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El Super Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact El Super Corporate Office Headquarters

Bodega Latina Corporation
14601B Lakewood Blvd.
Paramount, California 90723 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-562-748-0221
Customer Service Number: 1-562-748-0221


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  1. I am a disabled veteran and use a cane to assist my walking. I have shopped at the El Super store in San Fernando about every 2-3 weeks, since I moved into town in the middle of March 2014. I love shopping there because with my limited income, the dollar buys more there than at other stores. I always use my special ‘tactical’ pack (a recent gift to me) to hold my groceries for the several block walk to my home in the senior complex – I do not drive and only travel is either walking or public transportation. My new pack makes life a lot easier to carry 10-20 pounds of food weight evenly distributed and supported on my back and not carried in bags with one hand (impossible with my condition). Everywhere I go, my pack is with me to either carry groceries and merchandise!

    On the afternoon of 23 June, approximately 5PM, I had the pack in the shopping cart as usual and as I was starting to enter the deli department from the entry way, a new security guard (one I’ve ever seen before) came over and said I could not enter with my pack. That according to “store policy” I had to leave it outside (ridiculous) or up front (not safe or secure). However, I see very LARGE PURSES brought in there all the time!

    There have never been any problems with any of the other guards and NO ONE has ever said anything or previously complained about it to me at all. I keep my emergency vital documents in there and it never leaves my presence or sight, until I get home. Last thing I need is for my expensive ($400 value) pack containing my important documentation, to sprout legs and walk off!

    I told the security guard my valuable pack never leaves my sight and no one has ever harassed me before about it at this or any other market. He told me to get rid of it or I should GO SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE! His demeanor was hostile to me as a paying customer and his tone implied that I am a purported thief and a shoplifter – (I’m sure the ACLU will have a field day with this one)!

    Later in the evening I realized I should have asked, or demanded to see the manager, but this low paid “security officer” angered me to the point of turning a nice & pleasant day into a rotten one and I just wanted to go home.

    I really would like to continue shopping at the ONLY food store within walking distance from my home, but without this harassment and discrimination from third party contractors who act like they own the place! Is the store or corporate management is willing to accommodate this customer on this issue, or will they continue to allow the chasing away of their loyal customers, eventually leading to the demise of the company?

  2. Manager and store director are extremely rude would not take a coupon even after corprote office said they had to. Manager started talking to other employees as I spoke to him will never shop there again. New victorville store

  3. El Super Store # 14 Covina Ca.

    Director de servicio:
    Martha Rivera Ignorar mi queja porque ella estaba hablando con otro cajera que estaba junto a ella, que estoy seguro de que ella estaba de en reseso o fuera de horas de trabajo y sela paso ablando con ella mientras toca mi producto que ella como la manager no hizo contacto visual con conmigo o con el producto que estaba comprando que buenos ejemplos le esta poniendo a los trabajadores. No estoy seguro de cómo se realiza un seguimiento del producto que está vendiendo. También soy testigo de su salida del registro, mientras que tener una gran linea de personas esperando y dejo la registradora sola para hacer una recogida en otro registro Creo que eso es muy poco profesional de su como Gerente

    Mi queja es con respecto a un departamento de la carne asociados que sirven al jamón con los mismos guantes que estaba limpiando el cristal con Windex Creo que esa es una manera perjudicial para lidiar con comida especialmente ya que el contacto con las manos allí. Le expliqué lo que no me gustó de su servicio él me mira y se ríe muy poco profesional.

    Los cambios se deben hacer con la gerencia y los asociados en este lugar lo antes posible

  4. El Super Store #14 Covina Ca.

    Manager on duty: 
    Martha Rivera Ignore my complaint because she was talking to another cashier that was next to her who I'm sure she was on break or of the clock and didn't stop talking to her while ringing my product she didn't do eye contact with me or with the product I was buying. Not sure how she keeps track of the product she's selling. I also witness her leaving the register while having a big line to do a pick up on another register I think that's very unprofessional of her as a Manager

    My complaint was regarding a meat department associated who serve the ham with the same gloves he was cleaning the glass using windex I think that's a harmful way to deal with food specially since the touch it with there hands. I explained my self what I didn't like about his service he look at me and laugh very unprofessional.

    Changes need to be done with management and associates at this location ASAP

    1. Contact the LA County Health Department. They may actually investigate and give them a big fine. Also, contact CalOSHA -Occupational Safety and Health Administration for California, if they don't go after them, they may be able to steer you in the right direction.

  5. I live in Oceanside CA and your store located of mission ave has rude managers and the food there is always moldy or expired mostly from the bakery. Also another problem the managers there are dating employee's that work at that store and that isn't professional at all so please look into it…

  6. I live in the San Diego area and I used to go to the store at National City. Well, not anymore! * 8 out of 10 times the produce area is totally nasty and messy and dirty. Leaves of almost every legume are on the floor. Trash all over the produce area. The parking lot very trashy. Few months ago I made a complaint about this and Rudy Artiles, regional manager or something like that, asked me to report him issues like this. Last Saturday 03/01/14 I went to the store and I took a couple of pictures to send them to him. An employee came with the security guard saying they will kick me out of the store because I was taking pictures of their messy and nasty produce area. The store manager, Virginia, showed up with another guy named Kyle. We had a big discussion on the middle of the produce area. Virginia made few phone calls and she talked secretively in front of me about the issue. Very uncomfortable.
    Prices are good but nothing pays to have to do your grocery shopping in a nasty, messy and smelly place. I rather prefer to spend a little more money and shop at Northgate Market. Not my favorite place but is clean and organized for sure
    Horrible and unpleasant place to shop your, NOT fresh at all, produce. Pics available for those may be interested or want to verify I'm not over reacting.

  7. I do not like the Christmas party on store # 13 because your employees drink outside in the parking lot end man end girl get inside the cars you know I live next to the parking on the upper floor with my wife end kids not only that the party extend to one or two am is late I think 11;pm is good next time I going to call the police

  8. I will never shop at the Paramount store!!! I ask for help and was told he was on break. Not sure if was telling the truth because he call me stupid in Spanish.
    Rude of him because I understand Spanish.

  9. I had listened to a commercial on the radio about this company hiring store staff for their many locations…. so i called the number above 562 748-0221 and the woman that asnwered the telephone said … what store where did you hear this… not in my store… so i will assume she was a store manager …. well she was very RUDE!!! I did not call her asking her for anything for free I simply called her inquiring about possible employment opportunities… definetely not only will I not ever shop there again but will let people know of their rude corporate office and employees !!!

    1. Trust me working there isn't much more pleasant. I worked for a day and they refuse to pay me after quitting. They say they are an equal employer, but being Caucasian working at El super warehouse isn't the best job either. Always heard people talking about me behind my back, mind you I understand spanish…… Don't buy from any el super … ever!

    2. I have been hearing so much bad things about El super markets especially how mangers are extremely rude their behavior is unacceptable I see that these comments have been 8yrs.old iam curious anyone who comment did anyone contact you responded from corporate.iam doing my own investigations

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