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Elizabeth Arden Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. This comment is for the El.Arden cosmetic person who is involved with mfr. of "Visable Difference Refining Moisture Cr Comp. 2.5 oz 70g 75ml" I have used this product for several years–the last time I purchased it had a different "odor"–that isn't pleasant! I never really noticed ANY odor to it in the years past–I think I am getting an old jar of this product at the Macy's stores! I purchased one in Muncie, Indiana and took back to Lafayette, IN –exchanged for me, but smells the same!! What's up? The # on bottom of box is 8580544594. Can you respond with a possible reason for this new "odor"?? I think it smells "old"–I'm "old" myself, and I don't like change!! This has been an excellent product that I have used every morning for at least 25 years!! Thanks for your help! Sandra Cripe, 765-748-0952 12/31/12 HAPPY NEW YEAR BY THE WAY!!

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