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DR Horton Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact DR Horton Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

D.R. Horton, Inc.
301 Commerce Street Suite 500
Fort Worth, TX 76102 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-817-390-8200
Fax Number: 1-302-655-5049
Customer Service Number: 1-817-390-8200

  • Don't ever build a home with DR Horton. They take forever to construct it and make many mistakes. It has been six months and our home isn't half finished. They spread themselves too thin and weeks go by without anyone setting foot on your site. A terrible experience with this builder. Very unprofessional.

  • Up to 50 homes in The Farm at Brunswick have fascia that is peeling down to the bare metal and Horton claims it is a routine maintenance item and not their responsibility despite the fact that the houses were sold as maintenance. I have owned 4 houses in my life and all were over 35 years old and this was not a problem.

  • When I purchased my home at the DR Horton Timberlake Community in Clover, S.C., my home, (the first one sold) had a mail box in front of the home. Right after the sale, the mailbox was removed and we had to drive to the local post office to get our mail. Seemed that the postal service was implementing the mail box nest concept where one unit would accommodate 16 homes. So, our street was supplied with two units for 32 homes. As building progressed, mail units were installed in front of common areas to service homes around the common area. Well, it turns out that in D.R. Horton's drive to build more homes, they forgot that more common areas were needed in order to provided locations for more mail units. Rather than address that, they simply chose to add another two units on my street, next to the existing two. That's 64 individual mail boxes on a street that has 22 homes on it. If one third of the folks receiving mail where to drive up, there would be 21 cars in front of my house waiting to get their mail. I contacted our HOA, who work for D.R. Horton, and asked them to find out why they keep adding mail units. That was two weeks ago and I was told that David, from D.R.Horton is researching it. HELLO, D.R. Horton dropped the ball and failed to make adjustments to the community regarding mail delivery points…just kept on building. We have children on our street and do not need this additional traffic. Something tells me that this will occur again in another area of our community, that is unless they will add more to our street. This is not rocket science, it's D.R. Horton throwing stuff against a wall to see what sticks and if anyone will challenge them. I called the post office, and it was NOT their decision to place the mail units here, so please do not blame them. I get tired, often, by D.R. Horton treating me like some illegitimate child they wish would simply go away. I'm not going anywhere. But, I won't simply allow stupidity to prevail. If by chance D. R. Horton reads these comments, perhaps they can inquire of their Charlotte division as to what is going on and resolve this. Barry O'Daniels

  • I electronically signed a purchase agreement on a home in Bluffton, South Carolina, on April 4, 2016, within 12 hours I texted the subdivision real estate agent, Mike McCaylor cancelling my purchase agreement of the home. I requested a confirmation of that cancellation from him via e-mail within that text and did not receive one, as of this date, April 13, 2016. As of this date I have received two contacts from DR Horton insurance company, as if I am continuing in this purchase. I am not going to purchase your home, in addition, since my job did not transfer me I also do not qualify to purchase your home. Please cancel this purchase agreement and send me a cancellation acknowledgement. Jane Blasco

  • I started the purchasing process with D.R. Horton in Riverview Fl. From the get go I was shown and given a schematic where the a/c would be in the side of the house. Suddenly now the placed it by the master bedroom window. They said that the lot won't allow it to be placed where the schematics show. If I knew that I would have never bought the house, of course their solution is back out and loose $5,700 dollars or wait for another house in 6 months and $12,000 dollars more. Thank you Mr.Horton for treating a dissabled retired Law Enforcement officer with 26 years of service as a piece of dirty cloth.
    José Morales
    future resident of Riverview Meadows

  • I have had nothing but problems since I moved into this house. The local warranty dept won't respond to the growing issues……I think we should all get a lawyer and take them to court. Looks like they are failing across the US………..

    • We should. The local warranty department in Birmingham, Alabama is doing the same thing to us. Maybe a lawsuit will keep them straight.

    • Yup same situation in AZ..
      R.O.C in your state ..
      print out complaint forms..
      attach everything they want ..mail it away..
      Its free and they hate shifty builders..
      they will make it correct.. or they will use there lawyers
      at no cost to you.

  • I have a sign on my property across the street from a DR Horton subdivision;;;;;;;;, they rent my property to put their sign on , I have contacted the rep for this area that covers the payment. I have a written contract for 6 months,, they are 4 months behind, and still cant get paid

  • Greetings,
    I've been gong back and forth with DR Horton/Express homes since the day I moved into my home June 2014 in Kathleen, GA (Georgian Mills). I've been lied to about appointments and lied on by contractors. From the lawn that holds water to my backdoor that allows water into my hold which has destroyed the crown molding. I requested to have the door removed several times and each time they send out someone who can't speak English does little to nothing to fix the issue. I would not recommend this builder to anyone. It is sad when you have to constantly call and beg for corrections that should never have been an issue. I'm so frustrated and tired of dealing with them. They are untrustworthy and can't keep an appointment nor contractor so save their souls. I am furious, pissed off and looking into a lawyer, how can they continue doing business with the type of homes they are building?

  • We signed a contract to build a house in North Port Florida and paid $5K in down payment only to find out after 5 days that the area is high risk flood zone area. Money is lost since in a contract there is nothing like time to check these things. They take their money and they are gone. CROOKS- BE AWARE.

  • Begging for help: 3 warranty requests and tired of being ignored

    We closed on our home September 20th, 2015
    The first week we notice the paint on the north east side of the house coming off. Also, there is water damage in the garage first week. Prior to closing, the paint on the shutters and front door (anything maroon colored) is bubbling up in huge sacks.
    I put in one warranty complaint and received a phone call from Jacquelline. She promised I’d be contacted to address the issues.

    Shutters: by the painter, Paint on the exterior: by Sherwin Williams rep, Water damage in garage: by roofers.

    Only the painter has come out. They came out twice and gave up after 10 minutes stating the obvious (which is what I said from the start) that they cannot be scraped, sanded, primed, and painted in place or at all. Too labor intensive. Jacqueline from warranty said they HAVE to try again. They will not replace them because it will be at the painters cost because they neglected to prime or prep them first. They tried a 3rd time and failed. Not only did they fail, but as predicted, they left the paint shavings and their mess for me to clean up.

    A second warranty claim placed, another call from Jacqueline stating the shutters and door will be replaced. This was 2 weeks ago, have not heard a thing. She also stated that her manager as well as the Sherwin Williams paint rep will contact me that following Monday to set up a time. That too was 2 weeks ago. Placed a call in to Jacqueline this Monday, no return call and it is now Thursday October 22, 2015.

    The paint peeling off the side of the house is getting worse. The drywall coating in the garage wall and ceiling is getting worse. The shutters and front door still look as badly as they did a month ago.

    FOLKS, these issues will NOT heal themselves, and I will NEVER go away or stop until this is resolved. NEVER, I will be relentless and get my lawyer involved who states he’ll do it just for fun!

    This house cost me nearly $200,000 cash and I am furious that I am being ignored the moment DR Horton cashed the check.

    • Get your lawyer to take care of the problem. DR Horton is not going to do anything for you or me. After we did the closing we reported about 14 problems with the house and no one cares.

    • r.o.c in your state.. google it" R.O.C in (your state)"
      File a complaint.. they will help you for free.
      Download the complaint forms and fill them out and send them away.. they do not take Shafty builders lightly…
      they will be forced to fix your home 🙂
      If not R.O.C has lawyers and they will go after D R HORTON
      with guns blazing.

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