EZ Corporate Clothing Corporate Office Headquarters

EZ Corporate Clothing Corporate Office Headquarters
180 Hempstead Turnpike
West Hempstead, NY  11552
Corporate Phone Number: 1-877-304-1899

  • I usually eat at Carrabba's with my family of 5 about 3 times a week I am a regular customer and throughout all the time that I had been going there this restaurant has lost a lot of customers and they fired a whole entire crew everytime my husband ordered steak more than eight times it has not been cooked well done the server actually comes to our table and asked my husband to let her know if it is well done I thought that when you go to a restaurant it should be the other way around they should know when the steak is well done or not more than 8 times to me that's just ridiculous they tell us that they don't have mashed potatoes turn around give him bloody steak tell him he can get spaghetti instead of mashed potatoes and then they throw away your spaghettis when they had to redo the steak to make it well done and then slap on some mashed potatoes I just don't understand how does a pic besides for the customers they didn't even ask how is our food think because go there so often that they can just treat us like anything we often tip $10 or more you would think that they would appreciate a value customer like us last night we went there and my mushrooms or slimy they weren't woke up the bread has been hard and a salad portion was entirely too small I know this because we go more than 3 times a week but I told my husband that for now on even know this was my favorite restaurant I refuse to go back to customer service has really began to suck it's not the food nor the quality of the food the problem is the cook the server and worth management I have been to all of a Carrabbas in my town I live in Jacksonville Florida and we're cyst of all is Orange Park Carrabba's I will not ever return again when I have time after this holiday on the 45 I would definitely be calling corporate to give them a piece of my mind even though I know they probably don't care but if you have a Customer liked me taste you deeply appreciated especially with the economy the way it is now

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