Dominion Virginia Power Corporate Office Headquarters

Dominion Virginia Power’s Corporate Office  is locate in Richmond, Virginia. The address is below.

Dominion Virginia Corporate Address and Phone Number:

120 Tredegar Street

Richmond, VA 23261
Corporate Phone Number: 1-804-819-2000
Fax Number: 1-804-775-5819
Dominion Virginia Power Mailing Address:
PO BOX 26666
Richmond, VA 23261

Dominion Virginia Billing (Bill Pay) Address:

PO BOX 26543

Richmond, VA 23261

dominion virginia power corporate office headquarters

  • I sure feel validated reading these comments. I was out of work for a year, got really behind, am working and have been overpaying my bill almost a year. I got a disconnect notice (it was at the top of my bill and I didn't notice it), managed to get it turned on the same day, and now they are slapping at 600 deposit on my bill. I tried all avenues of resources they suggested but none could help me as I had gone back to work. The call center (Faneuil) are the actual rude culprits in this customer service fiasco. I also support a disabled husband. They could care less. This deposit is going to break me.

  • Yes, this the worse company ever to have power with they do not know the meaning of the word sick or emergency. They are quick to add fees when your lights are not disconnected and the want you pay a re-connection charge and they never went out. What are they doing? We need to get Dominion out of the North Carolina small towns and keep RCA and Get Duke Energy.

  • Dominion power sucks they don't care about there customers and there customers service sucks they cut my power off so I paid the bill then they didn't come back for 2 days to cut it back on and I have 2kids and my mom live with me on oxygen SMH going to find a new power source promise

  • I want to know how yall can just change budget billing from 269 to over 444 dollars from 1 month to another. Now we owe yall over 1300.00 because we have been paying 269 a month. It's just wrong!

  • My neighborhoods (Scottingham) power goes out during the rain, wind, snow, moths landing on power lines, etc. When will Dominion correct this?

  • Have you no ethics? Wait, I already know the answer! I just found out that you strong-armed all your employees into campaigning and making phone calls this weekend to try to defeat Perriello for governor. I am hereby asking everyone who reads this to vote FOR Perriello for Governow of Virginia. I am so thankful I no longer get electricity from you!

  • domino is one of the big companies that likes take their costomers money to send their kids to college and get rich off the public and they sit back and don't even care because they get free gas and pay off land owners for the right to drill on their land I know this is true because I have worked in the oil and gas field sence 2008

  • Oh let's not forget you can't get a hold of corporate because they have 800 number that gives you a bunch of other 800 numbers that you have to call so how does that resolve my issues it doesn't you're bad company you're always be a bad company your customers don't mean nothing to you it's all about the almighty dollar well I'm tired of it you won't be getting any more my money I can live without power I'm from the south I don't need power I survived years without it I can survive again without it

  • Dominion power is a terrible terrible company to have to use for power here in Hampton roads. I have dealth with them since the 90's and they are the worse and the most uncaring company ever. they will cut your power off in below 0 weather kids or not in the home they are a trip. they told me they can activate a payment plan if I put $$$ down by 5pm, I put $$$ down way before 5pm that same dam day and called to confirm my pp and these fools act like they never offered me a payment plan so they pull the recording and hear me get offered a pp but didn't hear me accept BUT I did what they said and paid the dp $$$$ for the plan, they are terrible and I hate talking to their cold tails. they are ghetto and just idiots over there.

  • one of dominions employees Andrew Cooney is a snake he contracts tree companies then breaches the contract by giving lame excuses to get rid of them so he can give other tree workers a job that are his buddies not to mention he has come out on jobs numerous times with a white powder substance in his nose he involves his self too much on who companies should hire etc..

  • Worst customer service I've ever dealt with or should I say, that I tried.Waiting for over an hour to talk to someone then they hang up on you and it happened than twice. The only way you get in touch with any body is to pay the bill and then they can charge any amount because there is no one to argue the amount with, so bottom line either pay whatever they say no power.

  • Does dominion power have any ethics when it comes to it's customers? A 71 year old woman and an 8 year old child is sitting in a house with no heat or lights after this woman paid them $1400.00 dollars now they say she owes $2100.00. I've been trying to get someone to explain why but have not gotten a answer.

    • im a single mother that missed the down payment on payment on plan. now they want me to pay 899 dollars. I had to pay my mortgage and only working a part time job. I asked them to give me 2 days to pay the 120 dollars for payment plan. part time job was paying me in to days. they would not help. dominion va would not help my family

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