bait and switch organization.

  • Well, when I came here it was to express my extreme discontent and disappointment with directv, I have absolutely nothing good to say about this company but it seems that the rest of you who have also already been victimized by this company have already got everything covered therefore Im not going to waste a lot of time here as it really doesn't seem that anybody who could do anything about any of these complaints is looking or listening, I have switched to my local cable company and we are getting many more services now than we ever got from directv at half the cost, and the service from the cable company is actually reliable. Customer service speaks ENGLISH and are very helpful with any questions that may arise and they are not a bunch of illigitamate liars and thieves. Later Days to you Directv and Kiss my Ass, You really do SUCK.

  • Beware anybody that stupidly wants direct t.v. In Oct.2014 they sent an installer to upgrade equipment. The installer unplugged my freezer in my basement to use the outlet, He failed to plug it back in so all my food for Thanksgiving and Christmas was ruined. I sent in pictures of spoilage and mold in the bottom of the freezer. It is now Feb 2015 and they are now telling me the installer says he did not unplug it so they are taking his word for it. Funny how I live alone and nobody else had been in my basement so I guess it unplugged itself and hung itself over another cord that was plugged in. I lost about $400.00 worth frozen meat and food. They sure made my holidays great, Thank you Direct t.v.
    Just remember that what goes around comes around. Beware before letting direct t v installers in your home. I would never use direct t v again,

  • My TV keeps locking up. Called Direct TV, finally getting to speak to a live Human Being after going through their stupid voice mail system. Long story short: Direct TV has a serious software issue with some of their controllers and will only send you a new box which fixes the problem if you agree to extend your contract/agreement with them. So, you are paying for something that doesn't work but the will only correct the issue by sending you a new box if you agree to extend their lousy service. Totally illogical!!!

  • I always ask if I am speaking to someone in USA, and they say they are located 'off shore', I don't like 'off shore' having my personal info. Plan on changing plans soon.

  • Is anyone with me to start a civil suit my names krystle carter 3473367426

    Metro pcs are liars thiefs and i belueve a FRONTfor something maybe tterrorism but im ready to expose them and done getting ripped off what kind of corperation doesn't have a corperate number a completely bogus company if your with me you have contact information all we need isa. Few ppl to start this and get it going expose metro pcs for they are!!!!

  • They REFUSE to stop sending me junk mail. I'm NOT a customer, don't want to be, won't ever will be, What a company full of pricks !

  • I was overall previously happy with them, but the $70 +/- per month for TV was just too much. I switched to a $50 (1 time) Roku box, and $8 per month Netflix and am very happy. After I canceled my DTV service, I got a bill in the mail for phantom Pay Per View movie I allegedly ordered. Now, $6 is no big deal, but it's the principle of being charged on the back end for something I never used. I have never ordered a PPV, and have thousands of movies at home on disc/digits. After speaking with 2 customer service reps and a supervisor, I was told basically to kick rocks. When I called Corporate Office whoever answered the phone immediately hung up. I will be sending a scathing email.

    Again, it's not the $ amount at issue, it's the principle. The rep said, "Sorry for the inconvenience but we cannot waive that fee." My response was that it's both an inconvenience and THEFT of my property… Grrrr….

    This is terrible customer service, and I have instantly lost all loyalty to DTV for the future all because they charged me and wouldn't waive it for something I never used now that I am a prior customer.

    I would NOT recommend using DTV

  • Directv made a horrible mistake by replacing the former weather channel with the useless current weather channel. The prior channel was good to do local and long distance planning. Now one goes to other channels to obtain any meaningful weather information. I have been a DIRECTV customer for years and never seen such a glaring mistake for the customer. As a former executive, you must learn the lesson that customer service is paramount in keeping a business and earning a larger profit. My grading for the change is a F-.

  • Why don't we all spread the word to boycott DIRECT TV and their underhanded low life techniques? They took my money when services were NEVER given in fact i was with Century link NOT Direct TV. Spread the word to boycott DIRECT TV because of their open non-caring disregard for human rights to spend our hard earned money on what we need to in order to survive.

  • A slick sales man came to the door when I was not home. Sold a package to an elderly partially deaf woman promised savings and paper bills with the bundle. Apparently if an elderly person needs a paper bill it will cost YOU MORE. Lies lies and more lies. Also left a hole in my vinyl siding and have not had a working phone for 9 days!!!!!
    supposed to save us cost us more in poor or no service

  • I spoke with a STUPIVISOR on Nov. 1st. She took my payment over the phone using my checking acct. She put the number in wrong and nite they won't let me give them the right number. I know it was wrong
    because today u spoke with someone else and i gave net the last 4 numbers and she said it does nit match. Now you turn my service off because of an error. Then I have to wait 48hr to get a call back. REALLY!. My biggest problem is they set upservice call on yesterday Nov. 8 and this morning I was watching a movie at 2 and my service goes off. The person I spoke with to set up the service call nevertold me there was a problem and this morning at 735 I get a call saying that thy are on the way. Noone noticed that I did not have service. These are the most unaware people I've ever dealt with. They need proper customer service training.

  • The President of Direct TV,
    Why aren't you doing anything about all of these problems. This is your business and customer service should be at the top of your list. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool it can make or brake you.

    • seriously , I just spent an hour on the phone . transfer after transfer . I was put in my place twice by your service rep and a supervisor . I wasn't even belligerent. 3/30/15 . this happened twice since i have been a customer. you should retrain and "customers are always right when there account is paid" sincerely scott

  • We are stunned at the service (or lack of) in Direct TV. Technician arrived, dismantled our tvs and left our dish lying in back yard, left, never called or returned. The area supervisor promised "first thing in the morning" action,
    refused to follow up, or communicate with us. We have spent hours on phone on evening of 11th and day of 12th.
    Now we're told it will be the 16th before anyone can come. A disgrace! And terribly amazing in customer relations.

  • A Service Technician came to upgrade, unplugged all tvs, spent an hour dismantling our dish, left and has not been heard from or seen since. We have no tv working. The area supervisor is disrespectful, arrogant, and dismissive. Now the customer service people say it will be another week before someone can reinstall our tvs.
    The worst service of any company worldwide we have ever dealt with. DO NOT USE THEM. They also tore up an
    extra cord in our bonus room, and left the tv in the middle of the room.

  • I believe if everyone of us contact the Better Business Bureau The are not suppose to go into people's account and steal their money

  • thay are very bad i called to gt the bundle and when the guy came out i got cable and he unhooked my phone and enternet and for 4 days i did not have nothing besides cable then evertime i call thay tell me to call att and thay give me the run around this is crazy its a mess

  • Direct TV decided to automatically charge me $360 for a football channel that I didn't order, and I didn't want. (fine print – make sure you read it, as they won't refund it). Then, when I couldn't pay it, they shut me off (on Christmas eve – NICE TOUCH!) AND charged me a $200 early termination fee. I still couldn't pay it, so they decided to authorize (WITHOUT MY PERMISSION) a $473.66 payment from my bank account. Which wasn't there. 🙂 Now I'm overdrawn. DISPUTE! I am boycotting Direct TV, and plan to tell anyone that will listen how I've been treated, as I can't speak to a rep., they've closed my account. :O)
    They are using people's debit/credit card information used for a ONE TIME payment, and taking it upon themselves to authorize payments to themselves. ILLEGAL!!!!!

  • I had an appointment to upgrade………………..
    they missed the appointment than they said ni ncancelled the appoitment i said my wife was home all day she took off from work and they never showed up.
    i never seen a company lying the way direct tv does or they employees………………..this company has gone down……………………need to get a lawyer and sue them for the damages to your roofs they say its a proffesional installation they crazy go to cabble its better

  • I just called corporate office, these people are a rip off, they quote you a price for one thing and then when you get the bill it's a whole nother price… Then they talk about rebates and how you need to sign up for all kinds of promotional advisement to keep your bill at a low price

  • Does anyone @ direct tv know how to be truthful was told i qualified for the hd boxes and as we went further into getting account setup oh sorry you only qualify for two standard boxes, waiting for money to get back into my account. Going to try dish.

  • How about on top of all of these bad complaints im a former subcontractor who was fired by a contractor fot directv for refusing to come in and work the corporate routes under a fake tech name he is also running felons under fake names and unless someone of high importance on the corporate side of directv contacts me back via email within the next couple hours at I will contact a lawyer and I do have the proper documentation to prove all this so if your company wants to avoid a lawsuit you had better contact me

  • Just wanted to share my recent Direct TV experience. Had an installer come to the house to install another line into one of the bedrooms – a few days later I noticed that my wedding ring was missing from my jewelry box on my dresser – in the same room the installer had been in – called police, they investigated, no ring found, but what really gets me, is the installation company said that installer would have been the one they would have picked as a thief – always late, complaining about being strapped for cash – and Direct TV's response was too bad unless you can prove it. Really? They cannot do better than that? No internal investigation – no report to file. It just sickens me to know how little they care about their customers.

  • I will be contacting the FCC & the BBB because my brother is bipolar/MHMR & he called for an extension. The automated system gave him a date of 11/16 for payment, they turned off his services because it really meant that he had to make the payment 11/15. I have even called their corporate office, but they basically just said oh well & they now want the entire bill instead of the amount that was due. This is not acceptable & I will not allow them to take advantage of my brother in this manor!!!!!! I hope that they realize that some of their customers are special needs customer so they need to fix this ASAP!!!

  • I believe if everyone of us contact the Better Business Bureau and the FCC they will have to investigate this compny. The are not suppose to go into people's account and steal their money. SO everyone please file a complaint with the BBB in your area as soon as possible and also contact the locate TV news action station and make a complaint. That has worked for me on other companies as large as AT&T.

    • they did it to me too!! except, I switched banks so the other account was closed and in the meantime i had my sister pay the bill and they are taking money out of her account now!!!

    • This is a marvelous idea i will this because they did me the same way. What about sending this information to the banks who KNOW DIRECT TV are gangsters, dressed up bullies, stealing your money causing financial hardships without any consequences for their illegal actions?

  • I am absolutely furious. I have been billed for two months for Direct TV through my carrier Verizon Fios. I never requested Direct TV. There is no need for me two have two service providers on the same TV's in my home. I called Direct TV and they were unable to locate an account for me. I requested a supervisor and got hung up on. Im sure they will say the call dropped. Perhaps it's because I never had or requested Direct TV. However they were able to bill my FIOS Account $206.12 for Direct TV Services, for which I am resposible for? Until I can prove that I did not request a the service. I had to submit a claim through Verizon to have it removed. Let's see how long that will take. What a SCAM Direct TV!!! You SUCK!!!

  • I have had one issue after another with Direct Tv I had a bundled package with Verizon. Every month my bill was higher and higher and was told it was Verizon adding extra charges. So I canceled Verizon and a month later my Direct Tv service was interrupted. I called and customer service said we hadn't paid the bill. I was pissed we paid our bill every month to Verizon. She said I had to pay 868.48to restore service. I faxed all my Verizon bills with confirmation of payment. Then I call back now they said yes they were paid but Verizon took all the payments back. Really so u want another almost 900.00. Then I get a notice from my bank today Direct Tv took the money out of my account from when I used my card to pay the 1.00to start service. Direct Tv is a bunch of crooks and rips there customers off. WARNING don't get Direct tv.

  • I was a customer for one month, lost signal consistantly, service line was on 15-20 min wait loop. Asked to be cancelled, Customer Service rep accepted cancellation WITHOUT PENALTY. Two weeks later when I check about the return of equipment, their story changed, now there were new conditions set, and a $440 PENALTY issued.

    They have a NO change of mind once you have subscribed and actually tried their service. I would recommend to ALL who think of using DirecTV to think again. They show no integrity and their promise is BS.

  • Direct Tv is a company with a lot of problems, if the owner wnat to get rich by having poor customer services and not giving customer a second chances when they have problem that is horrible. Mr. President of Direct Tv you can up today but you don't know about tomorrow. Money is not everyhting, having good reviews happy customers is better, think about that.

  • hello my name is melisa it seems to me that we are all having the samiliar problem with directv. directv owes me $388 of a refund and that has not been send to me. everytime i call them is a different story. they say that they send the money all ready. which is not true i wouldnt be calling everyweek for the same reason. i cant get threw them. they have poor customer service and they cant help you in any way. has anyone of you file a lawsuit against them. cause ive been waiting for my refund over 3 months. and im tired of talking to the customer service. and they cannot give me the corporation and they tell me that they dont have a phone nuber.

  • I don't feel that under cover boss help Directv they are so bad, that I hope the Goverment can just close them down …..

  • Directv automatically added NFL ticket without asking me and then shut off my service because I didn't pay for it. Now I have been trying to call them and they won't even talk to me until I pay my bill first. This is just wrong.

  • I'm appalled at how this company's customer service has turned for the worst. I will never ever have this service again.
    We were customers for years and decided to cancel our services, we had direct deposit and we were told that the small balance of $40 would be deducted from the direct deposit. We later find out 4 months later that we are being sent to a collection agency for $40 on a bill we never received. We did not expect a bill as we were told that we were all clear. How do we find this out…we get a call from a collection agency CBE Group that only asks you to verify your address and when you ask them who they represent they won't tell you until you verify your address. Who are these people. I'm sorry but Time Warner….we are sticking with you. I have never ever been so humiliated when calling customer service before. Never again Direct TV….will you get our direct deposits again. You just lost $200 per month on us.

  • Direct TV promises PROMPT customer service. We have had the service for a few years. Yesterday, during the Olympics it stopped. After an hour on the phone with TechSupport, the best they can do is send someone out in a week. Where is the Prompt service? Their service sucks. Seriously considering a change back to cable.

    • I was told in Jan of 2015, since I was a customer for over 1 year, I was eligible for a free move and set up the appointment. Called today and told I was INELIGIBLE and had to pay for the move. Will be calling the office, and mailing a letter. Will also be waiting for the movers deal to come thru meanwhile suspending my account.

  • Directv has very bad customer service! I tried to sign up with their service and they charged my card three times. Didnt get service because they couldn't except my card. It took three days to return my money. I called for two days back and forth to my bank and directv tring to get something done. They didn't even try to make things right with me. They could of offered me some free months for their screw up! But they didn't so I'm gonna go to someone else with my cable and internet!!

  • Well I was assured that I could take an extra week to return my equipment since I was in the hospital with back surgery and they took out 477.00 out of my account, no extra week, and guess what? No one can credit my account – THEY SUCK

    • Oh my gosh, whom ever is starting class action lawsuits please contact me. They took 694.26 out of my account, they never had authorization ever to get into my account. I would be in jail had I done this to anyone. They are refusing to give my money back, they would add charges on to my account for services I did not order, they charged me 199.00$ to move less than a quarter of a mile away, then stole my money. They took almost all of my Social Security Disability check. I was left with 29$. I no longer have a TV, had to sell to pay a bill. I'm not stopping, they are frauds,theifs,liars and extremely misleading. At this point it hurt me so bad that I may lose the house I rent. Please help someone, this is so wrong what they do. My # 254-253-6249. I will do all I can possibly do, within the law to bring justice. Thanks Direct TV for stealing my money and quite possibly cause me, a 58 year old disabled woman to be homeless! See you in court,on the news etc..

  • 6/14/12

    DirecTV has gone downhill in customer service and the way they alter the truth. What was supposed to be free resulted in a bill of $70+ and canceled service even with their customer protection plan. Better options are DISH and cable.

    • I Agree with you they are lies thifts and trouble makers. All they want is your money they do not care about you at all. They do not keep they word with you We need to bring them back down to earth. We need to put them to the ground so they can loss money like we do. we need to stop all direct tv services

    • Same thing here. Also made payment on line and got confiramiton that bill was paid. I called there "CUSTOMER SERVICE" and 4 people can not answer any question. My payment was made and then reversed for "some reason" once agian customer service could not answer that call. I will NOT give up on the phone with corporate office right now. Talk to a supervisor and now waiting for a manger.

    • 2 months ago switched to direct bundle deal…was supposed to get visa redemption cards totalling 300.00, only recieved 100.00 and was told we do not qualify for the other 200.00 because we had existing internet? Really? NOT WHAT WAS TOLD, AGREED TO, OR PROMISED. At last count I had over 7 different phone numbers none any help….corporate ph#'s all say call back during business hours , no matter when you call….sounds like they are getting ready to go under…..switching back to Dish, BUYER BEWARE REDEMPTIONS ARE PHONEY, AND THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU REDEMPTIONS HAVE TO BE DONE ON PHONE CARRIER REDEMPTION SITE AND DIRECT TV REDEMPTION SITE , AND THEY WILL NOT TELL YOU IF YOU EVEN QUALIFY UNTIL AFTER SERVICE HAS STARTED…BUYER BEWARE !!

    • I have one better they returned my refund to my credit card not to my bank account where they took out almost 800 dollars, cause all my electronic payments to overdraft and said too bad spoke with several customer service and supervisors but no resolve 2 weeks later, going to file report with BBB And start go fund me to start class action lawsuit against this giant corp that thinks they are untouchable…….

    • directv protection plan is not worth the roof was damaged by installers. direct was suppose to pay for damages in may this is July and still no money. as far as iam concerned they are a bunch of lairs want return call at all. so now i will have to sue them for damages.

    • Direct TV is not honest. I was a victim of identity theft and I was accused of "not having enough money for services,"when $1500.00 was taken out of my bank account, via bank fraud. They were sent all relevant documents. I have had their service in thee of my homes and where I reside now. They have gone downhill with their customer service since AT&T took over and their offices are off-shore. I'm getting rid of all services. I will definitely be changes providers. Anyone even if they charge a little bit more would be worth it.

    • I wonder if they read their comments? It doesn't seem that they care enough to do anything about the issues. The biggest problem I see is that they "give" the dish to the client which then leaves them with the unsightly thing on the roof and of course no technician will take it off. Reason? Because it leaves holes on the roof!!! If the next owner wants Dish they won't use the old one…..NO….they plop another one on the roof. I guess they must think that neighbors see dishes and think it must be good. I've seen as many as 5 of these things on a roof….how sad that their corporate office doesn't seem to care enough to address these issues. If you are thinking "DISH" ask your technician how they will take it off if you change your mind or move? They WON'T !!!!!

    • They lied to me by saying my bill would not go over 60.00 per month including everything if I got another 2 years…..Just got a bill for 117.97! They raised the equipment charges and said my credits expired! DISHONEST. Also good luck getting someone who speaks English if you need to communicate a problem.

    • Horrible customer service. I have been on a phone call for an hour and a half trying to justify they have a miscommunication issue as what I ordered thru customer service and the order the technician had when he arrived to my home were totally different.

    • Having spent 4 weeks trying to cancel my direct TV account and dealing with endless shoddy customer service interactions, fraudulent contracts – when they install new equipment "free" they actually put you on a 24 month contract without telling you – so beware!!! I am now dealing with getting my returned equipment refund back. Despite living in San Diego and sending the equipment back to a CA address they tell me it takes 4 weeks to process even though they have confirmed they received the equipment – I took photos of the equipment I returned, date of mailing etc etc. Amazing really this company has any customers. Spoke with a cs rep on 11/3 who said he was processing the refund claim and actually escalating it. I call in today 12/8 speak to anther CS rep who said not only was it not escalated but the previous rep took no notes and therefore nothing was actioned. This continued dishonesty, lack of customer service continues even after you cancel your account.

    • Cancelled Directv on July 17, 2018, supposed to get a $66.00 refund and here it is September 4, 2018 and NO refund. They have no record of our account. Terrible customer service