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  • Disney World Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Disney World Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Disney World Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

The Walt Disney Company

500 South Buena Vista Street

Burbank, CA 91521

Disney World Orlando Address: 

4600 North World Drive

Orlando, Florida 32830

Disney World  Main Phone Number: 1-407-824-2222

Corporate Phone Number: 1-818-560-1000

Fax Number: 1-818-5601930

Disney World Customer Service: 1-407-824-2222

Vacation Package Booking: 1-407-939-7675

Room Only Bookings: 1-407-939-7429

Tickets: 1-407-939-1289

Dining: 1-407-939-3463

Tech Support: 1-407-939-7765

Guest Information: 1-407-939-6244

  • I was attempting to apply for a job with Disney, and every time I filled in my country and state, the field would become blank after a couple of seconds. I tried to contact someone to assist me with the application process and that turned out to be as nightmarish as the application process.
    I have been going to Disneyland in Anaheim California since I was about 5 years old. And I believe that Mr. Walt Disney's vision and dream, over 50 years ago, to bring happiness to children and adults around the world has been subverted by corporate shareholders, and others who have turned that dream into a nightmare.
    It is astounding to me that Disney, as big, rich, and powerful as it has become, cannot even provide a contact person who can answer questions about its tedious application process.
    It is obvious to me that Disney does not care about people who are trying to apply for a job with the company, and only cares about people who are paying it money.
    Since it appears to me that Disney no longer cares about what people think about its company, and would rather focus on its brand and profits, I would like to inform the public my experience trying to apply for a job there.
    I would like to express my view that Disney does not care about the public or the people, but only cares about taking your money, and getting as rich and powerful as possible. And I would not want my child to have anything to do with what has become a corporate monster, in the business of manipulation, and massive profits.
    In my view corporate shareholders and management have turned Mr. Walt Disneys dream, into a nightmare, and it seems to have no interest in public relations, or making its customers, applicants, or anyone else affiliated with the company (except for maybe shareholders) happy, or providing any kind of customer service, or support. Rather it has become increasingly efficient at ignoring public sentiment, and taking as much money as it can from its clients.
    So please keep that in mind when you are spending your hard earned money, on the fake dreams, and hopes that Disneyland provides.
    Remember it is not about your dreams or your children's dreams. It is about taking your money, and giving you nothing useful in return.

  • I have just removed ESPN from my phone, computer and TV. All I want to know about from ESPN is sports, keep your opinions on society to yourself.

  • Well, I was going to offer administrative advise for free that would allow Disney to move on after the recent tragedy. However, after reading all of the negative issues brought forward on this sight….I am not sure I would be helping anyone….especially since I can identify with most of the comments since all as happened to me and my guests.

    But I still hope and wish for the sanctity of the W. Disney ideal….although long since vanished…..how can a family truly enjoy that leisurely stroll through the park "concept" when the parks are consistently oversold and hugh baby strollers bulldoze their way through the shoulder to shoulder crowds in ever pressing humidity and overwhelming heat…..but…that is Disney.

    So, to keep the fantasies alive….Disney should accept responsibility for the recent tragedy by having their legal department accommodate the family with what ever would be within reason….I have no idea what that would be….THEN…..close the offending park immediately….until the ideal of fantasy can be restored….for you see….the reason Disney should take responsibility is that Disney provides fantasy…..that means that park attendees do not and should not feel that at any moment their lives could be TRULY in any danger….unfortunately…..even if there are signs saying watch out for alligators….who would believe it…."you are in a fantasy park". With this logic in place, Disney failed to provide fantasy….it delivery all to much reality….although not intentionally….even though it had been cautioned many times about alligator presence. So, to get this unfortunate happening behind and begin to move on, close the offending park….clean out the alligators and provide design assurances that there will never again be another alligator in a Disney park….then reopen with a reverence toward the maligned family. Disney will move on into the future continuing to provide our hopeful ideal of fantasy land for many years to come.

    • It is Florida. Florida has gators. You can not remove all the Gator. Guest wont read the signs because they think they are entitled to everything and it's everyone's fault they are not getting their way. If there is a sign that says Gators and you don't believe it it's not fantasy it's stupidity.

  • A suggestion for Disney world of Orlando. We all know the horrible chain of events that happened in Orlando .There is now a time for healing .Why doesn't Disney open its hearts as well as its doors to it thyme parks and let the people of Orlando in for free. Let Disney show its love for the people and let the healing begin even if it for only a short while. A time to love and time to heal and a time to forget.
    What a wonderful kind jester it would be and what a wonderful Disney world it can be

  • We just got back from Disneyworld and I will never go there again ! The people at the resort were rude , guest relations was rude and no one ever said sorry ! that sure would have been nice ! I have been calling Disney since we got home 21 days as not to ruin our vacation and still no one has ever said sorry ! What a magical word !

  • My family and I were planning to visit Disney until we heard and read what Disney did to their American workers. We will no longer visit Disney, as this repulsive act against our citizens is a direct act against this nation and its citizenry as a whole!

    My family and I will continue to encourage others to read about this and boycott Disney!

  • Very disappointed in the prices charged to see The Lion King in Los Angeles. We have 3 great grandkids who would love to see it but when I checked on tickets just to take the kids would cost over $800.00. That is kind of sad in this world today when an average family cannot attend.

  • dear disney, i need to tell you how great your movie John Carter was i've watched a new movie atleast once a week every week although a few were good none come close to being as good as your John Carter was i felt the story line was excellent,the action was incredable and the length perfect the fight scenes were never to much for the eye to process i'll see this film a couple more times before it's pulled from the theatres keep up the great work louislucero @ yahoo.com


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