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Dress Barn Corporate Office Headquarters
Ascena Retail Group Inc.
30 Dunnigan Drive
Suffern, NY 10901
Corporate Phone Number: 1-845-3694500
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Store Customer Service: 1-800-373-7722
DressBarn.com Customer Service: 1-877-879-3561
Email: customerservice@dressbarn.com

  • November 13,2018
    Today I received a letter in the mail that dressbarn was closing my account that is over a year old. They said they made a mistake. I am so disappointed that after many years of spending my hard earned money with them they just closed my account. I will never shop at Dressbarn again

  • I have observed associates stealing merchandise at your dress barn at Pecan Park Blvd. A tall white lady with glasses and dark brown hair has a key and from my workplace across the street we see her and a shorter white male with blondish hair go in with a key and come back out with clothing. This has been happening now several times at night in the evening. Just thought you might want to know. This dress barn is located in cedar park texas..what a shame!!

  • First take your case to Dressbarn's HR department and see if they will help you. If who feel that HR will not help you, or don't feel comfortable going to then concerning the situation. You can always take your case to the EEOC, the NAACP, or get an attorney that handle such cases. If you are sick have your doctor write a letter, and you give a copy of the letter to your manager, and a copy to the proper person in HR, and you keep a copy for your records.

  • I have been shopping petite clothing at Dress Barn for several years. I have always been satisfied–in fact my favorite pair of jeans is from Dress Barn. My question is Why did Dress Barn change their petite sizing? (Length) If your short is 29 inches long and your petite is now 29 inches long, why wouldn't you keep 27 inches long for petite? Why would you make available short and petite at the same sizing–29 inches length? I am truly petite and 27 inches fits perfectly! I am not happy about this change. I am not unusually short. In fact a lot of brands have a 27 inch availability. If this is the case, then I won't shop there anymore. I am truly disappointed.

  • Went to the Greenville store last night to get an outfit for a job event. I am a very picky person. The employee, Lauren, not only helped me find the perfect outfit that I felt very comfortable in, but helped me complete the entire outfit with shoes and accessories. She made me feel like I was the only customer in the store getting 1 on 1 help by her and she was taking care of 3 other people at the same time. I will definitely be back to dressbarn in Greenville thanks to the customer service Lauren gave me tonight!

  • Regarding an incident at the Avon, IN store on 10/18/16, between 5-5:30PM:
    I have medical condition that requires me to shop places that are restroom friendly. I have been a customer of this store for many years and know where the facilities are located. This evening, I told the middle aged female clerk with short dark hair and glasses that I need to use the bathroom. She made me wait while she rang up a customer instead of telling me to go ahead, as usual. I waited until I could no more and said, I'm sorry, but I can't wait any longer and went in thru through the storeroom. When I left, the older, African American manager was waiting outside the door and scolded me for not waiting because they had "valuables" back there. Seriously, do you mean like the dead salamander smashed in plain view in front of the sink? I apologized, but this was not necessary for the clerk to rat me out or the manager to embarrass me by insinuating I might steal something. Get some people to run your store that have common sense, courtesy and customer service skills! Writing corporate, closing my account and NEVER going there again!

  • I had a very bad experience at your Dublin, CA store yesterday. I bought a blouse last week at this store never took it out of my closet until yesterday.
    As I was trying it on again I noticed a 4in hole in the back of the blouse. The reason I did not see it in the store was because there is a layer of material over the shirt and it was in the back. I did not have a receipt but the tags are still on the shirt. before I even took it out of the bag the store manager said oh you bringing this back again and I said no only second time in the store. So I showed her the tear she immediately said no receipt no returns. I asked if I could exchanged it she said no. So I called my bank because I paid with a credit card and filed a dispute. I have the shirt but I will never step foot in this store again as she would not even offer a solution. And from reading previous review this seams to be a big problem with your stores. I WILL tell anyone and everyone my horrible experience I had from Yelp to social media. I do hope this gets resolved soon!

  • First let me say that Dressbarn has been one of my favorite places to shop. I generally shop at the Huntley, Illinois store or Crystal Lake, Illinois stores. No matter what day or time I go into those 2 locations I am treated wonderfully. The Huntley store goes way above what you would ever expect from a retail store. That is why today was such a HUGE disappointed to me. I am in Iowa babysitting for my nieces 2 sons and having a little down time I ventured into the Dress barn off University Drive in West Des Moines. I wondered around for over a half hour looking through the racks. The store was not busy at all so when I needed help locating a certain blouse on display I had to find someone to help me. No big deal. BECKY was very helpful and I truly appreciated her help. I got to the register and waited 15 minutes because one lady was helping a customer with a credit card issue that needed to be resolved over the phone with corporate. Totally understandable. The lady I was behind was making an exact dollar amount exchange. The girl behind the register made some kind of error. The same woman was waiting over all 15 minutes to straighten it out and was starting to get upset because she had a meeting to go to in 10 minutes. They finally figured it out but the woman had to pay 1.87 difference, which made no sense to her or I but she paid it because she needed to get back to work. It was finally my turn. The girl behind the register smiled at me but continued to explain the previous ladies issue and what she did to resolve it to the woman in charge today. I took my items off the hangers and placed them on the counter. Only then was I helped. The girl took my phone number to look up my perk card then rang me up. I showed her the coupon on my phone for 20% off 100.00. She couldn't get the coupon to work so she called the lady in charge (the store manager was on vacation) for help. She said the coupon is probably expired looked at it and saw that it wasn't expired until the 30th. She proceeds to tell me I should get coupons in the mail. I stated I was from out of town and I had a valid coupon on my phone. She said, "we'll it's not working. " I said couldn't you just give me the 20% off? The answer was no unless the coupon code worked. I said thank you then I won't be purchasing anything here and I left the store furious. The Huntley, Illinois store has experienced issues with coupons and the person in charge over rides it to help the customer. 20 dollars may not seem like a lot to some people but being on disability I have limited funds and every dollar counts. If I didn't have such great customer service at the Huntley, Illinois store I would never return to a dress barn after the service I received today!!!!

  • As a former part-time sales associate at Dress Barn, I would like to comment on how the store manager of my prior store handled the hiring/firing of employees. I worked more as a seasonal associate and recently went to the store in person to discuss scheduling. I was informed by the assistant manager on duty that day that I should start looking for other work after I asked if this was the case. I never received a formal statement of why I was let go (or even an informal statement) and the manager of this store never actually contacted me to inform me that I had been let go from the store. There was a new full-time associate in the store that day, so I can only assume that they wanted a full-time employee over a part-time employee. I completely understand this action and how it would be better for the store's business but I would have liked being told earlier on that I no longer worked there so that I could have begun looking for work else where. This action was handled poorly by the manager as she never informed me that my job was temporary or that I no longer had a job. Also, I should not have had to go in person to ask if I still had a job. Overall, the Dress Barn corporation may want to look into how their managers are handling their employees and how the hire/fire people as my prior manager did not handle the situation well and I had less time to start looking for new work before all new summer retail positions were filled.

  • Re: Dressbarn store – 1601 West Edger Road, Linden, NJ

    I was told you were closing this store. It would be a huge mistake…It's the BEST dressbarn in the area. I've been to all in the area and this, by far, is the biggest and has the best selection. Seems like you are hoping the little dressbarn store in Clark, nj will take on a trendy "boutique" feel, offering a small selection to fit in a small store. Same goes for the store in South Plainfield. Both my daughter and I have gone into those stores and walked out empty handed. When we go to the inden store I spend at least $100 to sometimes $300 dollars. Look up my account – you'll see I'm not exaggerating. I can tell you right now, you will have lost a loyal following. Whoever is trying to make the dressbarn stores feel like a boutique is making a big mistake. Good luck with, but you've just lost two very loyal customers. Sincerely, Lynda Lattanzio

  • I have been shopping at Dress Barn for several years. I have always been treated well as a customer by the employees; and for the most part they have always been helpful and professional. I love the selection of clothes and usually find something I like of good quality and at a reasonable price. I live in Southern CA, and have shopped at several different dress barns between Orange County and Riverside County. I recently had an issue at the store in the Moreno Valley area, store #1062. 27180 Eucalyptus Ave Moreno Valley CA 92555. While visiting in that area, I had the sales slip and a blouse that I had purchased in the Corona Store #1144. I wore the blouse one time and noticed that the material on the back of the sleeve had a defect in it and the material was coming apart. I was shopping out in the Moreno Valley store with my sister who also had a blouse to exchange for a smaller size. I was flatly refused by the salesclerk who would not even look at the blouse. She said that she had to call her Manager who was standing at the other register talking to my sister. The Manager was rude and nasty to both my sister and I. I explained that the tags had been removed because I had worn the blouse once and noticed the defect when I took it off. I had the sales receipt with me. She flatly refused to exchange the blouse for me. Told me I should not have removed the tags! I really felt offended! I commented that I have purchased a lot of clothes from Dress Barn and have an account. She stated that I didn't buy it at her store anyway; I had bought it in Corona. If this is your corporate policy I will shop elsewhere without the aggravation. The same manager refused to assist my Sister with a different size on her blouse that she had recently purchased. Again she was rude and didn't want to deal with us. When we left the store I called the Dress Barn in Corona and explained what happed and why the Manager refused to exchange my blouse.
    I was told as long as I had the sales receipt that should not have happened. They told to bring it in to the Corona store and they wound assist me. After reading some of the comments and problems on your website. It appears that some of your stores are aloud to discriminate on who they wound like to serve. I would think this should be investigated by the Corporate office, so stores can't pick and choose who they want to help based on demographics and there own interpretation of the company policy.

  • I love dress barn clothes. Unfortunately, my sister and I have been continually treated poorly at a particular branch which makes a habit of being rude to potential customers. My last shopping trip was NO exception. I have looked at other branches but they are inconvenient. I manage a Law Office and appreciate the work attire selection but just requesting a dressing room is met annoyance from the staff. At times they staff will go out of their way for the elderly clientele but seem to blatantly ignore anyone person in the 35-45 age range. When I ask to have a dressing room unlocked to try on items they ignore me, pretend to be busy fixing a rack or make an annoyed face and say "did you check all the try on rooms?" I have been snapped at by employees for requesting an item in another size from my sister (it takes so long to get a try on room), if I have one item I feel another size would be better I'd rather not go through the nonsense of waiting for another try on opportunity. I would be happy to ask an employee but they are never attending to the dressing rooms. While changing, I had clothing I wished to purchase on the outside of the dressing room door and the employee tried taking it to put away. I shouldn't have to argue with every employee of this branch. If your company is not focused to serve my age range I will go elsewhere. I enjoyed the clothing so much I even have a dressbarn card and have patronized Dress Barn enough to have my credit raised twice yet it seems the staff has no interest in my business. I am not rude, nor disrespectful but I had a blatant fight with the staff member ringing up my clothes because I dared to say "I have a coupon". First as I was pulling out my coupons, she snapped "those are expired", I had not even finished going into my wallet, then I pulled out my $15.00 off coupon and she snatched it from my hand, then to add insult to injury, I had an digital coupon from 03-06-16 email which stated it expires 03-07-2016. I was told "its expired" before she even looked at it, then another employee joined on on the argument, she stated its an "online coupon only", I said "no it clearly states an in-store code" they both argued "it's for dresses only you don't have any dresses" I said please read it, it states "Build your spring wardrobe!" it states no-where dresses only, finally one staff member said "well I guess try the code if nothing comes off you were right" to the other staff member. It worked and I got my rebate, but this has happened numerous times. But when an older customer pulls out a handful of coupons they smile and help them see which one is current. They discriminate at this branch and I will pay off my balance and close my account as I am truly done with the hassle and uncooperative nonsense of this store, its just not worth the clothing. Please look into the following branch dressbarn Union Center 89-89 Union Turnpike Glendale, NY 11385 Store #202.
    Your Former Loyal Customer,
    Ms. Gallagher

  • I love shopping at Dress Barn. However, within the last several months I have been spending my money elsewhere. The store manager at Dress Barn #1142 is absolutely the rudest individual I have encountered. She talks about you before you can even leave the store to other hired help. Don't ask me if you can help me if your intent is not sincere. Her name is Shauna!!

  • I love shopping at Dress Barn. However, within the last several months I have been spending my money elsewhere. The store manager at Dress Barn #1142 is absolutely the rudest individual I have encountered. She talks about you before you can even leave the store to other hired help. Don't ask me if you can help me if your intent is not sincere. Her name is Shauna!!

  • I always shop at dress barn in commack, NY. Today, I went there planning on getting few items for myself and my mom, I walked away, I have never seen so rude and uneducated people in my life. I just hope dress barn makes a better selection of people that work with them!

    • He'll no we don't want dress barn in pine bluff that company is a bad example for a company poor customer employees relations and they retaliate towards their employees poor training and customer skills never again will I step in one of their stores or sister store I will make sure I spread the word of this sorry compay

  • I work at the new location Tanger Outlet of Savannah…There is a disgraced going on in the store….The store leader is a bully. You are never allowed to have an opinion or mind of your own. She told us if your not with her you are against her…She even reassured that no matter how we felt…WE WASN'T ALLOW TO GO TALK TO OUR DISTRICT LEADER DEBRA PIRKLE because she would have her back no matter what. Working for this company belittes me as a individual because I'm being told I'm not allowed to question certain things. I just need to go with the flow…This isn't what Dressbarn is about…thats what is being taught to us from our store leader Elizabeth Marrero…SHAME SHAME SHAME

  • Jackson nj is the worst store to work in. I personal know two people who worked there. That women Hillary is a tyrant to work for. She barks out orders and doesn't move her as to help anyone. As stated above she has a filthy mouth and treats her employees like crap. She must be kissing someone's ass in the corporate office ,becouse she should have been fired or sued for her actions the way she talks. Don't shop Dress a Barn .

  • I have read all of these comments, most of which are bad, it looks like the upper management really do not care about there employees, maybe one of you should get off your behinds and pay a visit to some of those locations. Your best advertisement is by word of mouth, and one dissatisfied customer can eventually destroy a business. I would be on though managers like brown on rice

    • i agree completely that not only are the managers and assit.mgrs rude to the other acossociates they are rude to the customers as well… I happen to be in the outlet store in Anderson, Ca shopping for a wedding and the District leader was in the store also. they just stood around chatting (or should i say gossiping) about the other associates. i know that one of them was still very new to the store and she ( i think her name was Elizabeth) was the most helpful of all. she would try to ask questions to the asst. manager ( some slob who couldnt even dress like she belonged in a management position) just kept ignoring her, telling her to figure it out or rolling her eyes when she had to actually do some work. I have been in a couple of times after and the store is very pleasant when this assit.is not working. the other managers as well as the Distric leader never missed a beat in their conversation. I sure wish this young lady could find a better job with people who will respect her and her hard work. I am surprised anyone would want to work there if the District Leader doesnt even show any type of leadership. i dont think i will be going back to that store and i will be telling all of my freinds not to go there. the bottom line may be all they care about so i will hit them where they do care…. and hopefully find this amazing young woman a better job!!! TO HELL WITH DRESS BARN!!!

    • As an former employee, I watched a horrible manager again and again degrade employees, call them ride names in front of customers, wear pajamas to work, sleep on the job with a brand new hire untrained on the floor, whom I later found out was a friend that was hired after repeated attempts to coach said employee and was told by employee that our store leader told her that she didn't have to do what was expected of her, while other employees were harassed and threatened on a regular basis.There was absolutely no new hire training in the store, paperwork was never done properly, no one knew what was expected of them, and it was awful trying as a full time manager to get the team on board, as the store leader was awful. We had so many employees leave as well as customer who complained, because of this leader. People were afraid to call the DM out of fear that the Store Leader would retaliate, and no one would listen and told that they should never contact the DL for any reason. I walked off of the job out of complete disgust and did contact the DL to inform her of the reasons that I could absolutely not do it anymore. She wanted to meet with me, but I said no because I had seen so many others before me be treated poorly for trying to right wrongs. The store leader has recently moved on, but she was never ever held accountable for her incompetence, lack of care for the store, lying, falsifying time cards, i.e. having managers fix her time sheet when she was late by .5 every shift. Oh, and I was also force to work sometimes three shifts a week for 14 hours straight with no one to relieve me for a break, force to have working breaks where I was interrupted and not able to rest, or eat a proper meal.The store leader gained a reputation in our small town where no one wanted to refer employees, or work at our store, and those of us who really cared about the customers, and the success of the store, and saw it's value in our community were treated poorly, lied to and taken advantage of. THIS COMPANY DESERVES TO GO BANKRUPT AS THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE STORES! It seemed to us that they didn't care about the success, because the leaders turned a blind eye to everything that was right in front of them. Oh, I also had to report that before returning to Dressbarn, my store leader and the at the time full time manager, had sold fixtures to a metal recycling plant and kept the money for themselves. They were also living together!!!! How is that okay from an HR standpoint, it isn't. VERY SAD,SAD COMPANY!!!!!!! The store leader was there for just over two years, every previous employee that I know and have talked to is so happy to hear that she is gone in wake of the ROZ & ALI changes, and hope the best for those in our community that are still working there. Maybe they will have a better experience than we did.

  • I had the WORST experience in the Shelton CT store. I bought a blouse, brought it home, and found it had a defect in the material. It was most noticeable on the pocket. I brought the item back within 2 days with tags and receipt. I had to wait while the sales person finished her personal conversation with (it turns out) her manager. I showed the girl the problem with the blouse, gave her the receipt and the tags. She looked confused, and looked at me as if I had 2 heads. The manager quickly came over, said that she had sold several of the blouses and none had issues. I worked at Bloomingdale's, Lord and Taylor's and Saks Fifth Avenue. Sometimes, there will be an issue with a piece of clothing that is not usual to that particular line – but it does happen. I explained this to the manager. She was – and no other words can describe this – downright nasty. After the transaction (refund) was over, I asked her name, "Laura". I asked if she was the manager, she replied yes. I explained that I would have asked for an even exchange but due to her attitude had changed my mind. That is when she really exploded, telling me I was rude and intimidating to her young associate because I "told her" what I wanted done versus letting her tell me what she would do for me. When I questioned her about my apparent rudeness, she got louder and created a scene. I have never been so embarrassed. I have worked in customer service my entire life and understand both sides of the counter. I have worked with several demanding customers and always seem to manage to have a satisfied customer before they left. Even if you perceive a customer is rude, they do have rights, and a right to be treated with a courteous, professional manner. I will never go back to Dress Barn, and will definitely let others know of my experience in this particular Shelton Square store.

  • I use to work for this company for 4 years the Manager talked about everyone and would turn all of the employees against each other. Store 497 in Gastonia was horrible to work for. The manager who her name was DEVIL was awful the way she talked to her employees and the way she would lie when she did not give you hours. I ended up quiting but do not shop at this store while she is working everyone else is ok

  • I recently went into my local Dressbarn store, purchased a few items and decided to get the Rewards card. I asked if this was a credit card and the salesperson assured me it was a rewards card and not a credit card. Lo and behold a couple of weeks later I receive my first first bill for this "rewards" card, which is actually a credit card. I was lied to and that is wrong – I will pay my bill and never shop there again. Shame on you Dressbarn –

  • I worked in the dress barn woman in new Hyde park, NY. I only worked there for a little over 4 months and I just quit. When I started I was getting up to 23 hours a week while I was in school and slowly I started getting less. The last month and a half of me working there I was getting 4 hrs a week, not even considered part time. My store manager was barely there, when she was on schedule she would come in 2 hours late and leave an hour early, and then complain to the assistant managers that I "just wanted to be a cashier." How would she know if she was never there and when she was she was on the phone with personal calls or in the back. When I quit it was like she knew because all she said was "yeah, do u want to stop today? Ok thank you." She didn't ask me my reasons or why.

    The work environment wasn't comfortable and you feel like you're not wanted at all.

  • Christmas 2012 my wife was talked into Dress Barn credit card and some type of identity protection. Had I been there, neither would have happened. Never the less she set up the account. When I discovered it after a few weeks, I told her to cancel it. She made the payment for the one already charged and was told by the lady at the Dress Barn store it was all set now, no more charges. Sureeeeeeeeeeee, now I get a bill for identity protection and additional late charges. I did an online chat with DB customer service. They basically replied, "We are sorry, contact the credit card company." Credit Card company wouldn't talk to me since it was my wife's account. So, Dress Barn listens is a much of malarkey. I would also bet that my wife didn't understand the protection was. I base this on the same store telling her there would be no more charges. What good is the DB hel
    p line if they just say, sorry that's not us its the card company. The card says Dress Barn.

  • I would like you to bring back " the almost perfect capri" 96% cotton 4% spandex RN 63254 fit just below the knee ( with slits). If you could make them wrinkle free they would acutally be "perfect"

  • I will not be shopping at our Dress Barn in Reynoldburg Ohio again , or any of the stores. When I first started shopping there I was always greeted by someone working there , when the bell rang when first entering the store. One day I was shopping for almost 20 minutes when finally one of the workers said something to me and I told her, finally one of you are speaking to me. One of the girls when I was shopping stood only a few feet from me almost 10 minutes while I looked at dresses. I put the four dresses back and left. I went back three different times to test the store again same thing happened. I did notice that they did seem to talk to women that they knew shopped the often and where older than I was. Oh well I will cancel my credit card and spend my money somewhere else. I like respect and if you start greeting people after hearing a bell ring keep it up. Jay

  • I was in an emergency need of two outfits for a weekend event with my family. I went to the Tanger outlet mall in Birchrun, MI and the Livonia, MI. outlet store. At both stores I had very friendly service from staff and really appreciated their help with helping me to fit my outfits. I was very impressed that the staff were also told they must take their breaks right away as some staff were going home at certain times. Not many places care if one takes a break at work or not. I did notice the stores were very clean and attractively set up. I also saw there was a variety of sizes available to customers. I do hope the ladies who helped me, were give my honest thank you for all the wonderful help I received. They were both sent on breaks while helping me so I had to walk away from the dressing room to find another employee to help. Some of the other customers chimed in to help me and I really felt welcome. I will shop again at Dress Barn as there are no stores anywhere in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan where a plus size lady can find special clothes.

  • The store in Missouri City Texas is closing!! Your store has been the best location feasible for people that don't want to shop at big malls. Your customer service has always been great, so helpful and courteous. I shop there for everything. I am so disappointed that now we as loyal customers have to drive to Rosenberg, Pearland area which is 27-30 miles from where I live. I do NOT shop anywhere due to great fashion selection your store offers and the best prices! please if at all possible, please keep the location open. I know that as a corporate headquarters you would want to hear that your customers are happy.
    Thank you for your time

  • On Saturday March 16th, I visited your Quincy, IL store. I have been in this store before and have not been treated well. However I wanted a sweater so I decided to go in again. I was not greeted but the lady behind me was. I saw several sweaters that I liked (spring sweaters) but they were not in my size I wear a medium. I stood by the sweater and waited for someone to ask me if I needed something no one ever came to me. I grabbed two orange sweaters and went to check out. I did not get a smile, a hi, by. All I got was the total for the sale. Right then and there I wanted to walk out however I liked these two full priced sweaters. Everyone around me was purchasing clearance items, and were being treated like queens. I do not believe I look like someone who can not afford to be in the store. I was carrying a coach purse, had on "Silver jeans" , Calvin Klein sweater, and BOC shoes..by far not a welfare person. I paid and left, my husband who never notices anything said "Wow that is one rude store". If I would have been helped and had them check on sizes I would have walked out with several sweaters, shirts. But I will never go to this store again. Perhaps you need to teach your associates customer service. I am an Occupational Therapist and no matter how I feel, how busy I am, what is going on in my life, each person is given my time, a positive attitude, smiles and brightness. I would hope that my company would have a nice long talk with me or boot me out the door if I treated people like I was treated at your Quincy store. Please check into this!!

  • I have realized a lot by working for DressBarn. When you start it's an amazing place, great mission statement, good benefits, and a great discount. They want everyone that walks thru the door to feel amazing, who wouldn't want to work there. You watch all these videos that help you learn to sell their clothing and the card. Very helpful, while you work you are asked to not only sell at least 1 outfit per customer or more, and the card as well. Also, you have to clean, do projects minor and major and change the floor sets all the time, change mannequins, and put all the go backs away. So there is a ton to get done. Then you realize that if your sales per transaction go down, your scheduled hours go down as well. Oh and lets not forget about getting email addresses. I was once told that if my girls were not getting at least 60% of the email addresses they could be terminated! Terminated due to lack of email addresses, such bull. So then you are faced with the question of, how do I do this, what's important and can they really do this to me. This is just a short version of what goes on. It's terrible to have to work in such a poisoned environment but so wonderful to be wanted by some really great customers that love the service. It feels wonderful to truly help, amazing to be thanked over and over, get name recognition sent into the company, etc. but how do you go in day by day wondering if and when you will work, because your not sure that you got enough emails, or you know you had a lot of transactions, but not enough money in each of them. I am a mother of 3, my children should not suffer do to customers not wanting to give emails, or they can't afford a whole outfit, but the company doesn't see it that way. Just the way I see it.

  • After reading so many negative comments about dressbarn,I'm glad my mother and I walked into the Carle Place store in NY. We were greeted by,Letesha,a sales person who goes beyond the call of duty!My mom fell in love with a blazer but they didnt have it in her size,Letesha checked all stores,found it in Jersey and is having it sent to their store for pick up.The manager was nice enough to tell me to text so I could 20% off my total bill.Thats really looking out for the consumer.From one happy costumer,thank you and Letesha,keep the warm smile and the eagerness to help!

  • Got satisfaction by calling cust. serv. I forgot my coupons and couldn't get a savings at two stores. Cust. Service said the store can simply call if your a card holder and you can get the savings. Both the Tannersville outlet and the Whitehall store in Pa. need to know this. I was ready to cut my card up but will try one more time to continue at Dress Barn.

    • I think dressbarn needs to tell all thier stores this. I work for dressbarn and worked in a few stores and no one knows this.

  • just wanted to compalin about the bad customer service at the Waldorf, Maryland store, store Manager is to busy spreading gossip about other store Managers with her asst. Managers she doesn t have time to offer any type of customer service.

  • I've always had wonderful service at Dress Barn, however their customer service for their credit card is HORRIBLE!!! I made 2 online payments (always pay in the store) the first payment went through with no problems, but the second online payment came back as no account??? All the banking information populated, so how the wrong information got entered is beyond me. Because of this they are charging me $25 and refuse to reverse it. I will be closing my account!!!!!!!!

  • I agree about Dressbarn.It does have nice clothes,but they need to change some of their employees.Instead of taking the managers words they need to take time and listen to the employees also.The one Dressbarn in Hagerstown has a manager name Lisa Hollis that has done alot of illegal stuff since she has been with the company but they still have her.There is another assistant manager in the other Hagerstown dressbarn name Sally Durbin that she thinks she can get by with anything,that Dressbarn want touch her.I just feel like everybody should be treated fair.All Dressbarn ceos think about is getting our money and not caring about how people are being treated.

  • if the comments are about store managers rudeness well dress barn need to open their eyes and do something about it like send corporate to each store with out the managers and employees knowing and see whats going on in their stores, that way they can get the bad apples out and put people who care about the job ,buisness, customer , and growth of the company, and that includes district managers also !!! you demonstrate positive you get gratness and people who cares and love to work !!!! just a thought (.p.s. you will see how many store managers do work and how many stay in the back room doing nothing start with laurel maryland store they need help asap with people skill sarting with the store manager!!!

  • what i would like to know is why do the dress barn store in laurel maryland still have Eva sawyer as the store manager when she is so rude to emplyees and customers she do not know how to talk to people and blames everybody else for her mistakes and she is always degrading employees infront of customers !!! also her best friend kim levitt who is the District manager which i dont know what kind of asset she is for the company cause when you try talking to her about any problems you are having with the managers she goes and tell all you talk about with the manager (Eva Sawyer ) and then they retaliate against you and you have no where to go to solve anything. who can count on two best briends that go on cruises together and are managers to solve problems in the company !!! people say dress barn is a good place to shop but how can it be good when you have currupt people working there its not a good experience thats why everyone is trying to transfer out from the laurel store who can work with two sneaky people thats why i redirect people to shop at other dress barn beside the one at laurel maryland the shopping experience is horrible dealing with rude managers .

    • I've read all the comments good and bad. Dressbarn condones the bad behavior by their managers & district managers. They say everyone has a voice and everyone is welcomed to talk about what's happening at their store location. That's not true. You will be retaliated against if you complain about the bad treatment by your manager & district managers who are vindictive, vicious and down right liars. This is one of the worst companies to work for. HR will investigate your complaint and go back and tell the DM & Store Manager all that was said. Then look out, complaints about you and your work behaviour will be coming out off no where. Ongoing issues, that never existed before is now a problem. They( store manager & district manager) will make things up about you and use it to terminate you.

  • I love shopping at Dress barn. The girls that work are so helpful. And I love how I never am ignored like in some stores. Thank you Dress barn for taking such great care of me.

  • I believe everything you wrote and I think you have a good case. you should take them to cuglyourt and to the poor soul who made that rude rude comment god will strike you down with some serious disease then what? remember god don't like ugly. you need to pray

  • ignorant comments like this should be deleted all they do is insult other people to make them self feel better (idiot ) look in the mirror before you insult others and you wonder why people talk about you when you are walking and people you know are huddle and giggling its because they are talking about you !!!! people do have life threatning sickness just cause you dont have any dont give you the right oh you do have a sickness (IGNORANCE )!!! GOD BLESS YOU so GODLY of you to insult others !!!!

  • i'm sorry to say this but ever since the new store manager at laurel dress barn took over it has been horrible experience after another(EVA SAWYER)she is rude and do not know how to talk to people i was being help by an associate who was doing a wonderful job i may add and she kept interupting her from helping me noting ther was two others employee there huddle and chit chatting i dont know how any body can deal with her since then i only look for shirlee who have help me so much with my wardrobe i recieve compliments every time that young lady help me i tell you if they keep that woman there much longer (eva sawyer)the store will loose lots of buisness thank you i commend the young lady shirlee for being so wonderful and patient with me!!!!!

  • why don't you sell westport women's jeans anymore. I finally find jeans that fit and now you don't sell them anymore. please bring them back!!!

  • I just stopped in to see if there was anything on sale I liked and I left with 2 dresses,opened an account with you and am ordering 2 more dresses from you. I had a wonderful experience both women helping me were terrific. The trans# 0579 store 0501 reg 02 cashier 003 on 6/18/12 at 4:12:21 PM.

  • Good day

    I have to report the most dissatisfying customer service experience that I experienced at store #0004. VIRGINA Beach, VA.
    Please acknowledge receipt of my email.
    I arrived at the store around 4:45 or so browsing around for a little while no one asked if I needed assistance. I proceeded to shop, there were a few items I was interested in purchasing. I saw a few items that were hanging on the wall. I then asked a sales agent for assistance; meanwhile another shopper came up behind me and needed a dressing room. The other shopper was given immediate assistance over me.

    Unfortunately I do know who this sale associate or store manager is at this time, who gave the other customer assistance over me. The sales associate conveniently acted as though she forgot that I required some assistance. I decided to wait for the cashier to finish with her customer. I asked her (Shakira) for assistance with the items I had planned to purchase.

    The sales associate Shakira gets the ladder to assist me with the items on the wall. While she is assisting me there is a yell across the sales floor by the manager for Shakira to assist another customer at the service counter. The sales associate left me again (really am I invisible) I am so disappointed at the service of this store. I am an account holder and frequent shopper of Dress Barn (I love your clothes) along with several family members and friends…I have NEVER experienced any of this nonsense when Mary Harris (no relation) was managing this location.

    Once sales agent Shakira was finished with the customer I then expressed my frustration in a very loud tone shouting (AM I EVER GOING TO GET SERVICE IN HERE TODAY).
    I am very appalled at the treatment and surprised Dress Barn tolerates this type of treatment of its customers and account holders. The sales manager made it appear as though I didn’t matter and my business wasn’t wanted. I put back most of the clothes and I am pondering on the decision to cancel my account. I don’t have to spend my money to be abused by the employees of Dress Barn. I need to be compensated for all the anguish I have gone through in this store & I will be sure to share this story on Facebook …
    I want to know if Dress Barn employees are taught during training that the fair skinned customers are to be given preferential treatment. Each time I was left waiting it was to service a fair skinned customer who had just arrived at store #0004. If this is how you train your employees to provide customer service you will lose a lot of business. Word of mouth travels just as quick as an email.

    My suggestion would be to retrain that non working manager on the etiquette of customer service or send her back from where she came from, because I am sure this location will lose plenty of business and accounts……Very Dissatisfied Customer!

    • I was in Dress barn store in Riverdale Utah recently where the store manager yelled out from the front counter to another employee looking for her. It was very unprofessional and I can only wonder how frustrating that had to be for the other employee who was already busy helping several customers. I would hate it if my boss degraded me like that.

  • As a dress barn associate I am degraded every day I come to work and for what I'm only makin chump change

    • I agree as a dressbarn employee, HR was investigating the harrassment by the store manager in our store. Dressbarns new thing is inspring women but beleive that is should come down from the top and the managers should be inspring the employees. Our manager degrades everyone on a daily basis, customers have even called corporate office complaining about the store manager.

    • I think I was just let go from Dressbarn for being pregnant. "By the time I need you, you'll be really prego", was the comment in front of customers that my manager said to me. She then out of the blue told me my last day would be next Friday. Very hurt and disappointed. I believe in dressbarn's mission to inspire women to feel good about themselves–shouldn't that apply to employees at every stage in life as well? Pregnant or not? FYI- I've had wonderful reviews, never a complaint, & many customers who have called & written in about my excellent customer service.

  • Dress barn is a poor excuse as a company and so r the people that wrk there starting with the managers who lead by horrible examples


    • I was employed at the tanger outlet in Michigan the work enviornment SUCKS!!! The assistant maagers BULLY the part time help and their is absolutely no respect! The manager says that its uncalled for yet does the same exact thing! We work our butts off just as hard as every one else and never get a simple thank you! I don't feel appreciated at all!! Its a thankless job that requires you to be happy and keep a smile on your face no matter what and no matter how bad you are treated by coworkers or even extreemly rude customers! Dress Barn is only focused on their goals and daily numbers! A lot of managers, district managers and emplyees are on each others facebook pages so you are left to feel as if you have no voice or you will be fired for speaking up! I am sad because I used to love working for this company but in time they will break you! DONT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY THEY TREAT YOU LIKE CRAP!!!

  • on Sat. afternoon approx. 2-3pm I was shopping at Dressbarn, Carmel, N.Y. There were plenty of employees and one Linda was pleasant and helpful. However, as I was trying on clothes two other employees one I believe was in training and the other was Amy. One shouted to the other OMG oh know look at the clothes in here I thought "they" had a 6 item policy the other said "oh that never really came about I don't think" they continued to complain about how many clothes were in the dressing rm. and then started to talk about payroll and how "they" didn't allow overtime etc. etc. Sorry but I was really turned off so unprofessional. I asked another employee who the manager was and to my dismay she pointed to three women standing talking and said "oh all three of them are managers!!!! Two of those women were ones in the drsg. rm. WAY TO GO DRESSBARN HR. you are really doing your homework too….

    • On Friday I was at the Carmel NY store. This is my store and I needed help for two upcoming events. I have 4 teenage daughters and myself that needed two outfits. I always get the best service there. I had just about gotten help from everyone. They showed me numerous outfits and had bought just about every item they showed me. Both associates and management are fantastic. I spent well over $1000 this week and extremely happy with what I got and the service I received. I was very surprised to see someone write something negative about the individuals in the Carmel NY location. I feel this individual must have had a bad day. They never restrict the amount of merchandise I bring in to the fitting room nor do they talk about it. I needed to let Corporate and HR know the treatment I have gotten so my comment to you is : "You have done your homework well,and way to go, because good help is hard to find! (Maria)

  • My 2 daughters and I recently stopped in the North Branch Mn Dress Barn just to peek at a dress that was in the window display. We were immediately greeted and welcomed by Katie. Katie went well above and beyond the call of customer service. She asked all the important questions that should be asked by a sales associate. She spent an hour and a half searching racks and helping us sort through dresses. Not only did she helped us to find a dress for an upcoming wedding she provided ideas and accessories to match! I felt like I had a personal design/stylist on hand. I am a fanatic about customer service and will be vocal when I have good service as well as poor service. I am more than happy to spend my hard earned dollars where ever I feel it is appreciated. The service I received from Katie was exceptional and unfortunately rare. I can't thank her enough for all her help and her interest during our visit. If you are paying attention Mr. Corp. manager this is an employee you should commend and make every effort to keep. Thanks Katie!… p.s. just because of Katie's help I bought 2 dresses and a shrug and a jacket and a necklace and bracelet…..if I didn't get the experience that Katie provided I would have been happy to leave without a purchase….great job Katie!!

  • I shopped at your Fairfax #676 store, No. Va March 09, 2012
    As a seasonal shopper, with three small children. I can only run in and buy a season at a time. I forgot my dressbarn credit card Savings card, I purchases $300.00 thinking if I can come back with card two days later I would receive the discount. Ohh no The store Manager Sheila, said I had to bring in all the items and the receipt. I had however, taken the trash out and had no tags left to bring back with all the items. Well I do not have time to shop at your stores EVERY AGAIn, Have a nice Day!!!

    • You are entirely delusional if you think there is anything wrong with what was required to correct YOUR error! Get a life, people. If YOU cause a problem, YOU will be inconvenienced to fix it. OF COURSE they need the tags and receipt! I'm sure that Dress Barn is in tears knowing that there is one less unreasonable customer with which to deal.

    • Macys would have given you a discount and told you what your account number is as well. Your receipt should have a barcode they can scan even though the garment didn't have tickets. Your credit card account would have shown what you pirchased

    • You should have told the sales associate or manager that you forgot your card before you had everything rung up and asked what is the procedure for getting the discount this way she would have told you to make sure you kept all the tags and to bring them in along with the reciept the next time you come in.

    • Wow – I guess Anonymous from August 26, 2013 is the stereotype that is employed at Dress Barn.

    • I work at a Dress Barn, and I am sad there are so many bad things said about them. We are trained to "surprise and delight" our customer, and for the most part my team does this, of course everyone has an off day, myself included. Sometimes you hear things about one store or another, we are constantly being told we are the nicest. I think my store manager is the reason why, shes seriously the nicest person and completely embodies the DressBarn attitude of surprising and delighting the customer. You should only have had to bring back the receipt and your coupon to get your discount back.

    • Dressbarn really does listen to their customers, makes it a WONDERFULLLL, personal, Fun and affordable experience, for you, the customer. I'll bet if your message here, get's to Dressbarn, they will do just what you asked them to do. Give them item number, style # etc. and explain why & what you want… I am certain they will get/make it the size you wish for.

    • On Friday I visited the Dress Barn on Brodie Lane in Austin, TX. I have always found it to be a very friendly and fun place with a great clothing line.

      To my surprise there was so much attitude and an unwillingness to help or check me out with items I had planned to purchase. Opening the dressing room also appeared to be a real imposition. Once I decided to make a purchase, I was told after I had waited at the counter already for about 5 minutes by one of the employees that they would be right with me and they headed to another direction of the store and never returned. Another 5 minutes passed and by this time another customer was waiting and wondering why there was noone there for us to purchase the items. Finally another employee stepped up to the counter with attitude so I laid my items down and left the store.

      Since I was unable to find what I wanted at another department store, I returned the next day to make a purchase. I had anticipated that I would be treated better and that the day before was just a bad day for the employees. Everyone I came in contact with had a bad attitude the next day, as well. Although I made a purchase I will not return to the store unless the store environment of attitude has changed.

    • These are very old messages…let me give you a current one! I want my email address off your list and can't get your company to do only that! I have called and clicked on the unsubscribe button and emailed. It still is not working so how do I disconnect from you?????

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