Dollar General Corporate Office Headquarters

Dollar General Corporate Office Headquarters

Dollar General Corp.

100 Mission Ridge

Goodlettsville, TN 37072 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-855-4000

Fax Number: 1-615-386-9936

Customer Service Number: 1-877-463-1553 1-877-463-1553


Hassle-free and affordable shopping with more than 18,000 convenient, easy-to-shop stores in 47 states. Dollar General deliver everyday low prices on items including food, snacks, health and beauty aids, cleaning supplies, basic apparel, housewares, seasonal items, paper products and much more from America’s most-trusted brands and products, along with high-quality private brands.

Dollar General Corporate Office


  • Please do something about the clerks at the store located at13229 Cleveland Ave NW Uniontown ohio 44685
    the language is horrible IT IS F THIS AND F THAT, Several of us are offended by these rude clerks

  • i live in sebastian florida and i used to love going to the dollar general. There was a manager there that was really awesome,She went to a bigger store as she should and every since then the store has gone to crap.I gave them the benefit of the doubt when the store was being remoldeled but that was months ago, Everytime i go in there now there is freight all over the floor and you can't get down the aisles. I have checked ads before going there but the merchandise is not on the floor,I don't know what happened to your stores but i think it would be worth checking into. My mother in law says it is they same way where she is in Georgia.

    Gulf Breeze, FL 32561-4835
    I am 72 years old woman. I walked in one day to buy a pack of cigarettes and was told by the cashier that she had to card me. Keep in mind, I am elderly woman who has been here in state of Florida for over 40 years and never in my days was I ever carded at 72 years of living anywhere else; the rude cashier stated that it was company policy to card elderly people. Never in all my days have I heard of such a policy. So the next time visiting the store; I was informed by the rude manager of the store that is just how it is in the store and it is their policy to card an elderly woman. Now, from my retrospect on how this particular policy works is if the customer looks under the age of 21 or you suspect that person does not look over the age of 21 ; that is by law to check their id card if they are under the age of 21. Needless to say, I will not be shopping or ever visiting that store or any dollar general store. I will inform in the senior citizen community of what kind of terrible treatment that I was given at this dollar general store. Thank you in Advance.

  • this is about the store on landon drive bullhead city az it needs to be cleaned up again they were doing good for a while but not any more it needs to be cleaned it is really dirty

  • The person who is the designer of these remodels needs to be fired. They are just plain stupid. Stores also need to be stocking over night and not during business hours.

  • I think your products sucks. I was trying to save money and brought your DG Home flap tie trash bags big mistake!!!! You can't even get them tore apart they are not perforated in some spots (what the hell) I also brough DG storage bags gallon size zip lock the zip lock tears off every time. It the trying times we are in when everything has gone up in cost you could at least try to make a product that is worth purchasing. Big waste of my hard earned money and a lot of aggravation. Thanks for NOTHING.

  • Dollar General Trezevant Tn employees rude very unhelpful.Have had to wait several times for them to get thru smoking to check me out.I drive 4 miles to another store.

  • Once again the Pine Mountain GA store is a disaster. This is the day before Easter and all the aisles are blocked with merchandise that needs to be put up and folded
    empty boxes. There was one person checking people out and I did not see anyone else working in the store. Many of my friends and neighbors were also trying to shop and were having no luck finding what they wanted, although there may have been some in the unpacked boxes. I wish someone from Corporate could come and look for themselves right now. They would not believe it! The store needs to be shut down until it can be put in order. We are a small town but we are a resort town and have many visitors. This store is a disgrace to our town and hope visitors do not judge our town by the Dollar General Store! Why do you keep building more stores when you cannot take care of the ones you have.

    Elaine Bell Beall Pine Mountain GA

  • The clerk named Kelly at the 2501 Arlington Rd Akron, Ohio store was very rude talking to me. I will not be going back there. I called the store manager, Mary Beth, and told her about my terrible experience with Kelly. She kept making excuses for Kelly. I am beginning to think Dollar General is having a difficult time hiring good people and are hiring anyone that applies. I won't be shopping there anymore. The customer is always right should be taught to their employees.

  • I usually go to the Dollar General on Avalon Dr. in Moody, AL or the one on 411 in Moody, AL. Both usually have what I need, or good employees that ask if there was something I needed, but didn't get. These 2 stores are great! I used to go to the one in Odenville, AL however stopped because the aisles are too crowded with junk, stocked carts, etc. They never clean the stores, and it is impossible to get down any aisle with a cart. They even had to shut down for a period of time to restock the shelves and clear the aisles. With that, I haven't been in a while. I had to stop by on my way home last night. IT WAS TERRIBLE! You still can't get down the aisles and the stock is empty on most items. I went to the register to pay for what I was getting so I could shoot to a different DG and see if they had my items. No employees in the store. Squeezed the squeak toy they have at the register for when they aren't up there and no one came. Another customer was coming in and said they were outside smoking. So I, my kids, another lady, and someone else in the store, with no employees because everyone was outside smoking. I was so disappointed in this DG and try to give them the benefit of the doubt, but when I went to another DG, and explained what I just had happen, the employee told me that they should be shut down, you can never get through the aisles which is a safety hazard, and they tried to help the store when they shut down, and rodents were running on the shelves… numerous rodents. I honestly don't know why anyone from corporate hasn't shown up there and gotten on someone's butt about taking more pride in the company they work for. I get people don't want to work, but you need to shut down rather than let this happen to customers. There is no reason a store should have customers in it, without employees.

  • I was at your store number 22004 located in Pencil Bluff, Ar. with the intent of completing a recall of a product. Due to issues of computer malfunction, I was not able to do this. I just want you to know that the manager at this location was EXTREMELY helpful in trying to resolve the issues that I was having with my phone, to the extent of allowing me to use her hot spot to help.
    I am a person that believes credit should go where credit is due. You have a great manager at this location.

  • Just wondering what is happening at the dollar general stores in the Goodlettsville tn area. Most are closing at 4pm because no one is working and the one that is open on main stret has three girls working it and nothing on the shelfs , I ask then why and they said they cant find the time to do it cause they are busy checking people out. Well the corp office is only five miles away and why are they letting this happen. Bring some of the corp people in to run these stores . Get one of the employees to work over night to stock the store but to walk in my neighbor hood store and it looks like a second hand salvage store with the shelfs all a mess well so sad to see this happing when the big box stores are hoping you fall If the corp office does not take a hold on this its going to be you who looses . A walmart market will take over where you leave off

  • After seeing the way Dollar General treats their employees I will no longer patronize from any of their stores. MARY Gundel was an exceptional employee but greed by upper management fails to recognize the work load put on employees causing excessive hours and lack of time with their own families even though you state that it is about balance of work and family. I'm sure none of the corporate employees even come close to the 80 hours a week Mary Gundel in Tampa FL. put in. I also saw videos of mice nests in food products in their warehouse. How is this acceptable from a nationwide store chain. I heard about expired food items being sold in such stores as well. When I find out for myself I will be reporting it to the proper authorities in the state so it can be handled in a proper fashion such as fines or removal of business licenses.

  • I stopped going into this store Paducah KY 15157 because of the rude people and the shape of the store. I heard they had new management there so I went in for a few minutes. That was the biggest joke I have ever seen in my life. First off the store looks ten times worse than it did when Tori was there. Amber was not there and she was always working and very very friendly. Every aisle in that store has stuff down it and all over the floors. You can not shop there and no one is friendly, they stand around and talk or they disappear. The colored girl at the register was sitting in a folding chair behind the register doing a cross word puzzle. Since when is that ok?
    I was told that the new manager's name was Jessie but some really rude woman that's name started with a Z smarted off and said "i'm the new boss" Talk about a hateful so-called boss. The store looked better when you had friendly people working and not sitting down that actually cared about the customers and the store. BRING BACK TORI AND AMBER!!!!! I do not want to be contacted by the DM because I've seen and heard her and she is NOT boss material. I would like you to watch cameras and just be a regular customer in that store to see what I am talking about. I have noticed that Dollar Generals as a whole is going down the drain and it's sad because that is where I do my shopping. Do ya'll know that 90% of your customers can walk in that store and walk out with anything they want all because the employees that you have in there right now do NOT care? I watched a colored man walk in and put shorts on over his pants as well as a shirt and walked out. Nothing was ever done. The one girl in there with no teeth is always getting drinks out of the cooler and drinking them…..not to mention that she is always strung out on some type of drug. If that is the type of business you want to run then by all means have at it but I can assure you that you will not get an honest person's money to promote that. I will tell 10 friends that will tell their friends and we will boycott this store. Ill give this email about a week or two and then i will return to see if it done any good. Have a great day I hope this gets to someone that cares.

  • Went into a dollar store in Lebanon, Tn.#9659. My two-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter had to use the bathroom and when I asked for the key, I was told the customer bathroom didn't work. As always, it never works! They have another bathroom. I will NOT have her pee her pants!! I left my FULL cart there. This says A LOT about the store and the workers there. Even Wal-Mart lets kids use the bathroom when it's closed for cleaning. NOT COOL.

  • The store in West Alexandria, Ohio has been shut-down frequently by the Fire Marshall due to the isles being full of merchandise making it difficult to get up and down the isles. When this store first opened it was neat and orderly. I don't know what the issue is, but it really needs attention. I was in there yesterday and the isles are filling up again. Many of our senior citizens shop at this store and is an issue when it gets shut down. Being shut down like that by the Fire Marshall hurts your companies reputation. Those of you sitting in your Corporate offices might want to get off your behinds and take care of business. People are really getting tired of the way the business is being ran.

  • I was a truck driver delivering to Dollar general stores till a case of Bleach fell from the top of the trailer landing on my head. Dollar general kicked me to the curb would not help me what so ever the damage done is 2 pinched nerves a ruptured disk a bruise on my brain and a small stroke but they said it was my fault that it happened now totally disabled they get to live on and I live in pain every day so if you are in a store be extremely careful cause nothing is ever there fault and they have the lawyers and liars to prove it

  • I live in West Long Branch, NJ, i go to the DG in WLB NJ, and i cannot tell you how hard the 3 girls that work there are gems. They work so hard and so many hours, they should be paid $25.00 or more. the store cannot run without them. It was closed for one day, and i sat in my car and watched how many people came in just the 5 minutes. I was lost without the store open, and i said to myself these woman, never take a day off, they should be appreciated more

  • The store located in Chester, Vermont is a death trap. Boxes on carts blocking ALL aisles. In ability to buy product from shelves, inability to exit building in case of any emergency. Employees are not exactly pleasant but who can blame them when they are working in these conditions. Staffing shortage everywhere…this is horrible and should be dealt with immediately. Store was closed several days during the holidays to stock shelves yet nothing was done. Those of us dealing with supply chain issues, staffing shortages, etc…we are getting it done. This is completely unacceptable.

  • Today December 30th 2021, I visited Dollar General Store at 14;40:42 Store number 10061 1000 S Powerline Rd Pompano Beach Florida 33069. Phone number (561) 453-0171. After standing in this long line waiting on the stressed out cashier working which was defiantly overwhelmed. Then I noticed this man come to another register and started counting cash and putting it in the register. I thought good thing he's just in time to help this cashier by opening up another register. We all were in line waiting for him to call "next in line". Instead he politely walked away. So I ask "are you going to open another register "? He then looked at me and the long line and said "NO". I was very surprised that he did nothing to help his cashier nor the long line of customers. When I did arrive at the register I ask who was that man? she stated "That was the manager" . This is when I decided to write to corporate immediately. Please look into this situation, managers should not behave like employees. This was really rude of this man to react the way he did in front of me the cashier and the many customers that were in line.

  • The DG store at 1701 Grand Avenue, Fort Smith, AR is the filthiest, most disorganized store I've every encountered. If that is the DG standard, I'll drive down the road to find another store.

  • I live in Mountain View Mo, Your Dollor Store here for the Second time in two weeks.My grandson used his apple pay which is linked to his cash app debit card for Items he bought yet the register says his card was not accepted however his bank was charged I have proof from his bank, when we showed proof we got a run around the manager told us she had canceled the transaction and the money should be refunded but it wasn't so when I called I was told there was nothing they could do, I have copy's of the transaction and his bank statement, SO we are out $62.07 I feel we should get that money back, I feel your company stole from my grandson who works his behind off for the few dollors he earns and with a brand new baby your company stole from him,
    Totally ticked off Grandmother
    Wanda Andrew's

  • Last visit to Galesburg MI store. I have been in that store I don't know how many times. Now the law does state that people do NOT have to be carded (not including the alcohol) if they looked over 45. I am 52, these women see me come in every week for something. So when I went to purchase my cigarettes, I was told I had to show my ID. I AM FREAKIN' 52. When I worked at the DG in Mattawan, MI – I was told if they looked over 40, we didn't have to card them. I think someone needs to look into this and set the record straight.

  • Nastiest store in America. Dollar General Store #12792, 1127 W. Hefner Road, OKC 73114. 405-839-7382. I had not been at this store in a while because of this issue, it has been like this for at least 6 months. I am surprised it is still opened. It is convenient but I can't go back. Someone from the corporate office in Tennessee need to come and attend to this store. JUST FILTHITY-NASTY-PROBABLY CONTAMINATED.

  • I travel all over the state of SC for my job. I frequent many, many Dollar General stores. I mainly shop at Dollar General stores for the convenience and ease of in and out quickly. I have been in some very, very nice ones and I have been in some very, very bad ones; however, there is one in Summerville, SC (W. 5th North Street) that is absolutely in shambles!!!! I have never seen such a mess!!! You can't even walk down the aisles, which by the way is just an accident/lawsuit just waiting to happen. The aisle are blocked with stock to be unloaded, buggies full and overflowing with merchandise, items and merchandise in the floor of the aisles, shelves almost completely empty and the shelves themselves looks like a tornado ripped through. I have never, ever seen such a horrible excuse for a place to shop. These words are not even coming close to just how awful of a mess this store is in. Now……….for the customer service element. There is NO customer service. I waited and waited and waited for someone to come to the checkout. Once there, not even one huff or puff of acknowledgment that I was there and of course a thank you never escaped the mouth of the cashier. This store is a disgrace to your chain and it desperately needs some headquarters attention.

  • I travel all over the state of SC for my job. I frequent many, many Dollar General stores. I mainly shop at Dollar General stores for the convenience and ease of in and out quickly. I have been in some very, very nice ones and I have been in some very, very bad ones; however, there is one in Summverville, SC (W. 5th North Street) that is absolutely in shambles!!!! I have never seen such a mess!!! You can't even walk down the aisles, which by the way is just an accident/lawsuit just waiting to happen. The aisle are blocked with stock to be unloaded, buggies full and overflowing with merchandise, items and merchandise in the floor of the aisles, shelves almost completely empty and the shelves themselves looks like a tornado ripped through. I have never, ever seen such a horrible excuse for a place to shop. These words are not even coming close to just how awful of a mess this store is in. Now……….for the customer service element. There is NO customer service. I waited and waited and waited for someone to come to the checkout. Once there, not even one huff or puff of acknowledgment that I was there and of course a thank you never escaped the mouth of the cashier. This store is a disgrace to your chain and it desperately needs some headquarters attention.

  • Friday November 26,2021, 5:55pm, I was in line at the Dollor General in Farmville, NC. There was one customerin front of me. The cashier was complaining about the price scanner. She beat on it and CURSED at it. She also had her personal phone between her chin and shoulder talking to someone! (and not in a quiet voice) As she was bagging their items, she hung up her phone and placed it on the counter. As I was putting my items down she got a text. Her comment, "Who is texting me?" Before she checked me out she read it and texted them back!!!! I'm sorry, she should not have her job!!! She should be personally made aware of how to be a professional in a public job. Employers should not be allowed to use personal phones while on the clock! I am a retired Educator. How would you like your child's teacher to be on personnal calls and texting while they are suppose to be teaching your children? There is no difference…. both are hired to work with the public. Things like this happen often with THIS store. I sincerely hope someone other than the store manager addresses this problem. That's where many problems begin. People need to be held accountable.

  • I have a few concerns, I think that making the employees work double shifts without a break and a lunch and also be alone, Is against the law and against the dollar general policy.
    I know it is very dangerous. Dollar general needs to check in to it, Employees are being treated UNFAIR…


    This is a facebook post about one of your employees, who worked 38 days straight without help! I think they dewserve some kind of recognition from you company. You can contact Audrey Bateman via facebook for more details.

    Audrey Bateman
    1gltuS97118ighnh3111rf ·
    Ya know, many things have changed in this world over the past year and a half.
    One thing that hasn’t changed is the human ability to be kind – though for some, they seem to be unaware that they still possess this ability.
    Had to run to Dollar General tonight because I forgot (of all things) to grab a loaf of bread from the grocery.
    Grabbed the bread and did a quick lap around the store before heading up front to check out.
    I made it to the end of the aisle and turned to the right only to see about six people already ahead of me.
    Several more quickly stood behind me until there was probably at least 10 of us in line.
    The customer at the register was asking the one and only cashier to blow up about a dozen balloons for her – so off she went to inflate them all.
    While we all stood there waiting.
    Some more patiently then others.
    Another customer was heading toward the register, toward the line of all of us waiting people.
    When he saw the line he started loudly shouting some not so kind words, looked at the cashier and added “why don’t you hire someone?!”, dropped his basket of unpurchased items, and exited the store.
    I heard the cashier quietly respond, “well, we’re trying”.
    While I was waiting I soon found out that the cashier had worked every single day for the past 38 days because the store has nobody else to do the job.
    38 days.
    So, while I too was starting to get inpatient and irritable having to wait 25+ minutes to buy a loaf of bread – I was quickly knocked back a few steps and my perspective completely changed.
    I realized that my 25 minute wait was absolutely nothing, especially since I had just enjoyed an entire weekend off with my family.
    Meanwhile, she would probably give her 38 days straight of work paycheck to be in my shoes.
    That woman doesn’t have to be there.
    Every single place around is hiring.
    But, for some reason she stays.
    She works everyday.
    Day after day after day.
    And, I’m 100%, absolutely sure he was not the first customer to treat her that way.
    I told her that she deserves a raise and that I’d be the first to sign a petition saying so – which made her laugh.
    I really hope that we all once again find that our ability to be kind, and nice, and empathetic really is still there.
    Because, yikes – some people are just mean.

  • the dollar general here in clovis new mexico needs help this manager name cindy she runs on the 21th street she is the worse manager in the world she talks about people she makes funny people that are sick she says everyone is lazy she adds hours to her check she brings people to come in and chill with her and hind people leave the back door unock and she talks to her workers uglys tells them rude things she dont work or help she is a bad person is rude and needs to be check on someone please help i love this store but this girl is making alot of people quit or not come to the store its in clovis nm 88101 on 21st her name is cindy

  • First I would like to say that I understand there is hiring problems everywhere but excuses do not fix problems only action can. Today I walked into the location located at 9040 W. Mt Morris rd Flushing Mi 48433 at 3:30pm and was greeted by stacks of unopened stock on carts. As I continued it only increased. 3 of the isle were completely blocked with full carts of stock and trash. most shelves were only filled to about 50% filled and many item completely missing. I only seen one employee the entire time. I truly believe this is the result in bad management not only at store level but district and regional. This is not the first time seeing this problem even at other locations near me. I'm only one person who walked in and was unable to even walk the sore to purchase something but I can imagine 100 or more who did the same. This not just your loss of sales as a customer its a loss because know I have to shop somewhere else and probably pay twice as much. I did take but thought maybe someone there should see it for them selves. As someone who has experience not only in stock but also management I can honestly say your failing.

  • I've been trying to find out how to contact this company for awhile now. I have purchased some nail glue BRUSH-ON Nail Glue by Sassy+ Chic. As I'm trying to retrieve the brush out of the bottle, the glue spills on my pants and burns not only my pants but down to the skin of my leg which takes the skin completely off. I am still continuing to be bothered with this pain towards healing, yet still missing a potion of my skin. I went back to the same Dollar General and I see the product was taken off the shelves after I posted a video on Facebook. I really would like to be compensated for injuries. I have not experienced no pain like this before. I really would like to talk to someone about this issue before a lawyer is involved.

  • The Spring Ridge store in keithville La is a joke it's disgusting and you can never find anything, the manager is lazy and all we see her doing is smoking outside the door. She is very rude!

  • Digital coupons, do you folks have any idea how many seniors we have that don't know what the heck your talking about. Vegetables 3 for 1.00 digital coupon required some of our seniors rely on getting those vegetables that cheap being on a fixed income. even myself in the past would buy three or four cases with out that stupid digital coupon. Why or you depriving the seniors who are on a fixed income and some just barely making it and when these deals come out they get excited only to find out they are out of luck. Get rid of that stupid digital coupon and let the old folks enjoy what time they have left in this screwed up country.

  • When is Dollar General going to stock the store on Northside Rd in Northport Al? There has been three delivery trucks there in the last week and the shelves are still bare. If you’re not going to stock this store, close it down. I live 2 miles from the store but now have to drive 10 miles to Winn Dixie. Shame on you.

  • Bought paper towels at a local DOLLAR GENERAL STORE, price was marked as $5.00. When I got home I looked at the receipt & it showed $9.00. When I called the store the next day. I was so humiliated by 1 of the children that worked there. She said I did NO buy the item in the store. I'm 81 yo & to take what the child said to me was uncalled for. DAN the store manager was not in. He never called me back to date. I spend atleast $200 per month on the low side

  • this concerns the dg store at 7290 Bemmiss rd. in Valdostathe ,Ga. store number14645. the individual who says that he is the day manager, doesn,t say so on his name tag. has told me that I can,t go back there to shop because he put cigars in with a 2 liter bottle of soda. this is a good way to break them and when he was told about it he got mad good. I had and have no plans on going back there for several reasons.
    1.. his attitude towards customers when he gets corrected saying he wasn,t trained that way,
    common since should tell him that but guess not.
    2.. the store is dirty
    3.. they do not rotate the stock so you have to look at the dates on every piece of product that you buy. some day dg will be sued over this if some one gets sick. I for one pray that this does not ever happen because I like shopping at dg stores. most that I have been in are clean and the management are friendly and willing to help. this store has gone to pot in a hand basket.
    this manager needs training and should not be in this position until he is fully and properly trained on how to rotate the stock and how to bag groceries. as well as how to keep the store and the parking lot clean. as I have said I will not be going back there to shop since the management and employees are rude to customers. I believe a surprise inspection from corp. should be done not by the district manager or anyone else except by the corporate head quarters they are the only ones who should make the surprise inspection.

  • I am trying to use search on website and it will not search or show mr anything. Please make it work………………

  • went to your dollar general in keystone heights Florida,store bomber01401 300 Greenway keystone heights Florida,what I want to know is why do you allow dogs that are not service in the store, people put them in a cart which is not sanitary practice, thought you had to have a registered service dog and be marked as such proof of it if asked,my dog is registered service,and I carry her ÍD regerstration card,just saying you know there needs to be signs posted no dogs except for service animal marked as such thank you for your time 10/1/21 time 2:30pm

  • Last visit goldthwaite tx store
    Very rude so called employees.receipt tape dont work .handed back threw on floor. Waiting for other store to open

  • The Store in Rock Rapids,IA is set for a "remodel" next week–Don't bother. The store now closes at 6pm and one day this week it closed at 1 in the afternoon! I can't imagine how much business you have lost. I will now be driving out of town to get my stuff!

  • I am a frequent customer of dollar general here in GA, I am so tired of seeing your employees throw perfectly good stuff in the dumpsters. I don't know why DG does not have a program that donates food and items to battered woman's shelters, churches and kids homes in the community of your stores. Because of this I will no longer shop there and support you as a business because you do not support my community. There are people out there starving, children going hungry people with no clothing kids with no shoes I know that things that get thrown away can be used by nonprofit businesses please change your policies.

  • Your store in Cranford,NJ is in dyer need of some drastic help. It used to be a great store but has declined over the past couple of years. There are always a couple of employees stocking shelves with new product and always ONE register open. No matter how many people are on line. They see it, they get the looks and the sighs from the ten, twelve, fifteen people in line but they will never open another register. It's insanity !!! And the new self check out that they put in only a couple of months ago, forget that. It's always broke as well as the exit door. I know some may look at it as "it's a dollar store" but I don't look at it that way. I look at it as, you are running a business that is taking my hard earned money and I expect better service than the one I recieve at this present time. Corporate really needs to take a look into this store and make some changes. Maybe start by teaching your employees that when there is more than 5 people in line to break off stocking shelves and open a register. The product will still be there when you get back. Then get someone to fix the exit door that hasn't worked right for years. Then get the company back in who installed the self checkout and don't let him leave until it works perfectly. I can shop anywhere but I like the store for it's convenience, proximity, products and value. I would really hate to go anywhere else but if I must, i will. I am writing this in the hopes of making change not to be disparaging. I am also a very loyal and extremely disappointed long time customer. Thank you.

  • I hit a pot hole in the parking lot of the Dollar General store located at 6970 FM 741 Forney TX 75126 and blew out my front drivers side tire how do I get reimbursed for this?

  • This is regarding the Dollar General Store in Bagley MN. We have a co-worker there who is constantly nitpicking and harassing us for little things like an item being on the wrong shelf, when a customer must've just not wanted the item anymore and set it there. We are supposed to work as a team, but when she sees a customer waiting to be checked out, she will wait until I notice the customer and walk away so I have to hurry up to the register and help that customer. She is always bad mouthing both us employees and the customers that come in the store. She says terrible things about how "some customers are drug addicts and we don't need people like that shopping here". Whenever she has an issue with someone, she's never had the balls to walk up and discuss it to their face. She always waits until they leave or are out of earshot to start tearing into them and the way they do their job. Like she does her job so much better? I am ashamed to have worked with a person like that, and our District Manager just allows it. The entire couple months I've worked there, the District Manager hasn't said or done anything about it. Working at that store has been the worst experience I have ever had. I've been told by several people that I'm the best employee they've had there so far, which I'm flattered but in a way, that's also really sad. The negative environment in that store is just not worth the stress, and I will not be working for a Company that allows that kind of treatment of its employees and the customers that have the misfortune of shopping on a day when that employee is working. I have made a formal report about her, but I honestly don't expect anything to be done about it.

    -A former Employee

  • I was at Store #1743 in Sarver Pa today,There was a older man yelling at the cashier because his card would not work she was trying to fix the trouble and she told him she was only there for 2 weeks and there was NO manager there he was yelling at here and outher shopper so the cops were called.The old man also was yelling at the guy that was stocking ! The cashier was very upset .It was not her fault ! There should of been someone there to handle it. They dont get pay enough to have to get call nasty names.There are 3 DG less then 15 min. drive from my home this one is the junkies one.Also only one of the checkouts work!!!! One store has self checkout witch I would never use I do not work there!

  • Louisville,KY store on Dixie Highway at Watson Lane needs to have a HVAC tech dispatched to that store to service,replace and or repair the A/C unit .My wife and I are regular shoppers and the A/C has not been operating properly at that location for many,many WEEKS! Although we are always greeted and treated wonderfully,by each and every one of your knowledgeable team members,lately you can see the heat has been getting to them .This evening while we were shopping we noticed that the inside store temperature was well in excess of 85 degrees F…Customers seem to just want to run in and then directly right back out as soon as they realize how hot it is. I hope someone will take notice of this message and try to remedy this issue as soon as possible.Thank you very much!

  • Due to Dollar General's decision to boycott or disconnect with Mike Lindell and the My Pillow company, I will no longer do any shopping at your store. Thank you.

  • Dear President/CEO of Dollar General,

    Pam Pittman, cashier, at Dollar General Store #11011, 14055 Hwy 11, Campobello, SC 29322-9504 was fantastic!!
    As I was shopping all the aisles on a Saturday afternoon, I could hear all of her interactions with customers. She was welcoming to each one, ask how they were doing, was so fast in completing their order, wished them a blessed day…so positive and but so real. Never saw anything like it…in any store. She needs a raise and higher position!!!
    Just finished chemo therapy to beat my cancer and was a little hesitant to even go in a store. So happy that it was Pam Pittman's!!

    Linda Black

  • I have shopped at store # 3062 for over 12 years. Ive seen people come and go. I have seen the store be dirty, be clean be stocked and be bare. I have never made a complaint until now. I refuse to spend my hard earn money and be treated with such total lack of respect. I understand customer service, I taught it. When your employees eat at their station, as they are refusing to assist a paying customer, you have a problem. When your employee insults or mocks a customer, you have a problem. I am still waiting to hear from someone local. My conf # is 2007748217.