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Fatz Cafe Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Fatz Cafe Corporate Office Headquarters

4324 Wade Hampton Blvd. Suite B
Taylors, SC 29687
Corporate Phone Number: 1-864-322-1331
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-864-322-1331

  • Went to the Fatz in Easley,SC this afternoon and got a to go meal and when I got home they had left half of the order of and then I had to drive back to the Fatz and complain and get this ordered fixed. I doubt if I will go back. Another thing they let one of there best waitress go. The Manager does not care about any one except the young waitresses.

  • I was an employee at FATZ CAFE of north Charleston, located in south Carolina. I got terminated because of a statement I made towards my manager, which was reported to corporate. I mean its not like I said something wrong, the manager does cocaine, and marajuana. He leaves the job for 30mins to an hour pretty much everyday. He's very unprofessional and doesn't know how to conduct a business. He's not someone to refer to (business wise). Ive been working here for only four weeks if I'm not mistaken, and I've never experienced this type of behavior. Something needs to be done, they need a new manager someone who knows the pros and con's of running a business

  • Please bring back the older menu and the sun dried tomato dressing. Not everyone likes ranch and the normals. Also just a hint, "If it ain't broke don't fix it. Thanks

  • My family just left the restaurant on marxh 16, 2017 in Conway SC, all the food was cold, the spinach was like rubber. the turkey had way to much pepper on it. I do not like the new menu, have been going there for a while, business is going to drop so low it will close. because of the new menu and all the changes it has made. i liked the old Fatz better. please bring it back.

  • My family and I went to fatz tonight there has been a lot of changes and not good ones either
    1: and the most important one they changed the world famous calabash chicken it is spicy as hell to hot for me to eat and too hot for my children to eat. The chicken is what me and my kids go for.
    2: I was server my food in a baking pan and a pizza oven pan that was just stupid
    3: my condiment came in paper cup I paid for restaurant dinner not McDonald's
    4: my daughter ordered the pasta it was dry and cold all our food was delivered cold and I got some pickles food in a cream jar that smelled bad taste nasty and look bla
    With that being said that meal cost me 91.28 Plus tip , not to mention we sat there for over a hour waiting on our food and I had to leave there and go get pizza for all us to eat . I love fatz but I will not go back for a long long long time if not ever

  • The Fatz at Gaffney has really changed so much. We ate there every week but because of the food being disappointing we don't go that much anymore. The service is fine just need someone to see what's happening in the kitchen. My recent visit I ate the chicken pot pie and the taste has changed. I do not like the new recipe it seems to have a tart taste of some kind. Will not order this again. The menu has changed so much. I just like a simple grilled chicken and it's not available. I used to get a Smoky Grilled Chicken with ham bacon and cheese was very good. Please bring back our old Fatz much better.

  • Had a great experience at FATZ in Jasper, Ga. on Feb. 10, 2017 Went there for my boyfriend's birthday, not even thinking about it being close to Valentine's Day. Place was crazy busy, but we were seated and served quickly. Food was great! A great birthday experience!!

  • Fatz at the Marion NC location is a disaster. There is a group of us who are regulars, as there are not many places to eat in this town, were all sitting at the bar one Thursday evening. As soon as I entered the restaurant, I should have known something was up. Our server "Steiner" was rude, in a hurry, and apparently pissed off at someone. He was so pissed off apparently at Fatz, that I was poured a whole glass of wine. not a 6 oz. not a 9 oz, but a whole, up to the rim, glass of wine. As a previous restaurant owner, and knowing the costs of wine and quite educated on ALE laws, I was quite shocked at this glass of wine. Again, "Steiner" was abrupt with everyone in the bar area, heard the "F" word dropped many times by him. Had I been his manager, he would have been fired on the spot. No common courtesy or customer service was provided other than a hurried and agitated demeanor. As I am drinking this very large glass of wine, "Steiner starts fussing at his co-workers, two, a male and a female, so loudly, all the bar area stops to listen to this display. Then the asst manager, comes to the bar, in which Steiner chews him out non-stop, all the while the assistant manager just stands there and takes it… wow! at this point, this Steiner guy is out of control with extremely rude attitude, no consideration for the paying customers, as this side of the restaurant was packed. While delivering food, he loudly made comments about Fatz, derogatory ones. As he is pouring a beer, he commences to pour beer in small cocktail glass and drinks it..! Again, ALE laws.. After a bit of watching this drama, Steiner thinks he has had enough and walks out, leaving all his customers high and dry. The female coworker he just chewed out previous is now pissed and continuing the drama. No manager on the premises, only an asst manager who had zero control. So much drama that night, I never wanted to go back. Fast forward to last night, we walk in, and low and behold who is our server?? "Steiner"! I was shocked with his previous behavior he was not fired! but what does he do? Creates the same drama and his tirade again in front of customers. I did not even want to eat there knowing he was allowed back. So, again, he is having his moment, says "I'm leaving", in which my dinner partner said, "What about us?", in which Steiner replied, "I don't care". If he is allowed to return, I will never return. If this is the training and management skills that Fatz provides to their management staff, you guys need to close your doors. You lost alot of business from those 2 nights of incidences. I overheard many customers say they would never return. Children were in the area when the "F" word was being thrown around so lightly…this is ludicrous. Marion needs restaurants, but we do not need a restaurant like this if corporate and upper management do not implement some positive changes. The management at the Marion location need to grow some kahunas and take charge over their employees. Fatz used to be great, I hate to see this, it is unfortunate. Implement some changes, or close your doors.

  • I came into fatz in Spartanburg SC on Southport Rd on 2/23/17 with my family. We enjoyed our self and we have a GREAT EXPERIENCE. Our server was "Tiffany". She was very wonderful and helped with food choices, I ended up getting the "Southern Sampler" it was AMAZING. The food came out on time and the service was great, our experience at Fatz was GREAT. Excellent job TIFFANY, I will be back to see you. Keep up the great serving 😉.

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