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Electrolux Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Electrolux Corporate Office Headquarters

10200 David Taylor Drive
Charlotte, NC  28262
Corporate Phone Number: 1-980-236-2000


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  1. I would like to know where the personnel department of Electrolux Corp. USA was located in 1963-64. Found an undated holiday card from a Jack DeForest who joined that office sometime in 1963. My parents met him and his mother in London while both pairs were vacationing there. Of particular note is the paragraph Jack writes about President Kennedy's death that shocked all Americans. This card must have been sent in December.

  2. I had emailed Electrolux for a warranty issue on a vacuum cleaner. Customer service was not willing to assist me since I no longer had my receipt. I wrote someone from corporate to see if the canister vacuum could be repaired to not only have been accused to reselling the product but they also stated this would be turned over to the legal department since I buy and sell items for living. These items were a person item and had nothing to do with my business.

    The other fact is warranty should be honored on the product.

  3. I bought a electrolux dryer model EDH 3497 on 27/2/2017 and I only use for 4 times .The motor start to produce a very loud noise and according to technician they need to change the motor . I demanded for a new replacement for the machine which was rejected on ground for the purchase price I pay . I had never expected such a premium product from Electrolux could have this problem . really feel upset .

  4. I too saved my money to put in my dream kitchen. I bought all new stainless Frigidaire appliances. I have had the repair men out to my house at least six times to repair the ice maker on my refrigerator which is a side by side with pull out freezer. I spent $2000.00 on this beautiful refrigerator only to be told by two repair companies that it could not be fixed and they would not come back again! Of course I have and am not getting anywhere with Electrolux. You pay for a warranty only for them to give you the run around and a line of crap that would reach from here to the moon. I will never ever buy another product from them nor will anyone in my family. Shame on you Frigidaire/Electrolux. You should stand behind your products and fix them. This problem has been going on since the first month after I bought it. I will be calling the BBB and the FTC. I am DONE!

  5. NEVER EVER buy Frigidaire/Electrolux products. Bought package Refrigerator/stove/microwave/dishwasher. Have had service calls on all several times. Took me six months to get the icemaker in the fridge to work. Microwave is LITERALLY falling apart. Oven codes then shuts down (on Thanksgiving morning of all times!). Could not reset – husband had to pull stove from wall and unplug to "reboot" it! I called customer service to speak to a supervisor – refused to put on supervisor. Made a service call appt after I told them I wanted a new microwave and stove. Serviceman came. THREE pieces needed to repair stove less than a year old, which already had a part replaced a few months back!!! Took microwave door off and remounted. Ok fine – but the whole casing is falling off. I was on their site and gave a one star review of the stove. The worst thing I wrote was "I am not happy". They refused to post if because I used profanity, among other things!!! I think we all need to do what the person above said. Contact the FTC and let them open an investigation into what is really going on here. We spend all this money for inferior products. That is what I am going to do because I can't seem to get any info on corporate telephone numbers from telephone number I call! LET'S ALL CALL!!

  6. My wife purchased an upscale Frigidaire refrigerator in stainless thinking we had made a right purchase – or so we thought! Mistake no. 1, the shelving in the freezer section come out or in too far and create issues with stacking food items effectively on the trays. Issue no. 1, within 3 months of purchase, we needed the dealer from whom we purchased the unit have their service department come to repair a faulty freezer fan. That worked for about 9 months, when we again had the same issue, and again they came out. fast forward to today and now its the refrigerator portion that is not doing what it's supposed to – keep food cold like it did before. As the unit is now just over 2 years old, even though our appliance issues appeared within the warranty period, Electrolux is basically saying 'tough luck…you are out of warranty". OK, if you want to play that game and not take responsibility for your defective product, I plan to wwrite to your CEO and include a copy of that letter in my complaint to the AG's Consumer Protection Bureau. I strongly suggest that other victims go the same route and file a complaint with your state's Consumer Bureau and demand action!

  7. I bought Electrolux washer and drawer last year in Sept 2015. This was the worst discession EVER!!! I am so upset with the treatment of customer service. The first day I bought the units they were damage . The delivered to my house about 8 times. Now I am having technical issues and these contractors are so unprofessional let alone the assistant manager from Electrolux who refuse to give you there managers contact information. The last tech that came out to my house didn't leave me any information of the problem and never reported what the problem was. To get some help is like asking the President of Electrolux to come to your house. Still no one has contacted me yet. NEVER EVER WILL I RECOMMEND NO ONE TO BUY NOTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

  8. We purchased several appliances-refrigerator, dishwasher, micro/oven combo, wash and dryer and pedestal. Micro/oven comb and the washer and dryer are fine. The frige ice maker has been repaired several time, and I see ice forming under it again. It wasn't really smart to put an icemaker in the refrigerator. My dish washer, not sure where to start…I had a Tupperware bowl in the upper rack and it had had something greasy. After the cycle was finished the bowl was still greasy, so I washed it again in the dish washer, but I put it in the bottom rack, still greasy and I washed it again on the bottom rack (don't know why, I guess I thought maybe the third time would be different, wrong) still greasy. I finally washed it by hand. I have to wash the food off the dishes so I can run it through the dish washer to get clean. I have had two different service people come out. This first guy wasn't very smart, he said he could get my dish washer out unless I pull up my tile. I said no. After he left I looked at the edges around the dish washer and there was a screw on the top both sides bolted in to the counter. He didn't see that. He had pulled on the dish washer several time, then I notice he had bent the metal bracket. The next guy said something was broken in the inner part, can't remember what is was. Well I guess it sprays better but that's about it. I had thought I was purchasing good quality products, doesn't seem that way. I would not suggest anyone to purchase any Electrolux appliances. I will tell anyone that it is throwing away money. Oh! I was told to make sure I ran my water at the sink until it got hot before using the dish washer. Before I moved into this house I had a portable dish washer that I had to pull to the sink and hook it up to the faucet. I never had to run the hot water first. It worked wonderfully.

  9. I would file a complaint with the FTC about this; I just filed a complaint with them regarding a very similar situation. They said that once they receive multiple complaints and see there is a pattern they will open up an investigation. They are highway robbers!!!

  10. I too am having, or should say, have had problems with my ice maker for nearly 1 1/2 years with no luck to resolve the situation. Every part was replaced, one even twice but no luck. They even replaced the ice bin, saying that was the problem! I contacted the president of the company after going through customer service supervisors (I dealt with Mandy also) but am getting no response. Anyone have any luck or can offer a suggestion?

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