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  1. I purchased an Epson printer and have been using generic ink. When my Epson software updated, it no longer "recognized" the generic ink. I have learned that this is a deceitful ploy by Epson to control a piece of equipment that is owned by a consumer so they can sell their expensive ink cartridges. I thought congress had ruled against this.

    Clearly, ink doesn't have to be as expensive as Epson's price otherwise generic wouldn't exist. Epson is a capitalist and fascist company.

  2. They did confirm my suspicions printers are rigged to also use the color ink and photo ink cartridges when you are only printed in black to deplete and scam you into paying over $50 to replace the color ink cartridges and photo cartridges that you did not use or need. Which I will not do.

    I am not the only one to fall for the ink refill scam by Epson the internet is full of people who got scammed by Epson.

    I will not spend over $50 for ink I did not use or will not use. I am out the cost of a printer that is only 14 month old printer plus the cost of a spare black ink cartridge. I will save my money and purchase a printer from a reputable manufacture.

    I will also post my reviews and warn other potential Epson customers of this scam.

  3. My name is Brenda Finley. I am very disappointed in your product. I received the All-in-One Epson NX200 as a Christmas present about 2 years ago. I never opened the box because the printer I already had was working. About a week ago I decided to hook the printer up to my HP desktop computer. After uploading the software I realized that the USB cord was not included in the box and there wasn't even starter ink included in the box. I went to Office Depot purchased what I needed to complete the setup and the printer still was not working. After several attempts to troubleshoot the issue I called Epson support at 562-276-4382. After explaining the issue and being put on hold a few times, the support person said the hardware was no good. Don't understand how that could be on a brand new printer. So he gave me a reference# 180313-006496 and told me that I would receive an email giving me the closest service location to take the printer to have it fixed. After receiving the email it was determined that the closest location is about an hour away. I am completely annoyed at the fact that I have to drive an hour away and pay for a brand new printer to get fixed. Why would the hardware go bad if the printer was still in its packaged box? Why do I have to be inconvenienced by getting a brand new printer fixed? Why was there no offers to replace or reimburse me for the bad printer? I would like to send you back your crappy printer in the original box and wrappings. I have no intention of getting it fixed. I spent $65 on a USB cord and ink for nothing. Yesterday I purchased another printer (not EPSON) and plan on using it going forward. Where can I send your printer? Maybe you can fix and resell it to another unsuspecting customer. I can be reached at 770-833-0074 and my email address is bayshore31@aol.com

  4. I have a WF-3640 now for 2 years. For 6 months I was out of work so was in service only about 18 months. I have not yet gone through a full case of paper and have only had one or two cartridge replacements since new. i.e. limited actual usage. Recently the color portion of print has become blurred and words are wavy. All color registration is also lighter than normal. I performed multiple cleanings and nozzle checks. Then checked alignments. No change. I contacted tech support and they had me run multiple consecutive cleanings and nozzle checks to no avail. No one at Epson will address the fact that despite the calendar age, this unit has in normal usage terms about 6 months of usage on it and it is shot! Epson seems to not want to address the issue that this unit was an obvious defect that reared its head. If I had used it and not been out of work from mid 2016 to early 2017 the failure would have most likely taken place within that first year. Do the medical issue I had and lost time at work it laid dormant for an extended period. I spoke to the corporate office but as expected there is no one to speak to about this. Just a referral to an address for a letter. SO DISAPPOINTING!

  5. Epson XP-830 – For your customer service department

    Reported Issue – Have had my printer for a week. It has worked perfectly and I am very happy. I had to upgrade my network with a new router and when I had completed the change, I was unable to print via the network.

    Since I was asked to give my opinion regarding my support experience please read on.
    My chat experience was fine. I was contacted by your support team within 10 minutes of my chat session. But, your support team is a sham. They logged into my computer, did a bunch of moving around and then proceeded to tell me that I had downloaded malware and that this had stopped my driver stored services and would not allow my printer to connect via my network. They wanted to clean up my laptop for a one-time charge to make the printer work. And unless I allowed them to do the cleanup, my printer would no longer work. I found it strange that I had downloaded malware when I switched out the router since I was not on any website or even on-line. I was able to print with my old router and unable to print with my new router. And just for your edification, my company does a security scan weekly on all company laptops. Once I refused the charge, I connected directly to the printer from my laptop to get the printing working. Once i was sure that the printer was working I uninstalled and reinstalled the printer on my laptop. And without having to do a cleanup and be charged by your company the printer worked. It is amazing that I knew what to do and your support team didn't even mention the option. Very, Very Unsatisfied. I asked if they were a company support team or a 3rd party support. They said they are part of Epson.

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