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Fatz Cafe Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. Sometimes you need a south bound end of a north bound horse to straighten thing off. It is not that hard , but you must develop a winning culture. I could be available for Gaffney unless you have already written this site off :). Organization, sales skills and being nice . Question : What is worst than a no hire ? Answer : A bad hire—must screen your people better

  2. I live in Greenwood SC….Piss Poor customer service. Called at 8:30pm tonight. I asked to do a to go order. The girl who answered said she was the manager, no other name given. I asked to place a order. She told me it was too late. It was 8:30 and the store closes at 9pm. Its like the management at this store just don't want to succeed. I have reported this store other times for food being uneatable, Server straight out lying about our food and why it was so late (that was verified by the management). No roles ready or being made during the entire meal, eat in. It goes on and on. Order food 30 min before closing should not be an issue. I can see if it was 10 min before closing. She said the kitchen was closed and they were ready to lock up. Must have had a party or something to go to… If corporate does not get in their and fix these issues, I can see this store faulting. Its funny also, when I talk to friends about going to fast, they say the place is horrible and wont go with me. You need good management in this store….I never accept free stuff when I report an incident. All I want is good food and service. All the best. Scott Hines.

  3. The Fatz in Florence SC has a lot of issues management has favorites the hard working employees are overlooked they constantly run out of food it's just a poorly run establishment.

  4. My husband and I have frequented Fatz for years and always enjoyed the rolls that were brought out before our meal. Sadly, someone decided they needed to make them in the oven instead of frying them!! They are tasteless and VERY disappointing! We have seldom been back since you've changed the rolls and, unless you plan to go back to the old way of making them, we probably won't bother to go back!

  5. My son worked for Fatz in Florence SC for 5 years, in January he had the flu and was running a high fever he was sleeping finally and slept through his shift as a result of not calling in he was fired. There have been many deaths reported in SC as a result on the strain of flu that was going around this year. This is a guy that gave this restaurant five years of loyal service and was trying to work his way into management because he had many good ideas of ways to make this restaurant a better place for everyone employees as well as patrons. Time and again he was passed over the last being someone that was hired after him. He has many years of college and was continuing his education while working there. After reading the above comments it doesn't surprise me now that this happened. What is wrong with this company do they want to fail? Are they making more money taking a loss each year rather than showing a profit? I am starting a campaign to get people to boycott this restaurant. Someone needs to be held accountable for the things that are happening at these restaurants. I am also going to find out who to report some of the behavior that is going on to start an investigation into this franchise. Please help me in getting these places shut down

  6. On August 12, 2017 my wife and I took out of town guest out to dinner at Fatz in Greenwood, South Carolina. We waited an hour and fifteen minutes without any food arriving at our table, we than decided to leave, and I ask our server if I could see the manager, at which our server said the manager was busy. While exiting the restaurant I saw the manager and told her how disappointed we were, she stated "your food is coming out right now" I advised her after waiting an hour an fifteen minutes without our food coming out we had decided to go elsewhere, at which she stated " I'll have to pay for the food" meaning she was going to have to pay for the food. I do not know what the problem was, but I do know the manager's people skills are very lacking. We will not be back to Fatz in Greenwood anytime soon!!!

  7. Seneca Fatz SUCKS out loud lately
    Your beer is hot and it has been for months now !!!
    Your bar is empty every night now.
    I'm sick of coming in here and not getting a quality product as expected.
    You've been thru numerous GM's in the last two years.
    Get your stuff together.
    I'm not coming back and I'll tell everyone I know.
    You also had a C rating on your window from DHEC…… NICE

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