Fastrack Corporate Office Headquarters

Fastrack Corporate Office Headquarters
Address:2349 Bering Dr.
San Jose, CA 95131
Corporate Phone Number:1-408-240-4640
Fax Number:1-408-240-4641
Customer Service Number:1-408-240-4640

  • I have a complaint about fast track on herkemer road It seems like when I take deposit cans back there is a problem of Cashing these cans back in and I buy the cans from your store nearest store today's problem is your workers don't know how to Count the cans and times 5 With no disrespect some of these people it's people Hey you have working for you just don't want to do their job they were already we're already learned how to do do the deposits this is not my 1st complaint about about this This is the closest store for me to walk to I do business here almost every dayThank you very much for your time and thit's time in this matter you're sincerely John sweet

  • My wife and I have been purchasing the $10.00 pizza for a long time, and are very disappointed in not being able to get Xtra sauce any more. Without it, the pizza is not very tasty. Please allow Xtra sauce on the pizzas again. The Oriskany street West in Utica NY is where we always go. Thanks for your time in this matter.

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