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  • Facebook Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Facebook Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Facebook Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park, California 94025 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-308-7300
Fax Number: n/a Stock Symbol: FB
Facebook is located in Palo Alto, California in 2011. Facebook is moving their offices to Menlo Park, California in July of 2012.
Facebook 2011

156 University Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-543-4800
Corporate Fax Number: 650-543-4801

Facebook Corporate

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  1. I'm investigating Facebook Fraud. CEO Mark Zucherberg, had sent me videos of past winners, documents, photos, and emailed me along with a Facebook online bank who also emailed me.
    this is the 2nd time I've been defrauded, as the first time, was by a woman who was promoted, in 2015; when I received said verifiable documents, and she claimed the funds were in a bank located in New York City. At that time, I paid by Western Union, and 2 of her co-horts who work for Facebook backed her on the fact she wanted me to pay another $1400.00 in order to receive my winnings of $45,000-$65,000 estimated winnings. I almost became homeless by eviction, but by the grace of God, had emergency assistance, to keep from being homeless. Facebook owes me a reimbursement of $600 plus Western Union fee, since 2015…
    NOW this is 2020. Mark Zucherberg contacted me and again sent the same legitimate documents. he had me make payments by Gift Cards.
    I also have one of Facebooks Debit VISA Cards, yet no PIN number. Its being illegally withheld, after I made up to $650.00 in card payments, to which Mark still owes me $15.00 in change that was added to my lottery winnings of $600,000.00
    I doubted he was real, but he sent his ID upon request proving he is real. I've filed a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission,, and soon to file a complaint with the BBB. If I do not get a refund of $650 or the prize promised, then that is 2 counts of Fraud and extortion committed by Face book. Thus, I have a legal right as a consumer file suit for $1.5 Million and Federal Charges fro 2 counts of fraud, extortion, and suspected money laundering committed by Facebook. I can and will expose publicly this crime, which others have experienced as well. Now Facebook either owes me $645-665,015.00; OR $1,215.00 in a time frame from 2015 to present day of 2020. I will not be treated in such a disrespectful manner again, and all will be named publicly and exposed.

  2. Facebook (FB), as a private investor with over 3,800 shares I would ask for your help…I don't like the fact that the stock has lost 20% of it's value and I am wondering what your doing about it! I think it's great that your trying to improve things however, I must say I think that your spending is out of control of late, the purchase of WhatsApp was ill advised and your "security" costs? Mark, you need to make a public "motivational" statement or make an appearance on CNBC and assure everyone (especially investors) that everything will be okay and that your company is here to stay…thanks!

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