Dollar Rent-A-Car Corporate Office Headquarters

Dollar Rent-A-Car Corporate Office Headquarters
Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, Inc.
5330 East 31st Street
Tulsa, OK 74135 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-918-660-7700
Fax Number: 1-302-655-5049
Reservations: 1-800-800-4000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-800-5252

  • Recently I picked up a car from Dollar at the Atlanta Airport. A few miles from the airport a yellow warning light came on in the upper righthand panel of the display. I looked to see what the problem was and saw the reading –19 Low. I assumed this meant low tire pressure. I stopped at a service station; however, it did not have air. I called the “Emergency Road Service” number that was on my rental record “1-866-434-2226”.

    1. There was an automated recording but not one of the choices was for emergency road service; therefore, I selected choice 2.

    2. The man who answered heard my concern but asked if he could help me with a future rental before he connected me to the emergency service. This was highly inappropriate—his concern should have been for my safety and taking care of my emergency.

    3. The woman he connected me to was nothing short of an idiot. She said the low reading was for engine trouble and told me to bring the car back in the morning. I told her that wasn’t an option. ****She told me to –drive it back to the airport– and–to make sure I filled the tank before I brought it in!**** I controlled my anger and told her I would bring it in as it was. She should be fired for this. There is no excuse for this callousness.

    4. As I drove back towards the freeway, the reading rapidly dropped to 11. On the display the picture of the car showed flashing at the front driver’s side tire. I pulled over at another service station and called again. I believe I spoke to the same two people who answered the first time; however, this time the female answered and then transferred me to the male.

    5. The man advised me to put air in the tire and drive the car back to the airport. This service station had an “out of order” air pump. I told the male representative there must be a hole in the tire because the pressure was dropping so rapidly and asked if he could direct me to a gas station that had air. I mentioned I was driving around a place I didn’t know, at night, and the tire was likely to go flat while I looked for a station. He offered no help, such as looking up a station with working air or sending someone to repair the tire. I got angry and told him I would call my insurance company for help. When I hung up, my phone battery died. I was afraid to drive on the freeway—the only way I knew of to get to the airport—on a tire that might blow out but was even more afraid to seek out a good Samaritan. I therefore drove the car back to the airport.

    6. When I got to the airport the tire pressure was 6psi.

    7. I waited in line for 45 minutes before reaching the representative who would facilitate the exchange. She indicated she had to call the manager. The manager did not come, therefore the representative asked me to step to the side until the manager arrived. She called him several times and took care of 5 other customers before the manager finally showed.

    I got in line for the initial rental before 7:30pm. It was after 11 when I received the exchange. I let the manager know Dollar should have taken something off my rental and you should’ve paid my hotel fare for that night. He offered me a $75 voucher for a future rental; I refused it and assured him I will never rent from Dollar again.

    In and of itself, I’m not dwelling on the car problem–things malfunction and break. I am very bothered by the callousness of your employees and will therefore not rent from Dollar again. I will report this to the director of ground transportation at the airport and to the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

  • I rented a car in PHX to drive home to MSP. I rented on 4/13 with a return date of 4/15. No one was in MSP when I dropped off the car. There was sign that stated that no attendant was on duty and to leave the keys in the car. I did that @1500 on 4/15. I woke up to another day charge on my AMEX. After several attempts to get through, I finally spoke with a manager that "assured" me that this would be taken care of. I have sent several messages and have made several attempts to get this resolved to only have my post continue to be removed because it's a negative post. All I want is this situation to be rectified and made right. I did NOT return my vehicle on 4/16 as they stated on my receipt, I dropped my rental off on 4/15 @1500. There are cameras. All Dollar needs to do is look at the camera and figure it out. For them to charge another day is called stealing. I am a TA and I also travel and use rental cars monthly. Unfortunately, with this experience, I will be putting this company in my "NEVER USE" folder. I can't imagine a company of this size would need to steal $275 from me…My next step is to contact the Better Business Bureau if this doesn't get resolved immediately.

  • Come on dollar get your act together overcharging people we rented two cars off of you,One which we picked up on the 14th of February and the other was for our girls which were coming out to Florida on the 22nd February.Everything we wanted had been paid for in England. The girls had no phone reception at the airport the girl behind the dollar counter told them they would be in violation if they did not take out the Sunpass which they did not need because where we were staying you only needed to go through to which would’ve cost us $2.75 with some pals cost $80 they told the girls that you’re not allowed to pay with cash or with card and that they would be in serious traffic violation. Try to bring the subject up at the airport as usual didn’t wanna know won’t be using your company again and anybody that asked me about a car hire company, I will warn them against using dollar because all your firm are Group of liars and taking money under false pretences.

  • I dropped off my rental car yesterday at 12:27 pm, 2 hours before my scheduled flight was to leave at 2:25 pm. We dropped off the vehicle and waited for 45 minutes for a shuttle back to the airport. We ended up getting to the airport at 1:40 pm and missed our flight.There were 4 different families trying to talk to the manager to get a shuttle. He was rude, would not give us his information including even a name, as he worn no name tag, and did nothing to resolve the current situation. I told the manager we were going to miss our flight and I would seek reimbursement if that happened, he said I was more than welcome to but did nothing to speed up the process of getting us to the airport.There had to be only 3 shuttles at the most running with 4 shuttles sitting in the parking lot. During the altercation with the manager 3 plus employees were standing outside. If there were so many employees not busy, why did not a single one get in to drive the shuttle? Several times the high traffic was mentioned and used as an excuse for the wait time between each shuttle. During our time waiting we counted 10 shuttles that drove by for National car rentals. If they can get their customers to and from the airport in a timely manner I believe it is possible for your company as well. This store is based in L.A. and is very familiar with the amount of traffic at the airport. It would seem to me that it is entirely possible to plan around high traffic times and also high drop off times as we schedule that in advance.One of the perks advertised at Dollar is the free shuttle ride to and from the airport. If this service is provided to assist your customers we should not have to worry about getting to our flight on time. We ended up stranded at the airport for 4 hours with two very small children and nowhere to go. I was unable to feed my 6 month old daughter a warm bottle or give my 3 year old a proper lunch. This was completely unacceptable and could have been entirely avoided had your company been more prepared.We not only had this problem when dropping off but we also had to wait for about an hour to be picked up from the airport as well. We were left twice, one instance in which they simply closed the doors on us and drove away. This was evidenced by a phone call I placed to make sure that we didn't lose our reservation because we were late picking up the car. I spoke with the agent about the wait we had for the shuttle. We should have reached our destination by 7pm on April 21st and did not arrive until 10pm that night due to the issues we had with this company.All in all we had to wait on a shuttle during both our arrival and departure. I am looking for compensation due to the extra expenses for the change in airline tickets, the hotel, food for the extra night, and for both my husband and I missing an extra day of work… which we will both not be paid for since it was not a part of our vacation time taken. I am more than willing to show all evidence I have to the courts, including the time stamped receipts I have from both your company when I dropped off the car and from Alaska Airlines when we finally reached the airport.I spoke to your completed rental customer service department yesterday and was told that the airport is in charge of running the shuttles and there was nothing your company could do. During my long wait at the airport I got a phone number for the airport control and spoke with them this morning, they informed me that they have nothing to do with the shuttles and the responsibility for them rests solely on your company. I spoke with them again today for the third time and they offered me vouchers for money off the next time I rent. I can honestly say I will NEVER rent from your company again and I am prepared to leave extremely detailed reviews of my experience with your company on every review site I can find. I hope we can come to some sort of an agreement and I look forward to hearing from your company in a timely manner.

  • These guys a burglars. Stay away from them. Agents at the desks are dishonest and shady, pushing add-on expenses you do not need.

  • I booked a car from 1/11 to 1/20 2017at Tampa airport. Cost $179 total. I walked away $329 poorer and my head spinning because I was told the tolls alone were going to cost me over 100$ and I would be liable for any costs that occurred because the toll booths did not have anywhere that you could pay cash. WRONG! We added the tolls we used to $4.75. Our GPS took us away from toll roads. The agent at the Tampa counter tried to upsell us and every time we hesitated he changed the price. I told him my cc had insurance and he assured me we would be in big trouble if we didn't get the insurance. I later found out my Capital cc actually says to refuse the insurance. Now get this..If I added the insurance at time of booking it would have been $7.94 a day. Never again, and I will go on every site I can find to complain about this awful company.

  • My experience was not a good one. I rented a car from Las Vegas for a work trip & to house hunt. The next day after getting to my destination, I noticed that the car tags expired the next day. I promptly called customer service to alert them of my issue. They told me it was fine & it was ok to continue to drive the car & if I got pulled over & fined for illegal plates that I needed to bring my ticket into Dollar when I drop off the car & that they would take care of it. I told them that I was not comfortable driving this car for the remainder of the week & asked what they could for me. Customer service recommended that if I wanted a legal vehicle to drive that I would need to commute to the closet rental agency which was an hour & a half away to replace the car.
    After speaking with my attorney, I contacted roadside assistance to try & remedy this issue & they also told me there was nothing they could do unless I was willing to drive to local rental agency. Mary, from roadside assistance told me that under no circumstances would I be personally fined for driving an illegal vehicle. I told her my attorney says otherwise, that as the driver of the vehicle it is my responsibility to make certain that everything is legal within said vehicle. Now, my attorney did say that if I was fined that I would need to pay for fine & then turn it over to the rental company for reimbursement.

    I reluctantly drove this car for the remainder of my trip as I felt I was at their mercy because there were no other options for me where I was. I only drove the car to & from my work & relied on my co-workers to drive to dinner etc. When house hunting of course, I road with my realtor.

    When I arrived back in Vegas I spoke with a representative there, where she offered me a $50.00 certificate towards a future rental with Dollar.
    I explained to her my frustration that I paid for a legal & maintenance free vehicle which I had paid for & did not receive.

  • Dollar-Rental-Car in Raleigh, NC (RDU) is by far the worst car rental company I have ever done business with. As previously mentioned by others, upon picking up my rental no one escorted me to the vehicle to confirm mileage, dents, or gas. I had to gas up as soon as I drove off because the gas was at 1/4 of a tank. I returned the rental today at 1/4 of a tank and the staff at the front desk said, the computer showed the car was full when I got it and then they recanted and said the tank was 6/8 full according to the hard copy records (the electronic records say one thing and the hard copy records say another, while neither are correct). I asked to speak with the manager and he was off site. I let the young lady know I will return on my lunch break to speak with the manager because she wanted to charge me $58 for fuel that I wasn't responsible for. Before I could make it 10 mins. up the road she had charged my card $86 for fuel. The car I rented was a mid-size and only cost $20 the fill up from empty (remember I said I had to fill it up as soon as i picked it up because I was 20 miles from empty). DON"T USE DOLLAR BECAUSE THEY WILL USE YOU!!!!

  • I rented a prepaid car for a trip up to Pennsylvania for an adoption. The young lady at the counter told us that we were to take the car in a certain spot and that it was a nissan sentra. We walked over to the car no one came to meet us and go over the car at all, we did it ourselves and made notes. right door dents, paint missing on every door like tape had been holding the doors shut. The car was very clean. At drive out the girl didn't even greet hello or thank you nothing. What happen to being personal? We drove the car to my brothers home about 25 miles away and parked it for the day 4pm until 7 am in a private driveway. The next day we drove 3 miles to the train station and parked. Returned from the train 5 hours later to a flat tire. Called service was told that because we did not purchase the insurance we would be responsible if we called for help. My husband put the donut tire on and we drove to a station and the attendant plugged the tire and said it was in a bad spot and the tire was not safe to drive on that we should call the rental place and have either the tire replaced or get a replacement car. Well I guess you all know how the story goes! No replacement car unless you want to drive through rush hour and get it. No car brought to you. They would not help. I did get a person Michael he found a hertz that maybe would get a car in and we should call them later that night and maybe the car would be returned in. I wanted to get the number to the car rental office so I could talk to them personally and even Michael could not get in touch with them. At return my husband wanted to talk to them about the tire but nobody outside the return was personable. the guy did not want to get into any conversation. Im an occasional renter but this my first real problem I will think twice about using Dollar again.

  • picked up a car at Denver airport and asked what was best way to Fort Collins. when told to take a toll road, I asked how the toll would be charged. was told that the amount of toll would be charged to our card. ok great. Not so fast, received a violation notice in the mail for the $7.10 toll and the $30.00 administration fee. Called # on violation which is a 3rd party company who processes for dollar and was told they could cut the fee in half. I stated that I shouldn't have to pay any fee except toll because I questioned toll fee at p/u and was not told about any toll plan or fees. person on phone could care less and just kept repeating herself. called dollar customer service and spoke to Jakia who stated that there is nothing they can do and there was no manager or phone # she could give me to take the issue further. I asked who the president was and where he was located. She stated John Teague and the office was in Florida and then hung up on me. Every avenue keeps referring you back to violation processing center who doesn't even work for Dollar and could care less. never renting a car from dollar again.



  • Customer service is none existence. After waiting for 30 minutes on hold I the voice on the other end sounded mad at the world. I told I was "damn" upset with dollar and she told me I cursed at her and hung up. That is BS. Dollar has taken my money for frequent flyer miles and have never given me my miles. They put all the work on you to get what they promise, yet do not ever reply. I doubt thAT anyone reads these however if you want to contact me my dollar number is 0100397>>> dwk you can find me if you really want to. YOU ARE THE COMCAST OF THE RENTAL CAR COMPANIES

  • This company is running and insurance scam and making millions of dollars off of unsuspecting customers. The customer service department consists of rude, arrogant people who will even laugh at you when you become frustrated . You need only google dollar rental insurance scam to see the number of complaints . I , along with many have contact the department of consumer affairs in the state in which my car rentals took place. I have also contacted 20 / 20 along with dateline and they have expressed interest in exposing this company for what it truly is. I hope everyone else who has been scammed out of hundreds of dollars contacts their respective state consumer affairs departments and please contact 20/20 and dateline so they too can see the pattern. This is a disgusting example of corporate greed and someone needs to be held accountable and consumers need reimbursement!

  • I booked a Car Via Hotwire for New Orleans. I arrived around 3PM he location was empty. My reservation was for a "Special Vehicle. (Compact size or larger but priced low like a compact) This is their disclaimer(†The makes/models shown are examples only. We are unable to guarantee a specific make/model. Actual makes/models are subject to availability and vary by supplier.) When I arrived, they said the car I would get would be a Chevy Spark , which is a subcompact and suggested a full size car for $100.00 more. I'm six foot four, I would never book a subcompact. I wasnt angry, maybe I made a mistake. So I went online and checked my reservation. It was what I type above. So I asked did they have any compact cars. Nope just a Chevy Spark. I asked for the manager who said they see the reservation but upgrades were at their discretion. I told her in the time I was there they had three customers and taking walk ups. I called Dollar Customer Service and after 32 minutes, they said it was at the locations discretion. Then I called Hotwire and after another 40 minutes, THEY SAID IT WAS AT THE LOCATIONS DISCRETION!!!! I told them that i hap a copy of my reservations and said it was misleading. No apology, they just repeated themselves. I had a plan. As I up to the third floor to retrieve my car. It turned out to be a compact. A Ford Focus, flabbergasted, I asked for a Chevy Spark, no one had seen one! This was all a Technic to get an upsale. This is far from over. I arrived just before 3 pm and left after 6pm with three hour drive to West Florida in New Orleans rush hour This is far from over.

  • I HAD TO WAIT 1 1/2 hours to rent because the computers went down, then I was given a rental I believe was never inspected after knowing there was damage to the back bumper since August of this year per the old rental slips inside, I was traveling from California to Arizona which should of taken 5 to 6 hours, but took me almost 9 hours because once on the road with the defected car the back bumper on the driver side started flapping 70 miles from Blythe Arizona, I stopped to call it in and was told a tow truck could meet me in Blythe but I had to give an exact address and it would be 2 hours. My phone service was not good because of the location I was in, the first agent did not ask for a call back number and we were disconnected in addition to not entering anything into the system so I had to repeat everything all over while waiting on the side of the road, then the second Agent did get the number but did not call me back after again being disconnect due to service in the location I was in, the third try I got someone who ensured me that he would enter my information, if he didn't find anything. After looking he located information from the second Agent about the bumper, but stated that the first Agent was new and misinformed me about a tow because after I stated, I had to get out to push the bumper into place twice and could not go over 60 miles, the third Agent stated because the vehicle was considered drivable that I did not qualify for a tow and suggested I drive back 100 miles to the nearest location because he could not authorize a tow. Then he stated that I could trade the rental in at the Dollar Rental in Phoenix Arizona which was over 150 miles away. I had to stop 22 times to fix that bumper scaring my children every time it popped a loose and having to get out on a major highway (BUT THAT DID NOT QUALIFY ME FOR A TOW AND NEVER MIND IF THE BUMPER HAD COME COMPLETELY OFF AND HIT ANOTHER CAR BEHIND ME). Once I got to the Dollar in Phoenix, I explained to the return guy that it was a switch and not a return and without knowing my situation he stated the bumper came a lose? and I asked him was it common and he stated YES. I requested the Site Manager to explain my horrible ordeal and the Site Manager just told the express clerk to switch out the cars, he never came down. I was told to go pick another car and they were mostly the same cars and the others only had 2 seats in the back and I have three children, I told the same return guy that I did not want the same car if that was a known factor of the bumper coming a loose and he stated just make sure there are no bumps or scratches on the bumpers because that happens if the previous customers have hit/bumped something………..(Why is it that its ok to know the bumpers come a loose and still rent the cars out?) I have never in all my life experienced such horrible customer service and having to force my family to be in so much danger. I have saved the saved the old rental slips to prove the car was damaged prior to renting it out twice at least. I would really like for someone to call me to discuss any possible explanation for the disservice I have received from Dollar Rentals.

  • My husband and I had a terrible experience with Dollar at the Denver Airport. We rented a car on July 21, 2015 and returned it on July 31, 2015. It was a prepaid reservation, and my husband waited in line for an hour at the airport to get the car. When we returned the car to the Denver Airport, we were not given any paperwork, just an "okay" from the person who looked at it. We were charged for 3 extra days rental that we didn't have the car. I had to make numerous phone calls and e-mail our flight itinerary to show that we weren't even in the state of Colorado for the 3 extra days. On top of that, we were charged for tolls (over $100) that were incurred after we returned the car. Once again, I had to make phone calls and e-mail documentation to prove these weren't our charges. Sounds like some sort of scam to me on the tolls. The actual tolls were $2 or $3 each and a $15 administrative fee for each one. It was finally corrected. We will NEVER rent from Dollar again, unless absolutely necessary. Terrible customer service.

  • Today I returned a rental car to the Holiday Inn on state road 535 in Orlando where I had rented a Nissan Altima for 10 days.
    Upon returning the vehicle, there was no one available other than the desk agent. She asked where the car was and I told her that I had left it in front of the hotel since there was no designated return area.
    She completed my transaction which came to $400.
    Two hours later I receive a voice mail message from the same desk agent saying that I had violated the non smoking policy and would be charged special cleaning fees. No one in my family smokes, and we certainly did not pick up any strangers. I told we did not smoke in the car. She went on to add that there were cigarette burns, cigarette butts on the floor, a lighter and oh yes, we had air freshner to try to cover it up! I said that cannot be the car we used. I told her I had personally cleaned it out and was under the mats, on the floor and seats removing pieces of chips and peanuts. None of what she said was true. So to confirm, she put the phone down and called the "cleaning" employee over to the desk and I could hear him say these same things. I was screaming into the phone that this was a lie, that they had the wrong car, or they were making it up to get more money from me.
    They left the phone off the hook on the desk for the next 10 minutes where I could hear her dealing with customers and making sales, ignoring my "hello" I repeated so I could speak to someone.
    I hung up and called American Express who said that they will assist me to dispute the charge once the charge appeared on my credit card. That agent indicated that he had heard many similar stories regarding false charges by car rentals.
    I called back and spoke with the same agent. I told her that I had cleaned out the car and her reply was, "Look you had the car for two weeks and from what I was told it was filthy'. I corrected her that I had it 10 days, and that the agreement did not say I had to have it cleaned before returning it. It need a wipe down, and floor and seats vacuumed.
    I told her I wanted the corporate number. She said she had none. I told her I wanted the name and number of the local Dollar agency. She said no, that's not the way we handle things. I asked her no less than 10 times for her managers name/and or number and she said, we cant give that number because this would happen all day. She said they cant be taking these calls. Well that tells me that they have a lot of angry customers.
    I asked her why no one brought me to the car to check it out after it was used, at which time they would have been able to discover these hidden items and detected the non existent odor. She said that I could come to see the car, but by now it is cleaned up. She said another department will be calling me with the extra charges.
    The agent's name was Jahi or Jihi, or something similar. this happened today, July 27. I will take this further and dispute the charge on American Express
    Be WARNED! If there is no one to check out your return, take a lot of pictures.

  • July 10, 2015 – Arrived at LAX at midnight. There were over 100 people in line (no exaggeration) two people working the counters and busses were still dropping off customers. The wait was at least two hours. Fortunately I had a friend come pick me up. WORSE THAN POOR MANAGEMENT.

  • May 17, 2015 I rented a vehicle for a week and during the renting process I told the agent that was assisting me that I didn't want the insurance coverage nor did I need a toll pass that allow you to go through toll for free. However I was told that I had to get Insurance coverage renting in Florida as my personal vehicle Insurance does not cover rentals being rented in Florida. I still advised the agent that I didn't need it, but if he say I must get it then I have no choice. He said that I would be responsible for any damages to the vehicle if any occurred, if I didn't get the coverage and I still declined it. When it comes to the Toll pass I was told, that most roads in Florida you must go toll and that was not the case. I passed through one and that cost me 45.99, which I think was a scam. The agent that assisted me made basically told me I had no choice but to get these items. The first rental car that I drove in was horrible and shook when you got to about 40 miles. I brought that car back and was checked into another vehicle that when I got ready to pull off, it said service required. After that I was checked into a third vehicle which I was satisfied with. Once I returned my rental I asked the agent about the fees that I was charged and she told me that was untrue I didn't have to get it, so I went inside and talked to a manager that told me to send in a statement. My overall experience with Dollar rental car was horrible and I feel like I was scammed out of $45.99 for plate pass and $97.93 for supplemental Insurance charges that I informed agent I didn't want. When it came time to finalize my rental agreement I was reading each screen and the agent rushed me through it and said just click yes for everything. crazy thing that another costumer was complaining about the same exact charges that he was told he had to get at the start of his rental agreement. After my experience with dollar I don't plain to rent from them again if I will get services that I tried to decline, but told I must get.


  • May 29th – I rented a car in Tampa and had the same issue as the above, I declined any additional fees, insurance and waviers. The sneaky agent snuck that it right under your nose with all the electric signatures needed, I NEVER EVER pay for insurance or lost damage waivers especially since I knew the car was just leaving the airport to the hotel. YOUR EMPLOYEES RIP PEOPLE OFF, Your MGT practices are shady, horrible and your employee's not only have I called twice to get a copy of the agreement, I never got it, and also got the run around multiple times. I GET an agreement was signed, but it was signed under false pretenses. I can rent a car from Avis or Enterprise for 10.00 a day in Houston with NO FEES other than standard taxes, and decent car- this crappy car cost me with all the additional fees 60.00 a day – Gary Paxton you will be hearing from me. my complaint number is 2456879 TAMPA OFFICE

  • My family and had a reservation to pick up our Dollar Renal car on 2 May 12am at Fort Lauderdale airport. Your counter representative was "okay". When I received my rental contract I was asked to go see the lot attendant, all he did was point out where my rental was located, he was a lazy lot attendant. I checked the rental car myself. The car had a deep scratch on the right rear bumper. The rental as washed and somewhat clean. It has over 40k on the odometer, that seems high for a rental. When I stop then start the car it always feels as if it want to stall. I'm still in the rental, but I'm not that happy. I will have a final review after my rental.

  • Due to the refusal to refund the insurance I did not want, told the clerk I did not want, and didn't realize that I had agreed to because there are a dozen individual electronic items you must initial and it would take an hour to read all, I am now going to send out an email to the 1000+ people I deal with who travel extensively to no longer use Dollar Car Rentals. Rather than refund less than $100 of insurance coverage, Dollar would rather that I bad-mouth them, so that is what I am and will do, moving forward. This sure seems like a stupid way to do business, but that is what they choose to do. Basically, there is no customer service, all you get is long waits and people that can't help you resolve squat. I too asked for a supervisor, and Yolanda in Oklahoma said she can make all the decisions! Yeah, makes sense that a low-level employee is making all the decisions for a huge company – give me a break, this is just a way to not deal with problems. The next email I will send will be a Mailchimp email blast to all my people telling them to no longer use Dollar car rental, period! They won't care, but at least I feel better and 1000 others will know we no longer support Dollar and are switching to another company.

  • this is a pass the buck company no one wants to take responsibility or help you. Three time I received a human at customer service, this was after an 11, and 15 wait, Each time the person listened to my complaint then said I need to put you on hold, 15 minutes went by and the dial tone appeared, so I started over, again finally got to a human, after a while they placed me on hold and you guessed it, 15 minutes later I got to hear the dial tune again. Finally the time I found a different phone number for customer service,, again 7 minutes to get to a human, we spent 20 minutes on the phone without getting my problem solved, I asked for her supervisor, SHE SAID SHE MAKES THE DECISIONS AND I DO NOT NEED A SUPERVISOR AND HUNG UP. I finally got the Executive offices and I have been waiting 30 minutes for a call back.

    • THE EXACT THING happened to me!! I declined the insurance and the rep put it (and road side service ) on there anyway.
      Now, being in a hurry and needed to get to my destination, I didn't look over the contract and just signed…so I got an over charge of $117! Wow…not only that, but the guy totally lied when he told me how much the toll charges were going to be, so being from Cali and not having Toll charges…I trusted his word and had him add the toll pass. I paid 3 times as much using the pass as I would have paying the toll on my own.
      I am furious with this company and if there is ANYTHING I can do to keep people from renting their cars, I will most definitely do it! Horrible and untrustworthy company!!!

    • I have a rebuttal to my last review. Dollar just called me back and said they would refund the money they charged me for the insurance I didn't ask for. Because the rep did not go over the contract with me, they will refund the charges. I must say I am impressed that they took the time to call me back to let me know. I suppose the lesson is 'no matter how much in a hurry you are…ask to see the charges before you sign anything' Thank you Dollar!!

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