Einstein Bagels Corporate Office Headquarters

Einstein Bagels Corporate Office Headquarters
555 Zang Street
Suite 300
Lakewood, CO  80228
Corporate Phone Number: 1-303-568-8000

  • I went to the Einstein's at 7350 E Hampden in Tamarac on Friday morning. There were a bunch of new employees that I had never seen before. The cashier Marleigh was there and I have seen her before and she is really nice. I ordered my usual Apple Cinnamon bagel with Honey Almond Shmear. NOT toasted. As usual, I also had to ask for a knife as they are never stocked out on the floor. The kid gave me one knife but still didn't go and restock the knives. The place was filthy and I don't know why when business is slow, that someone doesn't go out and clean up the place a bit. I got the impression that these young guys were just there to screw around and screw up the orders without a care in the world. When I got my bagel it was toasted and I told the kid that is not what I ordered. He seemed a little irritated but had them remake it. The second one had butter on it so I had to send it back again. Then, they said that they were now out of the Apple Cinnamon bagels. So they basically wasted 2 perfectly good bagels just by not paying attention to the order. I don't really think its that tough to read a simple order off of a screen. All they had to do was take a bagel, cut it in half and put some shmear on it. It's not rocket science! Marleigh just apologized profusely and said that she would make it right. She offered to give me 1/2 dozen bagels to take home for free. I turned her down but now I wish that I would have taken her offer. I probably will not go back to that location any time soon. I don't know if there was a supervisor there but these guys really needed some supervision. From what I have seen, I doubt that Einstein's will last much longer. For some reason, they just can't seem to hire many capable people. It is sad because I really like Einstein's, but unless they make some drastic changes in their operations, they will fail.

  • Went into Einstein's today and was pleasantly surprised (after all this time) that SOMEONE finally decided to increase the menu offerings and offer CROISSANTS and other new pastries. After years and years of requesting them, they are finally here! They are EXCELLENT and most delicious, and they make excellent sandwiches. Thanks for refreshing a menu that was getting stale. The bagels are great, but after 14 years this is a great change.

  • Alright Einstein Bagel Corporation I'm very pissed off right now because the one in Mansfield off the highway of 287 has horrible parking conditions I could not get my bagel because you didn't have any parking because for whatever reason they didn't make the parking lot big enough and it's not just you it's the Starbucks across the street I'm going to complain to them too

  • Tell me something I'm Stein Bagels do you care about your customers because the location on 287 has horrible traffic conditions that's kind of sad I cannot get a parking spot to go to your place the drive-thru is too backed up I can't even get a bagel a simple bagel you must not care about my business and you're not the only one it's Starbucks I will be complaining to them next

  • Alright Einstein Bagels I'm very pissed off right now because the location and Mansfield off of Highway 287 has the worst traffic condition as far as parking goes I could not get my bagel do not care about your customers I guess you don't want my business it's not just you it's the Starbucks to I'm complaining about both of y'all I'm going to their corporate next if you really cared about your customers and want their money you can make it where they're able to go that is just pathetic

  • I called the corporate office with a suggestion. The receptionist had no idea who to talk to or even a number for a regional office. She was clueless to provide any informatuon!

    • I tried calling their corporate office & the person who answered sounded like he he changes his own pill ups. He won't report nothing. AITS a w a it of time. They hire the same type of people state wide lazy, lazy minded, druggie that get high on every break. They are Trolls that let their nasty wrist strings rub & drag across every sandwich, it's deplorable. They need to go down with chipotle. The only thing that will stop them is another food borne illness resulting in DEATH!! Theirs

  • I ordered lunch at Einsteins in Chandler off the 101 in Arizona. The lady preparing my food was rude and irritated. I took a picture of my food she was preparing, right next to one of my sandwichs was a dirty washcloth. I took a picture of it and showed the manager who wasn't concerned. I called corporate with no return phone call back. Can't say I'm surprised. I will be reporting with the picture I took to the state of AZ.

    • You think that dirty washcloth in einstein bagels was bad try 5he crystal meth head that steals all the money and orders more meth & smokes it all up in the bathroom with her filthy dirty hands. Nice girl but looks like she claws her way out of a crypt every morningto get work. Yuuch!!!! In Clearwater, FL

  • Einstein Bagels are yummy, especially their 6-cheese. However, it is not worth the headache. The Silver Spring, Maryland store is simply AWFUL. It seems they have no system for handling long lines. The customer service is poor and they constantly screw up orders. I work in the office building up the road and normally go to Einstein before meetings. Once my meeting is over, I have my bagel. Today, was the last straw for me. We are having a heat-wave in the area. I open my bagel just to find out that again I was given someone else's order. I called the store and the person tells me "Oh, just bring it back." It is near 100 degrees outside and she makes it seem like it is no big deal. I get to the store and she is standing there flirting with a guy who I believe works in the kitchen area. REALLY!!! After waiting for nearly 10 minutes, the GM finally comes out. Her response to this "I'm sorry. You want your money back?" I told her the folks in my office talk often about how bad the Silver Spring Einstein store is. No Response. I promised her I will never come back to her store. I have every intention of keeping my word.

  • I went in to the College Blvd OP Kansas store 0749 at 11:48am to get bagels they owed me from the last time I went and they was so dark you couldn't eat them, they had told me they'd replace. I get there and they have NO plain bagels, told me it would take a half hour to make some. I said sure, everyone that went in there couldn't get plain, multi grain and they had several other bins with nothing in them. I waited the half hour, then I waited another 15 minutes to get them sliced. The MANAGER hand sliced the bagels and when given to me I couldn't believe they gave me all SMASHED bagels. I said no that's not what I ordered last time and I sure don't want them replaced with that. I waited another 15 minutes to actually get my bagels. What killed me was everyone that went in there from noon until 1 pm was told to pick another bagel. QUESTION: If you went into McDonalds, Wendy's or Burger King and you wanted a hamburger but was given something else would you ever go back?

  • I purchased an eGift Card for my husband which included a $5.00 Bonus card,
    he is unable to use either one because the store in our neighborhood does not have the equipment they need to scan the gift card. I called customer service a month ago to report the problem, they said they would be in contact with me in a few days. It is now day 27 and they have not made any effort, therefore I called again and was told this happens often and the complaint goes to the marketing dept.and of course they would not give me a phone number for the marketing department and I got the same run a round again. I would like to know how Einstein Bros Bagels is allowed to take my money for a product they cannot deliver.

  • One of our clients were kind enough to gift us with a catering order from your bagel company, Einsteins. The driver took it to the wrong company. When I spoke with the driver, he insisted that the address on the order was wrong, refused to give me his store number, and insisted that they had done what they were "paid to do". His name is MARK HOLLOWAY. His phone number is 214-728-5127. When I called the corporate line, they refused to help me out insisting that our gracious clients contact them. This is some of the worst service I have ever received. We will *NOT* be using you all again.

  • Hyde Park, IL store (new store) – second time receiving my order incorrect. First time, I received wonderful customer service, by receiving a refund and my sandwich corrected, however, the second time, I ordered a southwestern egg white bagel…not only did I have an extensive wait, as other customers were receiving my order, the girl who took my order asked me as if she didn't just wait on me… what did you order again? I told her and then she proceeds to just slap everything together leaving out several ingredients which are part of the sandwich – no apology and told me to have a good day… really? Took a few bits of the sandwich which had too much cheese and some weird relish…tossed in the garbage. They won't receive my money a third time for me to be insulted for their lack of customer service and training.

  • 0/10. Today was the first and last time I will bring this company my business. Visited the location in long beach off of bellflower for breakfast before work(manual labor). Ordered the nova lox toasted and a water to-go. Halfway through my drive to work, I opened the box only to find that they had served me a bagel with the outer ring on both pieces burnt. Took one bite and trashed it. 20 minutes and $10 wasted.

  • Hello , I just walked out of the store on 1213 E Evans Ave.
    I will NEVER return , and I have ask our office manager to stop purchasing our weekly bagels and coffee for our office of 45 employees.

    The reason, I went in today 12/23 at 12:30 they were not busy at all , only one person ordering in front of me. There were two employees , the one burning the bagels I believe was the manager. So After waiting for the person in front of me to complete her order, the employee then went to the check out register , while the manager continued burning bagels, and never once acknowledged the line forming behind me, he told her to do something once she started to head my way to take my order and he told her no, go deal with the coffee that is more important….OH REALLY??? well the coffee wont be important when there is no people any longer standing in line. So since Einstein's manager at this location seems to think the coffee is more important then the customers…..Then I will do my best to tell everyone I know and all the offices at Porter Hospital and medical buildings to not EVER go to this location…… as we, customers , are not important!!! Goodluck with your crappy customer service

  • Hello, my name is Lauren and I am writing this Email because I am very disgusted by the way I have been treated. I was recently employed by your Grossepointe Woods Michigan store on October 31st, 2015. At that moment of being hired in I respectfully told Tom Torchia of store #851 that before I could start ,I needed to put in notice with the company I was working for at the time. Tom said absolutely and as soon as my two weeks were up, I would start working at Einsteins so there wouldn't be a break in paychecks, Needless to say, that didn't happen and in the midst of everything, I've only worked a total of 9 hours, and lost out on almost 5 weeks a paychecks since I left my last job. I am speechless and broke. I have fallen behind on everything as far as bills seeing that I wasn't given any hours per your manager, and given every excuse in the book on why it had taken him so long to get me scheduled. My Christmas is ruined, and my boyfriend and his kids are getting nothing for Christmas because I have nothing. I don't believe that this is how a business should be ran. Out of respect, I gave my old boss a two weeks notice, under the impression that i was going to get more hours closer to home, and in turn I was taken for a ride and now suffering financially. I have talked to someone from corporate, but I am so furious right now that I felt it should be known to anyone else who may be able to do something about this whole process. It would be great to be compensated for the lies this manager laid on me, but I will settle for his termination as a manager, and a formal apology for ruining my holidays. I was a long time Einstein customer, but very hesitant on going back, because of the way my employment has turned out with no fault of my own. Its hard enough to make it in this world without out someone else putting unwarranted obstacles in your way. I pray someone reads this who has the influence to really make something happen, so it doesn't happen again to another soon to be employee.

  • I have been going to the Einsteins on Park Rd in Hollywood Fl for a long time. Today I went to the counter where you order and go to the cashier to pay. I was standing there at least 5 minutes. There was a line forming behind me,I was not acknowledged I finally said is anyone going to come to the counter and was then told oh you have to go to the cashier today. I was seen but the workers were too busy talking to each other. I think this is poor customer service there should have been a sign or I should have been told. The people behind me thanked me for saying something. They also said how long would we have been waiting if you didn't say anything.

  • As already mentioned, as a customer that has looked forward to the Autumn Roast Coffee for the past two years since I discovered it. I am very disappointed that not only has the company decided to no longer offer it, but not even an explanation. I wish that I could find the supplier or a replacement for this coffee….

  • I am VERY disappointed that Einstein Bros. is not offering their Autumn Roast coffee this year! It has been my favorite coffee for years, and I look forward to it all year round. If it's no longer to be sold in the stores, would you at least make it available for special order? I buy a dozen bags a season easily, and I'm the only one in my household who drinks coffee! Please bring Autumn Roast back in 2016. Thank you.

  • I am frustrated w/the way the Vanilla Hazelnut coffee reads on the menu. It reads "Vanilla Hazelnut Latte" on the menu (Both in the drive through and in the store. When going through the drive through I explained I wanted 2 Vanilla Hazelnut coffees one w/cream and one w/two splenda. I received two vanilla hazelnut lattes. Going into the store, the manager explained to the employees, that they had to ask the customer if it is a latte or a coffee. Upon which the manager had one of the employees brew up coffee and place two pumps of hazelnut SYRUP into the coffee. So for the third time I explained there is a coffee container over on the side counter. It reads, "VANILLA HAZELNUT COFFEE" that is what I would like to buy. Not a Vanilla Hazelnut Latte, and not a plain coffee w/hazelnut syrup. The employee handed me a cup and the second register charged me for a single cup of coffee. I think the confusion happens because the menu reads as a latte and also it is placed into the computer as a latte. It would be easier for everyone involved if the menu was changed and the flavored coffees read separately from the flavored lattes.

    • The confusion is in the employees you either want the normal vanilla hazelnut coffee or a latte with haz and van and expresso. The employee is not ringing it in correctly. There is a button for normal van haz fresh brewed coffee. And there is a button that is for lattes. I hate when employees do not care or bother to ask which the customer prefers. Laziness…

  • I am really upset that Einstein Bros. is not brewing their Autumn Roast coffee this fall. I look forward to this coffee all year because it's brewed for only a short period of time. It's a shame because this is one of the little things that made your coffee chain unique. No other coffee shop brews a chestnut flavored coffee. Please bring it back.

  • I just left an Einstein Bagels located walking distance from where I live and I use to enjoy going for breakfast there in the morning. This location is in very bad need of re-organization. The manager(Patricia), is always somewhere in back while the newly not well employees are struggling to serve the customers. A young lady was patiently waiting on a smoothie from the time I got there till the time I left. She let the cashier know she was still waiting on her smoothie and he apologized, but continue to wait on other customers. Finally, Patricia the so called manager came up to the front with what looked like she was going to get the smoothie done, but suddenly walk back to the back and didn't come back. The young lady finally just walk out and my order was ready so I left right behind her. I let the cashier know before I left that the young lady just walk out and the service was unacceptable. This Einstein's is located at 3407 Montrose Blvd. in Houston, TX 77006 Phone#713-521-3842. I've watch this store deteriorate little by little, if this location is to survive corporate needs to step in.

  • i worked at einsteins for 3 weeks and i never got paid and this was my first job. i was working here to use the money to pay for some of my college funds. so now the things that i NEEDED for college are down the drain. i would not recommend this place for anybody to work. i was also told that this place had a bad reputation for not paying emplyees. i spent all that time and hard work there to not even get paid when i couldve been at a different job else where where they actually pay. i have a lot of bad things to say about this place (the one i was working at) but im am going to keep my comments to myself. now i dont know what im going to do about not getting paid and about college.

    • They have done similar to me. Einstein's cheats their employees more than any other job I have been too. But wile I'm going to school, I am a mother first, and am highly pissed off for not getting the full amount on my check. I was shorted half of what it should have been for two weeks straight. So I quit. But they still have me on their payroll, and am having a hard time explaining this to other jobs… AAAA. Stay away from there, at all costs.

  • Employee was extremely rude to me because I arrived close to the closing time…I arrived at approximately 9:25pm and the closing time, I was told, was 9:30pm. Employee (per receipt shows 137 Gabriell) was refusing to serve me and was extremely rude…saying, "why are you here so late?" Employee stated, "It is time for me to go home." To my surprise, when I again communicated to the employee that I need to get the sandwich, she had a nasty attitude and did not even ask me what I wanted on the sandwich, whether I would like it toasted or not…she pasted the ingredients on the bagel (with negative attitude) and when done, placed the order on a different counter when I was standing in front of the register. I really wish that you have cameras at this location to view what I am saying (IAH airport). I am request is that something be done with this employee…your business WILL fail with employee 137 Gabriell delivering rude and unprofessional customer service. The employee also stated that she did not care whether or not that I reported the issue.

  • To whom it may concern, I went to a Einstein just before it was closing and a very nice young man [That worked there], offered us some fruit filled tarts and scones for free because they were going to be THROWN AWAY! Apparently, ALL of the left over foods in the display case is THROWN OUT at the end of the day [OH MY GAWD, WHAT A WASTE], why not donate it to a homeless shelter, pig farm, or feed it to the birds, anything but THROWING IT AWAY!!! Thank you for your time, Suzy in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    • Because they are afraid, as most other stores selling food, of losing a potential $. This is true if the person is hungry or happens to be down on their luck. Remember capitalism rules not common sense.

    • No, not afraid of losing $. It's because people get sued for every little thing and that's what has happened to some restaurants that have donated food and for some reason the person got sick and sued the company. Has nothing to do with capitalism

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