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Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-512-5000
Corporate Fax Number: 1-314-512-4706
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Customer Service Number: 1-800-261-7331

  • Professional con-artists at work. Lied to me. Charged me twice when this was an insurance rental. I'm 75 years old and they left me in the office and told me they didn't have any cars and yet the insurance agent ordered a car and had a purchase order.
    I will do my absolute best to let EVERYONE know what they did to me.

  • On Friday May 21 2021, a friend and me, set out on an impromptu vacation. She called the branch at 1210 N Eufaula Ave. Eufaula, Al. 36027. Friday morning she spoke with a man who insured her that there were cars available, and that she should come in at 1pm to pick one up.We are a bit early and we notice a sign on the door "Out for Lunch". There is a white male sitting inside. Although she went to the door to look inside he did not move from his seat. 20 minutes had past, and there are other cars and a truck. A white woman gets out of the truck reads the sign. The man inside comes to the door. They talk for a few moments and then go inside of the facility. the lady returns to her truck and leaves. 10 minutes later the door opens and my friends is right there. The same white male then tells my friend and the rest of the people that they no longer have any cars. She had a reservation set and a car was promised. needless to say we ended up driving the personal car on the trip and missed two reservations. one for dinner and the other for parasailing. We lost money because of the time spent waiting and searching for another branch with cars to rent. Despite that the conduct of the male was deplorable. He had ample opportunity to tell my friend as well as the small crowd that formed, that although he was on lunch there are no cars, and that they may have better luck at another rental facility. Not only the person who gave false information and the male in the store were very unforgiving and lacked empathy of the time and effort spent in the hot sun waiting for the lunch break to be over, only to be told at that time their services were very limited. I really do not care who they were. I care about the funky service they displayed. I am suggesting that something be done about the way they run that facility. I suggest that they take a class, remedial or not. Another suggestion is that they are fired and persons who have what the company use to stand for are hired to be a company representative with empathy and professionalism. I am sure this is not what you want to be displayed about your company or this branch. Fix it. or that branch will close down due to lack of patronage. We will find or even request another rental company to open up shop to be the loyal customers we have been to Enterprise.

  • Enterprise advertises that they pick you up and take you home. I have been a loyal customer of Enterprise for more than seven years. On November 14th, I requested a ride home, but the Manager at the Bayshore location in Port Saint Lucie, FL denied me a ride. However, two weeks prior he had a driver drive me home. Enterprise has been giving me rides home. I do not know why the manager decided to deny and discriminate against me. I reported the situation to their corporate office. I was told that someone would reach out to me between 7-10 days. It is 16 days later, no one has reached out to me. I placed a follow-up phone call to corporate office, but the customer service representatives are not trained to be pro-active. It is obvious that they are trained to apologize and to offer to escalate the complaint. Every time you call the customer service representative will repeat the lines, "I'm sorry, I understand, I can escalate the complaint." This is the extend of their training. I sent the Chief Executive Officer, Chrissy Taylor, but she did not bother to even have someone from her staff to contact me.

    When you request the divisional or regional manager's name and email address, one is told that they do not keep that information. Imagine?!

    They are so ready to take the customer's money, advertise and promote promises that they cannot keep. It is false advertising!

    The manager told me that he could not have someone give me a ride home because he was down to one driver. They have always had only one driver because Enterprise is to cheap to hire an additional driver. The sad thing about the manager's excuse is that I know the driver. The driver was in the office sitting at a desk. I was the only customer there, so that driver was not away picking up other customers.

  • My name is Louis Smith 58 year old white male and I made a Res for June 9th for three days to be picked up at 1 PM this Friday. I waited 4 hot hours outside and they still did not give me the car I rented. They did not even give me a good reason why they didn't rent to me. I was NOT on the DO NOT RENT LIST!!! Can someone in the Corp Office Please Give me a call Monday at 303 870 6553.

  • A couple of days ago we returned from a month-long trip from New Port Richey FL to Cooperstown NY. On the way north the right front tire began to leak, requiring us to stop every three of four hours to look for a working tire pump to restore pressure. When we reached Binghamton NY we went to Enterprise on Jensen Road to ask for a replacement car–they refused but arranged for us to go to Mr. Tire nearby. Rather than replacing the tire, they put in a plug which worked, but my NY relative said it is against the law for a tire company to do that. With our car loaded to return to Florida we contacted the New Port Richey officer saying we had great concerns about driving on I-95 at high speed with a heavily loaded car. They arranged for us to drive to Oneonta NY to replace the car. The Enterprise office in Oneonta is an abomination–good people working in a mudhole of a parking lot, in cramped spaces shared with a garage. If that was my first contact with Enterprise I'd never have rented from you. Our new car got us safely home. I suggest you look into the behavior of your Binghamton/Vestal office and the conditions at your Oneonta office. New Port Richey is the gold standard.

  • WARNING; Always read reviews before renting a car from Enterprise rent-a-car. I never knew they had so many angry customers. Seems they have taken advantage of customers to get insurance money. Unfortunately, we became victims too. Upon inspecting our rental, at pickup, from Roosevelt Ave., York, PA., we would have never noticed the 3 tiny dings on the roof. They were nearly invisible. We were totally shocked when, upon return, they filed a damage report for 3 "tiny dings" on roof from hail. We never had hail on our trip. They charged our insurance company $553.66. I never expected that treatment from Enterprise until I read the reviews from many others. Be informed.

  • By the way I never signed the rental agreement because your employees pressured me into accepting a Dodge Minivan with a "DAMAGED" ignition key even though they had 3 days(!) to procure the vehicle specified in the reservation agreement Number 1734231643 . I had to call a Yellow Cab Taxi to take me home. The cost was $18,50 (I have the taxi drivers receipt) I'd reserved Robert H Pilpel

    Confirmation number 173423231643

  • Looks like I may have to be hospitalized thanks to your employees at their location at Blountstown and Tennessee in Tallahassee. I'm retaining the law firm of Morgan & Morgan to represent me. Robert H Pilpel
    confirmation number — 1734231643
    IN THE DETAILS SECTION OF THE CONFIRMATION NOTICE IT SAYS "vehicle class COMPACT Nissan Versa or similar automatic" I'm also in touch with my insurance company USAA and The Florida State Rental Cars offices

  • The staff at your Tallahassee location at Blounstown and Tennessee not only refused to give me the compact car I had requested, and not only did they give me a defective fob and ignition key but left their office BEFORE its 6:00 closing time so I had to call for a taxi. All this was extremely stressful, it brought on an angina attack. I'm 75 years old and was Honorably Discharged from the Air Force in the grade of Major. The attitude of the employees at your Blountstown and Tennessee office was — to put it charitably — dismissive when I objected to their refusal to give me the compact car I'd reserved, saying in effect "Take it or leave it"!

  • First, I would like to commend the employees in the Saginaw, Michigan office for being professional and courteous during the entire rental process. When I had an issue with getting the lift gate correctly stowed, they immediately took care of it and worked as a team to come up with a solution. Good job.

    I have a bigger concern that can be address only by the corporate office. I doubt if it will but it needs to be known. I rented the Navistar International 4300 series box truck. Your website stated that you don’t need a CDL to rent or drive the truck. That is not the case. I took the truck from Michigan to New Mexico and brought it back to Michigan. I moved myself. That experience was a nightmare I was stopped by law enforcement in every state and in a couple of states more than once. They asked for my CDL. They told me that particular type and series of truck is classified as commercial. I explained what I was doing and they were nice enough to let me go, but not after having to weigh-in and have the truck safety inspected. This caused me delays in my timeline to make sure I could get the truck back in time. I did request an extra day when I reserved and rented the truck just in case I had delays. The Oklahoma State Trooper was really nice and put my license number and truck plate information in their system so I wouldn’t stopped again going through Oklahoma. It was told each time, in every state, if I was driving a Penske truck they wouldn’t have stopped me.

    The truck performance was very poor. I am comparing this new Enterprise truck to a much older model Penske truck I rented in 2005. The Enterprise truck had difficulty climbing just the rolling hills you have on the highway. When it came to steep hills I couldn’t get the truck speed over 35 MPH. Sad. There were several times while driving on normal roads with a normal grade Penske truck passed me, even when I was empty. Driving the truck when it was empty was extremely difficult to do. It was difficult to control and it bounced so bad I had to drive under 50 MPH to keep in my lane, and keep it from bouncing. I come close several times to hitting another vehicle and or guard rail. I did have one law enforcement office stop me for a safety check to make sure I was OK. He saw how poorly the truck was performing. He also let me go, and warned me about keeping the truck in my lane. My back hurt so much when I got out of the truck that I really did want to drive it anymore. Every driver on the highway, on both sides of the highway, saw how me bouncing and I am sure it left a lasting impression with them not to rent any Enterprise vehicle. Great advertising.

    The lift gate hoses were almost worn through during use because whomever installed them didn’t allow for proper clearance needed to keep them from rubbing on the support brackets. I had to stop using it and this added fours hours to my unload time. Using the ramp is hazardous when carrying heavy loads. The reason I went with Enterprise was because of the lift gate. I was hoping it would save time and my back. In order for to sparingly use it for the very heavy tool boxes that I had to load and unload, I had to reach my arm in between the lift gate and tailgate. This is unsafe and may have injured me. This was a lawsuit waiting to happen. I had to do it to keep from blowing a hydraulic hose and damaging the truck. Calling for any repairs would have delayed me and cost me more money. I showed the Branch Manager when I returned and she is going to have the dealership inspect the lift and replace the hoses. I had to wrap them with several layers of electrical tape to provide some protection so they would blow while driving the truck back to Michigan.

    I will never rent any vehicle from Enterprise and I will be sure to share my experience with every one I know and the many more.

  • trying to get Enterprise to show some interest and call me back in regards to our corporate account. Apparently Austin Barchett or Jonathan Woldman know how to answer a phone or put an out of office meassge on their email

  • Sorry but the only thing Enterprise is 'known for' is penalizing and segregating against lawful, legal, and responsible gun owners, under the US Constitution. Enterprise should continue to peddle vehicles rather than interfering in matters they know little to nothing about. can't have it both ways, boos. You'll never get any business from me, my family, neighbors, and community.

  • Subject NRA

    Any company that puts its public relations campaign ahead of my constitutional rights IS NO COMPANY I WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH NOW OR IN THE FUTURE.

  • I had the worst experience there last weekend. I have rented there multiple times for multiple weeks within the past two months but this time I was denied a rental based on a mistake made by the previous employee that rented to me although I had an out of state license. However, this was not an issue before when I paid them for several weeks of care use. The assistant manager, Victoria threatened to have me arrested not because I was physically threatening, irate, or aggressive but because I had questions about why I was now being inconvenienced as I had already made of town plans. Arrest threat for being inquisitive for a MAJOR inconvenience and possibly because of my skin. ( Hate to say it but non-minorities were helped above and beyond.) Saw this with my own eyes. She pretty much shrugged her shoulders and said , "Well, we are now closed so oh well." Horrible management. I sent a formal email to their lead manager who only called back once I called them back three days later. Don't rent here if you are looking for good service and accountability.

  • My Husband and I purchased a used care from Enterprise car sales, Pruis "V". at first we were delighted. I was asked to write a letter of praise to Corporate so I did. 2 months later I went to use the spare key they gave us(we did not need a key for starting or opening the car, automatic with the remote) I found out they had given us a TRUCK key for my Pruis "V" It is my first new/used car purchase I'm 54, since I was in my twenties. Now, 2 years later I tried to use the extended warranty they sold us that we were told covered the car Bumper to Bumper all repairs that were not normal repairs.
    Sincerely alesa gallian 602-493-9896 Phoenix Arizona

  • I work for the state of Texas, I rent vehicles often from enterprise as we are under contract to do so. I ALWAYS get a pick up as stated on the confirmation, the website and the recorded voice messages. I rented again Friday for a business trip to Austin. I called for a pick up today and was told TODAY I could not be picked up because they didn't have the drivers after repeatedly calling for 30 minutes. Now I'm being told there is no one to pick me up to get a rental car from that location but I was picked up and dropped off from that location on another day I had to rent from that location. I NOW MAY HAVE TO MISS MY CONFEFENCE DUE TO THE EMPTY PROMISE OF ENTERPRISE!

  • ENTERPRISE HAS GONE DOWNHIL — used to rent cars and trucks for business. Last rental had an hour delay due to credit card processing snafu — upon return negotiated $50 credit — Branch Mgr, Customer service and Corporate offices refused to pay it. Capital One [dispute center] resolved it, paying out of their own pocket.

  • Beware the Enterprise location in Kennesaw Ga!! Kennesaw Tidwell Ford 2205 Barrett Lakes Blvd NW. The crooks there are pushing additional insurance coverage on unknowing renters who are USAA customers that clearly don't need it. Totally unresponsive when the branch manager was called on it and refused to back the charges out. I will be taking this up with Corporate and with USAA to make sure we are never ripped off by this unethical sort of scam again. I won't be renting from this clearly unethical organization ever again. I rent a lot of cars and have used Enterprise many times. Never again. Hope it was worth the $16 you morons.

  • Have you guys ever heard of 'Undercover Boss'? You need to consider coming to San Antonio TX International Airport on Eastern Ave.

  • Shame on you for how you treat your employees. I hope karma pays you a visit! Enterprise managers are some of the hardest working individuals out there. You have no appreciation for the sacrifices they make on a daily basis. You should be ashamed when you dismiss them without following your own protocal.

  • Shame on you for how you treat your employees. I hope karma pays you a visit! Enterprise managers are some of the hardest working individuals out there. You have no appreciation for the sacrifices they make on a daily basis. You should be ashamed when you dismiss them without following your own protocal.

  • To whom this may reach and is concerned:
    I want to tell you my complaint and concern for other travelers.
    First let me begin with the scenario, my wife (Melissa) and I were unable to get our vacation time on the same schedule this year but, we did not let it deter my wife from going to Norfolk Virginia to visit our son (Josh) who is in his first few months of his new duty station serving in the Military.
    Melissa is in a house rental on the beach in Norfolk Virginia; at night the area seems to have random people hanging out behind some apartments next door to the house. So Melissa decides to let Josh take the our truck to base so he can go to and from work during the week without bothering his current supervisor for rides, and allows him to visit Mom when he is off work.
    Melissa visits Enterprise rent-a-car, so she can rent a car for two (2 ) days so she can go to Williamsburg and other historical areas. Enterprise tells her she needs an “electric bill” or some other “Bill” with an address before she can rent a car. Melissa Shows her state issued FLORIDA drivers, and VISA debit card, but those items were not sufficient to rent a car from them. The associate stated they had to have a “CREDIT CARD” not a “DEBIT CARD”
    Well, Melissa leaves this location without a car, and calls me. She asks me to handle this, so I call AAA. AAA tells me they only deal with HERTZ, so they forward my call to HERTZ.
    So I talk with HERTZ, gave the scenario and added that my wife will need to be picked up at the rental house she has no transportation. All go’s very well, the guy on the phone confirms my rental, and puts in the contract to be picked up, the time for pickup was 8am next day. I’m feeling pretty good.
    7:45 am Next day I get a phone call from Melissa, I’m thinking wow they were early great! NOT SO FAST!! Melissa said she called HERTZ, to make sure someone was coming because there was not a phone confirmation. When she calls she spoke to a woman who tells her, “I’m sorry you’re outside our pick up location” Wife gives the scenario, HERTZ states “I’m sorry you’re outside our pick up location” Wife explains it’s in the contract for pick-up. HERTZ states: “I’m sorry you’re outside our pick up location” So after going back in forth, Melissa says just cancel the reservation then. HERTZ says, “Are you sure you want to cancel? Melissa says: Umm, are you coming to pick me up? HERTZ: “I’m sorry you’re outside our pick up location” Well, then cancel the reservation. HERTZ: Is there anything else I can do for you? Melissa: yes come pick me up. HERTZ: “I’m sorry you’re outside our pick up location” Melissa HUNG UP THE PHONE.
    So to sum this all up, basically if you’re stranded, with only a Debit card and a State issued Driver’s license, you need to start walking. Because AAA will only send a tow truck, ENTERPRISE will only ask for documents you most likely are not carrying, and HERTZ will only tell you “I’m sorry you’re outside our pick up location”.
    This is absolutely absurd!

  • Was left on the side of a 6 lane highway in 40 degree weather at night by franchise in Evans, Georgia. They said they saw an ash on the outside of the driver's side seat back. No one smoked in the car. They refused to rent us another car so we were left on the side of the road. They said we could call a cab. I'm 75 years old. Can't wait for karma to kick in.

  • I rented a car from Enterprise in Sumter, SC. for one day–September 30-October 1, 2015. A gentleman picked me up from the placed where my car was being repaired. I left my house and work keys in the car that I was picked up in by mistake–this was around 5:45 PM. The next morning after realizing I left my keys, I called Enterprise around 8:45 AM. to report my keys missing. The first person–a female, told me the car was in Summerville, SC and it was not, the second person told me I was picked up in a Dart and I was actually picked up in a Chrysler 300. The point is, they were giving out false information without doing any research. I asked the manager if he would check with the gentleman who dropped me off to see if he might have seen my keys and the manager told me that the gentleman who dropped me off was not working (day off) and he was not going to "disturb his sleep". Finally, I remembered the customer who was looking at the car I had been picked up in and I found her work number and asked if she had rented the car. She said yes and she did find my keys and was about to call Enterprise. This was approximately 9:22 AM when I spoke to her.
    When I returned the rental car I told the manager that I was not pleased with their customer service because of the way they very hesitantly/slowly assisted me with finding my keys. They called the person who rented the car but it was not until 12:00 PM according to the manager. So from 8:45 AM until 12:00 PM —-it took them that long to make a simple call to ask if my keys were left in the car. This is the same car that they told me was in Summerville, SC that was actually only approximately 3 miles from their office in Sumter. Then the manager had the nerves to tell me I should have been happy they found the keys when in all actually I found my keys at 9:22 AM.
    However, I am saying all of this to say that more than likely I will not be renting from Enterprise again and their customer service has gone all the way out of the window! Not only that, the car I rented had ants and they do not do a great job of inspecting the cars for items (nor cleaning) left behind before renting to the next customer–if they did, my keys would have been placed in their lost and found.

    I have been a long time customer of Enterprise and never had this type of experience, but after reading some of the comments this morning, I see that I am not alone–many have shared their complaints. I guess the quality of the workers have really changed and management does not hold any one responsible, not even themselves.

    I will not recommend them to anyone!

  • Rent a car on 9/10/2015 for one day, car was dirty outside, footprint on dashboard, the vehicle was damaged and the staff never noticed. The next day upon return of the vehicle, from a distance while approaching parking lot walking toward the rear of the vehicle, I noticed the tire was bent out. I brought it to the agents attention. RENTERS BE AWARE!

  • Wow. I was going to document my complaint…and it is a very significant one, concerning not honoring a confirmed reservation, and the saga that is still on-going after 2 months. I wanted to make sure corporate knew the customer service system was not working. But from what I see here, corporate must not be too engaged. Never-mind, I will try to settle my issue and not take a chance with Enterprise again If corporate is paying attention and wants to be made aware of problems…chrismccowan81@gmail.com


  • This is to inform you about the terrible customer service your Buda, TX location displayed today, August 4th, 2015 at 4:50pm to 6pm.

    We had a major car accident this morning and our insurance company, Progressive, worked out a car rental reservation for us, #400148 with your Buda, TX location. When I called to confirm the reservation for pickup today or first thing in the morning the representative, who claimed to be the manager named Tony, said there are no available cars until 2pm tomorrow, August 5h, in all of Buda, Kyle, Austin and San Marco. We live in Kyle so I specifically asked if he could check to see if any other location would have a car available for pick up tonight, August 4th or in the morning including the Airport, and he said no Enterprise has a car available and had an attitude as if I was bothering him.

    After this call, I did my own investigation online and found a bunch of Enterprise cars available on Enterprise,com, so I called your Buda, TX location again to question why there are cars available online in Buda and other Enterprise locations near them and the manager, Tony, tells me that all the online information is wrong.

    Your Buda, Tx manager was not interested in trying to help us find a car for either this evening or first thing in the morning at all.

    I finally called your 800-261-7331 # and got a wonderful representative that was able to find a car for pick up at the airport for tonight and a car available in San Marco for tomorrow morning. We decided to go with the August 5th morning reservation. I gave this representative a excellent review after the call, when your automatic customer satisfaction survey came on because she deserved it.

    Please fire your manager, Tony, at the Buda, Tx location for being incompetent and rude. I really don't believe the person I spoke to was the manger because they were very unprofessional. Enterprise is in the customer service business and you should only hire employee who will represent the company in a good light.

    We had a terrible car accident this morning that was not our fault, and then had to end the evening we terrible customer service from your Buda, Tx location.

    I expect your corporate office to respond to my complaint and give me some assurance that your Buda, Tx location will be reprimanded. Otherwise, I will relish in setting off an all out public campaign letting everyone know what terrible customer service your Buda, Tx location has.

  • June 11th, I made reservation for a premium size car for 2pm, on the 17th of June. I called two days in advance, to make sure that they had the car I want, because I know that often times, i would reserve a car, and get there is none. The employee told me, OH, yes, Mrs. Randle, we got it! The day for me to pick up the car, I called in advance, I was told yes, we have it. Well, I get there, June 17th, no large car, only a volkswagon!!! I told them no way, I called in advance two days and each time I was told that You have it. I was so angry, because I was on my way out of town. I said, thats not going to work, because we are full sized women, and it will be four of us. The customer service was horrible. She didnt not offer to call around to other enterprises, she just sat there, looking stupid.

  • Wanted to say Thank you for a representative Chuck C. Price of Enterprise Car sales in Greensboro, North Carolina. We found him to be of unquestionable integrity and honesty. In todays world of high pressure, unscrupulous tactics, and the fast pace in which we all live, it was refreshing to meet a man of his character. the Best to you all!!

    Bob and Kathy Morehead, Winston Salem , North Carolina

  • I SENT THIS LETTER TO THE CEO of ENTERPRISE: By way of introduction, and before I retired after 35 years of service, I was a V.P. and Talent Agent for the globally famous William Morris Talent and Literary Agency, Inc. in their New York and Beverly Hills offices. While I haven't rented one of your automobiles for several years, I did so in the past when necessary.
    As much as I regret sending a letter of complaint, my latest experience with your company is so outrageous that I am compelled to bring this to your attention.
    Long story short, sir, I chose the least auto available on the Enterprise website, $31.99 p/day and reserved same. Following day I moved the date back by one day. My auto is being repaired by Lori Neville at "Auto Trix" in Canoga Park. Enterprise will discount a renter if recommended by "Auto Trix".
    I was picked up at the Auto Trix location and driven to your location a few minutes away, also in Canoga Park. Upon checking in I was told the auto would be $49.00 and the reservation I had could not be honored as it was contracted on the internet. More absurd and ridiculous excuses prevailed and I was finally told that the discount offered with Auto Trix would also not be honored.
    At long last, and after ten minutes of dialogue, an assistant manager, Pedro Lebron 111 apologized for the miscommunication and confirmed the price of $31.99 and a complimentary discount would also be applied.
    The time wasted, the aggravation and the bait and switch routine made this customer and the experience I just reported to you will have me thinking twice before I rent another auto from Enterprise.
    If there is another "misunderstanding" when I return the automobile, I will report this to the Better Business Bureau and any and all appropriate sites on the internet.

    Jay Jacobs

  • April 16 2015
    This is a letter written in response to Enterprise's claim that I damaged a rented car. If you rent a car have the agent sign a statement it was returned in good condition !!!

    Enterprise Rent-A-Car
    P.O. BOX 801988
    KANSAS CITY, MO. 641801988

    As shown in the enclosed Enterprise Rental Agreement I rented a car in Decatur Al. and turned it into your Memphis down town office at 03:15 PM on 03/20/2015.

    At the 3:15 PM drop off time there was no damage to the car, it was in the same condition I received it in Decatur. The car was examined at this time (3:15 PM) by the Enterprise staff and NO damage was reported. We completed the check out paperwork and payment. If there was any damage to the car, at this time, it would have been noted and insurance claim paperwork processed .

    When we were finished with checking out, I requested a ride to the Sheraton Downtown Hotel. The man checking us out told a young lady, behind the counter, to take us to the hotel. She picked up the keys from the car we returned and drove us to the hotel ( about 10 minutes from your office). When we were delivered to the hotel there was no damage to the car!

    I have been informed by your Claims Department that the car was inspected again at around 4:00 PM and damage was noted. I asked what the damage was and was told the Bumper was “hanging”. I don't
    believe they would have missed this at the 3:15 check in or that the Franchise Rep. would have taken us to the hotel in that Car.

    Any damage to the car occurred after I delivered it to your office in good condition an was taken to the hotel! I will not accept liability for your personal driving the car after I returned it. I believe that you have a franchise that lacks integrity and is a disappointment to me and should be to you.

  • A few days ago, my wife and I made an online reservation, as we had done many times in the past, as preferred customers, for a large SUV, to be picked up at noon today, 04/15/2015. When we arrived at the above branch we were welcomed and helped immediately. We told the young lady that we had made an online reservation for a large SUV and she looked our information up in your system and began to process the paperwork. We opted for the fuel plan and when we went to pay for the rental with a Debit card, as we had done every time in the past, she explained to us that she couldn't accept the debit as payment because of a recent memo they had received from the Branch, Area or District Manager. We explained to her that we had paid for all previous rentals using our debit card because we do not have a major credit card, something my wife and I are extremely against having, for personal reasons. We told her there was nothing in writing when we made our reservation about not being able to use our debit card for this transaction nor did we receive any communication about this until we arrived at the branch. She told us that she could possibly lose her job if she allowed us to pay with our debit card. We, of course, didn't want to see that happen to her so we asked for her supervisor's number. My wife called and after leaving a message, the supervisor she called had returned her call and stated that he couldn't help us, that that was their policy and because of recent incidents, Enterprise had decided that only a person(s) with a major credit card could rent a large SUV and that we would be able to rent something other that that class vehicle.

    She told him that she felt that was wrong and discriminatory especially that we again, were preferred customers and had rented from them in the past without incident(s). He told her there was nothing he could do for her and hung up.

    This has ruined our plans, after my wife also had to rearrange her schedule today to go and pick up this vehicle that we were not able to get. At this time, we will never rent from Enterprise again and we will be sure to tell everyone we know how unprofessional we were treated by Enterprise.

  • One of their drivers was filling a car with gas and realized he wasn't going to make the turn into their driveway. He was in the middle lane and my wife was driving in the right lane. The enterprise employee yanked his car in front of my wife and slammed on his brakes hard enough to leave a skid make. My wife hit his car. He claimed he was simply driving in the right lane, put on his blinker and made an easy turn. Then, to make matters worse, he gets on his phone and a bunch of his co-workers suddenly came running out of the building claiming to have seen the accident, from within a building with no windows on that side of the building. The assistant manager came out three times and asked us and their driver if we were hurt. All three times we all said we were fine. Then their driver gets on the phone and suddenly once the police arrive he is hurt and needs an ambulance. Finally, after All that their manager tells me to leave the premises because we were causing a scene. The plantation Florida enterprise is apparently hiring employees without morals. Employees who lie through their teeth!

  • Over the years I've rented from Enterprise both here and Europe and always were well satisfied with their service. A month ago our personal car was damaged and Allstate Insurance sent us to Enterprise for a rental while it was being repaired. My wife picked up the car and used the car three days. An Enterprise agent inspected the car upon return and told my wife it had a three-inch scratch on the door. She offered to have it repaired at the place that had just fixed our car. The Enterprise agent refused and told my wife $300 would be levied against our credit card..
    Minutes later, when my wife picked up our car at the collision shop she was told they would have repaired it for no charge, but that, given the size of the scratch, the repair should not cost very much.
    A couple of weeks later we received an additional charge from Enterprise over and above the $300 initially charged. Disappointing from a company that usually does better

  • I was rear ended by a drunk driver 3 weeks ago and Enterprise is the company assigned as my rental car while my vehicle is being fixed. I picked up my car Monday Feb 23 at the Mesa, AZ location at 4915 E McKellips. There was a limited number of cars available and I was given a VW Jetta, although the seats actually hurt my back. I called Tuesday morning and Phoebe (Mesa location) got in touch with Benny at the Tempe, AZ location at 1311 W Broadway and between the two of them, they upgraded me to a Nissam Maxima. The seats are so comfortable, which is needed with my back issues from the accident. I want to commend these two employees of Enterprise for going FAR above and beyond to make me comfortable for the few days I won't have my car. I have rented from Enterprise in the past and always been satisfied with the level of service, but this really showcased the excellence of these employees.

    Thank you,
    Alisa Warner

  • Beware ever renting from Enterprise, their customer service is horrible, They made us drive to 2 different locations because they did not have a car available, which they claimed they did. They promised an upgrade if you have a Cost Co card, big lie, never received
    an upgrade.
    I contacted the corporate office by phone two times, spoke with two different women who agreed we were treated wrongly, they promised that someone would call or email to resolve. It has never been resolved. Very sad

  • on 1/1/2015 in flew into Louisville,ky airport,my company had rented a car form enterprise. well before the trip back in Houston,Tx I visited my Dr. in which I told him how I was afraid to fly, he then prescribed anti anxiety medicine for me..we he said to take 2, 2 hours before the flight which I did. upon arriving in Atlanta for a lay over scared to death I took 2 more. by the time I arrived in Louisville,ky I did not much know my name. but the enterprise guy gave me the keys to the rental. I hit a stop sign outside their property, cops came and did not charge me with anything but sent me to the hospital. in which all bloodwork and urine came back neg. except the med that my Dr. prescribed me. now I can not rent anything because they put me on a high risk renter. the enterprise employee knew I could not drive, he should shared in the responsibility. enterprise should let me use a car until I go back to Houston in 2 weeks

  • On On Wednesday 11/19/14 I was picked up from Hendrix Chevrolet. Rob was the representative that helped me. He gave me a Dodge Charger that had absolutely no gas. I told him that it was out of gas. He told me to just bring the car back on empty because that was the only vehicle they had available. As soon as I turned out of the parking lot the fuel light came on. I became even more upset because I just wrecked my car and I didn't need any unnecessary stress. I put gas in the car and went on my way. I then noticed that the car needed to be serviced as I was driving to Huntsville, AL. The oil change like came on. The car was driving horrible on the interstate and it was making a terrible knocking noise. I exchange the car out at the Huntsville airport. I also forgot to mention that Rob told me that he was going to charge my card $20 for the deposit. I said that would be fine. I get a phone call on 11/20/14 from Lindsay stating that my card didn't go through. I said that you all must be trying to take out more. I came back to the Enterprise location on Old Colombian Rd which was another inconvenience for me. She also told me that she was going to charge my card $20. I look at my bank statement online and I was charged $49.20. I am totally upset because your company lied to me on numerous occasions. The expectations that your company set was not met. I'm extremely dissatisfied with the level of customer service that I received from your branch location. However speaking to Kiara over the phone on Friday 11/21/14 she was very nice. She assisted me well with getting me over to roadside assistance. I explained to her that Im upset and feel disgusted at this time. I would like someone to call me from your corporate office concerning this matter. I would like to know how this can be prevented in the future. I get off from work everyday at 3:30 pm central standard time. Please have someone to contact me concerning this matter. Daladyo@rocketmail.com

  • I had the misfortune of renting a car from enterprise. My car was in the shop, because of an accident. Not know when the repairs would be completed I paid for the rental by the week, usually paying with one of two credit cards. I found that EEnterprise was charging both cards for the same weeks. The manager would not even listen to the complaints or look at my documented proof. I told her I was going to dispute the charges, she told me to go and do that and I would never rent another car, she would blackball me with all companies. I am disputing anyway. We are being charged over 1000. dollars in dupliate charges.

  • I rented a car from Enterprise in July to get to Physical Therapy since I had torn my meniscus in my knee and was walking with a cane. First I had to wait for a car to be brought from another location. I was given a lower gas level to compensate for my wait. Of course the car was filthy. When I returned it, I told them about a previous renter's very personal items (bank statements, home address, mortgage info letters) left in the glove compartment and a coffee mug underneath the passenger seat. I was given an apology and credit off the bill total. All was well, so I thought. I recently received a letter from the violation dept stating that an eighty-five (85) moving violations ticket (plus a $13 service charge) via camera (supposedly at 5:26 A.M. in a known GANG area ) had been paid on my behalf and they were going to deduct that fee from my account. I tried to explain that they were charging the wrong renter. When I tried to explain to supposedly a supervisor in violations dept that there was an error, I was told everything matched up that it was me as I was the only driver. Then she told me my letter was wrong as it actually was 5:26 in the evening NOT morning as stated on the letter sent to me. I asked if they could wait 3-4 days after the deadline to insure that the monies would be in my account so I wouldn't be charged a $35 bank charge No way could that happen. I have used Enterprise over the last 10 years or more each time I needed a car. It won't happen again simply because I will NOT use Enterprise ever again. Surely Andy Taylor is NOT that hard up for money. No caring for customers.

    I let the manager know ahead of time to charge my card because my bank was closing it because of a security breach. He said okay. Five days later never took the money out and my card was closed. He harassed me several times while I was waiting for my new card to arrive! He even called my sister ( I still don't know how he got her number) saying that he was going to report the car stolen! I had just spoken to him two days ago and now he was going to report the car as stolen! Bill was very rude and treated us like low class citizen. It was not my fault that he waited a week later to take the money out. I could not do anything about my card being closed. Bill was very rude and asked me "So what do you want to do? Because I can take the car back and we can be done with this”. I could not believe it ! Do not go to this location! Very bad!!

  • Compliment about your Manager‏
    M C
    5:29 PM
    To: info@enterprise.com

    Sir, I have been in a business my family has owned for 86 years. To often we hear about complaints, but not enough about the good stuff. I am a Enterprise Plus Gold customer and a few points from Platinum. I want to give praise to your Revere, Ma manager named Petya Tomova. My recent experience with her should be recognized and rewarded. She was very professional, friendly, helpful and all around delightful to do business with. I will keep coming back. Thanks, Michael Richardson

  • Ebony Entertainment
    919 Val Park Ave
    Valley Stream NY 11580

    August 5, 2014
    To Andrea C Taylor

    I have been a loyal customer of Enterprise for many years. Most recently I’ve been renting cars and trucks for my business needs from your Valley Stream NY location (Feb 2014-July 2014) on a monthly bases. I received exceptional customer service from Natasha R Johnson. She offered competitive rates and would follow-up from time to time to see how things were going and to update me when a payment was due. Additionally, Natasha attempted to reach out to a sales person to see about a corporate account for my business needs however no one followed up with this request. Since Ms. Johnson’s departure from this branch customer service has been extremely disappointing

    I continued with my rental agreement for an additional 2 months without hearing from your Valley Stream office. Recently I received a phone call from your manager, Wayne Wallace who was requesting payment as my card on file had been declined. At this time I asked why I hadn’t heard from your office in over 2 months. Previously Ms. Johnson would call and alert me that a payment was due and I would make the payment in a timely fashion. I’ve also started receiving calls from your other branch manager Matt Szpakowski which have been totally unprofessional and threatening. He went as far as to ask me to step outside like he want to fight me. Additionally he threated to report the car stolen and would issue a police report. Finally we agreed that I would return the car on August 1, 2014. Prior to August 1 I started receiving threatening calls and letters sent to my place of business stating that I needed to bring $ 700.00 when I returned the car. When arrived, the bill was only $567.00 but they were still holding $598 on my card I settled the balance with a money order for 700.00 but I have yet to receive my refund $147 back.

    Please note that I really liked doing business with this branch prior to the personnel changes. This branch was very convenient to my business and I recommended many of my clients to use this location whenever they were in town. I hope that you will take the necessary steps to repair this relationship otherwise I will be forced to take my business elsewhere. I am a local business owner and I believe in supporting the community. I also expect to be treated with respect.

    Yours Truly,

    Brad Davidson
    Ebony Entertainment

  • I just had a Manager named Shana hang up on me at the Enterprise location at the Capital Park Hotel in Atlanta, Ga. This is a rude employee, and I can't believe that she became so defensive when I and trying to help the organization by bringing a serious public safety problem to their attention.

  • Enterprises commitment to complete customer satisfaction is a lie . During my recent vacation I visited the Kill Devil Hills NC area.On July 2nd we recieved the news of a catergory 2 hurricane barreling down on us within 24 hrs .I immediately called Enterprise& booked my ride.I was never told about a $100 one way rental during my call to reserve , during ckecking out , I was told only after I was in the car ready to pull off .I called customer service which said only the rental location has the right to refund my security deposit , I asked if the Enterprise franchise was for sale to private owners which made there own rules & was told no they were all one big company that acted seperately, what the hell did that mean ? I'm disabled cant afford it , I checked prices first & exceptions shoulda be made during disasters.Im cutting up my preferred customer card now, it means nothing . Thanks for nothing you cooperate skum , taking my security deposit while a dispute is on the tables is poor customer service & you shoulda all be ashamed to work at such a mucked excuse of a business.On closing thank God I made the right decision not driving back thru that hurricane to save money

  • Enterprise is the worst car rental company ever. Communication with this company is terrible. I have been an Enterprise customer for years but recently a new branch manager took over the Wickliffe, Ohio branch. Not only does she lack communication skills she is rude and curt. She acts like she is doing you a favor when what she doesn't realize is without customers she wouldn't get her paycheck. The problem with Enterprise is they are always changing the rules of the game and they don't bother to tell the customers of the changes. In addition, I recently returned a car and was supposed to get another car but since the original car had scratches underneath the plastic bumper the "nice" young lady would not give me another car. I told this "nice" young lady the scratches had to be from everyday driving as I did not hit anything. I was left with no car for the week-end and I am still waiting to hear from this awful company. Do not rent from this company. They are terrible.

  • I am from Columbus Ga if you are ever in the area DO NOT RENT A CAR FROM COLUMBUS AIRPORT Johnathan and Melinda was extremely nasty and did not explain the process I will never go back again. If you go to an Enterprise in Columbus GA if you see Jonathan or Melinda run away!

  • I was in an accident and insurance set up for a rental. Found a branch that had a car for me. Came home with it then a couple days later I noticed the tags were expiring. I had to contact to let them know the car I was given was only good for 5 more days due to the tags. You would think someone within enterprise is keeping track of things like that. Anyway they didn't have a car and said they would try to get me in a new one the next day.. Nothing. Next day nothing… Next day nothing. Finally the last day for the tags I called back and was told no vehicle try back around 3:30 (they close at 5 or 6) and if they still don't have one they will check the next closest and I can drive there. How nice. I was in the area if the next cloesest at the time and went by, they had nothing. The next closest after that had some available but was told they can't move cars from branch to branch. so I called customer service to see how I can be sure I would have a new car for work the next morning. And it just so happened the first place had a car now and was told I needed to go there. So I went and switched. That was a Monday. Worked 24hrs Tuesday then wed evening I washed the new car. While cleaning noticed buldge in driver side front tire. Which means the tire is beginning to fail. Branch was closed. Roadside assistance advised to drive to branch in morning and switch. I had to be at work before they would open. And the tire is beginning to fail how can they tell me to keep driving on it. Then was asked "well what do you want me to do" in a nasty tone. So I said I want a car that I can use like I'm paying for. She said they can send someone out to put a donut on but id pay for it, and I would still have to drive to the branch. So much for their slogan keeping things simple and we come to you. I was finally told to drive to work and then figure it out from there with a closer branch. Even though she said she can't be sure its safe to do that. At work didn't here from enterprise so called I'm the a.m. Was told to drive to original branch after work and switch (at least 40miles). When asking if its safe "well you should be okay" even with not seeing the tire. Asked if they could come to me. Answer was that the cloest branch had no cars and the original branch only had 2 people working so they would not go that far just to switch a car. Guess its okay for me to be inconvienienced but not them. At 2:09 I get off at 3 was told cloest branch might have a car and would hear from them in 10min. At 2:55 I called back after not hearing anything and needed to know where to go their answer "we are to busy to call you". Get there on the bad tire to switch and car is dirty inside and out and tank is on E with gas light on. This after I had just completely filled the other car I was suppose to be in. Then try to talk to someone to complain to. Yeah right that's a job in itself no body wants to talk to you. Even get hung up on by customer service. This whole company just seems like a joke. Still waiting to hear from someone about my formal complaint.

  • My vechile was damaged by a towing company. They're insurance carrier sent me to Enterprise to rent a car while my car was being repaired. The customer service representative was very rude advising me the manager has to approve me being picked up( this is their advertisement). also they rented me a car that had been sold to another person, and demanded me to return to them. they sent someone to bring me a car and refused to print me a new contract .
    poor service i have ever received from a rental car compant.

  • Booked a reservation from hotwire.com had conformation number from online using a prepaid card even got insurance with booking online and they already charged 64 for the insurance was trying to go from sherman tx to dallas fort worth area 80 miles away because my mother passed away. Got to sherman office which is only car rental place in sherman next closes is 50 miles away just to be told I couldn't use card I used when I booked reservation because even though if they swiped on computer it would go thru that branch didn't accept it. I then offered a eleven hundred dolllar deposit to show good faith almost 4 times what they want and was told I was going to steal their 13000 dollar car. Stated I would file bbb complaint because they should honor I had conformation thru online reservation so I could burrie my mother, then was asked to leave because they wasn't going to rent to me even if I could find someone who.could pass their qualifications because I was rude. They couldn't even make an exception so i could go burrie my own mother.

  • Most annoying person i ever rented a car from. This location would not pick me up, tried to get rid of me renting from their location. the guy was relentless trying to sell me the additional insurance telling me credit card companies don't pay all the time for accidents even if iots not my fault. theyw ill take every penny from me even if accident was not my fault. He was so adamant about making me feel insecure that he wrote down the wrong mileage on contract. When i called i got a voice mail over and over even though they were open. it said they will call me next day. But tomorrow is Sunday so i am sure they wont. My mileage ended in 199, they guy wrote 119.. NO one will call, they don't care. I drove to downtown spokane location which is actually closer to my home. By the way they do not pick you up, they lie. I took a bus from Cheney to downtown and they would not even pick me up downtown saying i was closer to another location. But that location had zero cars

  • My name is Jeff Davis. I live in Winston Salem, NC and I rented a compact on 1/24/2014 on the Enterprise website from the Peter's Creek Pkwy location in Winston Salem, NC. I called to get a pickup from my home and explained I needed to get on the road because my mom was dying in hospice and I needed to get there. The pickup time came and went and I called back after they were 30 minutes late. Again, they promised to be right over. After an hour I called again and an older gentleman answered and said he had not been given any info for my pickup. After 11/2 hours he called me and asked for my correct address as the girl had transposed my address. He got there within 5 minutes after that and he was very apologetic and generally a good guy. I believe his name was George. When we got to the branch I told the young man (Parker) what had happened. She was a young black girl with a name beginning with an S. He asked her what had happened and she just chuckled and walked away. I very nicely told her I hoped my mom did not pass before I got there because of her. Even though I booked the smallest to save on gas I was told they only had full sized cars available, even though I could plainly see they were cleaning a compact at that very moment. I did not have much time to argue so i took the full size but then was asked for my credit card to charge the difference. I booked a compact but then they refused to give me the full size at the same rate even though I had done my part in good faith. I let them so I could get on the road. Once outside Parker told me the black girl was just put into the training program but had been on the cleaning crew up until that week. We walked around the car and there were scratches all around the car which I pointed out to Parker. There was one major scratch on the passenger side door right in the crease where it opened like someone had scraped it against something. I pointed this out and Parker said it is noted. I was very late and signed and initialed the form and left for Greenwood, SC to be at my mom's side. I drove straight there and parked the car at the Nursing Facility and it stayed in the parking place for 3 days with the passenger side away from everything in the last space. Nothing could even get to the door if it wanted to. After seeing that my mom was not going to make it, I decided to turn the car in at the Montague Ave location in Greenwood, SC. I turned it in before the time due with an extra 1/4 tank of gas in it.

  • @ Enterprise rent a car – What exactly is your policy when someone rents a vehicle and Purchas’s the extra insurance with Enterprise when your car rental gets stolen while your in vacation in Hawaii a place where we had never been before with 3 grown kids don't know anyone and all our belonging get stolen, keys, money and credit cards, and Enterprise can't pick us up when were stuck on an island with no money, no ID's and you can't send someone from your office to come pick us up! we called and placed a police report and even the officer got on the phone with the employee from Enterprise and told him to send someone out to pick us up and they still kept going on about there policy about returning the key in order to have someone come out and pick us up. How is someone on an island surrounded by water supposed to take the keyless clicker entry key into the water when the rental is a keyless entry that clicks clicks! That would mess-up the key! So no we don't have the key, if someone steel a car most likely they have the key! I would like for Pamela Nicholson at the corporate office the president of Enterprise to respond. There needs to be some adjusting to your policy and arrange for someone to go and pick up your paying customers in a situation like that. Do you think that was handled the right way and to do your customers like that to leave them stranded with no help to send.

  • Renter Beware,
    If you must rent a car from Enterprise please make sure you micro-inspect the vehicle and have every scratch noted on your agreement – no matter what the agent might tell you. My insurance company sent me to Enterprise while my car was being repaired after I was rear ended. Enterprise charged me $691 to repair a paint scratch (the rear end damage to my car including a new bumper was $2500) without ever providing documentation for the charges. After being shuffled, hung up on, and ignored I got to Dave; the ombudsman (pleasant, polite and responsive) I realized that I was screwed having already paid the bill. And if you wish to file a complaint get ready to pay an additional $25. Have a nice day.

  • Dear Sir/Madam,
    I rented a car from your Mount Vernon Office on 01/17/2014 and return the car on 01/27/2014. The car windshield was crack and your sale associates was aware of the situation when I rented the car. I received two letter from your Atlanta office that I am responsible for damages on the car. I return the car with no damages on it.
    I wish to stated that I am not responsible for any damages on the car and very disappointed with Enterprise rent A-car company the way they handle this issue.Next time I will advise myself before think of renting car from company.

    Musah Alore

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      I rented a car from your Mount Vernon Office on 01/17/2014 and return the car on 01/27/2014. The car windshield was crack and your sale associates was aware of the situation when I rented the car. I received two letter from your Atlanta office that I am responsible for damages on the car. I return the car with no damages on it.
      I wish to stated that I am not responsible for any damages on the car and very disappointed with Enterprise rent A-car company the way they handle this issue.Next time I will advise myself before think of renting car from your company.

  • I am in the Travel Business and WILL NEVER recommend Enterprise again. There is a NEW company and the name is SIXT rental car. I will use them and REFER them to ALL my clients. I have been in the business for 22 years and will make sure all my colleagues refer their clients also.

  • I was told the last vehicle they had to rent was the 2014 Ram w/Hemi, but while I was there a small compact car was brought in. I was told it was already taken. Fine. A guy took me out to the truck & showed me the windshield wipers & the "dial it" transmission (touch brakes). I left & was headed to the interstate, from Springfield TN (TOTALLY unfamiliar with the area) to Hendersonville, TN (25 miles) when I noticed the gas tank was on EMPTY. It was pouring down rain. Just a few more miles & I would have run out of gas on the interstate during rush hour in the rain. I had left Enterprise 10 min. before. Called them, they blew me off, told me don't worry, get gas & we'd work something out when I returned the vehicle. I told them they did not even warn me the tank was empty & they had marked the truck gas tank was 1/4 full. I asked if there was even a gas station the direction I was going. Found a gas station, put gas in, climbed back up the 2 ft. off the ground floor of truck, putting my foot/leg in & having to grab steering wheel to even pull myself up into the vehicle. I am 5'4". Totally pissed at the unsatisfactory service.

  • I am extremely disappointed with Enterprise rent a car. I have been using Enterprise for many years but no further. Enterprise will no longer have me as a loyal customer. Me and my pregnant fiancé live in Central Islip Long Island. I have a contract job in central New Jersey so I have been staying with my mom for the next 2 weeks. Today my fiance had an emergency, her car broke down so I reserved a car through your online website by using my major credit card as noted below. I drove out to Long Island from central New Jersey so I can rent the car for my fiance having her as an authorized driver. Once I got to enterprise with my fiance the representative at the counter told me that Enterprize holds $250 in addition to the car rental. I had no warning that there needed to be a deposit because if I knew I would of never waisted my time driving to Long Island to be embarrassed. I only had $280 available on my card and the rental was only $157. I thought I would be fine. There is nowhere on the website or within the confirmation that Enterprise would need to hold funds. My fiancé left work for nothing and I ended up having to leave my car with her so she has a car to get back and forth to work. I couldn't have her taking the bus pregnant in this freezing weather. I had to take the train back to central New Jersey from LI. Me trying to rescue her turned out to be a total embarrassment and all day journey. I will never turn to Enterprise in the future. I will also spread the word across Facebook and blogs of the situation to boycot Enterprise for there lack of customer service.

  • I rented a car in Marietta, OH and they told me I would get my deposit back. I had the extra insurance on the car and told them I would be returning the car after hours on Wednesday. I rented the car on Monday late like around 5:30. They said my returning the car on that Wednesday after hours was fine and no problems. They upgraded me to a bigger car because they didn't have the car I reserved weeks before. I t was dark when we went to inspect the car and very cold. I didn't see anything wrong in the dark. I left town immediately to go to my sons graduation from the military. Next morning we see a crack behind the mirror in the windshield. Brought the car back on Wednesday after hours around 6:30p. Dropped the keys in the drop box. Waited for a few days and instead of getting back the full deposit I get back 27.99. When I call and ask them they tell me I have charged me for another day and then said I cracked the windshield and they had to replace the windshield. They said but you had the insurance so it was covered. I told them I didnt break the windshield the crack was behind the mirror so you couldnt see it. She said that it was covered. I said you just blamed me for breaking the windshield. She said she didn't. It doesn't matter I bought the extra insurance anyway but she did blame me. I will never rent a car from them again and I suggest no one else rent from them either. They lie and then blame you for there own problems.

  • I rented a car in Marietta, OH and they told me I would get my deposit back. I had the extra insurance on the car and told them I would be returning the car after hours on Wednesday. I rented the car on Monday late like around 5:30. They said my returning the car on that Wednesday after hours was fine and no problems. They upgraded me to a bigger car because they didn't have the car I reserved weeks before. I t was dark when we went to inspect the car and very cold. I didn't see anything wrong in the dark. I left town immediately to go to my sons graduation from the military. Next morning we see a crack behind the mirror in the windshield. Brought the car back on Wednesday after hours around 6:30p. Dropped the keys in the drop box. Waited for a few days and instead of getting back the full deposit I get back 27.99. When I call and ask them they tell me I have charged me for another day and then said I cracked the windshield and they had to replace the windshield. They said but you had the insurance so it was covered. I told them I didnt break the windshield the crack was behind the mirror so you couldnt see it. She said that it was covered. I said you just blamed me for breaking the windshield. She said she didn't. It doesn't matter I bought the extra insurance anyway but she did blame me. I will never rent a car from them again and I suggest no one else rent from them either. They lie and then blame you for there own problems.

  • I live in youngstown ohio and had to rent a car because somebody totalled mines so allstate so go to youngstown we n store so I did the manager there is names derek he calls every other and he wants me to check in every day like he is my husband so I didn't check in he calls me every hr and sending texts I was at work so he text me my corp is here I can't hold them off I didn't know what he was talking about so I didn't respond but then the next day he text me just to give you heads up the car has been reported stolen now my pressure went through the roof I go down to the store to see what the hell he is talking about and he lied just so I can check in really I told him that I am a grown woman and I don't have time for games I will never go to that store ever again I have rented cars for years and never had to go through this never again and I saved all the text that he sent and will be emailing the corporate office. I have all my reciepts showing that I pay every week

  • I rented a car last week from enterprise rentals. as i did not know how long it would take the body shop to repair my car, i paid up front for a weeks rental. and discussed with the manager that the jeep could possibly be ready in 3 to 5 days. He said if that was the case, he would issue a refund for the unused rental. well sure enough I take the car back 2 days early, fueled, washed and vac'ed and was promptly screwed out of my refund.. He told me 5 days of rental, was called a week when my contract stated that a week was seven days. WARNING: Stay away from Enterprise Rentals in Belmont N.C. I will never use this company again.

  • I work at Enterprise in Milwaukee. The way they treat the employees is beyond disgusting! I would never rent a car through this company, and would NEVER recommend them to someone else. STAY AWAY!

  • Just hung with "Mike" at my local Enterprise Car Rental Co. off of Wiscosin Ave in Bethesda. I had a reservation for tomorrow morning @ 0730 therefore I called to inform him that I needed a ride (in an attempt to abide by their rules of notifying them well in advance of the reservation…please keep in mind that I'm no more than 1/2mi from their location. He condescendingly explained "oh, that's too early for us to pick you up…perhaps you can call us back at 0830" I then explained I was actually going to get on the road immdiately after pickup as to avoid the holiday traffic and that the website should have a disclosure that states they can only pickup at specific times…wow, why did I make that statement? This seemed to annoy him even more as he rudely repeated the fact that "yes, we do pick up ma'am but not that early…I wanted to tell this @#$! that I'm deaf and I heard you the first time but I refrained. I have always been a huge fan/customer of Enterprise but it's employees such as this one that would make me switch to another rental company! How Rude & inconsiderate can one be?

  • Rented cars with enterprise the last 20 years. The service has changed. Nafish the supervisor District Manager for Suffolk County Long Island NY is a example of why woman have trouble getting professional positions. She was rude abusive and totally unprofessional. Certainly not interested in her customer base.
    October 29th 2013 I rented a car for my daughter and granddaughter to go to Salem, Ma. for the holiday. I rented the car, used my credit card and paid the bill. The only thing she needed to suppy the company was her valid drivers license.
    Yesterday I called Patchogue Enterprise office to rent another car for my children( adults) and was told my son would have to supply his credit card and license in order to drive. Told my daughter had already supplied her credit card and license before. This was not the truth, but only her drivers license. I was told they could not drive the car without a valid credit card for each of the them. I spoke to the manager, that was nice, but couldn't change the company policy, so I asked for corporate office telephone number. That number push 4 then 215, than 223, then answering machine. HORROR. I called the Patchogue Enterprise office back and manager said that the district manager said she'd call you right away.. I GUESS 2.5 hours and a 40 min. drive to the shop and she called her again. Nafish district manager, abusive rude, threats and did nothing. At last I hung up. The Enterprise manager called her back as she didn't want to lose me as a good customer. All she got was abuse about me and said she refused to do anything. I GUESS THEY HIRE ONLY THE LOSERS, good quality doesn't move up the ladder. An examplet why woman are making 70 cent to a man's $1.00. she treatened to smear my name on her email to company. I asked for the email address and her supervisors and both refused.
    Enterprise makes there starting males wear BUSINESS SUITS, to wask cars. Do they make the woman do this also. I have never seen woman in business suits. A good example of the peter principle.
    I'm finished with ENTERPRISE.. As I told district, I purchased a GMC car 1984 and got a lemon, it's now 2013 and I have told they story to thousands and have not bought one GMC car again. 1991 I went to purchase a Saturn and the saleman said it was a GM, the contract was written and the deposit made, I PICKED UP THE CONTRACT AND CHECK and ripped them up. 1st time it's there fault, NEXT TIME IT"S MINE FOR NOT DOING BUSINESS WITHTHEM AGAIN. I purchased how many cars in the last 29 years, almost one every 3 to 4 years. How many other people have told others of this problem and not purchased GMC general mess a crap as my late husband stated.
    If you rent with Enterprise again it's your fault and not there's.
    COMPANY"S DO IN TIME GO OUT OF BUSINESS, only can hurt so many people…

  • I AM DONE with ERAC !! Rented a vehicle on Saturday morning using my debit card & was told by the agent that is was a $200 HOLD, not a charge, for deposit. I asked when the $200 hold would be removed & was told that since it is a HOLD that it would be immediately upon returning the vehicle. Fine, no problem then.. Return the vehicle the next day tot he airport & ask again about the $200 HOLD. Agent then informs me that it wasnt a HOLD, that it was actually CHARGED onto my account, then ERAC would issue the credit back within 24 hours.. WHAT ?? Not what I was told upon picking the car up…

    I again asked what the hell he was talking about, that I was told it was only a HOLD & would be immediate. "I'm sorry, I dont know who told you that, but they were wrong"..SURE they were wrong after they (ERAC) had already charged my card nearly $300 when the rental was only $40…. Fine.. 24 hours then, will be back in my account on Monday morning.. Well, it is now Tuesday & guess what.. STILL no credit back from ERAC..I called Customer service & received the typical " My apologies for your frustrations" lines that they are reading off the scripts handed to them.. Then get told that ERAC had issued the credit but my bank hadnt posted yet ( trying to put blame on someone else )..so I called my bank.. guess what.. NO CREDIT RETURN has been issued, received or none pending from ERAC…I call CSR back & then am told. it takes 3-5 days.. BFS !!!

    ERAC is NOTHING more than a bunch of LIARS !!! CHEATS !!!.. THIEFS !!… It takes 30 secs for them to charge your card but it takes 3-5 days if they owe you money back….

    • Nothing changes. They lie non stop and it seems to be ok.. The company is not the same as it was. Look at all the complaints you see. Most are not put up…

  • I rented from the Greensboro, NC location off of Battleground Ave and my last experience was not only horrible it really showed me that Enterprise doesn't train their management staff on handling conflict. As I have read the comments I am getting a beter picture of why they (Enterprise) are being ousted by so many people across the country. I have been renting from March 2013 – Oct 29 2013 consecutively and spent over $7000. Unfortunately they put me on the Do Not Rent list because of comments I was unaware of from their reps and management about a payment discrepency and I was shocked on how they handled me from the Branch Manager to the District Manager. When I spoke with the District Manager yesterday, he immediately went into telling me why I cannot rent from them ever again, he never once asked me my side of the story. So you can imagine if the Branch Manager actions were deplorable and the District Manager actions were automatically accusatory it let's me know that this corporation got away from what makes them rich and that is "Customer Loyalty". I immediately went to another big chain car rental company and after I explained my story to the manager they were shocked that (1) I wasn't offered to buy one of their cars because of the amount of money I spent (2) a special discount for long time renters and (3) Management did not value a loyal customer. Needless to say I will never rent from Enterprise again, I have also explained my situation on social media and made my friends and coworkers aware that there are other car rental companies that will not treat you the way I have been treated. People be aware of where you spend your money and also be aware of how you are treated the moment "they" feel empowered to act a fool.

    • I was told by Nafish DISTRICT MANAGER of the Suffolk County LI NY office she was going to email corporate about me. Interesting you make a comment and they trash you. Female management needs some help. I have also spent thousands and thousands and told that EVERY DRIVER IN MY CAR HAS TO HAVE A CREDIT CARD ON FILE… Customer Loyalty is gone today. We have no major corporations left. Look ahead of time for new rental car companys I'm finished with this abusive treatment. Young people of today just think this is normal behavior, it was not in the past. People wake up and respect yourselves, don't do business with abusive uncaring businesses. People should be treated respectfully. Needless to say I'm fiinished with ENTERPRISE…Word of mouth is your best or worse advertisements

  • I had a burned out brake light on the Nissan Enterprise Rent-a-Car. I arrived near closing, and they were unable verify the rental. They were willing to change the bulb for free. This is exceptional service. Please advise Firestone Corporate of their exceptional service.

    The Firestone Store in Downey # 3964, Store Mgr: Francisco Gomez, Employee Marshall at 9030 Cecilia St. Downey CA 90241-3921 teL: 562-392-6306.

  • Wow…reading everyone's comments has helped me to realize Enterprise is not what they are cracked up to be. Like many of you I am a Platinum renter I have been renting from Enterprise for years! This is the only time I have had had any problems with them! On this particular rental they were two hours late in picking me up and when I got to the store I had to wait another hour in half just to get in my rental. After asked and looking over the lot I told them the rental I wanted, they still put me in something else. I kept that rental for 4 days, when I return the rental come to find out that they had not even debited my account for payment?!? How is this possible? They don't even give the keys when they cannot get there deposit! Come to find out my paperwork that I had been riding around with for 4 days did not even belong to me or my rental; different name, credit card info, different car, and so on…if had gotten stopped by a police they might have thought something was up being as the registration did not match the car I was driving. On top of that the salesperson called me on several occasions trying to fix their mess! I told them I did not have the money at this time, because when I first rented the vehicle and drove off I was under the assumption they had there payment. The salesperson told me don't worry they would charge it to there account because it was there mistake! This rental was messed up from the time they picked me up the time I brought the car back! Now I received a bill in the mail saying I owe them for the rental!!?? Really! After trying to work with them in re-doing my reservation, so they can cover their butts (did this three times), this salesperson is sending me a bill, because evidently she messed up ROYALLY! I have called three times, left my name and number and no one will call me back…avoiding me is not the answer! I have tried to be very patient with them but now I am trying to contact Corporate…still can't get anyone! I am really upset with Enterprise after all these years and me spending money with this company I cannot find any one who will help with this issue. Here I am now needing to make another reservation, which I cannot until this issue is resolved, which I cannot get it resolved because I can't find anyone to help me. I will have to go back up there, which I know is a waste of time, because they don't know what they are doing! This is so unacceptable and BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! I would avoid using the Old Alexandria Ferry location in Clinton, MD. These people either need more training or more mature personnel in that location. This is not over!

  • Had a horrible experience at Enterprise, Lansdale, PA. I was proactive and called early to get all the facts of what was required for car rental. Katie said driver's license (got), major credit card (got), email address to sign up as frequent user (got). However, when we arrived I felt like I was on the witness stand and Katie decided to prick and probe with a list of questions. Honestly felt like we were being labeled and certainly misled. Her response was if I'm going to give you a thirty thousand dollar car I have a right to know certain things. Well, the ONLY purpose for the car rental was to save miles on our car as we recently relocated to the area. We gladly walked out of this location b/c we didn't need Katie's (not Enterprise, but Katie's) thirty thousand dollar car — my husband and I are professionals, and at the highest level in our respective fields, I might add. Keep YOUR car Katie, as we don't need it. With that attitude I'm sure you'll go far in life. Congrats, Enterprise, you just lost customers, along with all our friends, family, colleagues, etc who we plan to share this experience.

  • WOW…..after reading all the complaints on this site, I guess my complaint is not unusual. I have rented successfully from Enterprise many times. I called to rent an auto and was reminded to bring documentation. I have always used my Social Security income statement with Enterprise. I do not have utility bills. There was never a problem. I am 73 and my only income source is SS, I have no job! So I guess I now have been chucked off as a customer by Enterprise, since they say SS no longer counts. I was told two days ago that a manager would call me and no one has. Guess Enterprise will soon not be in business with the average person……they just no longer seem to care. They got to big for their own britches and forgot those that helped to make them what they are……or soon what they were!.

  • Although I rented many cars from Enterprise, I WILL NEVER EVER RENT FROM THEM AGAIN. I recently rented a car from them for a period of 1 day. There was damage to the right from fender when I picked up the car and it was noted. When I returned the car 24 hours later, a VERY SMALL dent was noticed in the same fender. This small dent was probably caused by a shopping cart in a parking lot. I was not even in the car when it happened and was not even aware of it since it was on the passenger side. They told me they would retain the $500.00 deposit until the damage could be assessed. They then sent me the estimate with pictures of the damage and a bill of $365.00 in addition to the $500.00. They also included pictures that were doctored to show much more damage to not only the front fender, but the rear fender that had no damage whatsoever. They doctored the photos and even showed fluid coming from under the front of the car which of course was not the case. They then listed parts they said had to be replaced like fog lights and the bumper, none of which were damaged or even touched. I'm not sure if all Enterprise agencies are as crooked as this one, however, they will never see me in their office again.

  • They sure dont care about peoples Items. I left my sons car seat in one of their vehicles and when i went to pick it up none of the employees saw anything and the employees insisted it was my fault I left the car seat when we returned the vehicle. My guess is they rented it out without realizing it wasnt even theirs. And then they tried to give me a different car seat that was in a shack and it looked like crap.

  • Upon arrival to pick up our 2013 Black Chevrolet Tahoe when I noticed the outside of the car was filthy that should have served as a indication to the level of customer service I would receive from your establishment. While inspecting the car for scratches with our friendly sales person Jeff, I mentioned how hard it really was to inspect the car given the nature of the dirt on it. When he replied that we were looking for large noticeable scratches that should have further alerted me to the lack of attention to detail one might expect from a rental service. When I got inside the car and found walnuts in the back and no washer fluid it caused me caution because the service regarding the vehicle seemed questionable. Because we were running a short time frame and have rented from this location before we let the less than pleasing state of the car go to arrive at the destination on time. It became all too clear that renting from this location was a nightmare when I had an issue with a broken key.
    On Sunday September 8, 2013 around 3PM in the afternoon I realized the key to the rental car had a slight bump preventing the key from use in the ignition. Because we purchased the additional insurance for the car I called the Enterprise Hotline first to ascertain what next steps might be to get some assistance. After receiving absolutely no direction other than to call my locksmith of choice, I knew right then that the signs exhibited to me upon pick up of this car would prove what I already knew: the complete lack of customer service, attention to detail and the failure of this organization to service the product.
    I have now become well versed in what happens when you have a mishap with a key. While it was my fault that the key became damaged, because it is your rental car I would have assumed that you would have steps to follow in the event something catastrophic like this occurs. I cannot be the first person that has had an issue with a key. I remained trapped on Sunday and had the car towed to the nearest dealership on Monday morning. I called the rental office in New Hampton where I rented the car from and spoke with a manager named Justin who quite honestly leaves a lot to be desired. I spoke in detail regarding the dilemma and asked if there was a secondary key that I might get to start the vehicle and then service the car from there. He let me know there was no key, that he had no suggestions for what I should do other than call a locksmith. He also let me know he was the manager and that there was no one else I could talk to. When I lamented that I found it a bit hard to believe that a company that rents cars has no plan for what happens in situations like this he said that he would call me right back. He never did.
    I got the key for the car. I arrived at my destination. I learned how to deal with it myself which is wonderful but I also learned that renting a car from Enterprise is definitely not a choice I will make again. I have choices, and I will choose any other of your competitors.
    I urge you to formulate an action plan with your managers that communicates clearly and effectively to customers who utilize your services. I was lucky enough to have the resources and the where with all to make decisions that could help me in my tragic situation no thanks to y’all. I am worried for future customers who will suffer consequences because of your lack of attention to detail, failure to plan for emergency situations and general disdain for your customers.

  • My name is Lonnie Ingram and there are drivers that move cars and trucks to different locations.I am checking to see if you might have an opening for a driver in the fort worth area.

  • Here I am again – writing a comment in order to get a telephone call. My previous message was posted August 13, 2013. After two telephone calls from Atlanta regional personnel, whom I refused to speak with, I received a third call and against my better judgment attempted to solve the problem with Michele Edstrom, Controller, Atlanta West Region. I have attempted to reach her and have been unable to – she is not listed on the company directory – I redialed and press 0 for customer service – a recording informed me that it was extension 600 and unable to do "that" (which I do not know what "that" means as it was impossible to speak with a person. I called again and this time pressed to speak with Accounting – told to press 2 for other accounting matters – I did so and a recording stated unable to do that at this time. To make a reservation – Enterprise personnel answer the telephone promptly – other than reservations – it is a nightmare – I want a call back – My problem has not been resolved.

  • Enterprise has screwed me BIG TIME. I rented a 16' truck. it had bad ball joints. since you are sitting above the axle it was like riding a jack hammer for 300 Miles. I got pulled over at the weigh station for having a burned out headlight (it was delivered that way) the truck was then red flagged and taken out of service for a broken spring an expired registration. a, no registration in vehicle. I was issued tickets for this both misdemeanor and civil citations. they were supposed to be taken care of within 10 days. enterprise has been to our store 3 times in the last week and a half and no one pucked up the tickets. it has now passed the 10 and i am now in jeopardy of having my license suspended because this problem they promised to take care of has not. I also had to sit at the weigh station for 5 hours waiting for a tow truck. then ruined my clothes because the driver could not get the drive shaft bolts loose so I had to either dit there longer or climb under and help him.then instead of towing it to our store so we could unload it that was too much of an jnconvenience for them. I had to go with the tow truck and 60 miles to the repair garage and tranfer everything from one truck to another. the gut from enterprise (rufus) gave me his cell number and said ge lived right by the repair shop to call him and he would meet me there. I called at least 5 Times and got no answer.

  • Rented a GMC Terrain from Enterprise in Lima, Ohio. I rented this vehicle from Friday noon until Sunday noon. Quoted price was $119.88. When my credit card was billed they charged me $179.81 my statement showed me having the vehicle for five (5) days. When I called to question the charge I was told "let me speak to my manager about this". This is the second time that I've had a problem with Enterprise this year; back in June I "reserved" a van for a family trip, received conformation for the reservation than was told the night before my trip that I wouldn't have access to the vehicle. Hotel reservations had to be cancelled plans had to be changed everything was messed up. Enterprise had the nerve to tell me that if I wanted to I could perhaps see if a van was available on the day I was suppose to leave. Thank but NO thanks. I believe that I am through with Enterprise from now on I'd rather ride a scooter. So Enterprise get this "CREDIT CARD DISPUTE"!!!!!

  • Enterprise is the worst and most unethical organization I have ever dealt with! I had a reservation for 9am on 8/20 to pickup my rental car. I arrived slightly before 9am and showed my license, my reservation/confirmation number, and my debit card with a MasterCard logo. I was then told I need proof of my employer? I was never told I need proof of my employer but I needed the car so I could visit my family so I agreed to go get it. I left and got the requested information to verify my employment and returned to the establishment. I took in the information and presented it to Marvinn Bascos(Assistant Branch manager at the 6223 N 9th Ave Pensacola, FL location). He then told me I need two utility bills to prove my residency. I was never told this either but I held my cool and figured he was discriminating on me because of my color. I said ok and left to get the documentation. So, I returned now with my confirmation number,driver license, proof of my work, two utility bills, proof of insurance, and my credit card. Marvinn Bascos ( the worst human I ever met)said thanks for getting the information but your reservation was for 9am so we rented out your car. First, I was here before 9am before I was sent on a wild goose chase! He said the only cars left are for people who have reservations and bring all the required paperwork. I could not believe he said that. So, let me get this straight. The next person who comes in to pickup their car will have a confirmation number, driver license, proof of their work, two utility bills, proof of insurance, and their credit card. Funny because I was never told that is the information I would have to bring to pickup my car. I was told to bring a credit card and my license. Now, he blames me like it's my fault he rented my car out instead of taking ownership and admitting to a mistake. So, at this point I am upset and take one of his cards off the desk and tell him to write the corporate phone number on the back. He then tells me it's the same number. I said your corporate office is located in this same building that is interesting. He then backpedals and says Rick West is the corporate contact. I asked for his number and he laughs and says I told you how to reach him. I then said I know you are lying to me and Rick West is not corporate but ok where is he I would love to talk with him. He laughs again and said he is out of the office. So let me get this straight. You blame me for giving my car away and ruining my plans, you send me on a wild goose chase all day, you lie about the corporate phone number, you lie about who is in charge at corporate(rick west), and now you are laughing at me because you don't think I have any recourse and you won. What a great example to set for the new girl that was watching in amazement. Well Mr. Marvin Bascos I will make a complaint everyday to make sure people are informed of how you stereotype and discriminate on people that's a different color. If one person decides to rent from another location it makes my 365 post worth while. Have a great day. Another lost customer…

    • I'm white and the first time I rented a car I had to go through all that rigamarole too. The branch manager was Black and I figured it was because of MY color. Now I see it's not a color thing at all, but a policy thing. Consider this, they're renting us $25,000 or $30,000 vehicles. They don't know us. They have to have all that information to ensure if someone wrecks, trashes or jacks up their vehicle they have a way to get their money back. They should have told you all this when you rented the car. They also should have given you the corporate office number. It sounds like you were mistreated and that the staff at that branch were jerks. But just because people are jerks doesn't mean it's a race thing.

  • Working with Enterprise has been a nightmare. On July 1, 2013 I called the 800# to order a car, to be picked up on July 23, 2013, close to the hotel where we were staying in Atlanta. On July 23, I called for the car and was told the office, in Marietta, was 45 minutes away from the hotel and too far to pick us up. I asked for a closer Enterprise and was told the Marietta office will locate one and let me know. It took three telephone calls from me to follow up and the last call I was placed on hold for 22 minutes – my husband used his cell phone – called the office – and spoke to he person who put me on hold – my husband was told he was speaking with me at that time – he LIED – I was on hold and for over 22 minutes – did not come back until nother 5 minutes on hold. I called the corporate office and was told the area manager will call back – this did not happen. Finally, after spending over 1 1/2 hours on telephone calls – an office was located approximately 5 minutes away – Cumberland Office – when we called that office to confirm they received all the information from Marietta and the office stated sending someone immediately to pick us up – after a twenty minute we – we called and were told someone had left to pick us up – finally a half hour after our first called, a driver did pick us up and we were told she left the office a few minutes earlier – not the half hour we waited. When we got back to LA, I once again called corporate …told someone, from corporate, would call me. This did not happen. I called again, I was told the area manager for Atlanta would call me – I told the supervisor – in no uncertain terms that I have waited three weeks and will not speak with the area manager who was suppose to call me twice before and never did. Well I did receive a message from – the area manager for Atlanta – I have no intention of calling her back. I called corporate again and was told a V.P. will get my file- with the complaint – I am still waiting. From all the above reviews, Enterprise is in trouble with their image – I see no steps being taken to make Enterprise a better company – in my opinion it has gotten worse. I was told that Enterprise only hires college graduates – what lesson – work ethics – customer service are being taught the new employees other than poor work ethics and bad customer service. It has been since July 23, 2013 – I have not had any response from Enterprise. My question: Does Enterprise really care?

  • Tte worst rental car company that you can deal with , after almost 3 weeks still waiting for them to fax my invoice to the insurance commpany for my rental car reurn. This is the Enterprise office at 17720 S Dixie Hwy in Miami. Very imcompetent….

  • I applied for a part-time position with Enterprise for a "phone interview" for August 8, 2013 between 9:15 and 9:30 a.m. It's now almost 1:30 p.m. and I am still waiting for the, umm, phone interview. E-mailed the gal who set up the appointment with no response. OK, so I have to be professional, responsible and courteous – what does Enterprise have to do with all of this?
    Folks, stay away…..

  • I will never rent from Enterprise again. Very poor customer service. When I dropped off the car I was told the charge was paid by the Auto Body Shop. I asked if they were sure and they said yes. Well over a month later the charge appeared on my CC. Enterprise did not call to inform me they were going to charge my card. I contacted Enterprise regarding the charge – I was told well we had your card number when you originally rented the car and we needed to balance out the month. Another words too bad…. I guess they feel they can charge your card at any time until the card expires.. Enterprise Post Rd, Warwick, RI

  • I have rented from enterprise more than a hand full of times and this last time (witch will be the last time) they ripped me off $10 bucks witch if you look at gas prices more like $30 bucks there a bunch of crooks here in Lynnwood Washington. They promised to give a certain amount back but didn't do so hey lied to me to get me off the phone then they asked me to rate there service lol it's a shame they lost my business over such a small problem they made big. All I see is 143 bad coments on here and looks like rightfully so. They act like loan sharks good thing they didn't break my leg and just stole my money the money hungry basturds! Obviously I'm a dis satisfied customer and will never be back.

  • I had to take my car to a auto repair to get serviced due to an accident, but prior to that I had called and make arrangements per my Ins. all was set and the day before I had called and asked if they would pick me up at the auto service this was after several calls that I made and no one picked up, so I was informed by Damian who works at Interprise Rental that the auto service had to call them direct to make arrangements to pick me up, of which I was not happy that I could not tell them what time to pick me up since I had another appointment that morning, upon arriving there I immediately informed the receptionist to call them and she tried several times and could not get thru infact she was hung up on twice and even the manager at the auto place tried twice and could not reach them, so they made arrangement to take me over to pick up my rental once I got there I spoke to Shania who was very helpful but what bothered me was as she was trying to help me Damian kept interrupting her and having her do things for him like I was not important he did this several times to her of which I was not happy not only because she was not able to service me fast enough but I did not like how he treated her I feel in my opinion that all he managed to do is belittle her, so when she was finally able to do her job and do it well considering how many times Damian interrupted her she got my car made sure is was clean and washed and was so polite and so helpful I commend her because I would have never put up with someone treating me like that. I am very unhappy and plan to also report this complain to my insurance company USAA so that they are aware of my dissatisfaction, I hope you will really look into this and not let it go. Thanks Mrs. Jones

  • Has anyone noticed that not one single person from corporate has the courtesy to respond to any of these complaints? That, in and of itself, says a lot about the company.

  • I have had the WORST possible customer service experience ever with Enterprise, Manheim Pike, Lancaster, Manager Bill. We had a rental for approximately 2 months, which obviously doesn't mean anything to them, and they called and said to bring the vehicle in it needed to be rewritten. We were paying about $200 a week, so we go in to rewrite it and all of a sudden the price went to 60 a day! They used our card after we told them they are not allowed to use it, I caught their employees in outright lies regarding rates, and when confronted the manager made excuses, but never offered an apology, then I caught the manager in numerous lies, and when confronted his response was "Yeah, so?" Are you serious? I called the 800 number, they lied, never filed the complaint, I called corporate, and all they do is make excuses and lie too! Their service is the worst I have ever had, GO TO AVIS, their prices are half of Enterprise! They used our debit card after being specifically told they do not have permission to use it, I sent an email telling them I will press charges if they use our card unauthorized, and they still used it! Then corporate said they will use whatever is on file whenever they want, that they do not need permission! BEWARE!!!!!

  • I recently traveled to Raleigh N.C. and had a great experience with the ERAC people there at the Airport. First, they received me with a GREAT and VERY Corteous and Positive attitude, always friendly and always happy, including the Bus Drivers. I had some trouble with my Credit Cards, and took me a while to figure out the problem, and everybody there was so incredibly patient and understanding, never a sign of hurry, never a sign of disconfort from any of them with all the work they had to do to get me a single car !!! They even helped me to get the specific car I wanted, and everything was so perfect there, so smooth and corteous, that I feel in debt now. I hope this letter gets to be seen by all the Officers at ERAC and I hope you all take notice of this Awesome Employees Great Attitude and Positivism, I wish we had more Fine People like them in this World !!!! Whoever hired such a fine group of People and keep them together in one single place, must be Commended too !!! Thanks ERAC People at RDU Airport !!!!

  • Although now retired, I spent 25 years of my career traveling extensively. I want to let you know that my experience with Enterprise on May 10, 2013 (pick up) and May 13, 2013 (drop off) was the BEST rental car experience I have ever had in my life. In Philadelphia to attend my 50th high school reunion, my wife and I were met by the Enterprise shuttle in less than one minute. When we arrived at the office we were greeted by extremely pleasant CSR's who offered us complimentary Philly pretzels (the large soft variety) and bottled water. We were in our car, with a 2 car free upgrade, in less than five minutes. The car performed superbly. Upon return we were again treated with great courtesy, and I want to mention our shuttle driver, Bidwell, who was extraordinarily gracious and pleasant. I know you often get complaints. I want to be sure you know what a superb job you did. If you ever need a testimonial, I'd be happy to give one. Our confirmation number, through Hotwire, was 578932696. A hearty thanks to all who made our travel experience so pleasant.