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  • Fatz Cafe Corporate Office Headquarters

Fatz Cafe Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Fatz Cafe Corporate Office Headquarters

4324 Wade Hampton Blvd. Suite B
Taylors, SC 29687
Corporate Phone Number: 1-864-322-1331
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-864-322-1331

  • Ate at Fatz down the street from your headquarters in Taylor's, SC 2 nights ago. Staff stood around jocking & loudly talking. Heard 2 of staff say ( proudly) how they never apologize to customers when they run out of food. Ironically 5 minutes later they ran out of salmon (5:30 on a Monday night).

  • Whats going on Fatz? Paper cups? Metal trays? This used to be a pretty classy place to eat, it's getting very cheap appearing. I do not like the paper cups for the condiments, it's looking like McDonalds! My family eats at Fatz every Sunday, I think we will be going back to Applebee in the near future.

  • On tuesday October 18th my girlfriend and I had dinner at your Fatz Cafe at 1615 Sandifer Blvd in Seneca, SC. We have dinner at this Fatz about twice per week so we are familiar to the staff. As we completed our meal and the table was being cleared by our server at LARGE COCKROACH ran across our table. I was able to trap it under a napkin and when our server (Savannah) returned I showed it to her and asked to speak to the Manager. The Manager arrived and I showed it to her and her reply was: " oh we had one of those last week as well and we are waiting for them to fog the restaurant". How reassuring was that comment to a customer!!! You knew you had this problem and you didnt do anything about it for a week!!!!! I can assure you that neither of us well ever set foot in this place again, and I will make sure that friends and family are warned NOT to eat at any Fatz Cafe. This is disgusting and violates public health rules. I sent an email to your organization on wednesday(10-19-16) and havent had any reply from Fatz which goes to show how much they care about their customers!!!!

  • Last night we went to eat at FATZ in Lenoir, NC. The food was great as we expected – we have never had any problems at any FATZ. But the best part of the night was the server, Bobbie. She was not only fast and helpful but she wasn't in our faces every two minutes (a pet peeve of mine). We ordered an appetizer and a full rack of ribs telling her we would be splitting it – and she brought us each a plate with 1/2 of the baked potato and half the ribs. Our coffee was fresh and hot and she brought us a thermos so we never ran out. When we were ready for the check and to-go box she was right there. I went to the manager and told her she had a real keeper there – and she smiled and said she knew it! I just wanted to say Thank-You to FATZ for the nice dinner out – – and especially to Bobbie for making our day a bit nicer.

  • Iam a sever at Fatz cafe on forest drive Columbia s c.there is a new manager danishia Williams who was a hostess now manager she has her beat Freind working there with her she gives her best friend free food the best sections and allows her to be rude and disrespectful to employees iam at the end of the road with her horrible management skills.

  • The Fatz in clinton, sc is a terrible place of employment. The management is not consistent and treats everyone different and is very unfair by making employees do their job so they can flirt with female co-workers it is horrible working there something must be done immediately
    Thanks coporate for doing nothing

  • I am a 3 day per week at your restaurant on Herlong in So. Carolina…I first must let you know the food is fantastic..The service cannot be beat..But most of all when I walk through that front door…I feel like family…You have the best servers by far…I know everyone of them by name and I commend you for picking such a wonderful staff at my local Fatz restaurant…I am so proud when someone asks me where I am going for lunch or dinner and I tell them MY Fatz…Where else do I get such amazing service?

  • So a friend of mine went to Fatz in Anderson and this is how she was served her ribs (very badly charred – acutally looked like charcoal). They would not even make it right. Now this is bad business. They are charred. They claim to have fussed the kitchen staff out but goodness. Now this was her first time ever in this establishment and suffice it to say THE LAST. You are forewarned. I'm not there but I could not tag them so i decided to check in. They know but I wanted them to know that I posted it for her. I have a picture of what the ribs looks like but I don't see where I can post them. Send me an email and I can gladly email it to you

  • We at the Fatz store in Morgantown,n.c are having trouble with our managers also. The gm is always talking to the young and new female employees like they are his own personal play toys… He talks to them in no way called a professional manner. He is a 45 year old man who wife is not even old enough to drink and just had twin babies. They that isn't bad enough his oldest kid is older than his wife. The girls that he likes he likes them do as they please, he gives them other people's schedules,and numerous other things he says and does to them. Some of us feel very uncomfortable with the things he says to us. When he does things that he knows he is not suppose to do he lays the blame on the other managers to keep it off of his self. He doesn't do his job like the gm should not does he treat his staff with respect. Our guests are really getting feed up with all the problems with the food being poorly cooked and most of the time because the grill line and management are not paying attention to what the ticket says…. Fatz use to be a great place to it at here in morganton but now the management has turned it into a what is being called his own little playground

  • I worked at the fatz in Camden. They fired me for no reason. I called Marion Kelly he could/wouldn't tell me why I was let go. I worked 6 hours and have yet to get payed . It has been 2 weeks sent I got fired. I do not appreciate
    it at all. this is not a restrant I would tell my friends and family to go to.

    • Yes I work at fatz currently and I am actually trying to get ahold of cooperate now over slot of bad things going on not far from there it's not right none of it is someone mess too go into these places and evaluate the managers not all are bad but alit of them r not doing there jobs and r treating there staff horrible and r not making sure if something goes wrong for a guest that they check in with the guest and fix it

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