EarthLink Corporate Office Headquarters

EarthLink Corporate Office Headquarters
1375 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, GA  30309
Corporate Phone Number: 1-404-815-0770

  • Use to be great years back. And big! Not now!!!!! I am very unhappy by reaching technical service on level 1 that is not equipped to handle any technical issues. Then waiting days on end, not even given a time for level 2 to call me with a problem the basic technical support was at a complete loss. Or holding on the phone for hours and them always putting me on hold for someone else they ask for assistance because they can't figure it out. TRY AND FIND ANOTHER SERVICE. THEY ARE NOT GOOD ANYMORE. IN FACT TERRIBLE.

    • This is exactly my experience. I have been a customer for years, and the company has totally deteriorated. I went through level 1, level 2, then waited and received a recorded call which I could barely understand. It gave a service PIN and I thought I would get in to someone by using that. I have now been on hold with music for another 45 min…It''s not over yet !!! I even pay for extra storage so that they get $12 a month for this TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE service. This is the only Email service I have ever had, and even recommended it to others. I am QUITTING NOW. Total tragedy how a once good company has gone REALLY BAD !!!

  • Long time (20+ years) customer who is ready to quit based on uniformly terrible customer service/technical support. I understand the company wanting to save money by outsourcing all services to India, but I cannot understand why they only employ mentally challenged, non-English speaking kids who seem to always be having trouble reading their scripts (may I put you on hold for only 2 minutes while I diagnose your problem……click….buzz…..dial tone). I have dealt with other Indian call centers, as we all have, but apparently this company only hires the rejects from all the first tier companies like Microsoft, Apple, ATT, Comcast, etc…

    Simply. The. Worst.

    EarthLink sucks

  • I was deleting my webmail after many years. The customer service rep did this for me,however,within two hours I received a couldn't sign in window sent to that email. I tried to take care of it,but couldn't. I didn't know what to do as it kept notifying me within each minute for 24 hours. At one point, I turned all sound off to sleep. When I could, I contacted EarthLink tech. He had an Indian accent and it was difficult to understand him. He did not help me. We went in circles for almost a half hour. I tried to do as he told me, but kept dead ending. I was very frustrated with him, as he didn't know how to get that annoying window off my phone. I hung up. Next day, my consumer cellular tech came to my rescue. Kyle and I were emailing, and he sent me directions and it worked. I was thrilled.

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