Discover Card Corporate Office Headquarters

Discover Card Corporate Office Headquarters
5420 West 1730 South
Salt Lake City, UT  84104
Corporate Phone Number: 1-801-994-2657

  • I am thinking very seriously about cancelling my Discover card due to Corporate going against common sense voter laws just passed in GA. Corporations have NO BUSINESS getting involved in Political and Social issues. Of course, we all know it's because of their bottom line $$$$$$$$$$$$. Maybe if We The People stand up and refuse to use their products…..MAYBE they will get the hint!

  • wonder why Discover is needing to run TV ads about fraud protection with a turtle whose belly lights up? Here is my experience: I had my wallet stolen at my grocery store Nov 5th while my purse was in a child seat of a shopping cart and my back was turned. The thief did $1300 charges in gift cards and Discover refuses to cover since this was my usual grocery store. Today I was informed Discover would not stand behind those fraud charges. I pointed out I had never a history of any charge over $100ish and this is the store for my neighborhood. I filed a police report and because the police did nothing on it, I am screwed. I used to recommend Discover to others at the register because of their reward system, but never again and I will inform ALL that Discover does not stand behind if you are robbed. Another other card that was stolen that day and that major bank protected me completely. So best advice is to lock up your Discovercard in your desk because you are vulnerable if it is stolen.

  • From the looks of this website, Discover is losing customers by the numbers and I can see why. I've spent many Hours explaining my situation regarding Fraudulent Charges on my account to ten or more Phone Representatives in the Billing and Fraud Departments. In my case the Fraud Department texted me asking to respond "Y" or "N" if I recognized a purchase in Florida and I live in Texas. I said "N" both times and both Agents reassured me they "Caught" the fraudulent attempts before they were processed but in case the purchase was processed while they spoke with me that all I needed to do was dispute the charge and Discover would remove it since they (the fraud Agent) was placing a note on my account record. Both charges went through and I disputed them and they were removed but later the merchant provided some agreement (I had never seen or agreed to) to Discover and they reversed the charges back to my account. I will never pay this balance because this merchant is a Scammer actually located in Southeast Asia.
    I’ve worked hard to maintain excellent credit and if Discover puts one Negative Mark on it I will contact an Attorney, Board Certified in Deceptive Trade Practices and file a law suit against both this merchant and Discover. I'm sure other customers have had similar issues with this merchant known as "Step Organix Nutraoil" and also as "General Health Nutraoil", both reflect Florida addresses but today when I called the lady said she was in Southeast Asia.
    There are many other small details I omitted in order to shorten this comment. Anyone interested can email me.

  • I grew up believing Discover and American Express were THE cards to have and if you had them you were doing well. I didn't use my Discover card right away because I had it set aside for a reason. Then Corona happened. Trying to be responsible in these unknown times I didn't put balances on any cards that didn't already have them and was doing my best to pay on the ones that I did until this Corona thing was over. I got no warning like I do with all my other cards that they were going to close my account. Just a you don't matter to us we are closing your account email the day they closed it. It is bad enough when things are good but to happen in times like this is even worse. It shows Discovers importance of customers and customer service. I may be small but word of mouth is mighty. I did nothing wrong and was trying to be a responsible card holder and this is how I get repaid.

  • By the way your Fraud Dept says once you give a service your card number to use, they can charge dozens of times to this card even though it is FRAUD. They also say if I purchase one item with my Discover card my Card can be charged for any amount they decide to charge. What kind of FRAUD are you guys allowing?

  • I need to speak to a Vice President for a Fraud complaint since I have received NO Satisfaction since July. I may end up calling the attorney general and Better Business Bureau-I think that your reviews from customers says it all and you need to fix this.I need to call someone high up since I am getting no where with your Fraud Department.

  • I need to speak to a Vice President for a Fraud complaint since I have received NO Satisfaction since July. I may end up calling the attorney general and Better Business Bureau-I think that your reviews from customers says it all and you need to fix this.I need to call someone high up since I am getting no where with your Fraud Department.

  • I have had a DISCOVER Credit Card for several years now, use it regularly in my travels. I have NEVER been late or missed a payment and always pay "IN FULL" each month. I recently got a letter from DISCOVER asking me to sign a form so they could access my IRS tax returns. They said they wanted to verify my income. Seems after 2 years, they were calling me a liar. If I didn't sign, they would close my account. I saw no good reason for them to have access to my personal income figures so I didn't sign and they closed my account . AND, they sent a notice to the CREDIT BUREAUS that would adversely affect my credit rating. DISCOVER is very very bad…..and I am happy to be rid of them. Any questions…

  • Discover Card supports with their advertising $$$…people who call the President's daughter a "Cunt"
    Now we see what Discover Card values are!

  • Discover Card: YOU people are like a FRIKIN VIRUS! We get your same JUNK MAILINGS 1-2 times a week… NON-STOP! I feel sorry for the nice people at the Post Office that have to deliver your mailings. NO-ONE is dumb enough NOT to know your Discover Card Holders pay for this JUNK you mail people. I can only hope you go bankrupt! You people are a damn nuisance!

  • I was certainly fired up after speaking with Discover's "customer" service call center. I spoke to a person that just kept repeating the same thing and when I asked to speak with their manager – they did the same. Now I understand that security is security but when I'm an authorized person on the account (joint account) and the account is current – I expect better treatment. My inquiry had nothing to do with late payments or such but was to call them back to ask if everything was ok on the account as we received a letter in the mail which I may have been from them or not. instead of courteous knowledgeable coworkers I was met with an attitude of condescension, short ended statements and unhelpfulness. Really, this Discover's customer service? My family and I have been customers for over 50 years- maybe more. The absolute helplessness I felt after speaking with Anthony their customer call center manager on 5/11/2017 @1120AM Eastern left me understanding that Discover just didn't give a hoot about me as their customer. Anthony refused to provide his manager's number or the corporate office number so here I am. I tried to call the number stated above as the corporate office but no luck – all too busy. What I can also see by the comments left here is that no one at Discover really cares about this either. It is clear that no one is managing this site either. Discover just doesn't care. Well, this experience has been enough for me to reach out to American Express. They pay back just as well and maybe they will appreciate my families business. Anthony wherever you are, may you find a job better suited to you since you are awful at this one.

  • lookup fair debt collections act sec 809 validation of debts. its illegal. ask yourself why are they harassing you and what the sudden rush. they are all doing this.

  • Possibly, I might now hold the corrective solution to Discover's Alt-reality customer service.

    I was making my September 2016 payment via their (then) Western Union collaboration free payments process — when it gets rejected as 'no longer being in effect' between the two companies. So, even with a serious physical disability (which Discover knew) — I start walking to an advertised "Discover" ATM. While walking, I am on the phone to Customer Service. Both the initial CS Rep and later the CS Supervisor both are insisting that NO such Western Union free payment process existed — or ever did exist — virtually calling me a liar when instructing them I had been making my payments (per THEIR prior instructions)that way through Western Union for well over a year (with the receipts to prove it) — only to be continually told "that's impossible, we have never had any such an agreement with WU."

    The CS supervisor did nothing more than try to get me to give out my personal bank account number (over a cell phone, all the while continually and virtually calling me a liar regarding the WU payment process). Then, I finally get to the "Great Big (electrically lit)'DISCOVER ATM' Sign" — only to learn it isn't really a Discover ATM at all (just an advertisement for DISCOVER) and I could not make my payment there. Now the kicker — The CS supervisor continues to virtually call me a liar regarding WU payments and trying to gain my private banking info — and I have a stroke!

    I just got home today (12/28/16 — Beginning that night in September) from the resulting hospital and rehab stay — to find over 700 calls and 30 VM to my phone — but more importantly, finding an official letter/notice that "the free payment process agreement between Western Union and Discover will terminate" in November 2016!!!!

    So take heart all of you who have suffered mistreatment by Discover and their customer Service employees. I am presenting (Cert. Mail) letters to the CEO and COO of Discover regarding this most toxic incident (which was recorded by both their call center — and me) delineating their absurd and assaultive treatment of me — and their liability for my stroke and resulting disabilities therefrom.

    They will pay! In the end — they will pay! And, I am going to make certain the issue is publically reported……..


  • my Mother is the oldest living female WW2 veteran and after her heart attack she got in credit card trouble I have been trying to resolve this with Discover and after all their commercials about how they help people They do not A?They do not care about people and are now taking my 93 year old mother to court even though I offered them 8 grand to settle Shame on them

  • discover is unbelievably retarded …c.s. is non existent…put your card on hold if you are "out of your area", then they cannot define "out of your area" when you call them ..non of my other cards do this… i used my card 85 miles from home and they suspended use and totally embarrassed us….

  • What an eye opener! Reading these complaints shows me that is not one service representative but the "new" corporate directive. In August, I received notice that the amount I could borrow was being reduced unless I requested otherwise. Things were stable in my life and I bypassed requesting the full line of credit I had. Less than a month later I had a dental emergency. I called to re-instate the previous amount. I was told by a young? woman that I was ineligible for an increase. She added $500.00. She was rude, would not listen nor put a supervisor on the phone. When I called a few days later I was told I could NOT get an increase because I had just received $500.00. I have not used my card since then. I went to my bank and they gave me $10,000.00 at no interest. I did not need that much but I was told since I had a Medical emergency, it would be best to have money available. What a difference. You have lost me. When my balance is paid, I will never use this card again. I never missed a payment and always paid more than the minimum. Bad Business!

  • I made a payment for my Jan.on Dec.31 2015 at 9:29 am and now I receive my statement and I have been assessed a late fee. when I make my payment on the 2nd the due date at the store I pay my bill they get the payment the same day I am not understanding this. coporate it is time you take a look at how you treat your customers.

  • Veritas,

    They are the worst of the worst, From Nelms to Buksha and down. They are nothing but apologists for the criminals who rip, rape, and rob innocent consumers. Death to Discover.

    • Unbelievable, In-Professional Customer Service all the way up the chain,Rude,etc….I am a 10% Disabled Veteran, I called to ask if they would "Please" move the due date to the 30th because I get paid by the Government every month on this day and they say they could if I pay 108.00 dollars first….now my next bill reads 329.00….my payments were the minimum of 167.00 per month now they go and jack me with this….I have never been late "NOT ONCE" and now I'm on the verge of "Bankruptcy" because of this "Lying Discover Company" ….You got to be kidding when they "Advertise" that they take care of their customers…"BS"…They are the worst bunch of "Lying" people!!!! Been a "Loyal" customer for 6 years, but now I'm gone!!! And going to claim Bankruptcy" and I hope that someome reads this and don't get sucked into this.."UNTRUSTING…UNPROFESSIONAL…lYING…COMPANY….DISCOVER..MEANS THAT THEY WILL SCREW YOU OVER"…..

  • My wife and I have been members with your company for over 14 years, now all of a sudden you require some unknown identity information to confirm who we are, we pay our bill 100% every month for 14 years, now you suddenly do not know who we are?? Who are you? A customer cannot even contact your corporate officers directly to voice our concerns. Who are your customer service people that ask us for our information including SS Numbers (which is a Violation of Federal Law, we do not obtain SS benefits from you nor does anything we do require reporting to the IRS for tax purposes). Are we connected to some prison inmates that are working for your company? Are your customer service people Americans in America or some Foreign Country? Are your people asking these questions Bonded, what is your Bond Number and with who. Seems that the more relative questions are for what possible reason do you require all this private personal data, who has access to it, with this info you employees can sell that info to anyone, they can access our medical records etc. Is BIG Brother running your company?

  • Made a payment for July, I didn't received a statement. Made the payment in the amount of June payment. Was $2 short. Just got a rude call as if I were a criminal agent was rude, didn't listen to me when I asked a questio. He demanded payment for August do on the 14th. THEN he continued to demand that I give them permission to withdraw money from my account each month to the point of argument, I requested information on setting up Internet access. He said I already had an account set up but unless I allow checking withdraw each month he wouldn't give me that information after saying No at least 5 times, he said he would transfer me to someone that could give me my I'd information. After about 2 minutes waiting I was connected to a woman named julia. She said my name is julia, Then I was disconnected. Called back after being on hold I requested to speak to a supervisor. Then on hold again, agent came on line, Needed to request a supervisor, was put on hold. The third time I again was disconnected. Lousy customer service. Treated like a criminal for a few dollars under payment. Forced to pay August more than 3 weeks early. What a scam!!!!!

  • We had acc my wife died ins pade off acc after death I returned an item JTV sent refund to discovery now they say the money is thers sence the ins paid off acc I had 0 bal whats up 662 419 2891

  • I too had the rudest individual. I truly thought it was a joke that was being played on me….it could not of been true? His name was Ethan from Ohio #JCOLE6. wow wow wow!!! I'm glad they have it all on the recorder—amazing, shocking – wow-. I have a call into the headquarters 1-801 994 2657. A letter is to follow as well. People speak up–call them or write them with your complaints–that's how change will happen

    • I also had the rudest person do nothing for me. Anthony the "manager" at the customer service call center. I'm so upset I may cancel my entire families accounts. we have been EXCELLENT customers for better than 30 years. I called in because I'm now taking care of my mother's accounts and received something from Discover in regards to my father. They have a joint account- they wouldn't allow my mother to inquire about it. I asked to speak with a manager and he just kept repeating I'm not authorized to speak with her about their account. REALLY. I asked for someone to call me back so we could sort this out – to escalate it and I was told I would have to call back. REALLY? Great job on customer first DISCOVER.

  • I have charged 100K to me personal card over 42 months and have a $75 dispute. merchandise mailed to me, not even my name or my order. It is the only dispute I have had. They provide no updated status information, no communication, and no way to upload documents…they have one, it doesn't work. I will cancel the card as soon as the dispute is resolved. Headed to AMEX instead.

  • I spent an hour to get Discover to remove a block on my account, which I have had in perfect standing ever since 1986. The block was finally lifted, but in the meantime I had to make a Sears repairman twiddle his thumbs until Discover authorized him to charge his services to my Discover account.

  • What is going on? I too had a very unsatisfactory conversation with customer service. Is it the weather or what? Discover commercials show such pleasant conversations but in real life it is not so. Therefore, I am letting the Corporate higher-ups know what has happened also. Maybe that will be a better experience. Hopefully!

  • I agree with the above comment. I have been a Discover card holder since 1986, the first year the card was offered. I have shredded my card because of the treatment by them…

  • Just had the rudest customer service in all history. I will be paying off my card and will never use it again. I have been a credit holder with Discover for years and have just been treated like a criminal….

    • I had a very similar experience. As soon as I got off the phone with the rudest customer service rep EVER, I researched my options. I now have an American Express card that offers 4X reward points for dining out and groceries (where I charge the most) and I'm done with Discover after more than 25 years!

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