DoubleTree Hotel Corporate Office Headquarters

DoubleTree Corporate Office Headquarters
by Hilton Worldwide, Inc.
7930 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-883-1000
Fax Number: 1-703-883-1000
Customer Service Number:1-800-222-8733
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Reservations: 1-800-445-8667

  • Author: Kevin K. Smith Stayed at Doubletree Sacramento CA July 2nd+3rd 2022
    DO NOT BOOK A ROOM(S) HERE!! First, automatically pay $10 a day to park, there’s no security, there were huge metal dumpsters and pallets of R-13 insulation around every corner of the parking lot. Was told by an employee they were having to tear out asbestos in the walls in one part of the hotel, Not Good! On to the condition of the room we stayed in #4319. Upon entering room, bad smell, indicates to me the carpets have never been cleaned and the a/c filters are filthy. Both true! The vents were caked with dirt and mold, everything metal that could rust in the bathroom had rusted, sprinklers, vent covers, etc. Bathtub, no way to take a bath, there was no metal stopper, rubber stopper, nothing to hold in the water. The tub is slippery and dangerous yet, they have a small sticker affixed claiming they were treated with anti-slip materials…this is extremely dangerous in a porcelain tub and if they were treated at one time decades ago, there is no more anti-slip treatment left on bottom of tub. The lever above the tub drain didn’t even move up and down if there were a stopper, this also applied to the bathroom sink, no stopper to soak bathing suits or fill sink. I called front desk to ask about a bathtub stopper, they had nothing to offer. No USB ports in the rooms,lamps, on desk, I didn’t think I needed to bring an outlet charging block for my phone and IPad charger, had to buy one. No TV guide in channel line up, no laminated Chanel guide in room….they don’t have them, they typed it on a piece of paper and delivered to the room an hour and a half later. Back to the vent covers and air quality, this room smelled the entire time of my stay, it smelled musty and funky. The ducts have probably never been cleaned, the vent covers were covers in filth…I’m sure the filters had not been changed but why bother if they’re cycling through filthy vent covers, the draped were old, dusty, dirty, stained, hooks missing, used my wife’s hair clips to keep the sun from beaming in each morning. The bathroom cabinet door was hanging off and wouldn’t stay closed very well, the bathroom door frame at bottom of door and door molding had rotted away over the years. Literally no upkeep or maintaining the quality of the rooms has been done over the years…but there should have been. The decor, drapes, carpets, towels, all outdated, old, not fresh or clean looking. The flat sheets covering the beds and hiding the white comforters was a facade, there were a few small blood stains on the comforters on both beds and no fitted sheets at all so,the sheets end up on the floor when sleeping, last morning, saw two small bugs in the bed. This was the final ‘yikes’ moments for me. We stayed in the section of the property called ‘Folsom’, the name of the prison comes to mind, the letter M at the end of Folsom placard had fallen off so someone took a marker and wrote an ‘m’ that had faded out. All tacky, all dirty, all outdated and not good considering they charged us close to $270 for a two night stay. The front desk staff claimed each time we called which was about 5-6 times that they were going to be remodeling by next year 2023, my thoughts were…then don’t charge the exorbitant prices if the rooms are trashed and outdated now! Never going back to a Doubletree property again.

  • I frequently stay at the Doubletree in Oklahoma City. The van driver is an elderly woman who is disabled and walks with a cane. She cannot load a suitcase into or out of the van. And, she does not even try to handle a briefcase. She won't allow anyone to bring a coffee in the van at 6am because she insists on masks being worn at all times. In addition, no one can sit on the front rows as they're blocked off to give her 6 feet of space. Therefore, ALL of the customers have to crawl to the back and sit touching each other. Then, she talks about herself during the entire ride. It is as if we're there to serve her. The whole experience is extremely insulting. I stay in Doubletree hotels because they are a cut above. But, this woman does not represent your brand. Please get a driver who is able to put my bags in the van and understands that I work a 12 hour day travelling and knows how to treat a customer. Thank you,

  • Huntsville, AL Doubletree. There are so many causes for this complaint. I will address in chronological order. 1. The room I requested is not the room we were given. I asked for 1 room with 2 beds. I got a 2 room suite with 1 bed and a filty pullout couch with food crumbs. 2. The room wasn't clean. 3. Desk said manager would call and he never did. 4. The AC was so loud we couldn't stand to listen to it run. Weather was lows in the high 80s while we were there. The AC sounded like an army tank. The ceiling tiles around the AC were coming down. 5. They piped music to the pool area all night long which kept us from sleeping. The pool is open to the sky but surrounded on all 4 sides by the hotel wings. The first night I called at 2 am and they turned it off. The next night at 3 am they said it was not possible to turn it off. 6. Part of the issue with noise from outside was that the sliding door/window was in ill repair and allowing noise to pass. It was the worst Doubletree I have ever stayed in. And I won't stay in another one at this point. The whole place felt sketchy. Picutres available.

  • did anyone else see what their colo hotel put up refusing to serve armed service personal and their families. you might as well add their friends too. you wouldnt be here with all your money without them.SHAME ON YOU!

  • They refuse service to military personnel and their guests at their Colorado Locations. DO NOT put anymore money in their pockets when they cannot support the troops and service people who give their time and life to protect and serve us. SHAME ON YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Typically a kitchen manager is reserved for someone who runs a single kitchen that serves relatively simple food. For example, a kitchen manager would be found in fast food, diners, and quick service casual dining chains (like Chile’s .) A sous chef is typically found in restaurants, hotels, country clubs, and catering companies. Depending on how big the organization is they can be anywhere from 2nd to 4th in command. They are typically more hands on than executive chefs and executive sous chefs. But like the kitchen manager they are often in charge of day-to-day operations, scheduling, some ordering, and they are the lead line cook. Also there are often multiple sous chefs in one kitchen. Bear in mind that when I talk about the larger operations like hotels and catering companies there are often multiple kitchen and multiple department. Further there are people found in food service operations in hospitals, schools, and businesses who’s job title may be assistant food service director. The simple answer is that every organization has comparable jobs with different job titles and different job descriptions. A qualified candidate may be sous chef in one place where they may be a kitchen manager in another.

    So why is it that Huntington West Virginia's Doubletree disallow's Chef's or Sous chef's? I have been repeatedly pushed down in my abilities when I was hired to formulate recipes, help create menu's,
    and now that they have one I have been demoted to cook.

    I have been told we are only allowed to have a Food & Beverage director and a kitchen manager.
    They want every employee in the kitchen to all do the same tasks,
    which in turn does defeat the idea of having a kitchen manager title.

  • Good Morning, on the 23 of November, 2019 we were invited to a 90th birthday party in your Double Tree hotel in Reid Park, Tucson, AZ. We wanted to advise you of the amazing time we had there, not only at the party but the accommodations. The check in staff was warm and friendly….the room was amazing, and the party room was clean organized, serviced well and the food was always available and hot. The restaurant within the hotel had amazing service although I failed to make note of the name of the people who were working they were excellent. Thank you for your good service, I will always use your facility when staying in Tucson

  • My husband and I have stayed at the Doubletree Hotel in Oakbrook, Il numerous of times and by far this has been the worst stay ever. Our room was up on the 7th floor and we could hear techno-music playing from 7pm-12 ish am. When I called down to the front desk to explain to them how loud the music was and why am I hearing this music on the 7th floor, she said, “oh, there’s a wedding going on and the DJ should be wrapping up soon”. I went out explain to her that we have to be on the road early and I shouldn’t hear music playing this loud and so late. She went to say she would talk to the banquet hall and have them to turn the music down. Well I called front desk at 12:08 am and it now 12:30 and the music is still going strong.
    I get it about the wedding and what not but as a guest I shouldn’t hear the bass and loud music when our room is on the 7th floor. They never corrected the problem at all. This is unacceptable to other guest who are staying at the hotel here as well. My husband and I will not be returning here at all.

  • We recently made a trip to Wichita, KS. Flew in late Thursday night from Denver. While I was waiting for our bag my husband went across to the car rental to get the car before it closed. On his way back over the the terminal one of the Doubletree shuttle buses hit him. I looked just in time to see him get pushed by the bus. He slammed his fist on the bus to get the driver's attention. The driver admitted that he did not see him which by the way he was in the cross walk. The police came and did a report so we do have a case number and did ask if he needed medical attention. Which he did not. He was sore from being pushed by the bus and turning quickly. We were given a case number by the police. The driver left on another bus that came later with two other men from the Doubletree that did not even brother to come over to us, we had to go over to them. The entire incident was really handled very poorly. Needless to say, they did not even bother to call the next day to just ask how my husband was. We gave the driver and police his cell phone number. This is just not right. I am quite sure that this is not how you would like to see the Doubletree Hotels represented and I am quite sure that this incident is not going to get up to a corporate. So it is worth bringing to your attention. This happened on Thursday, May 3rd at approximately 11:55 pm.

  • On October 14th our High School Class had their 50th reunion @ the DoubleTree Hilton Hobby Airport in Houston Texas…the food was worst than atrocious…it was some sort of stuffed chicken (stuffed with I don't know what) wrapped in some sort of pastry ….the chicken was crumbly & served cold NOT warm @ all…the rice pilaf? was tasteless & very gummy …the mixed vegetables? squash medley was ok just cold…the only thing I enjoyed was the Black Forest Cake …wasn't offered coffee…needless to say I didn't eat but 3 forkfuls of dinner & after the Reunion dance I resorted to the Jack in the Box next door …where I saw several of the attendees from the reunion…PLEASE review your menu choices …I would've liked to had a good meal reuniting with old friends…as it were I paid to only reunited with old friends

  • My group just celebrated our 50th Class Reunion on October 14,2017. The hotel was excellent, location, parking and the courtesy of hotel staff. But the food for our banquet was horrible in that the chicken was tasteless, extremely dry to the point it crumbled in your mouth like crackers. When plates were picked up, 90 percent of food was still on the plates of 90 percent of the attendees.

  • I recently had the pleasure of staying at the Doubletree Hotel on W. 36th St. in Manhattan for 5 days. What and absolutely WONDERFUL experience. The hotel was clean and comfortable, but then so are numerous hotels. What set this hotel apart was the exemplary customer service offered by the stellar staff. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was beyond gracious and helpful. And having taught Customer Service and Satisfaction for over 10 years and to over 8500 people, I feel I am well qualified to ascertain the quality of service and to comment on same. From the front desk people, including Thomas, Anthony, and Monica (and one young lady whose name I failed to get), to engineers Rigo and Anthony, to Gene, and to all the wonderful housekeepers, waitstaff, and others whose names I didn't get-THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You all made my stay so pleasant, so enjoyable-there just aren't enough superlatives !!! I will be back to New York next year with my husband, and I will definitely stay at the Doubletree Hotel. Everyone, including corporate headquarters that promote and encourage this type of customer interaction, is to be commended. My sincere appreciation to you all.

  • I understand the policy for hotel bookings during the Mardi Gras holiday, I have visited New Orleans several times for this occasion. I was told, by the Hilton reservation specialist,that a card was needed to hold the rooms for 24 hours, and if I didn't pay a deposit within that time frame my reservations would be cancelled, that's why I requested to hear the recordings for this reservation. I was told that the recordings are not available to the public and that they are only used for training purposes. I never received a detailed confirmation for this booking and I never paid a deposit. I had reservations at another Doubletree property in Richardson, TX on these dates.I am merely trying to get a full refund for these transactions in New Orleans. I'm pretty sure that property made well over $1600 this past weekend. I am a loyal customer of the Doubletree and other Hilton properties, I expected better services and treatment from the manager Mike.I really hope you can help me with my claim. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • DoubletreeI have a very important need for a two night stay in a hotel…almost a matter of life and death, very tragic situation. I remembered
    6 months ago (April) I did a charity event with local businesses in Deerfield (as I live in Deerfield and own a small business in Deerfield) I spent approx 100.00 on raffles and won a raffle for 3 days and two night at the Doubletree Hotel in Deerfield Beach , FL.. I called spoke to management yesterday, Dec. 7th, the lady (I have her name) told me there was plenty plenty of availability and would be during Christmas Eve and Christmas (the two days I needed as I said very important and critical situation) she said it's not a busy time for them almost guaranteeing it without actually saying it. I even repeated back to her what she said. I called today to give the numbers on my gift certificate (as she suggested) and noticed it expires Dec. 20th… geeeze…4 days before I need the room…Being a Deerfield resident, and business owner and one who has frequented the Doubletree' s restaurant and bar, I thought just maybe they would extend the certificate a few days for something so important. I found "Tom" the GM IF YOU CAN BELIEVE THAT to be extremely rude, didn't care why who WHAT where when… nothing just didn't can and said nope, no, sorry, no , can't do it, sorry just can't do it… then he proceeded to lie to me and tell me the hotel was booked and it was a busy time of year totally contradicting what the lady told me that very night before. I understand there are expiration dates… I frequently extend them for my customers as a courtesy. This guy Tom was a jerk and there was not even a second consideration by him. BAD BUSINESS IF YOU ASK ME. I have also recommended the Doubletree to relatives and friends that have come in town, seeing how it is five minutes from my home and my business not only will I never go there again I will never recommend it to anyone again.
    Thank you and Merry Christmas to you too Tom. You should NOT be a G M. Of a place where hospitality and customer serviceis a factor! You just shot yourself in the foot buddy! Noreen in Deerfield Beach

  • I recently stated at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Cleveland, Ohio. I was very upset when I found out the day I was leaving that they had billed my credit card $100 incidental fees and that they would return it in 3 to 5 business days. This is a scam and I do not like it. There was not incidentals other than on the hotels part that they gave me a room that did not have working TV, the hotel phone did not work and the toilet flushed so loudly that it sounded like the bottom of it was going to explode when you flushed it.

  • My wife and I checked into the Hampton Inn and Suites in Williamsburg, Virginia on 8/1/2016 for our honeymoon. We were given room 103. The bathroom sink has a draining issue, and the sheets on the king-size bed are way too small. When we left our room this a.m. (8/2/2016) and returned @ 2 p.m., we found the room had not been touched by housecleaning. Someone had been in the room because the towels were taken from the bathroom! The bed was left unmade and the trash cans left full of trash. Not a very good setting for visitors! We are paid up through till Friday the 5th, and I can only hope for better service.

  • My family reunion was at the Southpark Doubletree in Charlotte, NC this past weekend. It was a special reunion because this marked the 40th anniversary of my mother starting the reunion. Expectations were high and not met by the staff at the hotel. First, the air did not work properly throughout the facility. As it is July, this made it very uncomfortable. Second, the staff was very rude. When we had our food delivered for the Saturday morning event, the representative was unpleasant and not at all friendly. He did not make my family or guests feel welcomed and almost as if we caused him some hardship by being there. Third, the catering manager, Eleanor, was no where to be found for our banquet and to replace her was the most hateful woman. She was unprofessional in her manner of dealing with us. She was forceful with doing things they way she wanted and not they way we wanted and paid for. This person actually shut down our event early by signaling to our paid DJ to cut his music using her hand and making a motion across her throat. She followed my family members around the event as if they were untrustworthy. I and other members of our family were disgusted by her behavior. I mean to address this matter further. There has to be something done about the way we were treated!!!!

  • The weekend of May 13 and 14 was one of worse experience while a guest at Double Tree in Houston Texas 400 Dallas Street. My debit card was charged three times but the front desk clerk told me my card had been declined.I immediately contacted my bank and they informed me account had been charged twice. I returned to the front desk with my bank rep still on the phone he explained to the desk clerk my account had been charged. The clerk still said his system showed no signs of the transactions.Double Tree needs work on the glitches in their billing system. To add insult to injury that Saturday May 14 th I went to a branch of my bank got a print out showing the charges being taken from account and went back to the front desk showed it to the clerk on duty she informed me again her system did not show the transactions. I will tell anyone stay away from Double Tree by Hilton on 400 Dallas Street , in Houston Texas.

  • The Doubletree at the entrance of universal studios in Orlando florida needs to be inspected the proper way. As a former employee when the inspector come they pick the rooms that they know are up to standards and block those rooms so the inspector only sees whats good. The inspector needs to come in and just tell them to show him the rooms he picks out. That way all the complaints of mold , nasty carpets, hot hallways and all will be taken care of.

  • Blanco, Daniel

    9:44 AM (20 hours ago)

    to me

    July 20, 2015

    Mr. Juster

    I would like to thank you for taking time to let us know about the issue you had in your room. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for your inconvenience, and ask if everything was corrected to your satisfaction. Your input is very valuable to us as it is our goal to try and make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible. Again, thank you for taking time to let us know.

    the issue, and I apologize for your inconvenience.

    Should you have any questions or concerns, or if there is anything we can do to make your stay more enjoyable please feel free to give me a call on my cell phone if you would like.

    Thank you,

    Mike D. Morris Director Of Engineering
    Direct (407) 206-9819

    DOUBLETREE BY HILTON AT THE ENTRANCE TO UNIVERSAL ORLANDO 5780 Major Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819 | Become a fan on Facebook | Follow us on Twitter
    Daniel thank you for reaching out to me

    There are some areas of concern that I would like to inform you about

    Though I only spent one night there I feel that it will only enhance my experience for my next possible visit if I tell you the truth

    I have stayed at the Double Tree on Major Blvd no less than four times in the last several years and usually never have anything negative to say
    However on this visit I feel I should at least give my opinion
    The lobby was very nice and the staff extremely helpful courteous and professional Unfortunately that is were it ended for me.
    I felt that the room condition was substandard I could only find one outlet that would hold a charger for my computer out of five
    the toilet pretty much continued to run all night (I never mentioned the toilet)
    Though your maintenance staff was courteous and they tried very hard they were not knowledgeable enough to do the job that was given to them
    Please understand that I am a licensed electrical contractor (Maybe I'm trying to hold maintenance staff to a higher standard
    After watching them for over a half hour struggling to just install an electrical receptacle (with my wife complaining about how long its taking them cause she wanted privacy) I had to go and install it myself just to get them out of the room only to find out that there is no power going to the receptacle. At this point I told them to forget about ( I wasn't going to fix all their problems)
    In conversation with your maintenance staff they knew that the receptacles in the room's are all worn out and that this is a common problem throughout the hotel
    Seriously in this day in age with all the electronics that people travel with i.e. phones, tablets, laptops, games etc. (We had to take turns charging our phones) I feel that you need to place more importance on the electrical condition of your rooms.
    Worn out receptacles are a fire risk this is not an opinion this is a fact
    In my opinion the materials to repair every receptacle in the room would cost about $45.00 and 1 1/2 hour of an electricians time

    this is less than what it would be to rent that room for one night
    Taking in all factors into consideration running toilet, poor electrical condition, incompetent maintenance staff, on top of all that having to pay for parking overall I feel the quality of this hotel has gone down significantly in recent years and will probably seek an alternant hotel for my next visit
    I'm sorry for having to say it the way it is but this is my opinion

  • We had stayed at the DoubleTree in Rosemont, IL. Parking was expensive, drinks were expensive. Bartenders need to be more attentive to the patrons. We waited 15 mins to get a drink, after 3 people saw we needed on, including the manager, no one asked if we wanted another. After paying alot of money for the room, we expected better service. At 4:45 am on a Sunday morning, the fire alam went off. There was no compensation what so ever. We will not be returning there again.

  • The Double Tree in Druid Hills, Atlanta has excellent and exceptional staff! My aunt had open heart surgery at Emory. The staff went out of their way to provide the best service for my mother, myself and my cousins. Clarence, the engineer, James and Dominique and Keith, who took us to and from the hospital, and June in the dining room. They all deserve special recognition. They respected my mother and took special care of our needs for several weeks we were there. I felt I was home during this incredible stressful time for my family. The room was kept spotless. It was a blessing that we stayed there. Thank you.

  • I checked in at the Double Tree Downtown Atlanta GA and to my surprise had to pay $30 a night for valet as well as $50 a night deposit which was NOT told to me when I booked the room. That information should be explained upfront! To add insult I have never stayed in a Double Tree before that did not have a microwave or refrigerator, my room was very small and there was no hot water. I always loved the Double Tree (and their cookies) and always had a pleasant stay until this one in Atlanta.

  • Is it possible to give negative 5 stars for this terrible hotel. I attended a conference at the hotel. The room was paid for by the organization sponsoring the conference. I checked in Friday, November 14 and checked out Sunday, November 16. Aside from the fact that it's a terrible hotel as other have said with random furniture in the hallways, these idiots charged 382.00 on my credit card. No room service, no movies, no illegal smoking in the room. As a result of their thievery my account over drafted. Stay away, stay away, stay away.

    Called to speak to a manager this morning, November 18, got Michael from guest services who said he'd try to get an answer as to why my card was charged and why no one at the hotel told me they were charging a room to my card. Six hours later and no call back. Negative -10 warm cookies. So far the Doubletree Marina has cost me 570.00 for a room that was paid for under a contract with the event organizer. I'll keep editing my post until this situation is resolved.

    If you're an event organizer do not use this hotel. If you're visiting your kid at UC Berkeley, do not use this hotel. If you value your sanity, want to be treated respectfully do not use this hotel. If you don't want unauthorized charges put on your debit or credit card DO NOT USE THIS HOTEL.

    • The Double Tree in Bakersfield ca. has the most inept operators on the planet over 20 min. trying to make a reservation 10 min waiting to talk to a manager don't know what the rooms are like couldn't get past the morons at the front desk to see good luck if you try to stay here

  • dbletree by Hilton Miami beach fla.collins ave.General manager suzanne.need to go.reason, bad management.she terminate employee for no reason.

  • The Doubletree Des Moines Airport is a nice property, yet it is obvious that Management hires family members (relatives)…even if underqualified; MANY qualified individual are not even considered due to neputism. BOTTOMLINE: They are rated as the number one property in Des Moines, yet it must be due to location (airport), for the staff is not as competent as othe Doubletree hotels in MAJOR states such as New York, Florida, Virginia, California etc…I guess either the employment pool is slim in Des Moines, or either neputism and lack of diversity (not one african american employee) is an issue. I am caucasian, yet I see NO diversity at this facility…YES, facility, for it feels far from a place away from home. I will steer clear of this property in the future, the Hampton Inn will receive my business from this day forward. Someone from Doubletree should take a "hard look" as to what is diminishing this property as a Doubletree, to that of one of lesser standards. I also question "why is the Doubletree flag not flying…" is this property already under investigation or on probation, based on lack of brand standards? Doubletree in Des Moines, get with the program, and broaden your employment pool to diversified candidates, and to individuals who posses the qualifications and standards that warrant the Doubletree brand; what a misfortune.

  • I would like to personally thank Sanda Budic, General Manager of Doubletree in Fayetteville North Carolina for providing outstanding customer service. When I lost power at my home and called her in panic, Sanda provided my family great accommodations at by very reasonable rate.

    Thank you

  • i use to work for the DOUBLETREE in ABLUQUERQUE, NM back in the 1900 years. I'm a senior citizen now and will be traveling to Iowa for a High School & family reunion. But I have limited funds to make the trip by myself and I would like to stay in the Doubletree's along the way from Jacksonville, FL. I know that your rooms are clean for a senior citizen on canes. I would like some help on the cost of a single room for handicap person and it will one nite each on the way up and way back. the travel dates will be May 29, 30, 31 plus staying in Cedar Rapids, IA for a week and half or more. If the family reunion don't happen it will be only two weeks and half.
    Thank you for your help or not.

  • I had lunch yesterday 10/17/2013 at the restaurant on premises. Unfortunately I left my CC there, I call the next morning and they had it locked in the safe and was informed that I could stop by at 9am. I got there early and was told that the controller would be there 9 or 930 they did not know. After waiting for 25 minutes, the night manager came to me, I don't know when she will be in and I could stop by later. That would be fine but I would have to drive across the bridge 25 miles one way. It very alarming to me that it's easier to cancel the card and get a new one issued that retrieve it from Doubletree since they don't know their employee's schedule.

  • I had lunch yesterday 10/17/2013 at the restaurant on premises. Unfortunately I left my CC there, I called the next morning and they had it locked in the safe and was informed that I could stop by at 9am. I got there early and was told that the controller would be there 9 or 930 they did not know. After waiting for 25 minutes, the night manager came to me, I don't know when she will be in and I could stop by later. That would be fine but I would have to drive across the bridge 25 miles one way. It very alarming to me that it's easier to cancel the card and get a new one issued that retrieve it from Doubletree since they don't know their employee's schedule.

  • darrelle thompson at doubletree in binghamton ny helped me very much. i was on a motorcycle and encountered many weather delays. he was very accomodating and i will return. thank you

  • I had a very bad experience at the DoubleTree in Downtown Cleveland on August 9-11 2013. I hosted a family reunion of a hundred and thirty people. Some coming from New York, Pittsburgh, Georgia, California, and Cleveland. I scheduled an appointment with the sales-manager to perfect my event, and at this appointment i was informed by Kelly author that she details events two weeks prior to an event. Days later she contacted me to change my detailing date because it would interfere with her vacation, and there was no other sales-manager that would be available, in the past this was called customer service. This is not my first event at this hotel, I've hosted two class reunions,three family reunions and my granddaughter celebrated her fourth birthday there. Those whom came on a bus waited for three hours to get rooms that were booked months in advance, there were so many people in the lobby and we did have a hospitality room, which was much too small. We were offered an additional hospitality room for the overflow of guest by an employee, Kelly author confronted me in dismay and asked me "what was i doing in that room." One of our guest had a bug in room 816. Once checked in the bathroom was not clean. i spoke with one of the managers Billy Jones about my concerns and was told that i would receive some coupons to give to some of my guest. This has not happened yet. I have yet to hear from the hotel to even say Thank You for my business. They took the money gave no service from management. The employees working the desk at the time of arrival (Ron) Micheal Streeter, Jackie Angel and Carl were very helpful in this very bad situation.

    Robinson Boykin Family Reunion- Deborah Speights

  • On July 26-28 2013, I attended my family reunion at the Williamsburg, VA location, checked out and received final bill for $217.12. On July 29, 2013, checked my bank balance and saw that I was actually charged $267.12, $50 over what my bill stated. Called the finance department at the Williamsburg location and Tammy G. said that she would call my bank to straighten it out and call me back. She never did. If I have to file a lawsuit against Doubletree, I WILL. I can prove that I was OVERCHARGED.

  • I had a very bad experience at the DoubleTree in Wichita at the airport. We had a conference there for our professional organization and had to deal with a serious noise issue that was disrupting our program. The manager on duty, Betty, was extremely unwilling to help with the situation. Won't be coming back. You just lost out on a regular customer, DoubleTree!

  • I am the secretary of a large organization the hold their Annual convention at the Doubletree Hotel in bloomington MN.
    We have been at this hotel since 1996 without any problems, until this year. Seams the hotel staff refuses to return e-mails & phone calls. We will most likely be looking at other hotels that would appreciate our business.


  • Trying to verify a reservation for the 2013 Jazz Fest in New Orleans. This has been a nightmare! Finally – after three days and at least 3.5 hours of phone conversations – I was connected to Guest Assistance. Spoke to Ms. Eileen Rodriquez who seemed to be the only person in the Doubletree organization to help.

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