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DTLR Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact DTLR Corporate Office Headquarters

1300 Mercedes Drive
Hanover, MD  21076
Corporate Phone Number: 1-410-850-5911


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  1. I went in the DTLR at Spotsylvania mall yesterday December 17,2018 evening and the customer service was so poor I would not spend $1 in that store. I paced back and forth they had several employees standing around didn't offer any customer service. I just finally walked out and went to Journeys and got what I needed and the customer service was excellent and on point. If it was up to me and that was my store I would fire everyone of them. I won't ever patronize DTLR again.

  2. Well after reading these comments DTLR is very unprofessional. I went to DTLR in Northgate Mall in Durham NC to purchase some shoes and the employees were standing around. I have even heard an associate by the name of Catiya well at least that is what she said her name was. She was using some foul language against another employee I even had my 5 year old child with me in the store I do not think that is very professional at all it is ridiculous that you hire people that use this kind of language towards other employees in the store. I do not know if I want to continue to shop at this store due to the unprofessionalism that occurs with the employees.

  3. On Monday July 10th 2017 at around 4:00 pm I made an attempt to pick up a pair of Timberland boots That was ordered from another one of your locations, the prior week before today. This was done due to the fact that they were out of my size that day. When i walked in the store, their was 4 adult teenage employees on shift, one male and three females, they were all crowded around each other laughing and joking conversing about personal issues other than their duties at hand. when i entered, i mentioned that i came in to pick up the shoes i ordered, once i tried them on, and was completely satisfied, I walked over to the counter top ready to pay for my item. Despite of my presence at the cash register, they still continued their conversation (lolly gaging on companies time!) just completely ignoring and not providing excellent customer service like this company claim they will always provide. Once i finally counted my cash and was ready to pay, i placed the money on the counter top and waited patiently for them to stop talking looking for someone to complete my transaction. finally, who i believe was the manager, Ms Guieshia matthews gave a complete blank stare, looking pass me as if i didnt have the right cash or if they didnt want what i had to offer…" so i asked is their something wrong?" she rudely said "YOU CAN PLACE THE MONEY IN MY HAND!" when Ms Matthews made this rude comment, we began to get into a verbal dispute.. i responded back by saying " I DIDNT KNOW I INSULTED YOU!.. NOW INSTEAD OF YOUR TRAINED MANGER DEESCALATING THE SITUATION SHOWING HER SUBORDINATES HOW YOU SHOULD PROFESSIONALLY HANDLE A CRISIS, SHE CONTINUED TO SHOW OFF, GETTING INTO A VERBAL ALTERCATION WITH ME, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER SUBORDINATES.NOW I CAN POSSIBLY GUESS, DURING EMPLOYEE TRAINING, YOUR EMPLOYEES ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW HOW TO DEFUSE A NONE THREATENING SITUATION safely and calmly WHEN DEALING WITH THE PUBLIC AND AN UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER THUS, PROVIDING A POLITE, FRIENDLY, PROFESSIONAL ENVIRONMENT WHEN ENTERING ONE OF YOUR LOCATIONS. HER APPEARANCE WAS VERY UNSAVORY, TATTOOS FROM THE NECK AREA AND ARMS LIKE A MALE THUG, AND NOT TO MENTIONED THAT HER BEHAVIOR WAS NOT ONLY UNPROFESSIONAL BUT AN OUTRAGE TO YOUR COMPANY AND TO OUR COMMUNITY!"To make matters worst after taking the time to travel down their she refuse me service, THIS IS AN ABUSE OF HER AUTHORITY AND THE LITTLE BIT OF RETAIL POWER AS A MANAGER SHE'S HAS OBTAINED! her engagement is very passive aggressive, and DISRESPECTFUL, BUT once again from READING the above comments on your website, NOW HAS created another blemish on DTLR RECORD WHEN IT COMES TO SERVING THE COMMUNITY!..if ive what of known the level of unprofessional work habits these employees engage into, I would of taken my business else where!..despite her level of unprofessional behavior that is OBVIOUSLY not at all conducive to your company! iv'e tried calling the corporate office, seeking a rectifiable solution. After numerous amount of calls and messaging, no one returned my calls..I will not let this slide!.. I WILL CONTINUE TO CALL AND SEND EMAILS ABOUT MY DISSATISFACTION OF THIS STORES SERVICE!…SOMEONE NEEDS TO RESPOND..IT CAN BE THE DISTRICT MANAGER, SOMEONE IN H.R., OR EITHER THE FRANCHISE OWNER..BUT I WANT THIS MATTER TO BE COMPLETELY AND PROFESSIONALLY RECTIFIED! STORE LOCATION..7656 Richmond Highway Alexander VA 22306 STORE# 703-765-6916..THANK YOU

  4. I was scammed on December 14, 2016 @ the DTRL @ Northlake in Charlotte, NC. A young man by the name of Angel Figueroa answered the phone while I was inquiring about the Velvet 11s that came out on December 17, 2016. First he informed me there were no more tickets available for the shoes. Then I called back to see if anyone knew of any stores that may still have them. Angel Figueroa then told me to text him at his number 404-662-1876. I text him and he informed me that he had one ticket that could get me a Big Kids Size 6 shoe that he was selling from DTLR but I needed to give him $300. He bragged about this is what he does all the times and the manager is aware. I met him at the food court later that day with two witnesses who saw the money exchanged and I have proof he was given the money but he said I had to come to his home in Charlotte later that evening to pick up the ticket because he was afraid of being seen by others. He informed me that night after I gave him the money he forgot my ticket and just come to the store early to pick up my shoes on December 17, 2016. I never received my shoes, nor my money back. I spoke with the manager at the store in Pineville, NC about the matter because I wanted to see what can be done. She took my information down and gave me Camille Stevens number their DM. I contacted her who was on vacation till January 14, 2017. The manager at the Pineville location then gave my information to the manager at Northlake location, which I asked her not to do. Since then I have been threatened and taunted by this employee for over a month and some days. His friends and family members as well as him has sent me violate messages and threats of attacking me because I want my money back and he will not give it back to me. I don't understand why he still is an employee for this corporation with
    pilferage occurring on his behalf. The manager at the Northlake location is in on the scam as well that is why she gave my information to Angel. I have text messages, insulting messages off social media from this employee on how he his not giving me my money back unless we fight for it then he says better yet I'll just kill you. I have also been informed this is not his first time doing this at this location. I work hard for my money and I refuse to allow someone to intimidate me. So I left the DM Camille Stevens a message in December 2016 after the incident. Then she finally calls me today, Tuesday January 17, 2017 from a private number, which I prefer not to receive private calls. I returned Camille's call which goes directly to her voicemail and informed her I would take the settings off my phone to receive her call. I have called her back four times and still no answer, nor response. So DTLR has a very funny way of doing business. The customer should always come first being I'm a business owner myself no matter the situation. But DTLR has left a very sour taste in my mouth and I will not be happy until I receive my money back and the employee is terminated.

  5. How ignorant and lack of customer service skills to offer an even exchange (I did not have my receipt) for SIZE ONLY and after selecting correct size in the exact same shoe you then tell me I owe the difference of $74.00 which I think you wanted to pocket for yourself Taylor at the Whitemarsh store in Maryland on September 23rd 2016. What ever happen to true best qualified candidate selection for the job. THIS HAS TO BE WELFARE TO WORKFAIR with NO CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY not even a GED was probably required. This is my opinion resulting from my EXPERIENCE during my transaction….. CORPORATE DTLR
    this did not make any sense at all and you should be concerned about customer retention.

  6. I cant believe how rudely i was treated by a manager in the Brentwood store in DC tonight. Mike is the worst manager ever and should be fired!!! from reading the previous reviews, I see that mmost people feel the same way, the question is, what are you " corporate" going to do about it????

  7. I have seen one of the warehouse workers that work at the warehouse that connected to the corporate off smoking pot on their break i called corporate and nothing has been done i still see the guy just about every day

  8. worst customer service, the young lady manager in Northlake Mall is very rude and immediately hostile when asked a simple question they are not customer oriented and different ppl walking to the back that do no work there im sure corporate will do nothing about this and probably does not read these at all but everyone should take their money elsewhere plenty of other stores with same product not overpriced and BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

  9. just was one the phone for an hour and 30 min. No one picked up, I have not got an email saying they shipped my shoes out, and its been a week. DTLR will never have to worry about my business any more. Nike.com answers on the first call and ships ASAP. This really pisses me off Knowing I gave you Guys my money and i cant even get any one on the line.

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