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  1. I broke my ankle in two places at a home insured by Erie Insurance. That makes Erie the Primary insurer. My medical expenses included emergency room, xrays, Orthopedic visits. Knee scooter rental, walking boot and therapy. I also missed 8 weeks of work. My health coverage paid for a lot of my expenses…WHICH THEY were NOT required to do, because like I mentioned, at the time of the accident, the home owners Erie insurance became the PRIMARY. All I wanted was my expenses paid, nothing more.. $3,000. That's all ! a lousy three thousand dollars ! Not only did they NOT pay, the adjuster insulted me and started a war between me and the home owner. If it was not for the fact that I care about the home owner, Erie Insurance company left their their client/homeowner wide open for a lawsuit because they didn't want to pay Three thousand dollars on a claim. Think about that… They are willing lo leave YOU open to a LAWSUIT over a lousy three thousand dollars. God as my witness. If ANYONE ever got injured while at my house and the bill was only THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS and my insurance company denied it…. I would be looking for a different company.

  2. We purchased a vehicle and this was an inconvenience for me to have to assist with purchasing, due to Erie Insurance not willing to work with our family on the rental situation due to an accident that resulted in a total loss of my daughters vehicle at one of your driver’s negligence and a representative of Erie Insurance not following through with the agreement of having the payoff overnighted for the totaled 2015 Dodge Dart and our bank was not operating on Christmas Eve. As well as we were informed the 1st week of December that the vehicle was totaled out, but again, Erie Insurance did not follow through with the getting this situation resolved as quickly as possible, by not promptly responding to our corresponding emails and phone calls. Numerous times I, as Bethany’s mother, had to make unnecessary phone calls to get any kind of responses or feedback. This has been a very discouraging and unpleasant situation and I hope your company does not treat all victims of accident’s like this. Please advise to what is the next step to get this stressful situation resolved. So far, I do not feel that there has not been any urgency from Erie Insurance to get this resolved in a timely manner.

  3. So let me share with you this bit o information. Did you know that Erie offers some of there employees a large amount of money to open there own agency? Well you do now. Today I am going to stand up for what's right. I began working for a agency here the past March . Well unfortunately our owner had to retire so there was a new buyer coming in she was a ERIE adjustor and I was told by the manger I did have that she would put me through school to get my license. Which is was super excited because I had looked at school prices on line and they were pretty steep for a single mother of three. She had plans to but this extravagant furniture and even told a agent she would have to work double to pay for it. Well long story short I really loved the insurance industry and was really looking forward to becoming a agent. When … Poof I got a phone called from the new owner June 21,2018 and she told me that I can no longer work there because I didn't fit in the budget and because she had all these loans. So here I am a single mom of three jobless because she doesn't have the money for me. So my question is how does she have the money for new furniture. So I think you Erie for giving this woman money to put me out of a job .

  4. I have been s Erie customer for many years, 3 houses ,3 cars I never really had to make a claim over the years till presently my wife was in a car accident. My wife was injured in this accident so we got a attorney. Police reports confirmed other driver at fault for plowing into the rear of her car at a traffic light. Our insurance has lost wages so we get reinburst for work that was lost. First Erie sent the check mistakenly to the body shop instead of my wife then they made us wait to get the money back from body shop ,mind you this money is suppose to get to you fast so you don't fall behind in bills well its been months and we still didn't get it. Where only talking about 300.00$ dollars for two days they keep telling us a check is being processed but we get nothing. If Erie can't make good on a lousy 300 dollor pay out what will happen if I get a total loss on my home and put in a 300,000 claim?? We pay insurance companies hundreds of thousands of dollars with the hoped that when we need it it will be there but iam sorry to say that Erie has lost my confidence . I also had a 500 dollor deductible that was suppose to get returned to me by Erie but they have not returned that either, its been 5 months now still waiting. Topping everything off I called a Alisha at there service department who handled the loss of wages at 610 892 3513 and she hung up the phone on me because I was upset and speaking loud not yelling at her it was easy to tell she was in a bad mood just by the way she answered the phone. So Erie will no longer be my insurance company ,3 houses 3 cars in two more months they would have had 5 homes, there are too many company's who would appreciate my business!

  5. I have Erie as my insurance company and have never been as unhappy with a company as I am with Erie. When I went shopping for home owner's insurance I took a friend and asked specific questions that were answered to my satisfaction – so I took out insurance with them and also for my auto.
    I sustained damage in Hurricane Sandy – their adjuster who came out 6-7 weeks after the storm found that my roof had "heavy storm damage and needed to be replaced". I showed him my Pella bay window damage and he balked even though I had a picture with Halloween decorations in it (taken about 2 weeks before the storm). I have sump pump damage insurance and replacement cost (husband was a senior insurance underwriter before becoming an insurance company defense lawyer), so I knew what to ask and what kind of insurance to get. My boiler furnace, which was flooded when the sump pump stopped running when the electric went out, was considered by Erie to be "personal property" even though I cannot take it with me when I move. When I questioned the new adjuster he sent me a threatening letter saying he could make me account for every penny they had given me. I said bring it on I have evry receipt and I have witnesses and I am way out of pocket because of this insurance company. I would go as far as to say they need to be investigated for possibly a scam operation. My bay window is still damaged. The furnace, roof, and carpeting were replaced.

    1. Well if yoy want to get anywhere with this company keep fiding them and speek with a person by the name of Bob Maxson. He is in the presidents office . Id no satisfaction call and demand to speak to rhe CEO. These insurance companies forget we pay their salaries and when something happens they treat you as the victim like u did something wrong well I can tell you the big wigs need to get off their butts and make it rigjt all they are doing is robbing their clients blind. The problem is they stuff their pocketsbfull of money by saving the company when they dont pay big claims. Their motto isbwe want happy satisfied customers when all they are really interestes in is lining their pockets with fat comissions. I think its time our insurance companies were investigated. Its ashame we pay monthly premiums and all they want tobdo is fight you when yoy haveva legitimate claim.

  6. Well Its me again. Once again the facts just don't add up actually spoke with a Service manager where the repairs were done to our vehicle and while talking with him for the type of work that was done it is usually sublet to another company, Also found out that the tech that did the repairs has worked for the repair shop where our car was repaired and has only worked for the company for 5 years and this was his first job of this type. Huh well my 10 years of mechanic skills must not be as good as this 5 year tech. or maybe I just need glasses. Here's the funny thing with all that has happened our lein holder has the orginal shop on record in his own opinion the car is still messed up. So here is to you Bob Maxson let's resolve the issue and all of this goes away. All we asked for is that the car was repaired to it orginal pre damaged state.Well to date this issue is still unresolved and there are several other names that were involved in this whole mess and they are going to be made public also. For an insurance company that is supposed to help their clients oh they do it but they just go behind your back and do it and then wash their hands of the situation then they tell you they went above and beyond what they were supposed to do. You went above and beyond by your own decision and not listening to your client. Well the next step is to call you out publically whith the news center.

  7. So what does it take to get an unhappy customer satisfied. I find it difficult when the premiums we pay they pay your salaries. What gets me is I did exactally what a certian person from the presidents office told me to do and they went behind my back and did the opposite. Maybe I should just start naming names and then I would get a response as to why you have turned your backs on paying customes and one of them is a cancer patient that depends on this vehicle to take them to and from Dr.'s visits

  8. Well Erie's motto is they want happy customers. Well don't ever get into a wreck. You will defiantely will not be satisfied. The lies that the people who were involved with our accident case is unreal. Our car was in the shop twice and this last time they had a so called specialist to make sure the car was 100% bette than show room. Well there so called specialist was a Tech. Well I can tell you I was a mechanic for over 10 years so I guess that makes me a specialist to. Well here is some news for all of the Erie people involved your busted because your lie is about to be exposed and you think that people may just sit by and let you take advantage of them well its not happening here. The sad part is this car is used for medical purposes for a cancer patient. Hope you can sleep well at night to all involved. Also just a word of advice before you try pulling the wool over somone's eyes you better do a better job of covering your tracks because it wasn't done so well here. Plus before I forget Erie feels you were doing me a favor well no the vehicle wasn't right when it came out of the shop the first time and the person I spoke to in the president office knows who I'm talking about and said it all fell back on the shop that did the repairs and then turned around and did the total opposite of what he told me to do and calling it a favor. NEW'S flash the premium's we pay to you pay your salaries. But that is fine with social media and all involved it's all about to be exposed.

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