Econolodge Corporate Office Headquarters

Econolodge Corporate Office Headquarters

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10750 Columbia Pike

Silver Spring, MD 20901 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-592-5000

Fax Number: 1-301-592-6157

Customer Service Number: 1-877-424-6423

  • Reno Nevada rented a room and was told I’d be refunded my deposit upon exit nothing three days later so I call and this lady says 7 days? Horrid hotel dirty the phone didn’t work neither did password for wifi

  • I reserved 3 nights at an econolodge in aikens, south carolina. People partying all night, then a fight. Called front lobby with no answer. Found out the next mornong thd cops were called . Next morning I went to the office to say I would not be back. They would not refund my money cause I should of left at 3 a.m. really go out the door with people fighting. I had my 7 year old was grand daughter who was scared when it woke her up at 3 a.m.. the room was dirty, cigarette burns in blankets but it was suppose to be a smoke free room. Try to reach the boss as I was told to do by other workers at the desk. They didn't call and said I would have to come in as she makes that decision. No public satisfaction here. Will never stay at choice or econo ever again.

  • Checked into Econo Lodge, Sturbridge, Ma today, Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2022 at approx. 3.15 p.m. I have stayed here numerous times, starting in 2020 I believe. I like the place, easy to get into/leave, get to places,the housekeeping is good, no complaints, except for the middle aged Indian female at Reception. About Jan/Feb time frame last year, she was asking me personal questions and I did not respond, then we had an argument for she refused to give me a receipt, saying I cannot get it until in the morning. She was so nasty, I stopped going to this place. I am a member of their Privilige Programme BTW.
    This year, I had to find somewhere close and decided to try them, I was pleasantly surprised. There was a nice Indian gentleman, courteous and professional, I did not need to ask for a receipt. Was here for quite a few visits then today I came and it was the middle age (early 60s I guess)Indian female. I was apprehensive. I gave her my ID and she asked how I am paying, told her. This is normal, no issues here. But, she wanted to have the card in her hand to check against what I do not know, that is not normal, so I asked her why she needed to have the card in her hand. She spewed her nastiness, We need to check the card.(I wonder against what?) So I asked why, as this was not the norm. She was enraged, "If you do not trust us, go somewhere else" (100% exact words). Then continued, "Why come here if you do not trust us?" Essentially, telling me. 'F.. you and your questions. Go somewhere else if you do not like what I say'.
    Of course, I got no receipt and do not know what was charged on my card. I dared not ask.
    I really like this place, the one fly in the ointment is that harridan. I would suggest Choice Hotels fire her as she has no idea of what Customer Service is and is a liability to your organization. I will NOT be returning to THIS motel. There is a nice place down the road, not as up to date, but the staff is 100% great. I have no issues with anything here but her. She does a great disservice to your organization..get rid of your liability (her).
    Thank to all your staff for past service (except for the abusive, nasty battleaxe).

  • Winter Haven FL econo lodge is a real dump outside door doesn't meet the floor,toilet leaks,tub has burn marks on it, lights had only one bulb put one in each, sidewalk is dirty and wet from the AC, parking lot is dirty and glass on it, paint on walls blistering off, microwave is old and has burn marks on it,floor is dirty under the beds, holes in bed coverings,ac leaks on floor in the room,ac wouldn't shutoff, smoking right side the room, noise outside the room till 2:00/3:00am , bathroom door didn't close, breakfast was on website that did the booking we got nothing, false advertising , misrepresentation, deceptive practices. I'm thinking of health department,state inspection department,ag's office. This hotel was called admiral's inn years ago.This hotel should be closed. Econo lodge corporate has some responsibility to get charged for this by the government agency's,I try to see it happens. So please don't stay at any (ECONO LODGE anywhere).

  • So, back in August, I made reservations at the Plymouth NH Econolodge for 1 night October 10th through the 11th. I received a confirmation just days ago from that the room was all set, and they had all my information including credit card numbers. So today, while browsing through Google, someone had posted that this hotel was closed permanently. I was never notified of this and I am now left without lodging for my 1 night stay in Plymouth. Some hotels have availability, but at 3 times the cost of when I booked in August. I called corporate and refused to take any responsibility in this whatsoever. They said is responsible, and we know how well that will go. Will never ever use this trash operation or any of their hotels again. So angry about this and the lame response. Never again.

  • Econolodge in ripley west Virginia charged me 3 nights and I only stayed and reserved 1 night when we called they refused to refund us the money they stole from us. The manager told us to get lost. These people are criminals and should be thrown in jail. Nobody will help us at all . We called the cops they said to stay away from econolodge cause they are crooks and they've gotten tons of calls similar to ours. Oh and the room was absolutely disgusting

  • Econolodge in Plymouth, NH, is filthy and unhealthy. The first room we had smellled of smoke (smoke free room) and the curtain was stained. We did get a room change, but that wasn't any better. Someone we know moved out of the hotel saying they had bedbugs. I found a dead cockroach in our room, the fitted sheet had a very large dark stain on it, the comforter was also stained. I went to the front desk and was told there are no bedbugs. I showed the picture of the cockroach, but they did not seem concerned. They did change the bedding, which I was told was washed out of house. I told them that anyone putting the sheet on would easily see the stain. I demanded they look at the cockroach. Response I got, very casually said, "That not bug, that cockroach." Really?? No concern? It was a father and daughter. She told him he should remove the cockroach. I mentioned checking out. I was told they would let me check out (gee thanks), but I would still be charged for the second night. No offer to reduce my charge for everything we experienced, better yet, not charge me at all. Unfortunately, we were there for a tournament and all area hotels were booked. I was not given anything upon checking out, nothing! Just told I was all set. No itemized bill?? My card has been charged the full amount! The charge was about $75/night MORE than much better places in the area. As I was leaving, I noticed a door open and saw a man in there folding sheets! I could also see and hear the washer and dryer!! I was lied to about the laundry being done out of house. I will never stay at an Econolodge again after this experience without any expressed concern or reconciliation for our experience, unless corporate can resolve this matter for me. I have pictures of all of this and more. I imagine there must be some health code violations.

  • Stayed in Tacoma Econolodge. The worse experience in a Hotel/Motel. They have drug dealers and homeless all around. I only needed a spot to spend the night because my water heater broke and there was fans running because of the leak. They took my CASH deposit and when I checked out, they said My ID does not match the deposit slip and I cant find my receipt. THEY ARE A SCAMMER. After reading the reviews, I am one of the hundred of people that they scam their deposits. PLEASE don't stay there in TACOMA. CROOK Manager.

  • We stayed at the Econlodge in Morehead City NC on the 26th of January,I will never stay there again,the place was nasty in the walkway,cigarette buts everywhere,dirty shower with soap scum and whatever else is was built up on top of the shower and tub,some kind of machine noise in the building that was so loud I made a call to the desk,clerk said she would check,noise on and off all night,trash cans full,BBQ grills in the parking lot,the breakfast was none exsisting,with coffee and honey buns and a waffle iron,no lighting in the room where breakfast was suppose to be,when you needing a clerk you had to push a ringer which was not labeled you had to accidentally find it like I did,the clerk was not in the office twice and we had to wait on the clerk to show up for help,the room floor was dirty,the pillows were wore out and small,the blanket was thin and there was no sleep with the machine noise and people stomping and slamming doors all night,pay a little more and go somewhere else,I do not know who gave this dump good reviews,it must have been employees.

  • Can anyone out there or even you at corporate office give me advice to see if econo lodge can help us out during this blizzard so I warning so I don't have to leave and possibly die in the cold.

  • I am currently staying at econo lodge in Albuquerque NM on central and tramway we have had a great stay love the room now we ran out of money and have to check out at 11 am there is a blizzard warning and we have no where to go to stay safe and not freeze to death as we have no transportation was waiting for check won't be here for another two days don't know what to do or who I might talk to here at motel to see if they be willing to help us love motel but saddened because I have to leave in the cold with nowhere to go scared as well

  • I am currently staying at econo lodge in Albuquerque NM on central and tramway we have had a great stay love the room now we ran out of money and have to check out at 11 am there is a blizzard warning and we have no where to go to stay safe and not freeze to death as we have no transportation was waiting for check won't be here for another two days don't know what to do or who I might talk to here at motel to see if they be willing to help us love motel but saddened because I have to leave in the cold with nowhere to go scared as well

  • My husband and I recently stayed at your Foley, AL property. We payed over $400 for two nights. Saturday morning I went to the lobby for coffee, being that it was the last week before most school start back it was pretty crowded with everyone getting breakfast. I didn't see the coffee machine right off, as did a gentleman and his son standing near me. I went to the front desk to ask where we could find coffee and the lady at the desk very rudely replied "over there where the food is". Not helpful at all.

    The second issue we had was when we returned from the beach Saturday afternoon/evening to change to go to dinner. We noticed the bed had not been made, the trash cans had not been emptied and the floor (this location had laminate floors) had not been swept, in fact housekeeping had not done ANYTHING in the room except bring 2 bath towels and take the dirty towels that we had put on the floor. They did not bring any hand towels or wash cloths. We called the front desk and eventually someone brought us hand towels and wash cloths but seemed to care less that housekeeping had not done their job.

    We are Choice members as we travel quite a bit and this was the first time we have EVER had an issue with any of the Choice Hotels. We will not ever be staying at this location again, and I will be sure to let anyone I know that will be traveling in the Foley, AL area know not to book with this property.

  • The econo lodge and suites in Spokane Washington is the worst hotel I’ve stayed in. Poor customer service, in the 7 days we stayed there only received house keeping services twice and the reasoning was they were short staffed. I used to work In a hotel when I was a young adult and when there was a shortage of house keepers the rooms were divided between who was there or desk clerks helped with providing clean towels and emptying the trash. For the money I paid for this room I should have received better service.

  • I too had a TERRIBLE experience with the Econo Lodge in Williamston, N.C. I contacted the manager of the hotel and the director of Tourism(who promised to help with my complaint, and haven't heard from him). All I can say is tha I WOULDN'T LET MY DOG STAY AT THIS MOTEL !!!!!!!!!

  • Hurricane Irma came thru & we were out of power for a couple days. We called Econo lodge in Thomson Ga which is the town we live in to reserve a room for the night so we could have a hot shower & a hot meal. Within the hour we were notified that our power was on at home. Econo lodge would NOT let us back out of getting the room. Now along with damage clean up at our own home, we are now responsible for due to Hurricane Irma we are now out of $60 for a room we never used! Its not right to take advantage of people at a time like this. We will spread the word through every social media available!

  • This past weekend we were planning on staying at an Econolodge in Michigan for our family vacation. We had been to this location already last year and enjoyed our stay, so I booked the hotel online back in April for our stay in July. I called prior to booking our 3 night stay to check on things and we were a go. We made the 4 1/2 hour commute with 2 little kids, checked in, got to our room, changed into our swimming suits, only then to discover that the entire pool area was closed!!! There was absolutely no notification of this online or when I called. Apparently the pool area had a ventilation problem and had been down since the past October. The entire area was closed down because of mold. This was not going to fly for our one and only summer vacation with 3 kids. Our room and the hotel had an odor to it, and with my husband working in HVAC knew it had to do with mold. After discovering all of this, I asked to cancel our reservation. The nice lady at the front desk told me I needed to check in with Choice Hotels, whom I spent several hours with on the phone. Choice customer service informed me that the general manager was the only one who could refund my money. AFter also spending several hours on the phone trying to find a safer, cleaner hotel with working amenities as well as being on the phone with customer service, it was a real run around. I still haven't heard back from the general manager at Econolodge and ended up spending over double the cost to make last minute arrangements to stay at other locations, 1 even in a different town because of availability. I would appreciate it if someone would help render this situation, as if not I believe we are done being Choice Hotel customers all the way. Very very very disappointed with the situation!!!!!

  • My wife and I stayed at Econo Lodge in Lafayette , Rd Fort Ogelthorpe , Georgia, there was black mold on bath ceiling , bath tub drain and jets were black mold, with a giant spider web on ceiling , there were atleast 15 ciggerete burns on floor and furniture. IUt was a nightmare just discusting. do not ever stay at an Econo Lodge if you value your health.

  • We stayed in Carolton, Ga 2 weeks ago. We got there late and were tired and ready to settle in for the night being that we had to be at the softball field about 6:30 the next morning. We came into our room and were met with an overwhelming smell of smoke. Then we looked at our beds and there were lots of cigarette burns on the bedspread as well as the sheets. The phone was filthy with smudge marks. The carpet looked like it hadn't been vacuumed in years. There was mold around the faucet on the tub. Along the baseboard next to the bed, there was a roach smushed against the wall. We had to stay the night and the next because there were now no rooms available elsewhere within a 20 mile range. I have plenty of pictures if you would like to see.

  • As of March 22nd, 2017 there is still no ice maker warking at Shamokin Dam PA. First day without ice maker was two weeks ago.. Report was made to front desk.. Nothing.. nada..Is anyone here to help?

  • My niece and I stayed in Greeneville, TN Econo lodge and it was a horrible experience. We were charged $20 over the online price and a $50 deposit. The corridors were not lighted nor the stairwells which is a safety risk. Our room was bed bug infested and the room was not clean when we arrived. We requested to change rooms and the clerk (Hannah)refused. We were exhausted and stressed because my brother was in Laughlin Memorial Hospital so we just stayed. When we left Hannah was the clerk that morning and refused to return our whole deposit. She claimed I only gave her $40. I may have to pay more, but I will never stay at an Econolodge anywhere ever again and I travel with a company of more than 2000 employees and none of us will be staying with your hotel and we are banding together to make everyone we know aware of how poor this hotel chain treats your guests.

  • I stayed at econo lodge in warren ohio. The maid/ housekeeper dresses like a bum big baggy dirty sweat pants really big shirt dirty coat loks like never brushed her hair. the blonde lady at front dusk is rude has no manors. maid doesn't vacuum rooms or wash bathroom floors or clean bathroom. Ive seen this same stuff happening every time I stay at least 2 -4 x's a month

  • my husband & I are regular guests at the econo lodge in warren ohio. we've never had a problem with the lady who runs the hotel she's very nice and friendly. Her husband is kinda unfriendly and rude. he doesn't greet guests well never a hello welcome or have a great day or thank you. And when the coffee pot was empty this morning he got mad and said for real now the coffee is empty. When we checked in Saturday afternoon there was a blonde working she never said welcome to encono lodge how may ho help you or anything just stood there I had to say the first words I'm here to get a room. my husband was with me but he waited out in the truck while I went in to get a room. the room was going under my husbands name the lady ask me if he was here I said yes he's out in the truck she said well he has to come in sign the paper I told her every time we come I sign the paer the lady lets she said well everyone is different. and never said thank you or anything. and every time the maid makes you feel rushed. As we was walking out she ask if we was checking out we said getting ready to she ask what room number we told her. This isn't the first time it's every time. The room upstairs has worn out rugs looks like it's been there since the building was built looked nasty and the bathroom floor never swept or washed nor was the toilet set or shower they was dirty. There's more than one time I've seen the maid cleaning she never uses a vacuum or mop in any of the rooms. And bathroom and room has so much cob webs not funny. The breakfast could be better they have just bagels and waffles that stick to the waffle maker.

  • Wow… I too came to find a way to contact corporate about our stay at econolodge and saw all of these bad reviews. Doesn't give me much hope on getting compensated….. So ee stayed at the econolodge in kennewick Washington. The room looked good was actually nice and clean so we didn't think anything of it. My son woke up the next day and had bumps on it. The thing about it though he breaks out over nothing sometimes so we didnt think much of it. On the 3rd day we notice all of our kids getting bumps so we search the hotel and don't see anything. The next day my son saw a black bug on the bed and flicked it off. We searched the room to try to find it and see what was biting my babies. Yesterday he woke up and all those bumps r now huge swollen bumps and his face is even covered now. My middle son also has bumps on his face but no where near like my eldest son and he isn't having an allergic reaction like my eldest son is. By this time I'm really kind of freaking out…. So we take all 4 kids to the dr to see what is going on with my babies. They told me its bed bug bites and most likeky scabies and gave us cream for all 6 of them and my husband. Weirdly I didn't get bit but the rest of my family did. So they gave us a note to give the hotel and told us how to find the bed bugs. We went back to the hotel room and low and behold….. Underneath the skirt on the box spring is covered in bed bugs. We took excellent video and pictures of all the bugs….captured some… And went to the front desk with our eldest son to give them the note….show them my son…. And give them the bag of bugs and feces. It took 3 hours to give us another room because she could not get ahold of the manager or anyone for thay matter. She finally just gave us a new room without permission and left many notes so they knew what was going on. We searched the new room and it was clear of bugs. We got the call from management the next morning. He in not so many words blamed us for the bed bugs and blamed my dog fpr scabies saying we got scabies frol him. My dog has had all his shots and we informed him of that. They will only reimburse us for 2 days out of the 13 we have paid for and they told us we have to leave foe creating a disturbance of finding bed bugs. Sp disgusted and amazed. My family has had such bad luck the last few months and now this??? How fricken dare they blame us. Absolutely disgusted with this hotel…. We will never spend another night in an econolodge hotel ever again.

  • I just had a front desk person call me a liar and tell me there was hot water in rooms for shower. But if i did not like the temp the hot tub was warmer at 104 degrees. I cant give my kids a bath, or anything else here.

  • There is a registered sex offender living in room 206 at the Econolodge in Old Saybrook, Connecticut. Law Enforcement has been notified.

  • My grandparents came into town for the holiday (Havelock NC). My parents were supposed to pay for the room on their card, and they did, I have seen the proof. The fist issue is when the room has not been cleaned AT ALL the entire stay, and my grandparents certainly left early enough for it to be cleaned. However, we were charged twice for this room. Once on my parents card, and once on my grandparents card!!! The hotel staff, including the manager refused to admit any wrongdoing or double charging on their part. They insist only one card has been charged, my grandparents (which was not even supposed to be linked to that room at all.) They only had my grandparents card because they paid for my brothers room. I will never put anyone up in this hotel. I am disgusted by the incompetent staff who refuse to admit their mistakes.DO NOT BOOK HERE! In addition to this, they charged the wrong card for my brothers room. These staff members were rude to my brother and his girlfriend, and the manager refuses to listen to the customers. Truly disgusted. I live and work in this town and I will share this story with everyone I know. Disgusting unprofessional behavior.

  • These people are upper caste hindus. my room at 1703 East Market St in Harrisonburg VA was horrible but I was too tired to drive further. Threadbare linen. Stained towels. No bed bugs. Next morning, coffee maker still had dregs from previous guest. Manager Pankaj Patel.
    D King, MT(ASCP), JD

  • We stayed at the Econo Lodge in Hendersonville NC on Mitchelle. It was horrible. And all my attempts to have a manager contact me and return my calls have gone by the wayside. No customer service!!!# I took pictures of the hole in the wall, stuffed with a hand towel, the mold and ripped wall paper, the sink that wouldn't drain, the outside door handle that was broken. The room was deplorable and the callous uncaring attitude of the manager at this hotel was even more so.

  • Econolodge in Fort Collins, CO – charged my card for the room then said there weren't enough funds in my acct and denied they made the charge and denied me a room. I even showed the CC charge to the GM and was told they didnt make that charge. My bank confirmed charge from that Econolodge. FRAUD????

  • I stayed at the econo lodge from the 5th to the 6th and the maid robbed me of my cash. THe hotel manager confronted the maid in front of me and got the maid to give me my money back. He said he was going to fire her but that may have been just to pet me because she was still working there when I left. I would have fired her on the spot because if she did it once history says she'll do it again, it's just a matter of when. Unreal I stay a hotel and get robbed by the hotel staff. I'm now figuring just what all I want to do/say on twitter and other places on the internet with a warning to my friends plus other.

  • The Econolodge in Bellingham, Washington either uses an unsecured email or has employees working there that will compromise your information. Within hours of emailing to their "secure" email a copy of the front and back of my credit card and driver's license, my license info along with the credit card was used to make 7 purchases in the nearby Seattle area. I had to pay $89 to purchase LifeLock, and the deputy I filed a report with said the fraud had to have originated from the Econolodge transaction. They refused to refund me the $88.00 I had paid to book a room, which I felt should have been refunded since they cost me that much and more, not to mention taking a full day off work to file reports and go to the bank and file a dispute on the other charges. Not good customer service.

  • We stayed in an Econo Lodge in Perrysburg, Ohio this past week-end. It was worse than the Bates Motel ever thought of being. Mold in the shower, on the shower mat, around the tub, broken toilet, curtains falling off the window, broken air conditioning, spiders and roaches in the rooms. I could go on and on. The bottom line is Econo Lodge does not care and probably doesn't even look at this website. Very sad!!

  • I booked our Econolodge room in Everett, WA. through and was quoted a rate lower than what I had to pay at the time I checked in. The desk attendant said they had to charge an additional fee since I booked the room through That was the first surprise…
    The second surprise was finding no hand or full-size towels in the bathroom; just two wash cloths and one floor towel. The desk attendant brought us some towels a few minutes later.
    The third surprise was when my wife tried to use the wall-mounted hair drier (AFTER she washed her hair) and it didn't work! The desk attendant said she had to go to four other rooms before she found a hair drier that worked and brought it to our room.
    Other deficiencies were one of the three light fixtures in the vanity light didn't have working bulbs in it and the toilet seat was loose on the toilet!
    When we checked out, we asked the desk attendant for a refund of our room rate. She said she couldn't approve that action but she gave us a business card of the manager to request that action. Two days later we were able to contact her and she said she could give us only 25% off our room rate. That was unacceptable with us!
    We'll be contacting the corporate headquarters for additional compensation but in the meantime, CAVEAT EMPTOR!!

  • : the customers in the econo lodge clients that stayed here this summer . write ups . were is the health department evaluation s on this place by laws .or is the corperate headquarters paid off to protect and cover them up .Horrible hotel”
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    Don't stay here it was awful the beds were poorly made the sheets did not fit the bed the bedspread was stained and nasty had no trash can in room no cups for coffee the floor had not been swept and if you were bare foot it was like walking on sand on our second day they didn't come in…
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    “Worst EconoLodge experience. Book elsewhere!”
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    I have had great experiences with EconoLodge in several different locations, so I didn't hesitate to book with EconoLodge in Estes Park, figuring that I would be safe going with a name I was already familiar with. I was sadly mistaken and will be more careful booking in the future, as this place has undoubtedly proven that the same quality…
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    Discovery Lodge

    “Worst Hotel i stayed at in a long time”
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    I know this is an economy hotel, but it's not even 1 star. The front desk man was getting high right after check in. One room had someone already sleeping in it. All our rooms were dirty. Breakfast was a huge disappointment.
    Helpful? Thank Gregg H

    • Purdue Black Alumni had secured a block of rooms at the Econolodge in Lafayette, IN via Purdue Alumni for Homecoming 2016. We secured the reservations in July of 2016. I released 2 rooms prior to the 30-day cancellation and was called the day of departure for Homecoming at 1:57 pm stating the room had been canceled without a reason and if I didn't like it-call Corporate. The guy stated he owned the hotel and has a right to refuse service. I have been going to Homecoming for nearly 30 years and stayed at the same location when it was under another name. I never stay at Econolodge and never will. Fortunately, I was able to book at Marriott's Towne Suites which happened to be at a higher rate. It was unprofessional to cancel without notice and with no reason.

  • I made a reservation at the Econolodge on Airport Road in Jacksonville and I asked to speak to the manager to called my reservation days in advance. After getting the runaround for several days I spoke with a man calling himself "Hank" who kept asking me what this was about and I kept asking for the GM then he stated that he was. He said I could not cancel my reservation when I got such a good rate for booking in advance. I informed him that the online rate was even better than what I booked it for and he refused to change it hiding behind his so called policy. I expected better from a Choice Hotel property and will never stay with an Econolodge property with this kind of customer service. Buyer beware.

  • I stayed at the Econo Lodge in Colonial Heights, Va. What a dump. The place smelled like urine, had roachs and the hot water in the shower lasted for about 30 seconds. The lady at the front desk was so rude and acted like she could have cared less. Told me to take my business elsewhere, of course after I had paid. If anyone from Econo Lodge Corporate reads this, I will never stay at any of your motels again because of this experience!!! To any travelers, DO NOT EVER WASTE YOUR MONEY STAYING AT THIS DUMP.

  • I stayed in Econo Lodge Portland several times, numerous times we had no ice, Management told us the machine was broken, an employee rated on them that is was turn off on purpose, my wife went down to the managers unit and she was rudely informed to go to a convenience store and buy some ice. Hey now the want more than the advertised price re: phone conversation $159 + taxes for what! nasty surly owners with attitudes.

  • Dave from NJ. My wife and was on our way to Schroon Lake Ny to our home and decided to stop in Lowes and Homedepot for materials for our remodel job at the house . We pick the product up and was very tired from the trip, and all the stops on the way up . Had something to eat ,and said lets get a room here and go to the house in morning 8/9/2016 in Queansbury NY. We did paid for the room ,LET me tell you . Dirty, the air freesher they use was so bad and strong we left the door open to air out . The wall paper seams was coming apart ,the bathroom was gross .the toilet was to small for the bowl ,the paint on the ceiling over the shower was fall off. I spilt water on the floor ,took a towel to clean it up WELL THE TOWEL WAS BLACK. WE called the other motel up the street to get a room they where full. So we took the chance and stayed . The room next door ac was so loud every time the compressor went on ,we heard it threw our wall . We watch UNDER COVER BOSS ,YOUR CEO SHOULD GO to this place . I would never stay at one again or tell any one to stay at one . This place should be check out . I would like a refund on the room . I am thinking of talking matter to someone higher .

  • Edmonton alberta location. I called ahead for a reservation the lady told me 278 for three nights never mentioned that there is a 200 deposit. When I arrived i paid the 278 plus 95$ for a extra night and 200 for the deposit . The gentleman pevin I believe his name was ,was rude never gave me a receipt . As I paid in cash I asked for a receipt he proceeded to tell me in front of my children that there were no receipts. He put us in a room way in the back with really bad accommodation dirty i called down to the front desk asked for a suitable room for my family. We didn't stay the extra day I asked for my 95 $ back . He started yelling and swearing and threatening me very abusive aND discriminating on me and my children . My children and I were on vacation i am a single parent I mentioned this and he proceeded to continue yelling I asked him to calm down and speak to me accordingly. I have never been treated like this . My family and I including parents sister have stayed here many years for different reasons and never had these kinds of problems with the staff since the new ownership . I understand they are under new management, I proceeded to ask about management and spoke to a lady at the front desk of the derrik motel who was just as rude stating that I had to be in the wrong . I would like people to know how I was treated I was a paying customer I deserve good service staff just as everyone else . If you can pay the extra fee to stay elsewhere in suggest you do so. I will never stay here again.

  • I recently stayed at EconoLodge in Sedalia, MO. We had quite a few little issues that really were simple and could easily have been fixed, however the front desk person seemed unwilling, language barrier, or didn't care. The first night we informed him the room safe didn't work, the telephone didn't work, the TV was missing a computer conversion plug HDMI. The second evening, we informed him of the same issues, also the WiFi on our phones wasn't working and asked if there was something we needed to do (he replied no, and didn't the technician come down?), and we also informed him that the eggs and coffee were cold at breakfast (he replied they shouldn't have been). My friend (adult) got locked in the bathroom first night and took her a while to jimmy the door back open, weird. The last morning, when I got up around 5 am, the bathroom door was locked. Her granddaughter said all she did was close when she went to bed. I informed the morning staff, and he came down with a card to open, then a paperclip. I asked where the special key is. He didn't know and informed us the technician would be in around 9am. We had to be at the fair grounds by 8:30am. He brought us a key to use the restroom two doors down, nice of him however we had some personal belonging and cell phones in our room bathroom. The manager finally showed up and used the special key and finally trained the staff on had how to open. Our bathroom door handle obviously needs changed out though. The plugin in the bathroom was loose and sunken into the wall. We never did get our WiFi to work, nor able to watch our DVD via the TV. In talking with other friends around Sedalia, they said Econolodge is a bad place to stay. We just felt like for the price, it should have been better. The Friday and Saturday evening front desk gentleman was rude and spoke very little to us as if saying didn't speak much English. The Sunday morning staff at least were apologetic and nice. I would not recommend EconoLodge nor stay there again. I have had better hotels with less the cost.
    April, Sandy, and granddaughter

  • My husband travels a LOT and has to stay in several states for his work but NEVER has he come home so enraged as he was after staying at the EconoLodge in Lansing, Ks. this past week. To make long story short! He was treated like a DOG by the hotel manager there over a dispute about his room! We have contacted the corporate office about this and may go further in order to see that this (Manager) does not act this way to others!

  • I just had the worst experience of my life trying to change a reservation and I will never again use Econolodge. I called this morning TO SIMPLY CHANGE FROM RESERVATION FROM TWO NIGHTS TO ONE NIGHT at the Econolodge in New Paltz, NY. It took three phone calls and 35 minutes to find out the reservation could not be changed, and another 20 minutes to have the reservation canceled. Thus, I have wasted nearly an hour during a work day to learn that your reservation system is a disaster.

    The nightmare began when I called the phone number listed for the New Paltz Econolodge, and was routed to an agent from (whose website states: "Try Our Challenge. Use our service and if we don't have an available room to your hotel, no one will." Well, the "challenge" is to change a reservation once they have charged your credit card.)

    After 30 minutes with the agent, she said the system could only access a hotel IN GERMANY, and told me to call the Econolodge in New Paltz (United States) directly. When I spoke to the front desk manager of the Econolodge in New Paltz, she said she could not change the reservation because it had been paid through another company. She gave me TWO NEW NUMBERS to call

    Both numbers led me back to the original call center at So I began all over with another agent, who explained that he could not change the reservation — only the hotel could. I told him about the loop in which is was trapped.

    Finally, after 15 minutes of re-checking my reservation number, he offered to call the hotel directly to resolve the situation. TERRIFIC! The result: the hotel will not change the reservation because it is now past the noon deadline to do so. At this point, the agent says he can try to work with his "support team" to resolve the issue, but he cannot cancel the two-night reservation in his system because it is past the noon cut-off and the hotel will not accept the cancellation.

    At this point, after nearly an hour, with my patience at its end, I ask to have the reservation completely canceled. The agent says he will try, but he has to work with his "support team" to do this, which will take another five minutes. At last, he confirms, yes, your reservation has been canceled. Now I just have to hope that there's still time to find a new hotel for my trip to my daughter's college orientation.

    I've stayed at Econolodge a half-dozen times in the past, and the room has always been sketchy, often with an odd smell of spicy cooking or, one case, body odor from a past guest — or long-term resident. But because the price is like the Wal-Mart of hotels, in my weakness, I try again with hope for a satisfactory experience. Alas, Econolodge has clearly proven to me that it is the Taco Bell of hotels — your last choice because of its price, but you know you'll feel sick afterwards.

    Bryan Berry,
    Windsor CT

    The phone number listed for , I was directed to

  • I'd like to tell you about a positive experience I had with one of your hotel managers. In late March of 2015 I was making hiking up from the fence at the Mexican border (Crazy Cook Site) along the CDT. When I walked into the Lordsburg EconoLodge and checked in. The manager, Mike Garcia, notice I was a little weathered and dirty from the trail (only 87 miles at this point) and offered to wash my clothes during my stay there. Backpackers carry very few "extras" and I told him that sounded GREAT, but I wouldn't have anything to wear after he took my clothes. He quickly came up with a shirt and shorts to wear while my clothes were in the laundry. I couldn't thank him enough for this kind gestured… It's people like Mike that will keep me staying at EconoLodges. Thanks Mike!

  • I stayed at the one in Mobile, Alabama for one night with my three kids. As soon as I walk in I see a roach in the sink and the stopper is stuck so the water wouldn't let out so I had to reach in and hold it up to let the water out. The bath tub and shower wall was dirty. The toilet looks as if someone had been putting cigarettes out on it. The lamp shades and windows was really dirty. Omg the beds was awful, looks as if they found the mattresses off the street. The whole room smelled like cigarettes and the hall smalled like weed.I will never in my life go back nor recommend it to anyone in my life and I stay in Mobile…..

  • June 11 – 13, We had a reservation (or so we thought) thru When arrived at the Hotel we were told there was no reservation, even after providing the comfirmation number, we were told sorry no reservation. But, we were we do have rooms available but at full price. They would not accept the price promised via They proceeded to tell us that they have problems getting the reservations from So finally after almost 30 minutes checking in, we got into a room. The next day we went to leave, we noticed our hotel door was not locking. We reported to the front desk and the manager (owner-female) came down and told us, that we have to lift up on the door and close it so that it would lock. However, she said that their maintenance person would be in later and would ensure it was repaired. On our return that evening, we tested the door to see if it was functional and it was not. We went back to the front desk and asked why it hadn't been repaired and when would someone be there to fix it. The manager (owner -male)came to the room and said, the maintenance person wasn't coming in because it was a weekend. So my husband asked him what are we suppose to do, it wouldn't be safe to stay in a room where the door wont lock. First the man said it would fine that we would be safe whether the door locked or not and my husband (retired police officer for 33 years say absolutely not. Either give us our money make and get someone in here to repair the door. The manager/man then said,"I don't have to do anything, I can throw you out in the street. At this point we were very angry and of course displeased with the way we were being treated. After the man finely stopped his ranting about throwing us, that we were causing him problems, you don't need a locked door to be safe (no one would try to come in), etc etc. He finally said I can put you in another room. But when we asked for help moving our things from one room to the next, he said no, we don't do stuff like that here. Again he said move your stuff to another room or get out. I was floored, upset, and finally just broke down in tears. Both my husband and I are disabled, and to treated this way after everything we been through with this hotel I couldn't handle it, my anxiety was so high I could not calm down enough to sleep. Then when we went to checked out, we didn't get a thank you, come again soon, nothing nice. All that was said was, "just give us the keys back." We have to travel to SC regularly to visit my mother that is in a nursing home there, and hotels in that area are not that plentiful. But I told my husband we will just sleep in the car before we ever give this hotel any more money to mistreat us.

    The hotel we stayed at was located at: 3986 Byrnes Dr, St Stephens, SC 29479-3369

    We stayed there for 2 miserable nights. We asked for our money back because of the experience but were literally ignored. I hate to complain about any business, but this one was horrible x'3 2……never will we stay there again. I am actually worried about every trying one again anywhere.

  • I stay in the same econolodge every year, the first weekend of June, I always dread it because the house keeping and service.
    This year, I had a great time at the econolodge in West Lafayette, Indiana, 2030 Northgate Dr.
    They had a new staff and manager ( Morgan Kelley ), this was a very good experience, and I'll definitely go back without wincing next June.

    Larry Myers
    Valparaiso, Indiana 46385

  • The Econo Lodge at 2227 Boundry St, Beaufort SC needs to be shut down. For the price they charged I expected better conditions. I paid for 2 rooms with double beds. Room 237 lights didn't work, air didn't work, had holes in wall on both sides. room 236 had mildew and mold in bathroom, very bad patch jobs on wall. They moved me to another room 208 and it smelled like a BAR. Will never stay at an Econo Lodge again. this was on 05/11 to 05/13 for my granddaughters Marine Bootcamp graduation. VERY SAD THIS HOTEL IS A DUMP

  • They stole from me, refunded and then stole from me again multiple times, and the manager literally told me the owners regularly rip off guests. In his own words, "I know it's wrong, I don't agree with it. But I've seen them do this before.This is how these people make money". SO VERY long story short, I stayed here in December. After a day they accused me of smoking in my room, charged me $200. I did not smoke in my room, in fact I was never in my room during the day as I was off visiting relatives and was only there to sleep. I explained this to the girl at the counter, she removed the charges. No problem. She even said the housekeeper who claimed to smell smoke had no idea where it was from, so they charged muliple rooms on the same floor. I was appalled at this "business practice", but I got a refund. The next day, charges are back. I talk to them again, different person. She promises to call manager. No manager was there to speak to me at any point during this. Next day charges are removed, no problem. This happened once more before I left. Then a month later, I'm back in Arizona forgetting about Econo Lodge completely, and they charge me $200 again. I call and pretty much ask wtf, I get told the billing woman was on vacation and just got back and charged me. They transfer me to her. I told her what had happened and she said she would call the owners. No response, no refund for several days. I call back, get shuffled between desk clerks and MULTIPLE people claiming to be managers, only to have the next one say they had no idea who I had talked to. Dealt with this for a week, never once got a call back. Finally I guess I got annoying enough, because a real manager called me. He told me he didnt agree with it, but there was no way I was getting my money back because they regularly do this to people and they never get their money back. He admitted they stole form me, and then the best part…he offered me half of my stolen money back in exchange for not writing a negative review about them stealing from me in the first place. I couldnt believe my ears. I told him I was absolutely planning to leave a negative review, and that I was planning to contact the Attorney General as well. He refunded the half anyway, I guess hoping I would drop it. So I promptly filed with the Michigan AG. I have only waited this long to write the review because I wanted the AG case to close so I could tell you the outcome…but the AG office just contacted me. They told me they have contacted Econo Lodge multiple times about the complaint, and they have been ignored each time. They said the next step is to take them to court, so I guess we're going to court. They're so shady I even felt compelled to ask if it was safe to leave a review or if they would try to charge me again in retaliation, as they seem to hang on to card info and use guest accounts freely. She said they could not(legally), and to add it to the lawsuit if they try, so I guess we'll see.

  • Drove 4.25 hours to a family reunion with our little kids, we stayed at econo lodge in menominee wi, kids all swam the 2nd night and all 10 of then got chemical burn from the pool, and the staff was horrible the rooms were not clean, the fridge seal had a lot of black mold on the outside very visible, they refunded us 1 night which was whatever but I fell they need to do more my 16month old sun has chemical burn and I'm not happy what can I do??

  • My husband and I stayed at an Econo Lodge at atlantic city new jersey on March 18th. The tub wasnt working to take a bath, the window in the bathroom wasnt closing properly so we couldnt shower because it was so cold in the bathroom. The light in the closet was broken and there were wires all over the place in the dark closet and I tripped and sprained my knee, the remote for the tv did not work, and the bold for the door wasnt missing. Upon calling the front desk, my husband had to hold the wire into the receiver of the phone in order to call. When we complained to the manager, he was very nasty with us. All I wanted was my money back and he said but you stayed the whole night in the room. I told him where else would you have liked me to stay, Friday night in Atlantic city, either you cant find another room or you will be paying hundreds for a room that is worth 50 bucks during the week. He said I could sleep on the board walk. My husband then got onto the phone and at first he offered 5% discount on next stay, and we said NO, then he offered 10% of my money back and sent me and email with a form to fill out. I do not want 10% back, I want my full refund.

  • I will start off with the positive information about the Econo Lodge in Richburg, SC. The front desk employees were very helpful. We greatly appreciated them. However, I am extremely disappointed in the lack of care for me and my family. We stayed at Econo Lodge due to a family tragedy and funerals to attend last week. Therefore, it was a good number of us that had to acquire rooms. Some rooms appeared to be clean, however, the towels and wash cloths were dirty. Some rooms were in total disarray when the door was open. I mean beds not made, items on the floor, just purely disgusting to say the least. Not to mention the bed bug issue that we found out about hours prior to the first funeral. The owner of this hotel, Dilip Patel, must be held accountable in some capacity. More than one individual informed me personally that they saw a bed bug. The total disregard and lack of compassion presented to us by the owner of this establishment is unacceptable. I am certain he was aware of the bed bug issue prior to us booking at least 13 rooms. I am making Econo aware because if I have an issue with bed bugs, you will hear from me again.

  • Location of stay: Helen, Georgia (19-21 Feb 2016)

    Check in seemed easy. I was hopeful for our two day stay to be pleasant.

    Walked in room and because it bothers me to use motel sheets I removed them to use my own and then noticed a very large what seemed to be a blood stain on the mattress. The blanket had a tissue box size section cut out and missing.

    When looking for T.V. remote I looked in the top drawer of the night stand, to my utter disgust I saw a saucer size dried up puddle which looked to be possible soda or coffee. So I went to the office to ask about the remote and it I could get one. The front desk employee did have one laying around but was unsure if it was compatible with the T.V.. To our befuddlement after two days of effort I hate to report the remote never worked. Outthought I shouldn’t have be terribly surprise due to the outdated boxed style T.V.. Spent the night watching a fuzzy picture as well.

    Upon entering the bathroom I admittedly noticed that there was a oval toilet with a round toilet seat complete with exposed urine for previous ternate. When I proceeded to the vanity I noticed the exposed electrical lighting and wiring from the light. Wanting to take a bath after a long trip. I went to draw a bath I notice the tub was in need of cleaning. Knowing I wouldn’t be comfortable bathing in the tub I processed to go to the office a second time in search of bathroom cleaner. Went back to the room with cleaner in hand. Began stubbing tub and soon realized there was NO plug. Of course I didn’t search the bathroom. I went down to the office to request a plug for the tub. The response I got for a male employee was a simple brush off with a lamb alibi that if they did have one, it would be in a locked storage room right behind desk that no one had a key for. Mine you that this was the third trip to the office with no resolution. Growing impatient with the lack of customer service I headed back to the room to take a bath with the tub plugged with a wash cloth!!

    In my travels back and forth to the office I was provided live entertainment in the form of police action. Not being privy to the exact details that it was evident that someone on the property was being disorderly.

    The second night after a day of hiking I went to the office to request clean towels which to the credit of the woman at the front desk she provided me fresh towels from dryer. I did find it odd she asked me if I wouldn’t mind returning dirty towels to the office, for which I did as requested.

    All in all I would not recommend this establishment to any of my family and friends.

  • On our way north from Maryland to Ontario we made a stop at Econo Lodge in Painted Post N.Y. with coupon in hand and our Choice Card. We were treated beautifully with all of the staff. The aroma of hot coffee and popcorn plus little snacks in the main entrance was the first time we have seen this amongst all the others we had visited in the past. We had a pick of free movies to pass the evening away too but somehow we couldn't get them to work but that was our fault I am sure.

    On our trip back we stayed there again for another night and have told our family in Canada to pick that spot as their stop over.

  • on January 21st, 2016, we checked into our hotel..we walked in and thought, WOW…not bad…we left the hotel to get a few food items and came back and we were locked out of our room. We approached the office and they barely spoke English and send the maintenance man to break into the room and let us in. He first broke into the room that was not ours, then he climbed into the our room and of course we were able to get in. He spoke no English, but got out of him that if we had a problem the next morning that we would have to move. We went to our event at the Kay Bailey Arena. Came home around8pm and we were AGAIN locked out. So we went to the next room. The room was no where as nice as the first. we packed up and moved. we left the next morning for our event again and came back that evening, and proceeded to cook dinner. I noticed that the burner was a bit uneven. I moved the pan and the stove sparked flames and lost all power to our unit! I go the office scared and hand a bit burned from the sparks. Again to office I go. They tell me I have to move again, and not only was I moving I was moving back to the original room! I asked to speak to the Manager and I was told first I would have to come back on Monday…We departed back to San Antonio and of course no one has called me to talk to me about my experience. I just called and they wanted to give me 20% on my room and NO one has called me! Is this the kind of service one gets when within +3-days we had to move 3 times and were locked out 2 times. our heater did not work, and obviously our stove did not work. What a damn shame!!!!

  • We moved to NH 12/9/15 stayed at Econo Lodge for a week service was VERY BAD….
    650 Laconia road $546.00 for a week no cleaning of the room, no towels brought towels down to office for clean ones told no clean towels come back later, wi-fi was not on could not shower Mold was so bad trash over flowing at back door for days free breakfast was chocolate muffin, hall smelled bad, hot tub dirty handicap with service dog put in the back hall with stairs husband had too pick me up to get in so nasty management….. Gives Econo Lodge Choice hotels a bad name they should have undercover boss go in to this place man sorry…

  • A couple of days ago I booked a room at Econo lodge in Byron, Ga. They drafted the money from my account and I received e-mail confirmation that day. Problem is the next day (yesterday) when I tried checking in the clerk had nothing. He tried to speak with tripadvisor while I waited and they had nothing. Apparently nothing + nothing = nothing. We had no reservation nor room even though we already paid. After spending a couple of hours on the internet and phone we finally reached a human being at tripadvisor who got the the bottom of it and we returned to the motel and finally got a room. I was very unhappy but at least had a place to go since we were visiting family. But what if this happened at 2am while traveling long distance? Would they have been put out with no room irregardless if they had paid? The tripadvisor wouldn't even work with the motel clerk to settle this matter. And the motel clerk insisted that tripadvisor is a third party arrangement that they had no say or impact with. So I advise that any who wish to secure a room with Econo Lodge do so via Choice Motel site as that is the only way they can prevent such from occurring. At least until Tripadvisor and Econo Lodge figure out a way to coexist without such infringement on a paying customer.

  • My fiance and I were driving to iowa from Hot Springs decided to stay in Belton Missouri at the Econo lodge for the night the room didn't look to bad and we decided to go to sleep…not even 5 minutes went by when I started feeling something bite me so I pulled the pillows back and found bed bugs…ok well sometimes that happens in these places well I called the office the clerk came and took pictures and said he would put us in a new room which was fine with us….he put us in the room next door and to my shock the room was nasty blood on the comforter blood on the walls and a bloody mouth print on the curtains it was absolutely disgusting!!! How can a business operate this way?? Needless to say I will never stay at an Econo lodge again and I will be sure to suggest the same to EVERYONE I know.

  • We stayed at the Econo Lodge on Nov. 6 for one night in Savannah South on our way to Florida. We were in room 141. We were getting ready to go out for supper and I went into the bathroom. My husband left the room. When I was finished in the bathroom I could not get the door open. It was stuck. When my husband returned to the room he tried for quite awhile to get it open without success. He went to the office to get someone to open it. Meanwhile, one of our friends finally opened it. I cannot explain how frightened I was. The next day when I was at the front desk, they said the change in the weather makes the wood expand. I told them it was a good thing I wasn't alone because I would have been in there until the cleaning lady came in the next day. When we returned after supper, my husband was plugging in our CPAP machines. After moving the night stand, he found a tangled web of wires and the plate was off the wall. The tall standing lamp had a broken wire put together with electrical tape. The room was dirty and the carpet filthy. I can forward pictures of these if required.

  • My family and I stayed in the econolodge in Orlando fl, 2934 Polynesian Isle Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34746 407) 787-4100 . let me tell you what a hellish experience , arrived to our room and instantly the smell of the room was unbearable! but I decided hey I can deal with the smell for the price. but then the sheets in the room where filthy , smelly, and massive stains all over . from cigarette burns to stain colors I did not even want to think of. ironing board looked like a dog had chewed on it, light fixtures have never been dusted and worst of all the a.c. was not cooling, mind you I had two children with me and a baby. I called front desk and politely asked for someone to come check a.c. for us as we where leaving to an event and where tired of hours of driving. some guy out of uniform showed up and said the a.c. was off give it time to cool down, I decided to swallow it and not form a show in front of my family and just leave to our event. we came back the room was even hotter so I went to front desk to get another room. they gave us another room the conditions where even worse , smell, cracked light fixtures, stains on walls and the a.c. not working in this room either . which I have pictures of everything!!!!! and will love to expose these criminals renting these garbage dump rooms to familys and then have an attitude behind it . the beds where sinking and had no cushions , I lifted the sheets from bed and was horrified of the mold stains, blood stains etc. I proceeded to take a shower and noticed no matter what way I turned the knob the water would not come out and when it did it was dripping scorching hot water to the point that it burned my hand, I told front desk they gave me attitudes and said that's weired as the maintenance guy repaired that specific room for that problem and they had no more rooms available. so now me and my family could not shower , I demanded they fix the problem and left. when I returned my kids found a ton of roaches running around and thats when I had enough it was 10:00pm at night and I was crazy tired went to front desk and told them to give me my deposite back now and drove with no energy or sleep 5 hours back home so my wife and kids can sleep in there nice beds. by the way that place has all employees working with no uniforms and my son and I caught two of the employees who clean the rooms smoking crack yes crack!!!!!!.in the hallways its unbelievable that most definitely nothing Im writing here will fix anything for future guest its all about money for these scum bags and its so heart breaking how they steel money and rent you a crack house they call a hotel room. never again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! something should be done they need to be shut down or complaints filed with the department of health because these rooms are clearly a massive health hazard to anyone and everyone trust me read the reviews everywhere on google about this place and they will say the same thing, roaches, drug deals, crack heads, horrible conditions etc. my next step is department of health.

  • I don't need chocolates on my pillows & room service, BUT I do need to feel like I'm not going to catch a staph infection from touching the remote. I planned a road trip from Seattle to the Redwoods, just me & my son. I thought I did my homework as far as accommodations, but I failed miserably when it came to reserving a room here. What a hot ass mess!!! This couldn't be what was advertised on my fav booking site that hasn't done me wrong yet, could it? Yep! #1) Check in at 2p. Nope! Was told at 2:40p that I couldn't check in until AFTER 3p because they were full last night & the maids were behind on cleaning. Huh?! So not one room is available? Came back at 3:03p & was allowed to get my room. (The lady at the front desk was nice. I have no issues with her.) #2) The grounds are nasty. Cigarette butts everywhere like someone regularly dumps their full ashtray out in random spots all over the lot, but their fav spot is under the staircases. #3) The room… Eff this room! The carpet has some very questionable stains. Everywhere! There's dust build-up & debris behind the furniture that's very visible. It smelled crusty as hell, not fresh like cleaning solutions or bleach based products. Call me crazy, but I thought the maid cleaned this room within the last hour. (That's what I was told by the front desk.) The bathroom… Don't even get me started. I refused to shower in that tub. Later on, I go use the bathroom before trying to fall asleep & there's a bug chillin in the sink. He didn't chip in on the room, he shouldn't be here! Unless this is HIS spot & I'm the intruder…
    I never pulled back the covers. Didn't trust it. Never slept. Wasn't comfortable enough to even relax. Not just because my skin was crawling, but also because the mattress felt like wood & had the nerve to have a gangster lean. I didn't even try to venture to the pool to see if it was decent after that. My son said I was over reacting, but when he started itching while laying under the covers, he got dressed & asked when we're leaving. Sigh! $92 gone. Can't comment on the "continental breakfast". I was shown a crumby four slice toaster in the office & told that's where I can come to eat… Yeah, nope!!
    Don't ruin your plans by staying here. It was cheaper than the other options, advertised a pool, & the chain is decent. Just not this one.

  • Never again!! 8-21-15, Got 2rooms at Econo Lodge and Suites @ 91 Reliance Road, Middletown Va. 22645! Dirty bed sheets with body secretion on them Sloppy made beds that had to be made over to sleep in, no toilet paper, a large nasty hole in the box spring that a cat could crawl into, very late at night showers taken and then we find the mess! In the morning we found out that My friend and her 89 year old mother had the same nasty room! We had already traveled 14 hours on 95 and we are all retired and should have to worry about making beds dirty nasty sheets no toilet paper and all the other nastiness of a $78. room! Sick about this! Wrote a letter to EconoLodge Corporate Office and HeadQuaters only to have it return today! Sent a 2 page letter and 3 nasty pictures Check out the address to see if I had made a mistake which I had not!! So I am telling everyone I can think of about your nasty lodging and will not ever stay there or any other EconoLodge or related Lodge` s again! Patricia B Richard B, Patricia C and her mom Shirley S.

  • Econo Lodge East (VA213) 1031 Richmond Ave. Staunton VA

    Do yourself a favor and don't stay here. The run down room, broken hairdryer and clock weren't the biggest problems. Management's complete lack of concern for their guests was the real issue. We checked in late at night, obviously exhausted and road-weary. Before 8 a.m. we were awoken with a jolt, it sounded as though a tidal wave was about to come through the door. Garden hoses were hanging from the second floor balcony above us and dropping water several feet to the ground, making a horrible noise. When we called to question this, we were told matter-of-factly that they were fixing the hot water and "oh yeah, you might not have hot water to shower, we might need to move you to another room." Then the tools and equipment started, complete with the beeping that happens when backing up, along with housekeeping banging on doors and shouting before 8:30 a.m. We called again, wanting a call back from the manager, we never received one. Why would they put us in this room when they knew there would be early morning construction overhead? Answer – because they already had our money! When confronted about all this, we were given less than an $8 refund and the manager just shrugged when asked if this was the right way to treat a customer. We had sought out an Econo Lodge because the Wilkes-Barre one had been so nice and comfortable. This one ISN'T!

    Highly recommend Wilkes-Barre, especially if traveling with pets.

  • We stayed at the EconoLodge in Walnut, IA. When we arrived, first of all,l there was no one at the front desk. We waited for 15 minutes before anyone showed up at the desk, although several employees were standing around. That wouldn't have bothered us if that had been the only problem. After checking in we started upstairs to our room. The hand rails were sticky and remained that way our entire stay. Our room was so small. It was just a little larger than a walk-in closet. We paid $85 for the room, which was the price that the other motels charged also. That is the going price in that area. We had stayed in the Motel 8 on prior visits, but this time made our reservations too late and they were full, therefore the EconoLodge. There was a microwave sitting on top of a dormer fridge that was sitting on the floor. The fridge was almost impossible to open due to the fact that it was made for a counter or table top. We had a king size bed, two chairs, a table, two bedside tables, a very old TV and a dresser with 3 drawers. The drawers were all out of kilter and difficult to open. The table was so wobbly that we couldn't set anything with liquid in it on the table. We had an ice bucket but no where in the motel was there an ice machine. We had no coffee maker but cups for hot liquids. The AC shut itself off in the middle of the night sometime and the room was extremely hot when we woke up. The door of the bathroom was warping and splintering. The shower had dirty run marks inside that couldn't have been missed if someone had been cleaning the room. The fridge had so much ice built up in it it was hard to put anything in the freezer and the tray below the freezer was filthy. The carpeting felt sticky. Although the motel had a storage shed they were storing their equipment inside the lobby. There were two trash cans just outside the entrance that had trash overflowing onto the ground and they stayed that way the entire time we were there. There were beer cans and soda cans all over the parking lot. The grass hadn't been mowed in many week. We went out for dinner and when we came back there was a young man cleaning rooms. We put our key card in our door and he rushed over and asked us how we got a card for the door and wondered why we were going into the room.
    In the morning we went down for our "continental breakfast" at 8:30. There was no coffee, no fruit , no juice, no milk and the counter was filthy and smelled very bad. The only thing there to eat was waffles, dried out bread (not much of that) and some stale mini cinnamon rolls. Again, there was no one at the desk and they never showed up. Walnut, IA is a very small town and they take pride in how it looks. The outside of this motel looks like it should be in the slums. I am contacting the BBB, the Chamber of Commerce in Walnut, telling all of my friends to avoid EconoLodge and Choice Hotels at all costs. If there is any other place that I can complain I will. I can't believe that the corporate office isn't doing something about this. Even if they are independently owned it's EconoLodge and Choice Hotels that are going to suffer. Shame on them.

  • Stayed at econolodge on 2905 Parkway, Pigeon Forge TN. Horriible experience. The front office staff is rude and unhelpful, On 08/05/2015 the ceiling caved in in our bathroom and raw sewage poured in to our room. Had to move rooms at 10:00pm asked for a refund for that everning for the stress and unsanitary conditions my family experienced. They REFUSED. DO NOT STAY HERE. The management will not do the right thing.

  • The Econo Logge located on 2211 Douglas St must be shutdown. The property is filthy, staff is unfriendly, restrooms are non-functional, and without any towels. I stayed at Econo Lodge on 08/04/15 in Phillipsburg KS, based on my excellent experience there, I booked 3 rooms at the Omaha location on 08/07/15, and I was extremely disappointed.
    I hope someone read these comments and take an action.

    Tah'seen 720-240-8669

  • Well my rant goes to Econo Lodge is Whitehead Mi. I made online reservations and I swear it was $80.00 per night for 2 double beds. Well we arrive and there is no staff to be found. Finally some female dressed in Jammie pants and t shirt came in from smoking to help us. After signing in she states " oh the ice machine don't work " I said no problem. Our room was on the 3rd floor so we start to go up the stairs and the carpet looks like it hasn't been cleaned or swept in weeks. You could smell the cigarette smoke from rooms (non smoking hotel) and it stunk like mold. Finally get to the room to a shock. It was like 100 degrees in the room and it was dirty. I turned the air on and we left for the day. Came back about 7 hours later and again NO staff around. No locks on the entrance doors so anyone can come in, which is kinda creepy itself. We get to the room to find it half cooled off. The website states it has pillow top mattress and high definition tv and high speed internet. Haaa JOKE. The bed was as hard as a rock and you could feel every spring. That's IF you dared to sleep under the covers that were stained and gross. The tv is from the 90's the kind that is a huge box looking thing with 20 channels maybe. The towels were hard and stunk. And again the carpet was nasty and dirty. Then in the morning there is NO hot water. Nice huh. No one as the counter again and the breakfast was a joke. The lady working brought stuff in from the Save Alot store across the street. At night they set a sign on the desk that says " No Vacancy Please come back tomorrow for 3 pm check in" so no staff on hand. When we went to check out there were people standing in the lobby waiting to check out when someone says " just throw your key on the desk". This hotel needs helps. I contact the GM Manish Patel about the issues and was told he hopes I come back.. Really? Why would I go back there? Then I was charged $332.00 for 2 nights in a standard 2 double bed room? There so called King Bed with a jacuzzi is only $110.00 when I called to ask why the price difference I was told there prices change daily. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR TIME HERE.. TRUST THE REVIEWS YOU READ.

  • Econo Lodge Wisconsin Dells (WI252):

    To start when I checked in after waiting in line for 30 minutes they did not find me in the system because who ever took my information spelled my name nothing close to how it was. While standing in line the woman working the front desk who claimed to be a manager told a little kid to never work at a hotel because she really dislikes her job. (very unprofessional) Once finally going to my room I opened the door and it was already occupied. Went back down and waited another 15 minutes before being helped again and given another room key. My new room (215) had a large amount mold on the shower curtain, no towels, dirty sheets and no bag in the waste baskets. When I asked for towels after checking in around 4PM I did not get them until 9PM. When asking for someone to change the sheets no one was "available" so I had to change my own sheets. I never received my military discount as promised and overall the stay was put over the top horrible with the customer service that I received and I witness others receive. I would never recommend someone to stay at the Econo Lodge at this point. Worst hotel experience I have ever had. Checked in by jholst…Checked out by kcause. However it was the same female that checked me in and out.

  • Econo Lodge in Kingman, AZ really let my family and I down. Manager……nice guy. We were given room 109 at a total price of just over $104. Exhausted from a days travel all we wanted to do was get some sleep. First problem: Mouse droppings in the bed my kids were going to sleep in. When the covers were pulled back there were mouse droppings on the sheets. Checked the other bed, did not see anything. Had already unloaded and the last thing I wanted to do at 1am in the morning was go back to the front office and complain and end up having to move luggage again while having no idea what I might find in the next room. So….we tried to sleep with 4 people in one bed. That was the second problem…….trying to sleep in a crowded bed. Third problem…..within minutes of getting into the bed, something ran across my left arm. Did not see it but suspect it was a mouse. Could not go to sleep at all after that. It's hard to go to sleep when you find mouse droppings and think a mouse may climb up your leg. I am still trying to figure out where I need to send my totally unsatisfied complain because as far as I am concerned……..I paid over $100 for a service and about the only reliable service I got was a place to go to the restroom and a place to brush my teeth. Not the kind of night I wanted knowing that I had an 18 hour drive ahead of me the next morning.
    Oh yes, the bed……….it was no softer than laying on the floor.

  • Booked room in April for a family reunion that was held in Whiteville, NC. My room was room 108 first floor. I was so disappointed in what I saw, the carpet was sticky and dirty, the room had a mildew ordor, funiture look like something from a thrift store. The bathroom ceiling was pilling and falling , the refrigerator was barely opeerating and to beat all there was no microwave in the room.I went to the front desk to inquire as to why there was no microwave the clerk had no answer and told dB me that there was no microwave that was available to use. I will never book another room at Econo Lodge ever again. My family and I have reunions all over the State every two years the first and last for Econo the absolute worst.

  • My husband and I stayed at the Econ Lodge 6-25-15 in Kearney, MO. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! The price was more than the Quality Inn or Super 8, the building was in shambles, foam holding and filling the holes in the building, the ceiling in the bathroom was falling off and the tub/shower was full of the "popcorn type" ceiling STUFF, there was rain storm and the room leaked, we had to set the ice bucket under the leak in the ceiling and it filled it twice all the while dripping all night, the carpet was dirty and the whole room smelled of stinch! NO REFUND was offered the clerk was made known of our stay and her response was, "Yeah, that room does leak doesn't it!" This was unacceptable and we will leave the comment here but also reaching out to Better Business Bureau and the Health Department.

  • A three generation trip to Mackinack City Michigan with my daughter and granddaughter. One of my trips on my "BucketList" since I am in stage 4 kidney failure. The Econolodge on the main street was recommended by my AAA customer service representative. We were lodged in the inn behind the cabins. The first night my granddaughter said she heard scratching in the wall which my daughter and I were so exhausted after traveling over 8 hours we just slept. The next night we could hear definite scratching and moving which the sound was not coming from a small mouse! We did not call because it was late and we were leaving in the morning and we would report it in the am. It continued all over the south wall. In the morning you could hear screaming and crying from the walls. I walked around the building to find a trap door to under building off and a live trap set under the walk way. When I finally got a hold of the manager he rudely asked "What do you want me to do about it?" I asked for one night reimbursement. He said he could give some discount but not that and a discount at his lodge. Basically I told him I would not be alive to come back and it would be a cold day in hell before I came back. He said he could not do anything after I warned him I would call the city inspector. He told me to go on line and write a review. Today, I called the City of Cheboygan Michigan Health Inspector and reported this rat or wild animal infestitaion at 2:35 pm. My family will never stay in one of your lodges again. You can write all the bad reviews you want but the best way to get word out is by person and let me tell you-I AM SPREADING THE WORD LIKE YOUR RATS IN YOUR WALLS. Disgusting! Your manager should be fired on the spot. Poor representative for your company and if this is what represents your company, you should sell or go broke.

    • And by the way-I will keep call the Health Inspector until your lodge is inspected or closed down. I am on a mission. So DO NOT forget my name if you even read this. I will be back.

  • My boyfriend and I have been staying at the EconoLodge in Pocomoke City, Maryland. Tonight is our fifth night staying. Yesterday we left our room and my boyfriend told the front desk person that we did not need any servicing done to our room. We left shortly after. When we returned the phone charger that we had plugged up, in one piece, was in two pieces. Whoever did it tried to cover it up by tying the two pieces together. We had no charger! The housekeeper came in and cleaned our room anyway. He/ she did not even have enough decency to tell us that the charger was broken.  The lady at the front desk stood me down that "her" housekeeper did not tear my charger up because he or she would have told her.  Yeah right! Then she asked me who was in my room. I thought that was her job…to know exactly which of "her" workers were in my room.

    Last night I used the room phone to call out. Before we left this morning my boyfriend paid for another night. I came to the room and my key did not work. I went to the front desk and the lady working there told me that I had to pay the $18.34 that I was charged to use the phone and then I would be able to get in the room. I don't understand why they did not collect the charges when he paid for another night.  When I asked her if I could use the phone to call my boyfriend and get the money, she told me no! I was unable to get into my room and I had no phone to contact anyone!

    We have spent a lot of money with this company in the past five days! The way she treated me is unacceptable; not to mention that there is never anyone at the front desk. There is a phone and you have to pick up the receiver and press "0", then ask for assistance. Then we have to wait for them,he/she, to come from their hotel room to be waited on. That is ridiculous. This is the first and only hotel I have ever been to that does not have someone who greets you at the door.

    Needless to say, we will definitely not be giving this company any more of our money. This has been a very unpleasant stay and I hope that not every customer is treated this way. They need to get it together.

  • I am a maid of honor for my friend who tried to reserve a block of rooms from the EconoLodge in Durango, CO, or find out otherwise how to do get accommodations- she was told that "because you live in Durango, CO, (where the wedding is, where the guests from the Four Corners will be coming to)- we DO NOT RENT ROOMS TO ANYONE FROM LA PLATA, CO, OR SAN JUAN COUNTY, NM" (which is most of the Four Corners area)- When I called back later to find out more details about this, thinking maybe something was lost in translation- this man, who calls himself the General Manager "Earl", was very cordial in the beginning- he calmly said that they don't reserve blocks, people need to call in themselves, etc. But as soon as I said that I, not necessarily the people who would be staying there, but ME THE CALLER, lived in Durango he IMMEDIATELY jumped down my throat to inform me that "you already called this morning and this is what I said…." I said that this is a very large party that would like to be close to the venue, and just why is this an issue? He informed me AND I QUOTE "that people of La Plata and San Juan counties just want to come up here and party and you're always drunk- and we've had the worst luck with weddings- I can rent these rooms all day, any day during the summer and we do not need your business". When asked for a manager, he said he was it- I was not surprised. And when I asked to please give me a phone number to corporate- he said that "he did not have to". Whether this was for a wedding, overnight, passing thru, long term stay, and not to mention that there are MANY church groups from around these parts that would like to use their facilities as well- how dare you assume that this wedding would be anything more than subtle, quiet, and respectful to the other patrons.

  • I found the treatment of the African American students that stayed at your dumpy hotel appalling. I cant say I will boycott, because your hotels are akin to Motel 6 and I would rather sleep outside.

  • I will being taking my Hotel business elsewhere.

    Specifically to outlets, that Do Not have the Econolodge, or the Choice Hotels names.

    — at least until this injustice and outrageous behavior by your chain, is corrected.

  • Reading this story about these high school kids makes me sick. I travel for business regularly and extensively. But I will be cancelling my Choice Hotels Loyalty Program membership today. I'll never stay at an Econo Lodge or Choice Hotel again. The corporate offices need to hold their franchises to the standard of behavior they expect them to have. If they don't, then that is tacit approval for this to continue. I've now added Florida to the list of states along with Indiana and Arizona that I wont be taking any business or leisure trips to. They can keep their miserable lives and nasty beliefs.

  • Made reservations in November 2014 at the Econo Lodge Meadowlands 395 Washington Ave. Carlstadt, NJ,,,,, Our arrival was April 7th 2015 ,,Had our reservation number and number of rooms all confirmed…I had driven from North Carolina to Andrews Air Force Base Maryland picked up my daughter,grandson & her husband,,Drove 4 hrs to NJ expecting to be able to settle in for a few hrs ,,,OMG NOW COMES THE EXCITING PART,,,,THE HOTEL HAD BEEN CLOSE BACK IN FEBRUARY AND NO ONE HAD BOTHERED TO LET US KNOW, AFTER FINDING A WORKING NUMBER FOR ANOTHER EC LODGE I EXPALINED OUR SITUATION AND THE QUESTION WAS,,,"DO YOU WANT TO CANCEL THIS RESERAVATION,.,..SERIOUSLY PPL ARE YOU STUPID,, OF COURSE I DID,,THERE WAS NO HOTEL..!!!!!HAD I NOT FOUND A WORKING NUMBER FOR ANOTHER EC LODGE WE WOULD OF BEEN BILLED FOR A SHUT DOWN HOTEL…… I HAVE BEEN MAD BUT THIS PUT THE ICING ON THE CAKE,,,NEVER AGAIN WILL I STAY AT ECONO LODGE ANYWHERE..

  • We chose the Econolodge in Valdosta GA because the Hotel Coupon advertised fresh hot cookies each evening and a 24 hour citrus fruit refreshement station. The cookies never materialized despite repeated requests, and the citrus fruit was some warm, icky diluted pink "lemonade" without a bit of real fruit in it. I can only speculate on what tomorrow's advertised 25 item hot breakfast buffet might include! Econolodge should be ashamed of such Bait and Switch tactics! I will choose Microtel or La Quinta next time!

  • Salina Kansas. 1846 N 9th Street. Never, Never, Never stay here. Not up to Choice Hotel standard at all. They gave me a room number on the phone. Had no rooms ready at 3:30. Told me I would have this other room. I said no. Gave me a room close to the one they said on the phone. Room was cleaned. NOT THE BATHROOM!!! I called down to the front desk. Nice ladies said sorry I will send housekeeping between 5&6. Went to dinner. Came back at 6:30. I needed to use the restroom and shower. IT WASN'T DONE. VERY VERY DISGUSTING. I asked the nice ladies at the desk for 4 towels and a bottle of cleaner. She brought it and was going to do it herself. I said it wasn't her job. I cleaned it myself. Checkout. Nice ladies weren't there. India lady argued with me. REALLY!!!! With a guest. Went Home. I am calling Corporate

  • We had made reservations for 2 nites at Kelso, WA. We regretted it as the rooms were not complete, wires inside the room are visable, and other guests were welfare recipients staying longer than average traveler and were extremely loud and used profanity outside of the room. Also, the rooms are not sound proof as the doors between the rooms (in case needed two rooms) were very thin and it was like having some stranger in your room. Needless to say, this is a place in which Econo Lodge should not have their name on it. It makes for poor advertisement of a place to stay or a recommendation!

  • There isn't enough room to list how bad my stay at the econo lodge in south calgary was. I will NEVER stay there or at any other econo lodge again. between the rude front desk, useless cleaning service, leaky ceiling, mould in the bathroom and the hotel just being old and out dated in general I don't know how they are still operating.

  • Let me share what I posted on Yelp, and btw, a deputy was able to give me the name of the inhumane, rude desk clerk–BRITTANY ROBERTS. I will be calling corporate to see if this HUMAN BEING can be fired!:
    Amy E.
    St Petersburg, FL

    1.0 star rating

    My 81-year old parents stayed at this hotel, in room #121. Their cat was able to get through an opening in the tub where you can get in to work on plumbing. The hotel left the opening the cat got through open, and is saying they have done all they could, saying there is no cat in the room. That is all they did. This is a "scardey cat". If anyone other than my parents or I were to enter that room, the cat would hide back in that hole, under the bed, or anywhere he could get away. I called the local news station to report this, as when I called there was a VERY rude "only the desk clerk" that would not allow me to talk, and said there was no manager to speak to. I doubt that. She hung up on me after not letting me get a word in, saying that "I wasn't there". Duh, my parents stayed there, and I live in Florida. What IS with the defensiveness?! After calling around, before calling this LOVELY establishment, I spoke with the Information Center in Florence, SC, where I was told (duh) that the hotel IS liable for getting an animal out of their plumbing system, most likely by calling animal control, which I tried, but this is after hours. I could not find any animal rescue places in this desolate area. WPDE NewsChannel 15 is going to try to reach animal control for me, and said they were pretty sure this was news worthy, and will pay a visit to the hotel as well. I cannot believe any establishment would leave an animal to suffer dying, or already be dead, to decompose in their walls!!!????????????????????!!!! I called for my parents, because they are way too upset to deal with this.

    Great job
    Econo Lodge Hotel in Dillon, SC – South of the Border Hotel ' South Carolina ' Dillon
    Econo Lodge
    Rating: 1.7 – 24 votes
    The Econo Lodge hotel in Dillon, SC is centrally located near South of the Border. Free breakfast, free Internet and free coffee. Reserve your room now!
    3 Google reviews · Write a review – $49

    1223 Radford Blvd, Dillon, SC 29536
    (843) 774-4181

    I guess you get what you pay for! I hope they pay for this somehow, and if we're lucky, can get our pet back whether he has passed away, or hopefully not. If any of you have ever had a pet, he is like a family member. He is a black and white Tuxedo cat named Pinto.

    Shame on the rude desk clerk that I spoke with, that would NOT give her name, for her lack of compassion, lack of listening, and much larger vocal cords that she apparently likes to hear more than a customer that she hangs up on. I let her know I would be calling the local news station, and she said,"Good, call the news station!" if that gives you an even more clear idea of what I was dealing with, and what this establishment employs. She was working at 9 pm on 11/8/14, when I called in, if that helps the hotel, that supposedly does not have a manager, or anyone above her to transfer me to; and for her for her EXTREME lack of customer service, or any hint of human decency…to say the least! If she is a fair depiction of this hotel, I don't think my parents will see their pet ever again.

    • I had to get PETA involved on the advisement of the deputy that gave me that poor excuse for a human being's name, and confirmed that NO call to animal control, the local fire department, or sheriff;s dept had ever been made by the hotel to make any attempts to rescue the animal-by anyone that worked there. When I called them all, it was the first any of those agencies had heard of it. I was advised that they ARE liable and responsible to do something….but they did NOT!


    The owner operator of Econolodge Inn & Suites Saint John NB (Bryan Gi) has been stealing money from his staff. I formally worked there the last month after leaving my previous job at another hotel. I took this job as the pay and hours were better for me to meet my needs. The housekeepers said that they never recieve tips as the owner would enter all the rooms before staff arrived in the morning. So I asked the owner two different times of who receives the tips? You or HK? He agreed housekeeping does so the following week I tested that fact, I had one room on my list that hadn't been disturbed by the owner so I took a 20 dollar bill from my pocket with my name on it put it, showed it to the other staff members in housekeeping then put it on the table in the room then shut the door. Sure enough the owner enters the room and it was gone. He denied taking the money until I told him my name was on the bill. He checked his pocket and there it was. He quickly came up with 4 different excuses. 1 He was going to give it to me. 2. I took it incase the other housekeepers looked in and took it 3. I collect all the tips, then split it up, then when I had enough of this as I am a loyal honest hard working person, I called the police and filed a complaint, he then told the police 4. I collected the money incase the guest came back looking for it.
    This was the 2nd time this happened. The first time was tested with 5 dollars in change, same thing, it was gone from room, but I cant prove that incident, but it very well happed. This time it was proven with witnesses as I involved staff members followed by police. Today I left my job. Pretty sad if you ask me. If it were the other way around and I stole from the work place, id be charged and fired. I never got an apology except smiling and smirking as if I am wrong. And in conclusion, this hotel really needs a Board of Health Inspector, as people will soon get really sick from the continental breakfast thats served daily..between food storage, mold, re used food, bugs, mice and dishes are done by hand cold water and liquid hand soap. I refused to work the kitchen as I have my food & safety course and I can not jeopardize my certificate.

    • It's not just the empoyee that Econolodge's steel from thier customers too. So if you stay at one check your bank account after check-in they over charge and the corprate offices don't really care. I guess as long as thier hotels are making money for them who cares about customer service. I'll never stay in one again.

  • I booked this hotel in Atlantic City through I will never ever go to another Econolodge nor will I recommend my worst enemy to go there. The condition of the hotel and room was totally deplorable. My husband and I were celebrating our 12yr anniversary and we thought this would be great by the water in Atlantic City. To my horror I was shown 4 rooms that stunk to HIGH HELL, the 5th room was tolerable as long as I kept spraying airfreshener and lighting incense. The TV remote was held together by duct tape. The TV reception was very bad. The bathroom window had no curtain, the shower knob falls off. The walls look like they never seen any paint and they were scuffed and filthy. The sign on the front of the hotel told you to park at your own risk and they were not responsible for whatever happens to your car. We had to pay $15 to park in the lot of the hotel. The stairs that led to our room was filthy and rancid with a trash can situated at the foot of the stairs. The workers smoked in front of the non-smoking rooms. We had to stay in this God forsaken place for 3 nights. My husband had to get dressed at 4 in the morning because know one at the front desk would answer the phone when the people next door to us (5 0r 6 Frat Boys) were banging and screaming in their room which kept us up all night long. I paid $393.99 + $15 (parking) and it will take awhile for me to forget this nightmare. I can't believe a place like this has ever passed inspection. The best part about this whole thing is that my husband and I didn't find any bed bugs.

  • I stayed at the Ashland, OR Econo Lodge. I paid $90 to sleep on what the manger described as "Foam that was good enough for the Marriott and I bought it a long time ago"…ther e was no mattress, only a piece of foam over a box spring. It is no wonder my back ached all the next day. Then the breakfast room wasn't set up at 6am as we had been told it would be. I am disgusted and want/deserve a full refund.

  • DO NOT stay at Econolodge in Wisconsin Dells, WI! Rude/Unaccomodating staff, disgusting, NO security, No smoke alarms, No screens, No A/C, Don't get what was reserved (rollaway bed), garbage everywhere, GROSS pool water, Used condom on floor in next room over! Broken outside doors, continental breakfast in filthy room! I've sent a letter to the corporation! THE WORST!!

  • You should avoid the Econolodge on Rt 43 in Kent,Ohio; there are bugs and filth my room was not cleaned for 3 days and I took my own garbage out. Sheets were never changed either. They overcharged me in May and have still never corrected it. Very Unprofessional and obviously not enough help to get the job done.

  • I'm beginning to agree with you anonymous (July 22, 2014 @ 6:39pm) We just got back from Colorado and stayed at the Econo Lodge in Colorado Springs and some jerk stole items out of our backpack which was left behind – we called to report this and at the time the clerk assured me all the said items were in there but when we picked up the pack on our way back home to Illinois, only my husbands items were in there and not mine – obviously some female staff member helped herself to my things – so angry at the moment. Unprofessional and never again will we stay there!

  • So sad reading these reviews.. I thought I would voice a complaint to Corporate Headquarters about our experience at The Econo Lodge in Estes Park, CO., however, it seems from everything I'm reading that they do nothing about the complaints. So, like the rest of you, we will never stay at an Econo Lodge again. This one should be condemned! Dead animal in pool was unbelievable. Shame on Corporate for not addressing these people's complaints and allowing independent owners to use the Econo Lodge name.

    • I agree..awful that nobody responds. Econolodge is also accociated with Choice Hotels Inc. And theres always the Better Business Bureau & Public Heath & Safety that will surely respond;) I as well will never go back to this string of hotels.

  • Disgusting, over priced, and unAmerican”

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    Booked this through features included cable tv and breakfast. Pulling into the parking lot, which was packed with people going to the Jimmy Buffett Concert nearby, which is why we booked the hotel as well…at $180.00 a night, the first thing I noticed was an American flag on a pole that must have been there for years, ripped to shreds. I looked at the name of the owner, which was Patel, which to me reflected how this owner felt about our country. The dead flowers in the flower pots looked like they had been there from last year, and the grounds were overgrown. Went into the lobby, rang the bell 4 times, other guests lined up behind us, and finally someone came out. Our room smelled of a musty mold, curtains were drawn, room was outdated, a blue tub with the shower pipe bearly hanging on the wall. Tried the tv , which the power button was broken, so you had to use the remote to turn it on, which had no working batteries in it. Called the desk, and she said she would send someone….but never did. $180.00 to sleep 8 hours was a little much…taking advantage of concert goers. But breakfast was included…so in the morning went to the breakfast room…NO one was there which should have been our first indication that this too was a sham….no juices in the juice machine, coffee machine was unplugged, cereal availabe but no milk to put on it, and outdated yogurt in the mini frigerator. AND of course NO one answered the bell at the front desk.

  • As I'm scrolling through facebook. I see an econo lodge employee, housekeeper, posting pictures on her personal page of guests property. The thing thst suck out is that she is posting pictires of the occupants firearms. I've tried to email corporate with no luck. The actions of this employee jepordize the safety and privacy of the occupant. We do not know if they are military or not. Columbia, sc location. There is no where for me to upload the pictures.

  • Stayed at the Econo-Lodge at Oakland, Ca airport as it was a reasonable price for a very early flight the next morning .We checked in about 4pm and discovered that the mattresses are basically air mattresses that fill with a switch on the bed and the remote was missing. We notified the desk about the remote and went to dinner and get last minute flight items. We returned that night and no remote. We called again and eventually someone replaced the old tv with another one. We also discovered that the shower would not stay on. We should have just checked out at that point but we were all exhausted. Soon a large party in the hotel started and these was loud music and people talking and laughing in the parking lot and halls. I was still tolerating all this until about 10:15pm when we heard a loud boom that sounded like a gunshot. My daughters could not stop crying .We laid quietly hoping it was firework of some sort and then packed up and checked out. We had to get a room at Holiday Inn that night instead. The Manager refused to refund the money and would not even give me the owners name. I intend to file with the better business bureau and feel outraged about the safety of this location (in addition to all the physical issues with the room itself).

  • Just stayed at Econolodge in Wilmington, NC. Only motel available they had one room available. Check in was ok, cost $92.00. Was given smoking room, smelled like month old dirty laundry. The air conditioner sounded like a jet engine, if you turned if off the became exceedingly hot. The guest next to our room left TV on all night. The next morning guests were up before daylight screaming and yelling. The bed a king was very uncomfortable. Went to check out and a homeless person was going thru outside ash tray for cigarette buts right in front of