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DKNY Corporate Office Headquarters

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DKNY Corporate Office Headquarters
550 7th Avenue
New York, NY  10018
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-789-1500

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I was invited for on interview on 12/27/2018 at 2pm. Angel the store manager was somewhat excited to meet with me. when I arrived at the Fashion Outlet of Chicago and she finally meet me her all personality changer from happy to disappointment, because I am a guy. She was expecting a girl. When I saw her disappointment my motivation change completely. honestly I wanted to walk away. The worse was during the interview. she was not listening any of the answer I was proving to her questions. she look bore and the whole interview was a wait of my time and money spend on the train to get there. I notice that the candidate before me she was all over her because she was a girl, she even had a 3 minute conversation with her on the floor before she depart from the store. I felt that she discriminate me because I am a guy. One comment she made was Your qualification are great in paper but not in person. in other words she said to me you don't have the qualifications I am looking for, because you don't have the customer service experience we need in this industry. I carding to Angle The customers the stores has, they look for a personal shopper which I have done since I become an assistant store manager. I had a daily personal goal to make. I do have the one on one customer service experience for 9 yrs. She just discriminate me for being a guy. Also DNKY sells men's clothes but I did not seen a guy working for that location. Sad that guys still being discriminated by some women.

DKNY should step up to the plate and donate the additonal $75,000 needed to send children to camp; considering you've been using Mr. Stanton's pictures without authorization in your overseas advertising campaign (seems like you thought you would never get found out). DKNY has already dropped to the bottom of the respect totem pole—time to make your climb back to the top and do the right thing; think of it this's "Charity" so you'll still be able to get a tax deduction on it. Do the right thing

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