Economy Inn Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Economy Inn Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
525 East Mission Avenue
Spokane, WA 99202 USA
Corporate Phone Number: n/a
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: n/a

  • The hotel is disgusting of advertisement unprofessional employees and courteous employees and will not hesitate to take money from someone and not refund

  • Economy Inn & Suites – DENTON TEXAS IS A TOTAL "Roach Infested Motel,: ZERO HOT WATER – WATCHED A COUPLE GET EVICTED FOR "COMPLAINING ABOUT THE ZERO HOT WATER." I killed over 20 roaches this week on my visit but they REFUSED to move me to another room – said they didn't have one. The Wall was bashed in for the shower tub and fittings broken off and drain rusted & nasty. They make millions a year at this property due to the 100% occupancy of over 100 rooms rented monthly??? to migrant workers yet REFUSE to clean up the Roach Infestation, Fix the Not-Working Ice Machines, Provide HOT water for showers, Stop the Workers from Grilling in front of the Rooms making guest Go Around The Flames, turn down the LOUD ethnic music all night in the parking lot, etc., etc., etc. Rude/nasty family owners as they steal the Millions of American Dollars a Year from this ONE PROPERTY to put in their Pockets running a "slum" hotel that does NOT meat Minimum HEALTH CODE STANDARDS and practices, much less safety! They should take some of those HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS MADE EACH MONTH FROM THIS LOCATION and REPAIR THE CRAP OUT OF THE PLACE AND KILL THE ROACHES!!!! WAY WAY WAY WAY TOO MANY ROACHES – oh, and of course, the microwave didn't work either and the top lock was half a lock and not functional, etc., etc., etc.

  • I stayed at your Express Inn & Suites in Palestine, Texas for the weekend 12/3/21. I will never use or ever stay at your hotel again. At first booked me a smoking room, I honestly thought you could not stay in smoking room anymore. The person that checked me in lied to my face. I asked her if the room was clean and not smell like smoke. I walked into the room, and I could smell was the smoke. I ran 1 errand before I “stayed in the room” for long. I went to ask if there was another room, because I have medical conditions that it would have been hard for me to stay in that room.
    I went to get my stuff out of the smoking room and moved into another room. (By this time, I was already wishing I had NOT even booked this room). So, she moved into another room. She didn’t tell me that housekeeping would be coming by early in the morning, okay it was around 9 am. I honestly didn’t think that they would be coming by that early because checkout is 11.
    After getting woke up by housekeeping, I got up and started my day. When I got back to the hotel, my plastic card would not open my door, so I had back down to the office, and have my key reprogrammed. I was told if you are not in room throughout the day, this happens. OKAY I HAVE STAYED AT OTHER HOTELS IN THE PAST, and never in a million years have I ever heard that.
    When I got back into the room, I felt really like someone had been in my room. I went to lay down and found a LONG black curly hair on my pillows; no one I was around on Saturday has LONG black curly hair. The people staying at the hotel was so loud Saturday night, partying and BBQ. I didn’t think hotels ALLOWED BBQ grills to be used outside. This group of people had so many people at their room, I could not park in front of my room.
    Sunday morning, I got up around 8am, got dressed, put everything back in my car, and then I checked out of the hotel. I told the person that was working on Sunday, thank you for the WORST stay in a hotel that I have ever had and walked out. I have family and friends that in the area, I honestly should have stayed with them because of this hotel. There is rust all over the fridge, I was going to get some things to put in there for snacks and drinks, which I am grateful that I decided not because I would be afraid of catching something.

  • I posted a complaint about the Economy Inn we stayed at in Fort Worth, Texas. The complaint was "the worst hotel I have ever stayed in!". The TV was broken the sink and bath tub would not drain and the hotel management would only provide one towel and one wash cloth total for both my wife and myself. We had to go to the front desk to obtain the towel and wash cloth and when we told management that there were two of us, they replied "well it a big towel". Totally unacceptable. The response we got from Economy Inn Headquarters was simply, "we are sorry your stay did not meet our expectations." I guess expecting a Tv, water that drains and at least one towel and wash cloth for each occupant is expecting too much. Stay away from Economy Inn's!!!

  • I have been staying at economy hotel for a year and a half go to pay for my room and he tell me that he is going up 20 more dollars with out no note tell me you don't have it nowere in the office and your work don't know nothing about it

  • We stayed at the Economy Inn and Suites in Denton, Texas. It was the worst hotel we have ever stayed in. The TV did not work and they refused to replace it. The sink and the bathtub would not drain due to the plungers were broken. They refused to repair the problem. They did not clean our room and we had to ask for towels, they demanded that we go to the office to pick them up. Once at the office they gave us one towel and one wash cloth although there were two of us. When we told them we needed two towels and wash clothes the told us they gave us one big towel. the room were excessively dirty and in disrepair. The TV was plugged into an extension cord due to the outlet by the TV did not work. Absolutely the worst hotel we have ever stayed in. The management is apparently middle easterners and were very rude with not only us but other customers that were complaining about the condition of the rooms. Very disappointed, would never recommend this hotel to anyone.

  • They charge 66 70 and they have my water not going down my sink trash all under bed and fell like try get over people.And there towel are still black and used same ones.

  • My wife & I stayed at the Economy Inn in Ardmore OK. It was 1 Of the worst experiences in our life. The place had cockroaches throughout and the maids skipped our room 2 times in A row. there mite be better ones in Ardmore but the one at 1212 South Commerce is by far the worst.

  • Posting for a friend,

    October 28,2016
    Economy Inn Hwy 76 Newberry South Carolina
    My friend removed the pillow case for the pillow. The pillows are so nasty as is the rest of the linens. Comforter full of cigarette burns, the towels not only have the room number in magic marker on them, but are also worn to the point that they are insufficient to dry with, The staff keeps turning off the AC and TV while the people are in the room. the staff does not clean the room either, or make the bed. The staff has also been extremely rude to the clients. They are paying $1,150.00 per month.

  • Booked a room at a Economy Inn in Fresno, CA., and as soon as I opened the door, my nose was greeted with a strong raw sewage smell, thru out the room. I went and told the receptionist, and she stated it was because the room for a smoker. She gave me a non-smoking room, but it didn't smell too much better. The furniture was old, and heavily warn. I then went and asked for a refund. Worse place ever!

  • I booked 2 nights stay at the Economy Inn in Watsonville,CA which is about 15 minutes away from Santa Cruz and it was the worst place that I have ever seen, on the pictures on the internet the rooms looked nice. But when we got to our room it was absolutely disgusting!! It had what looked like feces on the tub and mold on the floor in the bathroom, the shower curtain had mildew all over it and in the bedroom the chairs were filthy. There were stains on the carpet, graffiti on the mirror, missing Sheetrock filthy walls and the door had the peep hole taken out plus the security lock was gone, and the door was beat up really bad. I took pictures then I immediately went and asked for a refund but the worker told me no and that I had to pay for the first night no matter what, so I then spoke with the owner and I showed him the pictures. He then blamed me and my family for the disgusting room and cursed at me!! I am beyond insulted and I want my money back!!! After all this happened I made a police report just in case he tries to charge us for the damage to the room (THAT WE DID NOT DO!!)

    • We had a very bad experience too at Economy Inn Watsonville, Ca. The room was filthy and smelled like pee, the shower curtain had mold on it we found cat poop in one of the corners and hair everywhere. I took pictures, when we told in the office the guy didn't even look up he just said sorry! That place is a health hazard and should be closed!

  • I booked this hotel for one night on April 23rd. I got to the hotel about 11:30p and went to check in. The lady at the front desk couldn't find my reservation so I pulled it up on my phone and showed the email confirmation from Expedia. The young man at the desk found the confirmation and said it was for the 29th, I told them no it wasn't and, again, showed the reservation email. The lady told me I could have a room for tonight but that I had booked for the 29th, once again I showed her my email. The young man told me it was $55.88, but my email told me $54.88. I said I would just pay the extra dollar. The lady asked me how many people, I told her 3 (2 adults and 1 child) she asked the age of the child, I told her 16. She then told me it wasn't going to be the quoted price of $54.88/ $55.88 but $69.88. Their policy is anyone over 12 is an adult. I reminded her that I had this all covered through Expedia and she said she didn't care and it didn't matter. I told her she might want to let Expedia know that the prices on Expedia's site is incorrect and they are falsely pricing things on their website to get people in and then charging them more. I left and called Expedia told them my dilema and they tried to help but the representative from Economy Inn would not let the reservation be cancelled and they charged me for the night anyway!!! This place is a scam!! RUN AWAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN!! I went to the Days Inn within walking distance and stayed there for the same price!

  • I stayed at the economy inn on Appleton in Wisconsin was there less then four hours when I discovered a bedbug I went to tell front desk clerk and got cussed out by not one but three different employees I was told I placed it there like a lot of others have tried to do no refund or nothing just extra harsh treatment very unacceptable

  • I stayed at the economy inn on Appleton in Wisconsin was there less then four hours when I discovered a bedbug I went to tell front desk clerk and got cussed out by not one but three different employees I was told I placed it there like a lot of others have tried to do no refund or nothing just extra harsh treatment very unacceptable

  • We stayed at the Economy Inn in Buffalo on knoche rd. My grandmother paid 61 dollars to stay in a dump. I looked online stated $40 dollars a night and free WiFi. There was no Wi-Fi very grungy looking. Fire alarm was on table with no fire battery in it. Light bulbs blown out, and smelled very bad.. These people that own these places don't take care of them. I wouldn't put my name on this place. Health dept would shut them down quick as they opened the doors.. Maybe I should call them to.

  • I booked the Economy Inn at 5609 W. Skelley Drive in Tulsa, Ok through Expedia. WORST PLACE I HAVE ANY STAYED IN. THIS PLACE IS A BUG HAVEN.
    No lights in the living room, so you can't see what you are getting. Due to it being late in the evening and I did not know my way around I was FORCED spend one (1) miserable night at this place. Bugs were crawling every where. I went to the office and asked if they had any bug spray, which was given to me without hesitation. I was up past 1:00 a.m., killing bugs. I laid down and pull the sheet over my head to keep the bugs off me. Before 8:00 a.m., I turned the key into the office telling them that this place is not fit for a dog, let alone a human. I was not given a refund on the two (2) nights that I was not going to stay there. I found another place at Super 6 Extended Stay. Later on that day I discovered bites on my arms. I called Expedia and told them what happened and they contacted Economy Inn. I was refunded my money back on my card on Saturday, after I returned home. The bites were from BED BUGS!!!!! I have never, ever experienced anything like this. I will not ever make reservations through another Economy Inn. I had to by RID to shampoo my hair and wash my body with. Crème for the bites and Benadryl to take for the itching. I hope I will not have permanent marks from these bites. THIS PLACE SHOULD BE CLOSED IMMEDIATELY.

  • Economy Inn at Conway AR….room had small green grasshoppers inside and outside. Got ready for our free breakfast….never got it…the place was locked up, no one in sight. When we did get packed and ready to leave, someone was in the office to turn in our key. I told him we came down to get our breakfast and the place was locked up and the reply was, " we must have been busy". Good thing no one was wanting to check in. In reality, I am glad we did not eat there with our room situation. Don't stay there. The only reason we stayed there was due to us having vehicle problems and there was a Ford dealer next door. The Ford dealership was a great place, if you have vehicle problems.

  • Economy Inn in Hot Springs Arkansas is In terrible shape. In their attempt to upgrade it, they have pulled the carpets out and replaced it with what appears to be peel and stick shelf paper. It seems as though they got a bargain on peachy orange paint and had a band of 1st graders paint the rooms. However, the rooms are not clean. The first 2 I looked at had black mold all around the tub & shower walls. The third one wasn't as bad but when you walked across the floor in socks or bare feet, you were filthy. No stopper in the tub, no remote. When my adult daughter went to the office at 8 am to get coffee, it was locked and lights off. She rang the bell and the manager wife (?) stomped out and stared at her, huffed, flipped her hair then unlocked the door and stomped out of the room. It was 8 o'clock in the morning, sign clearly states breakfast @ 6. My daughter had to make the coffee. Please look into this motel. There are many many problems here that I didn't even mention.
    The Davis Family

  • There is an Economy Inn located at 1191 19th Street Moline, IL 61265. It has deteriorated terribly over the years with boarded up windows, panels of stucco missing, badly stained and filthy. The bad rating 1 and poor reviews can be seen on Trip Adviser. This location is in a prominent location in the city and I hope you check it out and are embarrassed to have your name on the sign in-front of it and are moved into action with the managers. We have many tournaments come to our city with teammates and family in need of a place stay, you are missing out. Please look into this gross embarrassment for Economy Inn. Thank you. Lori

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