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Dominos Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

Looking for the corporate office contact information for Domino’s Pizza? You’ve come to the right place! Here, you will find all of the necessary details to get in touch with Domino’s corporate headquarters. Whether you need to send a complaint or just want to say hello, we have all the information you need right here:

The mailing address for Domino’s corporate office is:

Domino’s Pizza LLC

30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48106

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To reach the corporate office by phone, call 1-734-930-3030. The customer service department is available Monday through Friday.

Dominos Pizza Corporate Office

  • I am very upset, On April 21, 2022 I called to order pizza and pasta for dinner. When I looked up the phone number from Google it showed the location I needed was a drive thru only. I called to order and was on the phone as I drove up to the location. I asked the person on the phone where was the drive thru window and was informed that it was no longer a drive thru but that I would be texted as soon as my order was ready. I informed the girl that I was there and in the parking lot. After 20 mins and no text I went into the store. Paid for my order and left. I only live less then 5 mins from the store. When I got home the pizza and pasta were both cold. I usually call right away but was not feeling to well. So the next morning I tried to call starting at 10 am. The message said they were still closed. At 11 I finally got ahold ahold of the manager. Here is what took place with him. When I told him what happened he stated "I do not believe that you saw that on Google because we have not been a drive thru for over a year." Then he questioned my why I waited 24 hours to call. I stated first it was not 24 hours but then told him that I had been trying since 10 am to reach them. He further stated that they do not text. He was very rude. He never offered to replace the dinner. He said there was nothing he could do. My last statement to him was I would never buy from that location again. He hung up on me. I have ordered many times before this but always got it delivered. The location is Wetmore and 1st Ave in Tucson. I feel that I should have been given a replacement pizza.

  • The manager Leighann at 2256 Scott St, Napoleon, OH 43545 is a bad representation of the restaurant she was rude and kicked me out of the restaurant because I asked for a refill and complained about a hair in my food, I am not the only customer you will be losing. She's also nasty and has an onlyfans because some of her friends have shared it and passed it around.

  • Shame on corporate for insisting that online or phone orders go to the bottom of the list and the people who come in to pick them up get first shot. I placed an order at 4:44 and called at 5:44 and my pizza had not even been made and it would likely be another 45 minutes at least. More than likely last time I will order since you are no longer customer friendly.

  • I placed a $51 order online to Dominos Pizza in North Saint Paul MN for delivery, which was forwarded to the Dominos Pizza on Whitebear Av N in Saint Paul. The latter canceled my order. I called to ask why. I was told they don’t deliver. I called the North Saint Paul Dominos. I was told I live out of their area, which ends within several yards of me. Apparently, Dominos will not deliver. What happens to my personal data that I had placed into your system including my card number? I wish I had not attempted to order online!!!

  • I have ordered from Domino's for many years. I made a mistake in placing my order. And that is on me. But the store located on N Main Street in Salinas CAdid try to call me about my order. HOWEVER when the call came through to My cell phone it should a name of Ben Elyasi. I don't know anyone by that name…so I did not answer it. Come to find out that this is the owner on Domino's in Salinas. Now if it had come up Domino's…I would have answered. In fact the call from Ben came through twice…no messages left on voice mail. When I finally figured it out…my order was on its way. I called and spoke to Maribel there at the store and expressed concern that the calls did not show they were from Domino's. Once my order got toy home and my husband opened the box…the pizza was a thin crispy crust…it was broken and missing pieces…And the receipt from my order was folder and placed inside the box ..on top of the pizza. I called back and spoke to Maribel again…she offered to remake the pizza. She then put me on hold and called the owner and the delivery guy. I was offered another pizza…But I would have to come pick it up…they refused to deliver it. I took pictures of the pizza in the box..I asked for a refund….that was also refused. Order # 1660 on 11/28/21

  • Given that your staff on Capitol Drive refuses to answer the phone, please change your taped messsage to indicate that the staff is unavailable due to high volume OR hire another person. You are losing customers fast with this policy of refusal to communicate with customers.

  • Well I have ordered several times from the one in orange beach Alabama. I have never received any of the so called free stuff but I have received bad cold pizza after 2.5 hours of wait time.

  • Gentleman, I purchase a lg. 14 inch, thin and crispy pepperoni pizza carry out. I was charged $16.19 plus tax. I have never had to pay that much for one pizza before. I feel that a refund is due me.

  • No comment, just an opinion. Out of 50 states, and no telling how many restaurants per state, you're giving away free food; that's not a big deal considering the amount of people that orders from you anyway! That's just a drop in the bucket!

  • Placed an order #1194683 and asked for extra mushroos when I got home with my order found that it had no mushrooms at all on it, I called it took over 15 minutes to get ahold of them and they told me that they have been out of mushrooms for 2 days but I still was charged for it. They act like they don't care so I don't think that I will ever care about going back. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  • we have a problem, well, you have a problem- i ordered a bacon chicken ranch sandwich, cheesy bread, and a bottle of coke-1st, it took 40 minutes for it to be delivered from your store to Titan Wheel when i was told 15 minutes-2nd, the sandwich was slopped together and no sauce for my bread, 3rd, i just looked at my bank account and i was charged 5 TIMES!!! I dont know what your game is but that money will be returned today or this is getting taken way past Facebook i promise-the cost was 20.40, i had that charge on my account 5 times, im not playing around with this incompetent business.

  • I just order and was not happy the person put my order on the dirty stoop and press the the bell when i came out my food was their when i am looking to see who no one is their. I call the one on Babcock St palm bay Fl 32905 the young man told me that how they was told to do in a build complex

  • Hello my name is Lanta. I made an order online yesterday to pick up. I got my receipt. When I got home I was going to redeem the 30 day free trial to Epix. I never received an access code not on my receipt not by email. I asked the person who gave me my order and she is a manager what was needed and if i could get info about it. She had no clue and couldnt help me. All i know is i made the order online and never received an access code to get the free 30 day Epix. Can someone please help me.

  • I ordered two pizzas last week. When I went in to pay for them using my debit card the manager processed the payment and declared in front of 3 other customers that my payment was declined "due to lack of funds". I assured her that was not the case! She again processed the payment 3 more times with the same result. She insisted on another card and would process it in the backroom. Meanwhile, I called the bank as each attempt came thru my phone. They (PNC) stated that someone was entering the 3 digit code transposed and that's why the declines. She then came back and said all was fine with this card. I took my order and left. About 15 minutes later she called and said the payment was returned and I was to come back with cash. Calling my bank and checking online 2 payments were processing. I told her this and she said "not on my end" I stated that I would let the transactions process first as my bank instructed and if it didn't I would be there in the morning to pay cash. As it was all of them dropped off and I went back and paid. No "I'm sorry this happened " no nothing except an attitude of inconvenient on their part. Why would you embarrass a customer in front of others like that and give no apologies?

  • I ordered two pizzas last week. When I went in to pay for them using my debit card the manager processed the payment and declared in front of 3 other customers that my payment was declined "due to lack of funds". I assured her that was not the case! She again processed the payment 3 more times with the same result. She insisted on another card and would process it in the backroom. Meanwhile, I called the bank as each attempt came thru my phone. They (PNC) stated that someone was entering the 3 digit code transposed and that's why the declines. She then came back and said all was fine with this card. I took my order and left. About 15 minutes later she called and said the payment was returned and I was to come back with cash. Calling my bank and checking online 2 payments were processing. I told her this and she said "not on my end" I stated that I would let the transactions process first as my bank instructed and if it didn't I would be there in the morning to pay cash. As it was all of them dropped off and I went back and paid. No "I'm sorry this happened " no nothing except an attitude of inconvenient on their part. Why would you embarrass a customer in front of others like that and give no apologies?


  • I am writing this as an employee of Domino's #6751. On 12-01-2020, a customer that I am close with ordered from my store, and halfway through the call, a customer walked into the lobby, and store #6752 began calling us. I asked for help up front, and instead of taking the carryout or answering the other phone, my assistant manager took over on that customer call I was in. I tried telling her that that wasn't what I meant but she ignored me. She ended up sending out a pizza that the woman did not want(did not want anything spicy, but the manager sent her out the buffalo chicken pizza, which is the spiciest thing on the menu), and the woman was rightfully upset. I could have sworn we voided the payment and sent her a remake but there is still a charge to the woman's bank account. It's too late now to void the payment but she needs a refund. Please reach out to me asap and I can connect you with her.

  • On a recent visit to Sullivan Indiana Dominoes I was told by an employee that I need not put my face mask on, I ask him why and he replied they don't work anyway. I might add he was not wearing one and yet he was waiting on customers and engaging in conversation from less than an arm length away. This practice needs corrected.

  • Very disappointed to learn I had to pay $1 plus give you my credit card number just to communicate my dissatisfaction on my order. I'll write the Headquarters office

  • Oslo Florida 8th street store,Ordered at 2:30pm quality check at 2:39pm pizza sat at the store until 3:25pm when it arrived at my house at 3:48pm totally cold of course.Complain and get offered a 20% off my next order coupon…… time?You have got to be kidding.

  • Chickasha Pizza Delivery
    806 S 4th St, Chickasha, OK 73018
    Has the overall feel of a car repair shop. Counter etiquette needed.

  • I ordered a sausage pizza and was so shocked and disappointed that I vow never to order again! My pizza came on time but the sausage was the problem. Some bright no brain idiot put 3/4 inch slices of kolbassy all over the pizza. Since when was kolbassy an Italian sausage? That ruined my pizza even though I picked all of the kolbassy off of it. The only way I like kolbassy is with sourkraut and onions and not on a pizza!

  • every time i order cheezy bread they forget the sauce, i dont like the bread with out the sauce. then when I called the guy said I did not pay for it, so I was willing to pay for it, but not willing to wait another 45 min to get it, but in the first place I reminded the lady on the phone twice don't forget the sauce, coz I figured she would, so she should have charged me for it, or did she plan to forget it?

  • So I put in a complaint about a franchise store, and they same rude manager calls me back. Really? You can imagine how that went. Not only was he rude in the first place, but then calls back and asks for whoever called corporate on his….. Wow, thanks Dominoes. I guess I will stick with Papa Johns and the local places.

  • Hello,

    I want to know why you let your managers hire their children as managers and that they don't have to have the same rules apply to the same rules as your other employees. I have a friend that works in one of the stores in Sulphur. She got sent home because she can't afford the jeans that ya'll want them to where but "her" daughter is allowed to work with lip piercings and in jeans. Another manager, who is dating the OP's daughter, told then they were going to buy all the employees the domino's jackets and charging each jacket to the employees checks. What kind of people do you actually have working for ya'll??? You have males that basically harrass the female employees and nothing gets done because when people complain about it nothing gets done. But I'm sure some big cooperate people don't give a crap about the people that work for them, huh?

  • Hello There my name is Ali,the store I order from is located 8302 Fairbanks North Houston Rd, TX 77064.It would be appreciated if you added anchovies to the choice of toppings please. When I began ordering online I figured there would be anchovies…I thought all pizza places carried them as a topping? Pizza Hut doesn't have them either. Please make this change to your menu maybe other customers feel the same.

  • First and foremost I am writing this still as a current employee of 6 years experience at dominoes and 12 years experience in the pizza delivery field at rival pizza companies.

    I have been in the hospitality industry for 20 years and hold a Business Degree from (wont name college because will give away my location). I am well over qualified for my job and my bosses job. I believe the Gm feels threatened by me because of my experience and education. I am also 33 years old and not 18 years old like the rest of the employees their and I am not afraid to say what needs to be said. I love my job and do it very well. I consistently have the most stars and compliments more than any other driver. (with pictures to prove it) I am fast and efficient because I am young and healthy.

    The GM costs the company money just because he pays himself 40+ hours a week and is never their. In the 2 years I have worked for this new store I have seen the Gm maybe 5 times total and spoken to him on the phone more than anything because he does not work. In the 20 years in the hospitality industry I have never had a GM that didn't work 50 hours a week. From Fine dining to delivering pizza. He continues to hire family and friends and does not treat me equally which their are signs all over the store about how Dominoes is an equal opportunity employer which is far from the truth or I wouldn't be writing this post now.

    I wanted to write this post here as well as send an email to corporate before I am terminated so they can not say it was because I am seeking revenge for being fired because after this I most likely will be terminated but someone has to stand up and if no one else will for fear of their job then I am obligated morally to do so. For 1 reason so this does not continue in the future to me or to future employees. The GM feels he is untouchable and is a disgrace to the dominoes name and uniform. He already lost his own store due to tax evasion and now continues to do so despite it being illegal.

    This post is going to cover several topics I will briefly explain each situation and then go into more detail below to help better understand the situation at hand.

  • Anonymous
    Will someone please check the Dominos in Wallace, NC something is going on with the quality of the food. I have for the last time ordering. The pizza's are always cold, the pepperoni is paper thin and the sauce is disgusting. The service stinks and I have for the last time ordered from them today Friday 8/5/2016.

  • On my way home there was a Domino's driver that was driving like a madman….Did NOT come to a complete stop where he had a RED light and missed my vehicle by 3 feet. They hire some CRAZY people. He was probably in a hurry to get back to the shop as they closed at 1:00AM and the time was 1:18AM when this occurred. (The vehicle was a white Nissan Altima heading to the Whitehall, PA store.)

  • I want to say that someone needs to got o the bowling green ky store on the 31 bypass from corporate and figure out what is wrong with store. There is mismanagment and a someone that works there is stealing money from the store and employees and instead of doing a investigations they decided that they will post all names that have worked on the days money was gone on a board not only is the unaccepptable for a business how dare they accuse people. Maybe they should look at the managemnet that was working and how many times they was short on there money . Something needs to be done if not i will continue to post and call until someone gets off there butt and does something

  • This general manager has violated my FMLA rights, uses foul language when she addresses me, stalks me at my second job , and now has dropped my hours for no good reason only because she doesn't like me. I've been with dominos for 8 years way before she came to Poughkeepsie store. She makes life miserable for me. I have two young children to support and student loans. I can't afford to have her unreasonably cut my hours.

  • Complaining about the Dominos in Riverview Florida on Boyette Road. WHo ever runs this place is either an idiot or just has no clue. The store is always under staffed, I have spoken with several of the employees about this so I know its true. Deliveries are never on time and if you call to ask why you get the same excuse, we are busy, and that's if they don't disconnect your call or even if they answer the call at all. I took it upon myself to order online then go to the store and sit and wait for my pizza, I spoke with the 2 yes only 2 employees at the store who were both so multi tasked out they barely had time to breath. I managed to get a name of either the owner or manager of this store Bryan Turnquist. Who ever he is he needs to get off his cheap butt and put more staff in that store before he loses many more customers, either that or he just does not realize how busy this store could be if it was properly staffed.

  • Hello. I recently went to dominoes in Alexandria Louisiana. I went in and orderd a pizza. The worker Susan was high on something. Eyes were glazed. She was rude. I think dominoes need to do more drug test. I don't want my pizza being made by a drug head who obviously can't not be high at work.

  • I live 10 min away but they wont deliver to me and my family I live in Tonawandae ny 14150 I guess you don't need customers u have issues if you don't especially to us who are handy cap im pissed at dominos because of them I order from pizzeria that will

  • My car was wrecked by some kid working at the 9451 Amberdale Dr, Richmond, VA 23236 location, he said he had insurance but the insurance company is saying he won't contact them. He was on the clock so I guess I'm going to have to sue him and the owner. They really need to train these kids how to drive before they kill someone.

  • Yesterday October 17., 2015 I was totally appalled by an incident I witnessed. While sitting at a local hair salon in Sparta, MI I observed a very unprofessional incident. The ladies at the salon were working very hard on hair styles, cuts etc. and had ordered a pizza from the local dominos. Not only was the driver an hour late because he was picking up prescriptions on company time which was approved by his manager but their pizza was wrong and he was very rude and unprofessional stating that it was ok when the salon manager said she would never do business with them again for the salon to not order from them anymore. The salon manager called back and the manager on duty at dominos told her that she was aware her driver had stopped and picked up his prescription for epilepsy on company time. The manager apologized and said she would refund their money and personally deliver another pizza plus give the salon a in store credit. Well the same driver arrived 15 minutes later with the right pizza but no refund and as he was walking out and in a condescending way said sorry I have Narcolepsy. The bottom line is this with my background in health care, the manager should have never released the medical information about the driver(epilepsy or Narcolepsy) that is Protected Health Information(PhI) and a violation of the HIPPA rules and regulations. Furthermore, the manager and driver I feel made this personal when all it mainly was about was the fact the pizza was 60 minutes late, cold and the wrong Pizza. This could have been easily resolved in a more professional way. The Salon manager apologized to the full salon about the incident.

  • I ordered a pasta bread bowl from Dominos in Bloomingdale IL I was so disgusted It was only half baked The middle was totally raw even cold and raw and since when is a blob of pizza dough considered a bowl. there was 9 noodles on it REALLY that and 1 lg pizza was 29.00
    Never again will I order from there and at that price I should have gotten Lou Malnatis

  • I live in Christiansburg Va. I tried to order a sub and drink to be delivered. The staff was clueless. I would ask a question and the girl on the phone would yell back to someone my question. A loud reply was given. This went on each time I asked a question about the menu. They sounded like a bunch of circus clowns. This store is located on Peppers Ferry Road in Christiansburg. I wanted an order to be delivered to a business address for my boss. They were also clueless about a well known business. I will never order , or try to again. My business went to another pizza delivery. Another loss.

  • hi i placed an order for delivery from a dominoes located abut a 5 min drive from my house in the next town over, after about 2 hours i am here having to complain about the poor service instead of enjoying the food with mom. unfortunately you're closed for the holiday so i will be calling when you return, happy holidays … p.s i just want my pizza bowl im very disappointed :/

  • When one orders chicken alfredo with extra chicken and extra sauce (and pay for it), they should get it. I can only order after 9pm and I get a half-filled tin with almost no sauce and 2 tiny pieces of chicken (not strips-just pieces). When you call the place up directly, they tell you that hey always run out of "that stuff." They are open for almost 5 hours past the time that I call. They do not even call me to tell me that they do not have it. They just send the half-filled pasta tin without chicken and hope that he customer does not complain. At least do not STEAL my money, sheesh!!!. I paid for extra and do not even get the amount that should come with the regular. Unbelievable.


  • FEBRUARY 28th, 2015—Saturday, CHICAGO

    5:05p.m. Domino delivery kid, in black truck.

    Domino’s: Division/LaSalle, Chicago. 60610

    The delivery-kid is playing on his phone, with his head down, he then ran into a blue truck only scraping her fender. She/ the driver of the blue truck didn’t stop as she was pulling right into the Jewel parking lot w/ traffic all around.

    I was walking home. At the stop light, there’s this guy waiting for the light to turn green. He’s looking at the kid-driver with a wtf smile. I said to the guy, this happens all the time. I live right hear. More frequent on weekends.

    I then went into Domino’s and slipped as the two mat’s were rolled up and put to the side. The manager, Louis, I told about the kid driver. He knew who I was talking about. I told him what I’m writing to you.

    I said, “Why aren’t the mat’s down?” Louis said, “We’re going to damp mop the floor”. I said, “I slipped upon entering, get someone to mop it up, now.” I looked around and the place was slow; no rush, employees walking around at a turtle’s pace. I said, “Louis, get the guy who’s putting boxes together to mop it right now, or someone else.” I said, “If you’re the manager, then manage”. Louis’ demeanor was very casual/relaxed. He had this look as if what I was saying was incidental.

    DOMINO’S: This happens all too frequently. It’s a very busy intersection. There are five schools in proximity. Two new “L” stops, busses, a fire department and police dept. right down the street. (18th Ward).
    Plus, there’s multiple senior citizen housings.

    It could be your daughter or niece or grand daughter who’ll be in the wrong place at the wrong time when a kid-driver runs over one or all three. It happens.

    Domino’s I know is taking the “Pizza” out of the name because it offers more than pizza. Don’t mare this new biz-personality with an addition to the menu: Brother and sister run down by Domino’s delivery boy (not delivery man).

    My two friends in grammar school, twin sister’s, Lisa and Sheila, were both killed by someone not paying attention. Then the city put up a guard rail. Nothing happens until someone gets killed.

    This should not be. Corporate is not doing their job if I have to pick up their slack on my end. Death over pizza??

  • My entire family just got food poisoning from domino's. We all had different bread bowls and still ALL got sick. Thanks so much. I did order domino's at least once a week but after trying to contact a manager and trying to contact corporate there is no way I will be eating there again.

  • domino's does not do drug testing c comment 121 it takes 3 people to start a class action lawsuit please join me in mine against them

  • I am going to take a multi million dollar law suit against domino's pizza for allowing bullying and domestic abuse behaviors occurring in their stores,by employees,asst.mangers,mangers,distric mangers,and owners.1.00 off every items sold goes to stop bullying and another 1.00 goes to stop domestic abuse and another 1.00 goes to set up a fund for those being abused by the company domino's pizza. Who knows this might b a class action case against this company it only takes 3 people 4 it 2 b a class action case.STOP MEANS STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knoxville,tn.

  • Domino's pizza in 2075 Jerome Ave, Bronx, NY is very Horrible. I made an online order and waited 2 hours for nothing. I called and was on hold for another hour only to speak to a guy that was rude and decided to put me on hold YET AGAIN. When I finally got through someone, that person kindly told me my order was canceled. BUT Domino's did not bothered to call me and tell me that. When I asked to speak to his manager he simply told me to hold on and hanged up the phone. I waited for nothing, waited to be treated like the customers aren't worth much. I had a kid crying because he was hungry and was looking forward to his pizza. I would NEVER order domino's from this establishment. The workers were highly rude and didn't value their customers. I WOULD NOT recommend anyone to order or buy pizza from here. Papa's John's has a better chance of giving you what you order without being dicks about it.

  • Dominos Pizza in Lancaster,tx have BADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Customer Service issues…If I wanted to become a representive for dominos pizza I wouldn't want to be part of a team that is so disrespectful to their customers…Head quarters need to do an under cover boss episode..frfrfr…Dominos use to be my favorite pizza but the workers their r hiring now a days ,I do not like calling Diominos anymore…….Badddddddddddddddd customer service frfr

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    I suggest you do an Undercover Boss at your 835 Clarkson Ave. Brooklyn, NY location. As the manager there is rude and belligerent.

    I placed my order online on 12/3/14 when my order arrived my sandwich was missing. I called the store and explained that my order had not been received in its entirety. The person that answered said that it would be sent out when the driver returned. After 30 minutes I called the store and asked if I were speaking with the Manager I was told that I was and explained that I had not received my entire order. I was asked for my phone number which I provdided and was told there was no order there for me. I explained that only part of my order had been received and he became belligerent and began yelling telling me that I must have called the wrong store, I could not get a word in and asked him to stop speaking and he hung up on me. I called back and asked if he had hung up one me, he said you told me to stop speaking, I said yes so I could give you my order number he starts yelling telling me there is no order there, that I should call grub hub I tried speaking over him to give him my order number. He hung up.

    My sandwich did arrive an hour later, the driver was very apologetic and advised that I should file a complaint. Interesting how I received the rest of my order considering the manager alleged that I had no order at that location.

    I proceeded to yelp to file a complaint, low and behold there were already 5 complaints against this location. I will NEVER order from them again. I was well within my right to inquire about the status of my order especially since I had already paid for it.

    My suggestion is that you pay a visit to that store as a "shopper" on more than one occasion and see if you receive better customer service than the rest of us.

    Disgruntled customer

  • TO whom it may concern:
    The Dominos in Florence and Canon City,CO francisee Tony Mand and his right hand man Ray Hererra have been running your supposed values into the ground!
    Here's why: Tony Mand and Ray Hererra play favoritism with select employees: Mark Randolph(previous franchisee in salida,CO), Alana Chaney (Mark's daughter), and PJ last name unknown. Drivers are being
    Harassed and nothing is being done there's dcrimination happinging and great employee's are being pushed out of the company simply because they are not butt kisses!
    one driver had his hours cut and got written up because Alana doesnt like him and said he was being negative? Another was a previous GM of the florence location was demoted
    and relocated without reasoning, also as a customer i have been in the store when drivers are saying mean and hurtful thing to other drivers and when spoke with Ray about this
    he assured he would take care of this but went back in and saw the same thing happening! I'am now watching great people in our community struggle to make ends meet, because
    this company has shown no family morals, for example when i would go into the florence location the GM always smiled and treated us and others in our comunnity like family,
    was always so polite and made me want to come back now that he is no longer there i will not go in to that location simply because it feels very hostile the new employees
    are very rude and do not make me feel welcome an ohers in the community feel the same way! When all the employees i talk to that went to the vegas rally when they returned with
    such excitment that they were working for a company that stood for family and all the things dominos has done for their employees that made them proud to say yeah i work for
    Dominos and im proud! but recently this system has failed our community and its heartbreaking to see families that have been with your company for many years stuggle because
    of favoritism and no reasoning behind it. so please tell me how your company is taking claim for treating your employees like family and helping comunnities when that is
    definitely not whats beind displayed here i have heard that he owns 11 stores throughout Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Canon City and Florence Colorado and am woundering if
    this is how his other stores run i sure hope not because this is a very sad thing to see!!!! Thank you for listing to our community concern and hope something can be done
    about this.


    I have also heard and seen alot more
    that goes on at our local stores recently.

    • it takes 3 people to take a class action lawsuit for bullying and domestic abuse, c comment 121 lets take action against domino's pizza across the world and put a stop to there inhuman ways

  • I am a employee at a dominos at 1183 summit ave Jersey City, NJ 07304. I have few concerns first is about how we get paid, hourly rate in nj is $8.15 but we get paid $7.25 per hour and we get $1 per delivery. Store manager says if we are to get the minimum wage required by the state of NJ, drivers will stop getting $1 per delivery. Even though store charges $1.90 to customers as delivery charge and we only get $1. I just want to find out if what they are doing is legal or drivers can stand up and fight this because as drivers we do more then just deliveries we make boxes, wash dishes, sweep, mop, take orders on phone prepare our order as it comes out from the oven meanwhile people working the make line only prep food while we bring them everything from freezer all they do is stay on make line and scream out loud what ever they need at the end of the night we also clean make line sometime and people who were prepping food clock out and leave if drivers refuse he gets suspended and get on bad side of his manager. Is it fair that they ger state minimum wage and we get dollar less and our mileage reimbursement is considered part of the hourly rate as i mentioned before either we get state minimum and lose the mileage or get milage and not get state minimum. Second is that whenever we are to take a replacement item for customer we are told to bring the old one back i don't think this domino's policy. Third sometimes when we go to a customer and they don't reply and we come back to store and later they want us to go back to same customer when they get in touch with store we mostly get $1 for milage why is that when driver went there twice. Fourth is that when customer orders with card online or by phone and when we go to drop off delivery manager asks us to check customers card and imprint the numbers on to card receipt. I do not see such policy on dominos website. Some customers suspect that drivers are trying to steal their card number when we are only imprinting because we are asked by our store manager if customer do not have card we are to notify our manager and if manager agrees we can give customer their food otherwise we have to bring it back some customers do not tip drivers due to the fact that we asked them for their card they think that drivers are thinking that customer stole the card. wwhen customer places order by card it needs to approve at that time and when it does order goes through and when we deliver pizza to that customer and we don't imprint their card number on to receipt and if ever after few days any card comes back declined and the number of the card is not imprinted on to receipt drivers are asked to pay that amount. Why does the card comes back after few days when it went through at the time when order was placed and also at the end of shift when all card payment were finalized. Should the drivers ask customer for their card to imprint number on to receipt and if not presented take the food back to store or ask them to pay cash because by not showing me their card number i have to assume that its a stolen card or customer is a thief, only this dominos i work at does this and the other store that is also under the same owner. Why is the driver liable for the card coming back after few days of purchase when everything went smoothly at the time when customer placed an order until the end of that business day.

    • c comment 121 that is a way the inside management steals your money to put into there pockets lets take a class action lawsuit against dominos pizza across the world it only takes 3 people to get it started

  • my mother in law orders from the Domino's Pizza in Katy, Tx at least twice a month and spends about $60 each time. Tonight she ordered Pizza and 4 bowls 2 of alfredo and two Italian with meat and cinnamon dippers. We were very unhappy with 2 of the bowls that were alfredo they both were under sized in the container and she had asked for extra chicken which she did not get and the sauce was dry. there was no care in making them. she immediately called to tell them what it looked liked and no extra chicken added. the response was ok will make another.
    that's not good customer service, it should of been handled where they said how can we make it better for you today? given a coupon or something please practice on your customer service skills or train your management personal better to handle customers to come back to Domino's instead going to Papa Johns

    • they r not required to put hair up into there hats they do not wash there hands either c comment 121 start a class action lawsuit it only takes 3 people to get it started

  • hi my name is gwen h. I called in a order for 5 and a order of the chicken bites it was around 8:44 p.m. the pizza the pizza still hadn't arrived so my husband called back and was put on hold for 25 mins then the guys gets on the phone and was very rude he hung up on my husband my nephew called in reguards to the pizza taking so long and the guy hung up on him that is when my husband decided to call again the guy was so rude when we asked for corporate number he gave us the number 6369472211 it was to a fire alarm company I've done business for many years and never had such poor service if this is how your employees treat customers then they need to find another job. if there is not any action taken then I will call all the news channels and go to the attorney general to get this matter taken care of the store that has the poor people skills is located in St. Peters Mo, 63303 store number 1618 the person who worked the night shift didn't want to give his name that is very sad that Dominos hires people like that I will never order a pizza from there again. Your commercials say that you care for your customers. I'm looking forward to a follow up letter from corporate about this matter.

  • My name is Miles Manetta, I have worked for Domino's Pizza 7.5 years with multiple awards for different achievements. Recently Domino's Pizza in Timmins( store # 10456) was sold to a Kevin Barber who has held numerous franchises in USA, Since Kevin came to this store he has picked on workers to the point where they were crying and finally under duress have left their position here. He has in front of witnesses implied I didn't know what I was doing that every thing that was at fault with the store was my fault, and generally degraded me I have tried talking to Kevin but he has no respect with people below his stature and will not talk to me. ( his words like disgusting, useless, also I was the slowest one there at making pizza. my average time for a pepperoni 28 sec. my fastest 21 sec.) since he has taken over this unit we have lost many good employees through his unprofessional behavior. He is not very often there and when he is, it is only to pick on me and other employees. I worked there with enthusiasm and zest, and enjoyed my time there and in all stores, in London Ontario. The managers, csr and drivers are all talking about quitting now. Because of this last confrontation with Kevin I took a stand with great regret and finished my employment with Domino's After talking with the labour board about his attitude and insulting behavior they have advised me to try talking with him again, this I certainly will not do, On the web you can find different blogs relating to Kevin Barber and his temperament from all his ex employees in USA.I know from experience working over the years for Domino's that the Corporate office looks after their co-workers and are thankful for useful information.

  • I have been ordering now for the past several months via your phone application from your store #6589 located at 3659 Nasa Road 1 Seabrook TX, 77586 which is managed by a very rude, incompetent, and yes arrogant manager by the name of Kathleen for example when I order a Large (14") Hand Tossed Pizza 3 topping for carry out only I never get double Pepperoni and when I say something all I get from her is we do not control the computer so last week it happened again ( at least the seventh time)and the older gentleman who was the cashier suggested that after I place the order call the store and verify the receipt of the correct order.
    So today 06/12/2014 I order my pizza via my cell phone application followed up by a phone call which was answered by “TOM” And I had him check and he stated it came in as only extra Pepperoni I told him that it should be double and heard him call out to Kathleen the same statement.
    When got to the store I asked if they corrected it and was assured it was and saw Kathleen hiding and know why ….because when I arrived home it was wrong and had only extra Pepperoni and when I called back I was rudely told we only do what our computer prints out.. So I say to you goodbye Dominos and will tell all of my friends and I am going to post this message on every web site I can think of there are several better places in the Clear Lake City area.

  • Hi my name is Christopher soprano i ordered a medium pan pizza at 1105 was told it would arrive in 25 to 30 minutes an hour later i call and the man tells me he miss wrote the address which is why it hasn't arrived i didn't realize the phone was using died since its not mine I call back another hour later after he apologizes the last time and states it will be there shortly no one answers the phone i will be calling corporate the moment you b Open i have no food in my house and everything is now closed until now I was die hard dominos fan based on price or taste now I'm so pissed and hungry its not funny the address this assured at 612 eastern Blvd, Essex, MD i will be calling soon

  • It is about the store on white lane and huge. We ordered a large hand tosted pizza around 7:30pm. and my husband pick it up around 7:45pm. He was tired from his work. So, he just gave a look and did not pay attention properly. My kids were waiting for pizza so they just eat it right away. So, after refershing, when my husband was going to eat it , there was no sauce on it. He called the store and store incharge said that we need to bring that pizza backk to them to get a new one. My husbad said it's only half left because our kids eat it and she said to bring the half. He was drunk, so he asked him for home delivery.She was so rude and said we have to go there. My husband said it is really far so He will come tomorrow. But she insist to come on the same day. I was studying and I had to leave the study in between to get the pizza. When I reached there she started showing me attitude and was so rude and said you should bring the full pizza. She had another black girl the cook with her and she argued with me too that she maid the pizza and she maid it right and showed me some little bit sauce on the corners and said why we call them 1our later? I said becauise we were eating it now that's why.then she gave me another pizza and said she is going to write down on the side of my name about it so next time we won't get free pizza. And said go away. bye. I said you can not talk to me like that and she again said go away. bye.
    I asked her name and she said it is Alisia. I wanna ask is this the customer service Domino's providing to the customers and how dare she talked to me like that? If you guys have cameras on, I would suggest you to watch it and look at Alisia's customer service.

    • the cameras do not let u hear what is being said it would sure solve a lot of problems if u could hear the things the company says c comment 121 and join me in a class action lawsuit it only take 3 people to get it staterd

  • This is about store #3397 Torrington CT. The sign on the door says that on Thursdays the store closes at midnight. I got there at 11:20pm, the door was not locked an the sign still said open. I walked in and was turned away immediately, the guy behind the counter said they were closed. Too bad you missed out on a sale…

    • I am in Powder Springs GA and ordered from store 4129 and I am feed up with the lack of quality of food at this store! I will NEVER order Domino's again!

  • There is no reason that you need my email on the online order form if i choose not to recieve mailings from you. I'm sure you use or sell that information. Providing a phone number is sufficient. This probably doesn't bother you but it did cost you several costumers over the past days.

  • I recently purchased four medium pizzas from Tampa location (813)221-1611. I read the CC numbers to the sales associate over the phone then he proceed to ask for security code and zip code. When I questioned the sales associate on the reason why they now ask for such information the associate became very rude and loud on the phone making me feel like I committed a crime. The associate then through the phone down and gave me a manager. I order pizza for my sales team every Saturday this will be the last time I purchase from Domino's. Sales Associate (Darryl) Manager (Zahara). Email:

  • i would like the people of mercer co to know how the manager at the Princeton dominos treated me when I called to make an order on 03/13/14 and I got talked to very rudely and hung up on and called back to talk to the manage and found out that it was the manager that talked to me and hung up on me the first time that's what our business and money means to them they need a new manager

  • On March 2, 2014, I placed an order around 7:00 p.m. for delivery from Domino’s located at 9535a Westheimer Rd., Houston, Texas 77063, (713) 266-0660. I ordered it online through my phone application and tracked the order using their Tracker program. When 8:00 p.m. came around, I still had not received my order. When I tracked it online, it said that it was delivered shortly after 8:00 p.m., but I never received the order. I called the number listed for that Domino’s location and the phone continued to ring with no one ever answering the phone. I continued to do this for 10 minutes. The next day, March 3, 2014, I checked my credit card statement online and it said that the charge for the delivery was pending. I then got online to the Domino’s website and filed a complaint. A representative emailed me on March 4, 2014 stating his name as “Alan.” He said the Corporate Supervisor responsible for the Houston location, Noe Abeja, would be emailing me within three days, but if not, Alan gave me Noe Abeja’s email address, I had not heard anything by March 7, 2014 so I emailed Noe Abeja and to this date, March 13, 2014, I have not received an email from him concerning this complaint. As of now, the charge has gone through on my card. Legally Domino’s has stolen money from me and should be charged with theft. I have tried to get this resolved on my own, but Domino’s has left me no choice but to file a complaint with the BBB. Please let me know if anyone else has had money stolen from them!

    • c comment 121 on here it takes 3 people to start a class action lawsuit against them dominos pizza has always been able to steal money even from employees join me in the lawsuit

  • We ordered wings and stuffed cheesy bread with spinach and feta for the first time from the Cumming Hwy store in Canton, GA. The wings were so slimmy they slipped out of your fingers (not exaggerated), and the stuff bread the cheese wax not even melted. I called and spoke to the store manger Travis and all he saidmis " we will turn up our ovens". I can assure you we will not be ordering from this store again, and I will let everyone know how bad the food is and customer service.
    Brooke Spears

  • Area manager for store 9303 edgwood nm smells like weed. Bill and lacy are sceeming to get james fired so lacy can become GM. Allison told employees that james is being fired next sunday. Employees wrongfully fired. Now that's professionalism at its finest! This store is a mess!

  • To Manager,

    A lot of people at my work told me not to order from you guys because it would take too long, I disagreed and went along with my order. after waiting for over an hour for my food the delivery driver calls me to rudely ask where I am. When I told him the building was not closed and we were located off exit 49 on sunrise he said he was on veterans hwy, he just said okay and hung up. at an hour and 40 minute wait, the driver comes inside and first brings me a water not the soda I ordered, so he went back to the car and switched it out. after that he tells me that I should have ordered from the Sayville store and not the one in Holbrook. First of all how am I supposed to know that when online the website picks it for me? After that I was so frustrated. I still gave him a 1.00 tip and he didn't even say thank you. The food was cold as can be and this was a horrible experience. I feel robbed of the money I paid for this food. I will never be ordering from dominos again, and I will tell everyone of my family and friends about this horrible experience…then I call the manger of 967 Main Street Holbrook, NY 11741
    after explaining my whole story they put me on hold then the gm got on the phone I start to explain to him what happened and he said he would credit me to the Sayville store I told him no I wanted my money back because on the website it says Our Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your Domino's Pizza experience, we will make it right or refund your money. well its a lie. I wanted my money back and the gm said your not getting your money back and hung up on me! I work in a car dealership with over 70 workers and we will never order from there again the manger is rude and should be fired the way he talked to me I wish you guys could have herd the way I was spoken to.

  • There is a Domino's on Hall Rd and Van Dyke that is poaching on another Domino's area. The Hall/Van Dyke store is stealing business from another Domino's, they claim they deliver to Lakeside Mall and all the way to 19 mile and Hayes, I don't know how corporate stores run, but if you ask me, that is terrible. Something needs to be done about it. Corporate needs to get on to the Hall road/Van Dyke Dominos and tell them to STAY out of Lakeside Mall and STAY out of that other Domino's delivery area. Its stealing business from them. How do I know? I know people that work at several stores including some of the owner's.

  • After waiting an hour and 20 for my pizza to finally arrive cold,I complained to corporate. The manager at the marble falls, Texas store not only was rude to me on the phone but banned my house from delivery. I was just told by an employee that he, Jason, told all the staff not to take any orders from me at all! So I am inconvenienced with cold pizza and then punished for complaining. I'd like some justice!

  • Today I ordered dominos pizza in Davie Fl 33323 not only did it take longer then an hour but the driver called to state that he was leaving my location instead of calling before hand to find my location. The driver was extremely rude and even cursed at my husband when he told the driver that he was going to contact the manager. Mind you am pregnant and my two sons have been waiting for the food for a while now. The worst of it wasn't even at that point, it was when we spoke to the supervisor who was even ruder then the driver. He even put my husband on hold and never came back to the line. We attempted to call back a few time and then when the manager finally picked up the phone again he was short and very rude with my husband he refused to give him corps number and his store number. So that will be the last time that I will be ordering from there and I will be speaking to corp if not corp I will speak to the district manager.

  • attention all people in the Daytona Beach area the dominos in South Daytona on Bellive road gave me the worst experience I've ever had at a dominos. I hope you know you lost a customer today I also want you know that this is nothing like the commercial that I seen on TV the guy wasn't nice or anything you guys push about customer service but you had none at all I was rude to the guy and when I called to apologize he hung up in my face which means he wanted to continue being rude I don't understand how a manger could act like this at work. He also do not give me any information about him or his store on or his store owner when all i asked for was an email and to me that means he was trying to hide something because he knew he was wrong to me. you're losing customers you're losing money I hope your corporate office at the least skims over this hopefully this franchise owner doesn't let all of his mangers act like this or you
    custom you continue to lose money.

  • The store in skyline area king st Virginia is became a big mess. all driver try to quite under the new manager their. he doesn't know how to manage the store, he needs to get ride of his attitudes.

  • I have never ever worked in the store like the one in skyline area king st- recently under the new manager, the work turned into hell. he make it difficult to all drivers. he asked them to slap the pizza answering the phone, in general they asked them to do somethings is not listed in the jib contract or you will be punished d by firing you or push you to quite. No one feels comfortable anymore in this job. the manager has attitude, just give example, driver call for family or emergency issue, instead of asking what happened he starts bein smart and complaining about the emergency, he tries to evaluate you emergency situation instead of hoping you will and consolidate you. Also he give some tasks that normally for insider to drivers. driver can help but can not be used. asked any driver and you will see how they are frustrated. they can not express themselves but you can feel it.

  • I haven't eaten at Domino's in over 20 years, but decided to order pizza's for my family because I was in a plaza where there was a Domino's. Since it's been so long, it would have been a new experience for me and definitely for the kids. I walked in Store #4145, located on Roosevelt Hwy in Atlanta GA, and asked employee Ingrid what specials did they have and she very lazily pointed to the door and said, "look on the door". I advised her that I had looked on the door before walking in, but wanted to know if there was any other specials. She looked at me as if I had just slapped her mother and I immediately took offense to her unwilligness to help a potential new customer and thanked her, walked out and drove to PaPa Johns. All I have to say is if Domino's is hiring that type of staff with no customer service training, they will never gain new customers!

  • I ordered a pizza from Longview Tx Dominoes on east marshall ave. I ordered a large pizza with thin crust im aware that thin crust comes a lil crispy but this wasnt crispy this is what Im sure was BURNT. After showing the driver I called the dominoes pizza where whoever I talked to wasnt helpful at all He basically told me that I was lying about the pizza not being acceptable . I was starving so bad and just waiting on this pizza which anytime Ive ever ordered from dominoes its alway been nothing less than satisfactory but today I guess maybe they were having a bad day because the customer service was horrible Ive never known any company to argue with the customer about somthing like that the customer is ALWAYS right. But im sure that I will never order from dominoes in Longview Tx Ever again

  • I would like to drop this , I am the one who wrote the complaint above about the Clinton nc store. And I don't want to waste my time on this. Have a good day.

  • I ordered a pizza from your store in Clinton NC. And a girl by the name of Holly was very rude when she delivered my pizzas and I found spit on them, This could be very very dangerous to my health. I am considering legal action against the store and the girl. I want her terminated and maybe I won't take legal action. Is this acceptable to you? If you terminate Holly I will not pursue legal action. I love Domino's and have been a long time customer. I am also considering spreading the word around, and maybe contacting the local newspaper to let them know about the lawsuit so I can get the employee terminated. If she gets terminated I will cancel legal action and not call the local newspaper. Is it a deal?

  • Well after making a complaint about my service lastnight with the Camden NJ location on Broadway, in less then 24hrs a store manager calls me back and apologizes for the rude and disrespectful crew from lastnight. He made sure to tell me he'd get to the bottom of the problem and it world NEVER happen again…since I am a faithful customer. He also went as far as telling me I didn't have to make dinner since a large pizza and 2liter was on the way to my home!!!! I'm satisfied and am very pleased with the way he handled the situation. I will be ordering again!!!

  • I ordered from the Camden Nj store on Broadway 5/24 9:00pm…Their manager was very rude and ignorant right along with his employees. The girl who took my order never said "Hi "or anything only "HOLD PLEASE" the comes back on the line…after she rudely takes my order she tells me it will take 40mins for a medium pizza and a sandwich…I asked her to make sure the delivery driver has change for a $100.00..she tells me he would…he gets to my house has NO CHANGE tells me I have to come to the store to get my order…so I call the manager he starts to overspeak me…So I say if the food is cold I don't want it he replies "How would it be cold if its in a heated bag"…Long story short I never got my food…and this is the last this Dominios will get my service!!!! If that's great customer service I would hate to see how they treat people with bad service!!!!

  • I used to love Dominos but the service at your Peckville PA store is awful, they never get orders correct . The only way too make sure your order is right is too pick it up yourself, but then what's the point!

  • The Dominos in Manor, Tx yells,curses at, and talks down to his employees everyday and its not right! What should they do?


  • Eric eastern PA person on 4/7/2013 beat me to the obvious question. Girl using bear discusting hands to knead dough into pan on national TV. I can't believe your corporation released that commercial. The Camera actually Zooms in on her with no Glove Protection. Remove it!!

  • Just saw NATIONAL ad for Dominos' pizza showing girl using her BARE hands to press dough into a pan. WHERE WERE HER GLOVES? Definitely unsanitary.