Emeritus Senior Living Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Emeritus Senior Living Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Suite 500, 3131 Elliott Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121 United States
Corporate Phone Number: 1-206-298-2909
Fax: 1-206-301-4500
Email: Online Only

  • My mom was in a Brookdale facility in Mesa, AZ for a short term stay, almost 3 months. She is being charged over $3000 for not giving a 30-day notice to move out. She stayed 5 days into a new month. How does a person know when they are medically able to return home. She didn't want to stay one day longer at this facility as short staffed both in kitchen and patient assistant staff. Anyone out there able to help with this gross neglect of patient care and monthly costs !!??

  • I was a person who applied to Emeritus since a friend of mine worked there. I did the interview and thought everything went well. Come to find out that my friend said they won't hire me because Im ugly and because Im black. If I knew then what I know now, there would have been a lawsuit. I am currently trying to fo something about it now. I always think about how they got away with something that is against the law by not hiring me because of my looks and skin color.

  • I have worked a 2 years the managers don't treat the employee right, it is not staff it is manager and chief department

  • Terrible!!!!!!!! I shed blood sweat and tears for emeritus in Roseville CA for almost 4 years and what a waste! the poor residents get treated horribly the food is awful and usually expired, The building has been through 4 different management staffs in 4 years the turnover rate is unbelieveable! Please do not move your loved one in any emeritus

  • Emeritus at Stonecreek Lodge 9251 Stonestreet Rd, Louisville, KY 40272.
    They Charge Way To Much And Get No Care
    Two Words For The People In Charge: Careless, Apathetic
    They need to fire Paula Demonte & Angie They are so rude
    and are skimming wake up folks.
    The Managers Are Rude
    My Grandmother Passed Away Because Of Them
    You will not Have Your Loved Ones for Long. 9/16/2014

  • i work there…and i work so many long hours i started have mini sezuries…working double shifts…then they started giving me drug test four to b exact all came up negative….its outrageous….thinking about getting advise

  • I worked there for 3 years. That place is a JOKE. They do not care about the residents they only care about the money. They make all these promises to people to get them to move in and when they get there its totally not what they say it is. The meals suck!! The maintenance never fixes anything and The Managers are Rude. Lets not even talk about the Pay!! Most of the things they have the employees do.. they aren't even trained to do.It should be a skilled nursing facility. All the injuries from Lifting, workers contracting illnesses and different things from the residents because the Head ppl did not take proper precautions to get the help needed.. OUTSIDE of the facility. I could go on and on. So Glad I left that place. I was about to lose my sanity.

  • Yes, I agree, roaches bad at Emeritus @ oviedo. No garbage disposals in main kitchen or memory care unit.. Where do they put the left over food fron plates …. Also some of the people in memory care shoiuld not be there they should be at a skilled nursing home…. some of them look like they should be in a nursing home.

  • My mother was eating lunch when two women came up to her and said they needed to take her to her room,claiming they were nurses. They tried to make her go into a room that was not hers,she said this is not my room ,they then proceded to tell her it was and that was her picture on the wall.The cleaning man came by and said that is not her room and they had the wrong person. That place is a joke.

  • Emeritus does not believe in their motto. They are a corporation that is in it for the money only. They simply have no concern or empathy whatsoever for the elderly. The most shameful of all companies.

    • I worked there and complete agree. That is why I do not work there anymore. The management staff couldn't care any less about the residents. It was so sad watching a resident pass and all they worry about is getting the room ready for them to sell….. horrible horrible place

    • Emeritus Senior Living – Shady Manager and treated unfairly

      I was a former employee at Emeritus from January 2008 threw December 2010,the residents were very nice and my Grandmother who is now deceased lived there while I worked there.However, the director, who I can only go by the Last name Payne, was so mean and very nasty to me as well as to a couple other people, I was not happy the way he treated me, so I had to walk out.

      This is just how you can see Managers or should I say (dictators) think they are so special like the can take everything from you including your job and they know they can keep there job.

      This Manager had trouble in the past in 2006 after a resident fell into a lake and drowned and no one was on guard and was able to somehow get away with it and I don't think this was properly handled correctly by law. End of story

    • I worked there and they don't care bout their employees and their elderly. They fired me on false information and the business director of the building did not like me anyway. I worked at Brookdale Desert Ridge. My maintenance director was one of the best bosses I ever had. He believed in me and not the rumors and lies that the residents and staff spreaded about me. They don't consider their employees feelings. They play favorites and that's not fair to the other employees. I was a housekeeper who did everything wrong and the other housekeeper was favored cuz she was there for many years. I believe all employees should be treated the samme. I worked my butt off and other employees seen how good I was. And I got fired on lies. They never investigated the rumors and lies. They just fired me. But my maintenance director treated me awesome. And I will never forget him. He did not believed that I should have been fired and that I was treated unfairly. He did not even know that the business director was firing me. Where is the fairness for him and me. The only great thing I loved bout my job was most of the residents that I cleaned for and my boss Donald. Thank u Donald I will never forget u. U are awesome and the best boss I ever had.

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