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  • Fairway Market Corporate Office Headquarters

Fairway Market Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Fairway Market Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 2284 12th Avenue
New York, NY 10027
Website: Fairway Market
Corporate Phone Number: 1-646-616-8000
Fax Number: 1-302-636-5454
Customer Service Number: 1-646-616-8000
Website: Fairway Market

  • I am so fed up with going to this store. Most supermarkets honer their advertising. Fairway Market uses adverting as the sales scheme in the form of bait and switch. You go online to see what is on sell at this store only to fine the price to be much more when you get in the store. You will be told that item is not on sell in the store, just online. The Fairway website online says it on sell at Kips Bay but they refuse to honor their own advertising. You may fine a few of the sells items in the store from the website but for the most part it is a shame that this store denies you the advertised sale price. I think this practice is against the law or should be.

  • Why I will no longer shop at Fairway: I have been a customer at the Kip's Bay store since it opened up several years ago, but after more unpleasant shopping experiences than I can enumerate, I have decided that today is the last day…1) ridiculously high prices not commensurate with quality, 2) surly, unfriendly cashiers who seem to never have heard of "please" or "thank you," or how to smile. Also, I think it's rude for the cashier to wiggle their finger at you to let you know you're next in line, and 3) some prices habitually scan higher than their shelf price tag, even after I repeatedly point out the discrepancy to cashiers/managers, who, instead of thanking me, just seem annoyed. Predictably, the next time I'm shopping that same item still scans incorrectly, because no one cares. So, Goodbye, Fairway.

  • I received an ad saying that fairway will have a lot of dairy options for the holidays. Surely enough it was a bait and switch. this store did not have anything it advertised and it was a bait and switch. On top of that it is very very expensive. Stay away

  • You MUST open up a location in Jersey City, NJ. It is a PRIME location, particularly downtown jercey city in the area that connects to Hoboken. There is land available that many developers are using to construct highrisers, but some opportunities remain available. CHECK IT OUT! You'll thank me. How about 454 2nd street, jersey city nj as the location?

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