Discount Tire Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Discount Tire Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

Discount Tire Company

Official Address:

20225 N. Scottsdale Rd.

Scottsdale, AZ 85255 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-606-6000

Corporate Fax Number: 1-480-951-8619

Customer Service Number: 1-800-589-6789

Discount Tire Direct: 1-800-589-6789

  • my name is William Parker i paid for 4 rims for my car and all i have is a tracking # for maybe one where is the other three and what are their tracking's

  • Well, it seems like you definitely have a store that is more than willing to take advantage of folks… …it seems that my wife's car needed to have a rotation…and, after she takes it in, she had to buy 2 new tires, etc… …the problem is… …1, there was GREAT tread left on the tires…2, The tires had less than 11000 miles (should have been under warranty, I would have thought…)3, we haven't had them a damn year… … …this is NOT the first time we have been jacked by this store, when we got new tires and wheels for this car, I had to go to a completely different discount tire store, because, after 3 attempts, taking more than 5 hours over 2 days, the new tires/wheels wouldn't hold effin air… …I will NEVER set foot in that store again…(neither will the wife), and, I'm done spending ANY money with your company because of this BS. Just for record, this store: OKO 02, 7501 S SHIELDS BLVD, OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73149, 405.636.4012, and this 'sales'person : 994 ELIJAH J F just cost you all 4 of my cars, and, all of the cars my 4 kids drive…

  • Just wanted to thank Dave at the Reno store in Nevada – on Virginia st – he noticed I was waiting a long time and used his lunch break to fix a tire for me! Way above and beyond. He deserves a promotion!!

  • Had tires rotated and balanced today. Can't tell you how depressing it was to see all employees in masks. As a 40 year customer, Discount needs to stop mandating masks in a state that is fully open.
    After 40 years, if this doesn't get addressed soon, it will be time to find another tire dealer. So sad and SO unnecessary.

  • My name is Rick Spicher my daughter in law went to your tire center in Los Lunas N.M. today 3-4-2021 with a large bolt in her right rear tire. She was told a new tire was $147.00 out the door. The salesperson Employee #551, Isiah Sisneros, charged her $200.22. If this is the way you do business be proud that your employee was dishonest and took advantage of a young mother. I will inform every business I know how shady your company. Look it up before I call my attorney. This is a breach of contract for advertisement.
    Her name is Ashley Eldridge, Invoice #8783260

  • Went into the Joplin MO store today to get a nail removed and a tire repaired…I was told that since my car was 10 years old I would need to get a new spare he proceeded to tell me if after he takes the tire off and if he feels the tire has anything wrong with it he cannot put it back on the road. Implying that I would have to purchase a new tire. This is an illegal scam !!! I told him he doesnt have the authority to do no such a thing. This is highly unproffessional and sickening. Surely Discount Tire does not train these people to do these scams. I work for a company that employs 12,000 people out of a 50,000 population here and we have a DO NOT PATRONIZE list for companies like this and I will add them to it. This store at this location does not need to be in existance anymore! What an embarrassment !!!!

  • Made an appointment at the Daytona Beach store on Beville Road Monday at 1:33 pm with Mike. Gave him the sizes, got a quote made an appointment for 1:30 today. All this was for my college son. He arrives no tires, tried to sell him something different, then blamed it on another employee. Said maybe Monday. Nice service. I guess customer service is not a big priority. Who knew.

  • Chris Kobler manager of your Wait Park MN. store is very helpful.He answered my tire and wheel questions through his computer and I was on my way in just minutes.I will buy my next set of tires from his store.

    J Norberg MN

    • I'm sending you this message because I settled for a small amount after your Traverse City, MI Service Center ground down my upper control arms on my Truck resulting in a crash in a parking lot , The Cost to repair this would have been over $1200.00 , I will never do business with you people again and will send this to your Corporate Office and the BBB as I now have no Truck and I'm a Disabled man in need of my transportation , Have a Nice Day .

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