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  • DirecTV Corporate Office Headquarters

DirecTV Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact DirecTV Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Official Address:
2230 East Imperial Highway
El Segundo, CA 90245 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-310-964-5000
Customer Support Phone Number: 1-800-824-9081


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  1. I spent over 5 hours on Direct Tv’s merry go round to get my promotional $100 rewards card. I never received any notifications. I called in February and was told it would take at least 2 billing cycles. When I called again this week, I was told it expired and talked to a total of 15 different people in 2 days. Now this has become a real challenge to me. Today I will jump back on their vicious circle and call Corporate. My husband thinks I am nuts, but is entertained by my insistence. I am so sorry I went with direct tv and would never recommend them to anyone. Worst ever customer service! I was scammed by Direct TV!
    Linda from Wyoming!

  2. Has anyone thought to contact the US Attorney's office for these acts? How about the Federal Trade Commission?

  3. Called canceled service was supposed to get a pre paid return box to send equipment back guess what didn't happen so now turned over to collections called the collections they put it on hold contacted direct tv and they still have not sent out my box so called customer service explained to the lady what is going i was told by their customer service lady just relax it's not worth having a heart attack over wow I was blown away by this so much for calls being recorded for quality purpose asked her for operator number refused to give it asked for a supervisor was told they are not avaible and they don't talk to customers so again fighting over this with people who have no respect for customers

    1. I was scammed by direct tv! When I ordered the service, I was told I would get a $100 Visa card. Never happened. Talked to 18 people in the last 2 days. No one would take responsibility. Finally got connected to Summer in the Philippine s and she was the billing department. Same scripted line “this is beyond our scope” and took no responsibility. She would pass me on to her boss. I will contact corporate tomorrow. I am so angry. Spent over 4 hours making calls…mostly put on hold. I can’t get rid of them soon enough! Will post all this on social media and ask friend to share, share share!

  4. Same here! No installation ever occurred. DTV Sent 2 kids to deliver the dish which sat in my yard for 4 weeks. No one ever contacted me, no one ever called me. I called corporate and told them that it was never installed. I had to contact corporate to request the box to ship back. Thank goodness that I was connected to a person who was honest, wonderful and rapidly shipped a large return container immediately and did so for no cost. Thank goodness for decent people. Then I get a call asking for payment from a "service rep" today. I guess decency is a lost art for some.

  5. I called for over 5 hors to get an issue taken care of that was created by the technition.terrible service and contacts never made .I recommend getting corporate number in us and persueing

  6. Directv has the customer purchasing Directv protection plan premier and Corporate office said they have no control over the company Asurion, But DIRECTV is collecting our monies and on the bill it says DIRECTV Protection Plan, so DIRECTV is passing the buck, and will not live up to it contract with the customer, I am currently on hold with corp, and on line with DISH, Goodby to DIRECTV, I encourage every to drop DIRECTV and then maybe they will listen to the customer.

  7. I agree that they lie and since ATT owns them this is true. I had my Direct TV suspended due to up coming move. Move has not happened and my bill went from 50 dollars to 212.00 because direct tv was back on my bill. When I called I was told after 6 months it is automatically turned back on. My question to the people I talked with was why was I not notified and why were extra charges on that were never there before. This is a scam, it is not legal I should have been notified as I am on a limited income as an older person.I will never recommend these people to any one ever. This is just bad business practice this is very discouraging. Very stressful never talk to the same person twice. Horrible, they are taking advantage of older people and it is just wrong

  8. I was bundled with Direct and Verizon, it was a nightmare, I cancelled the service. I ended up so stressed I was ill, all of the phone cals, on hold, rude customer reps. I finally paid $190 in scam charges just to have it out of my life. Now Direct claims they never got payment, even though my bank shows the check cashed for deposit only in a Direct tv bank account in Chicago, Illinois. I sent them the cancelled check, front and back, my checking account statement showing the transaction made. Now they want my debit card information, my bank and lawyer have advised not to provide as it was not used in the disputed transacton. Its now in collections and ruining My Credit. Shame On Direct TV for ripping off older Women.

  9. I loved at&t wireless. Opted for Direct tv. Total mistake. I will now cancel
    all my wireless phones with AT&T because of aggrevation. Losing Internet over 300 times in 7 months and promise of no early cancellation fee, they now want me to pay $503.38. I have since invoiced them to same amount for punitive damages.

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