Fedex Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Fedex Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Federal Express


3875 Airways, Module H3 Dept 4634

Memphis, TN 38116

Corporate Phone Number: 1-800-463-3339

Customer Service Number: 1-800-463-3339


FedEx today is best known for its air delivery service, FedEx Express, which was one of the first major shipping companies to offer overnight delivery. Their customer service department is located in Provo Utah. The address and phone number are listed below:

Fedex Customer Service

PO BOX 1935

Provo, UT 84603-9926

Fedex Corporate Office


  • I must enter the ranks of the disgruntled… once again FEDEX has failed to move a package 90 miles in a 36 hour period… I am guessing it was being delivered in a back pack on the back of a FEDEX employee walking backwards on one foot… The worse part was that it required a signature so I took the day off work to be there and now have to loose a second days work because of their incompetence… It isn't the first time and I will limit my use or expectations to reduce further incidents… Just find it increasingly difficult to understand how it takes 36+ hours to move something 90 miles…

  • I wish to bring your attention to local irresponsible Fedex management and driver who constantly ignores to bring packages inside of the Package Room and leaves them in Foyer. I made multiple complaints over the phone to Fedex Customer Service and asked Driver's Supervisor from local office to contact me, but nobody contacted and driver still ignore to bring package inside of Package Room.

    One day I caught the driver and explained him where he should leave packages, but he doesn't care. He is not even in Fedex uniform, so maybe people doesn't recognize him as a delivery personnel and scared to open the entrance door and package room as they always do to other shipping companies personnel who are in uniform.

    Only your Fedex driver drop all of packages in the Foyer. Not UPS, not USPS or Amazon delivery personnel doing that.

    So since I have no contact from local Fedex location and driver keeps ignoring doing his job properly, I have no other choice as to ask your help to resolve this issue.

    The driver must use intercom to enter the Lobby and then use again second intercom to open the package room. Each intercom has a sign with codes of the Units, so it is not so hard to reach any tenant, who will be able to open the entrance door and package room door immediately once he was reached by Fedex driver through intercom.

    Please help us to have our packages in safe place – Package Room.

    The address of the Building:

    1502 West 1st Street
    Brooklyn,NY 11204

  • I need help from someone, your company at México City is a completly mess, 2 envoyces without deliver since december 2019, I allready call and report (report numbers 01077469323, 0107459201), at the tracking page are still pending to deliver.

    I´m losing $4,500 usd.

  • I've tried to get to speak with a real person but you have an extremely good phone dodge. So…I'll try here to let everyone know how good you are (not) at delivery.

    I have a 2' x 3' plastic delivery box beside my door.
    On it I have put a large sign that reads: DELIVERY with two arrows pointing down to the box on which it sits.

    I understand why a complete moron would lay my package on the box behind the sign. But I have yet to figure why a complete moron would lay the package on the box behind the sign IN THE RAIN.

    As a result, I will not purchase anything, ever, without specifying delivery by someone…anyone else but FupFedEx.

  • Well, here we go again, I have refused a package twice now and the same package continues to arrive the next day. So, I'm having the FedEx driver arrested for trespassing. #786685224014

  • Interesting censorship. Apparently they don't realize judging from these reports, FEDEX is considered by many to be a swear word!

    I am disabled from a stroke and live on a rural property in Colorado with a lengthy paved driveway to my home. I have had several problems with Fedex deliveries of large, heavy packages that were not properly delivered to my porch, where I could retrieve them, even though the deliveries where claimed to be delivered to my porch. 1st time my package was left in the snow, down by my mailbox on a public road. 2nd time the same type of package was again left by my mailbox on the public road, with the delivery notification email stating that "it was delivered to a gated driveway" (which I do not have), both times just waiting to be stolen. This last time the package status stated that a delivery was "attempted, but a security issue with the recipient location required that it would be attempted again the next day", with no specific info regarding what the security issue was, even though Amazon was able to deliver their package the same day without any security issue! You would think that the recipient(ME) should be informed of what kind of "security issue", if any, he had on his property!

    Their customer support is useless! They only report to you the same information you already got from the tracking app. They incorrectly open a case for a missing package, even though you are reporting bad delivery, and no real action is taken on the real problem. But they are happy to send you an email survey about you experience, which they ignore!

    My delivery person is obviously LAZY and a LIAR and judging from other comments here is apparently representative of the Fedex personnel hiring/management methods, and sadly, probably being paid more the minimum wage for less than minimum effort

  • It is upsetting to me as a customer, and someone who has several years of Customer Service Experience when the Delivery of a package is handled incorrectly: Now reading through the numerous comments on this page: It really makes me wonder about Fed Ex, will my feedback to Corporate office be heard or will it fall on deaf ears.
    Recently I had a very expensive package delivered to my home, or shall I say to the edge of my property: I was able to hale down the delivery drive and ask why just dropping off at the property edge: I have a completely fenced in yard, but with one gate specifically left open for deliveries: UPS, USPS, Amazon seem to understand and make it successfully to the front door: But today, nope not fed ex: I asked if she had tried other gate, nope: The attitude of the person was simple "I don't care" and was in a rush 'training others': So there ya go after 9 years it appears the attitude of this company has not changed: HOWEVER, a positive note the Customer Care person did care and forwarded my complaint to the Management: Now Let's see if things change: I won't bet on it. Sad because FED EX use to be such a reliable and caring company…..sad indeed.

  • Disappointed that my medical supplies were in limbo for nearly a week! Rep stated that my full address was NOT listed (apt#) (even tho all packages are placed in a HUB and only the name and phone number is needed) but my telephone number was listed and no one took the extra 30 seconds to contact me. Instead the tracking number 399355063481 kept saying out for delivery for 5 days in a row even after customer service corrected the address! Package NEVER made it back on the truck within this time and when I finally got fed up went to pick up the package at a NE location, they couldnt locate it!! The employee told me it could 5 mins or 5 hours before they find it!! How awful. Package was located within 20 mins. FED EX this could have been a matter of life or death. DO BETTER, FED EX, DO BETTER!!

  • hi my name is edward marchinsky t want to file a complaint against fedex at macon ga for not scheduled delivery my item. thay had said can't fine my house but 5 days before give me a delivery. i think he is try to get off for the 4 july and not give me packet.

  • Fedex customer : l whent to your store may 27 for copies in Rancho Cucamonga store and observed very improper behavior actitud they were mocking playing around and laughing to custumers which supposte to be is to help to customers that why they are pay for it and not to playing ground these two guy are David and. Lenel they were extremelly rude and disrespectful

  • There were drop boxes in Boiceville, NY and Margaretville, NY. Your company recently took away these two boxes. We are located in Phoenicia, NY. The three closest boxes to me are Woodstock, Windham and Delhi, NY.

    The distance from Phoenicia, NY to Woodstock, NY is 35 miles round trip. The distance from Phoenicia, NY to Windham, NY is 50 miles round trip. The distance from Phoenicia, NY to Delhi, NY is 80 miles round trip.

    I am encouraging my clients to use United Parcel Service for express packages. It is obvious you are not interested in any business in this area.

  • Pls contact KOMO News 4 and ask for Connie Thompson for help. She will help you with this important and heartbreaking situation.

  • I'm with all of you! FedEx sucks big time! They lie to you, knowing full well they've lost your package and won't even tell you that so you can put in a claim right away. They delay, delay, delay until they figure you will give up. That's against the law. I paid for the item from a company, I paid for FedEx to deliver it to my door, thinking they were a responsible company and can be relied on. No! I will be letting companies I purchase from that if they use FedEx for their deliveries, I will not do business with them anymore. Perhaps then the corporate office will get off their duffs and do something about their poor service.

  • FedEx lost one of my internationally shipped packages, and then expected me to simply accept the loss.

    I am not sure how they can justify receiving payment for a service they did not provide.
    This is either fraud or theft. The missing items were the most valuable items.

    The situation becomes all the more intolerable when I received a bill from FedEx a week after losing my shipment, for duties and customs fees. How ironic that they should ask to be paid a second time, for failing to do their job.

    Contacting a local reporter is certainly a good idea. I will take that route.

  • Got a reporter in your area who would love to blow FEDEX out of the water. Contact them and see if someone will get the ball rolling on this. Perhaps media coverage will inspire the heads of FEDEX to take a real look into the miss directed (theft) of consumers packages. And in the mean time, I would use other delivery options.

    • FEDEX is the worst! I received a phone call on Thursday (Oct 12, 2017) last9#029067680 was told package needed to have adult signature~ so I stayed home from work on Friday guess what ~ What you ask ??? The package never showed.

      So I stayed home (literally I didn't go ANYWHERE) on Monday once again the package never showed~ the WORST part though was that I called Fedex and was told that they attempted delivery at 5:36 but no one was home to receive the pakage…. WHAT THE HECK they were LYING!!!!!!

      I called and spoke with someone in CS and got a case number I told him I had stayed home two days already from work waiting for the package and I wanted it delivered by ten am on Tuesday he said it would be done and that I would receive a call in the morning from #FEDExtheworstshippersofalltime

      Tuesday morning ten am… no phone call received from FedEx and no package so I force myself to make the call to them again UGH!!!

      I told the situation first to Heather supervisor from main call center, she switched me to…
      Courtney from TX (who by the way didn't know where corporate headquarters were~ so I told her =() I told her the situation and was then transfered to…
      Wayman (manager) from Fairfield I told him the situation/story/problem…
      He did mention that there is no way to communicated with the driver WHAT has no one there heard of a cell phone at the very least?????????????????

      As it stands now I am still waiting for my package and am expecting a call back from Wayman as to why information was "falsified" or insert LIE about being attempted to be delivered.

      Will have package delivered to a local FEDEx office if there is a porblem today so I don't have to stay home again waiting for something that will never show up because FedEx doesn't think #Imworthit

  • Reading these letters was upsetting to me because I recognized our current experience over and over again! How in the world can Fedex run their business so shoddily and get away with it! I'm guessing many companies wouldn't allow these letters to be printed,letting the public know that Fedex has absolutely no regard for their customers, those sending and those receiving.

  • Had an original delivery date of 7/7/2017 until someone took it on themselves to change it to 7/10/2017. It was on time to be delivered as scheduled on 7/7/2017. Contacted FEDEX and got nothing but excuses.

    No ownership of the problem, no effort to resolve the problem whatsoever.

    So my package will be sitting at FEDEX collecting dust for another 4 days due to someone's screw up.

  • Tracking #867276598093 ( International ) had an original devivery date of 6/16/2017. It has yet to be delivered. Online tracking info entries stopped after 6/16/2017. I never received ANY indication of any kind of EXCEPTION. International Custoomer Service was of NO HELP. Is this what I paid $135 for ??

  • We ordered a dinette set from amazon. It was suppose to be delivered march 20th. When my husband checked the FedEx order status it said the delivery was pending. What happen? Someone is dishonest or lazy.

  • We ordered a dinette set from amazon. It was suppose to be delivered march 20th. When my husband checked the FedEx order status it said the delivery was pending. What happen? Someone is dishonest or lazy.

  • I'm looking for a way to reach out to local Fed X owners that may need service on their trucks. I have 16 50FT bays. Creative Bus Sales (770)795-4300.

  • I congratulate Fedex for employing American patriots such as Matt Uhrin. He confronted a group of un-American flag burning thugs with a fire extinguisher and single-handedly put out their fire. I will be doing more business with Fedex in the future based on the caliber of employees employed by them. Thanks Fedex for being Pro-American.

  • I ordered a package DT708149441483 and paid extra for FedEx delivery to have it in time for event tomorrow. I received a shipment status at the door indicating they attempted to deliver. I logged onto and followed the instructions and chose the option to have it left at the door. Next day another shipment notice. I called this morning and the dispatcher indicated the package is required to have a signature….ok it would have been nice to know this when I logged online ! The dispatcher said they would deliver today between 2pm and 4pm. 4pm rolls around and no delivery. I call the dispatcher again and was told it was a miscommunication, and they would not deliver today….and that no additional attempts would be made to deliver the package. Really !?!? Why did I pay extra for this delivery??? Why was I lied to about todays delivery? And then to hear they will not reattempt to deliver? Are you guys kidding me? I know you are a huge company and my business means nothing, but I will never utilize FedEx again out of principal. This is horrendous. Not to mention I called customer service numerous times and get the runaround and every excuse known. I am disgusted !!!!!! Can anyone send me info on contacting FedEx corporate?????

  • Tracking nr: 777205730834 This package was supposed to be delivered today Fri Sept 16 2016 And we called on September 15 2016 and asked approximately what time the package would be delivered. FedEx customer service said that they are not able to give a time it could be from 9am to 8pm. As normal people we work and we asked if it is possible to deliver the package after 4pm they said no. We than asked if they could leave the package in any close by office near our town and they said because this was a ground shipment we can only pick it up in Richmond BC which 1.5hour back and 1.5hour fort to drive to pick up a package. we than asked if they could deliver it to my work and they said there would be extra charges. I mean why do you guys even exist or is there any customer service manager. We even spoke to the manager and they all just repeat NO like a robot. FedEx is the worst company to use for package delivery. I don't even know if somebody reads this or does anything but you are the worst company.

  • Tracking Number: 675562488197. It took 5 day to even get to the station for delivery. Then on the day the email said it was to be delivered, the driver put an exception on the package and NOW it will not be delivered for 3 more days. This is a perishable package. This is the 3rd time FedEx has rerouted packages. I even requested for the package to be put on a fedex ground truck coming this way and was told by Celia with Customer Service that is not an option.

    Question: Why does FedEx even exist? You can not get packages to your destination on time. I mean USPS even gets it to your house in 2-3 business days!

  • Fedex put in a delivery exception for 7762 0959 0097 stating it was an incorrect address when in fact it was correct. When Renee got her reoccuring attitude with the customer she was asked to return a package 7762 0959 0097 to sender on 4-28-16. she held on to the package for an extra day before adding it to 7762 2063 1739 which on 4-28-16 she had also been asked to be returned to shipper. She called back on 4-28-16 confirming the package was to be returned and again on 4-29-16 yet again confirming it was to be returned to shipper. Instead she put 7762 2063 1739 out for delivery on 4-29-16 never noting that the package was supposed to be sent back. Renee has had a terrible attitude in the past when we have had the same issue of drivers filing a delivery exception. She acts as if it is too much of a burden to assist in finding a solution to the problem especially in these cases when Fedex was in error. Our business has been at the same location for!

    6 years. It is easily found on Mapquest and Google Maps. It has several signs on the property Six inch numbers on the building and numbers on both sides of the mailbox. Renee just did not want to hear these things. She kept talking over us when we tried to explain our reoccuring problems with Fedex delivery exceptions. She has left rude messages on our voicemail. I believe she has intentionally delayed the return of both packages just to aggravate us because we have asked to speak to her supervisor. She has yet to have her supervisor contact me. I was instructed to file claims for both packages by the sender and then received yet another voicemail from Renee stating she was denying the claim. Does anyone at Fedex really care about how a simple issue became a now huge problem???Social media Better Business Bureau and the SC Department of Consumer Affairs are my next steps to get her regional manager to contact me. I do not deserve to be spoke to and treated like Renee has!

    done so. No one does.

  • I will never use FedEx again. They do not make any reasonable attempt to deliver on time. Even for premium services, they give you the most awful excluses for their terrible service. Never again FedEx…I will use only UPS.

    Dispture every change by FedEx with your CC company! Maybe the CC will put pressure on them.

  • Tracking # 806754645170 – Alright catch this. I purchased a $900 professional helicopter drone to use at a beach in Mexico back in Nov. 16 2015. Paid $350 for 3 aprox 3 day delivery. The drone got held up at customs, where a employee at FedEx had me deposit money into an account without any knowledge or documentation from FedEx!!!!!! I paid him $127, along with the $350. Now, FedEx has started an investigation, though is still charging me another $120 to return my drone, WHEN IT WAS THERE FAULT FROM THE BEGINNING! Altogether i've paid $1,497 and I've never seven turned on the damn drone!

  • Did not receive package ..Called to find out why..Was told driver delivered it to my door..My order from Verizon said need signature ..FedEx said didn't need one so left it on door…noooooo never happened.Fedex said to call Verizon and have it reshipped…no no..Will never use them again..worst company ever..

  • FedEx find my package Extremely important documents for Santader Bank wich is saying they didn't get it Tracking # 651809442541 I had to take Emergency Flight from Overseas to find it . claim # 1103534927 I has been over a month the Docoments are missing. sincerely Ajmal Mehdi

  • This is the email address that I was given to file a formal complaint against the FEDEX call center.
    I do not know why it would go to a web master because the complaint is not about the web site.
    I have a package that said it would be delivered by end of day on 10/24/2015. It was not delivered.
    It has been sitting in the FEDEX Smartpost, Concord, NC location since 10/21/2015. The tracking on the package now says pending.

    I called the 800 number and had to ask for a supervisor after the first agent. That person was not any
    help so I ask for his supervisor in the US. I then got an agent that kept repeating the same thing over
    and over. I then asked for her supervisor. She kept making excuses and saying there was not a
    supervisor willing to take the call. I ask for the escalation department and was told there was not
    one. After holding for over 20 minutes she finally got a supervisor, James L Bristol Cat.
    I told each agent that I work from home, Monday – Friday, 8:00am until 5:00pm. I told them that I did
    not have call waiting or a voice mail, so how where they going to call me back. Not once did any of
    the agents ask for an email. All they could say was that they could not contact SmartPost until 8:00am tomorrow to let me know where my package is.
    I think my package has been lost and nobody wants to admit it.

    I am a call center agent and I would never treat a caller the way your agents treated me. All they kept
    saying was that they could not help me. Never once did any of them say, "This is what I can do for you"
    This is a formal complaint about your call center and the agents working there. The supervisor should
    have been able to access a system that would give him any updates about delays at any office whether
    it was SmartPost or regular FEDEX. I hate when a supplier says a package is shipped SmartPost.
    It always adds to the delivery time.

    Your call center agents are very unprofessional and not very knowledgeable about their systems.
    They need to be retrained to handle any situation and have a satisfactory resolution to every call.
    Even if that means calling the customer back at a convenient time for the customer.

    I will be sending a copy of this email to the corporate office and posting online on the corporate
    web site.


  • Last week on Tuesday, the great FedEx company who couldn't find their way out of a paper bag, refused to deliver my medication. The drivers lie and say that they tried but nobody was home and door was locked, when in fact I was home all day and the door was unlocked as usual. That in itself proves they don't even come to the neighborhood much less the address and building. Everyone who uses FedEx should drop them and use UPS OR USPS. FedEx is the worst out there and has no clue what customer service is about.

  • I received my credit card bill & discovered I had been charged an extra amount for packages I sent. When I called customer service I was told "oh, that's an additional fee for sending to a residential address". When I asked when is there no charge added, I was told only when it goes to a business. This makes no sense. I am requesting a package to be dropped at a residential address w/no signature required & I have to pay extra for that? If a package is delivered to a business this means the driver has to go into the place to drop off a package. I'm not asking for that service. No where on the form you fill out does it state there is an additional charge nor have I ever been told by an agent there would be additional charges. This is a deceptive practice, shame on FedEx! " Goodbye Fedex,,hello UPS or USPS.

  • Last week our FedEx driver damaged our vehicle while backing out of our driveway. He left without leaving any information. Since we were both at work and this is a spare vehicle we don't drive it often. My husband noticed the 4 foot long gouge over the weekend. We suspected FedEx because that was the only package delivered that week and where we live, we don't get much unexpected traffic since we live 4/10ths of a mile off the mail road down a private rd on 130 acres. However we couldn't be sure. Then our neighbor came over on the following Monday night and asked us if they had contacted us, he was working on his fence and heard the crash, looked up and saw the driver pull forward hesitate for several seconds then leave without leaving any information. Had it not been for him, we'd have never known for sure. I called FedEx filed the report got a case number and was told someone would call me by 8pm. That call never came so I called again, again I was told my call would be returned the next day by8pm, that call never came either. So here I am 3 days later and still have not heard a word. At first I was just irritated, now I'm angry. How do I get someone to call us about the damage their driver did in a hit and run accident? Last I heard that was illegal.

  • This carrier is the worst of the worst, as far as I'm concerned. I don't know what political capital they have to get them such high ratings, but I've had it with these people. They do just as they damned well please, and then are all apologies after your day is ruined doing THEIR job. I just spent no less than 45 minutes on the phone with them, first with one, then with another "service" representative. They continue to send packages to my leasing office even AFTER I've explained that I walk with a cane, don't drive, and am home working ALL DAY. I get monthly shipments that can't sit around in an office all day waiting for a pickup when I can arrange one. I need these things or I wouldn't bother to order them. First they tell me they'll send the driver back, then they call and say he's nowhere near the complex, which is a bold-faced lie, since I just now saw a FedEx truck pass my window. They do exactly as they please, knowing that you really have no option to do business with them other than to stop ordering ANYTHING. No matter where I've lived in this country, FedEx has always been the problem, and UPS has been the reliable one. I still haven't received the money or the product from 4 years ago when they dropped my package God knows where, then assumed me a liar or a thief when I said I didn't receive it. There have been at least 2 shipments their drivers "lost" on me which I have neither the goods nor the money for. They believe their driver, though, when he says no one was home and I've been sitting here all day waiting. The drivers don't care about your package; they only care about sticking their hands out for a paycheck that, from what I have experienced, they've done little to earn. Maybe a class-action suit would help improve things; they think they've got everyone by the short hairs because, much of the time, any company you order from won't tell you who they use for a carrier. I'm so infuriated I could spit penny-nails but, after all FedEx, who cares???

  • Obviously, Fed-ex has no customer service — even when they are the ones who screw up they won't do anything to fix it! If you absolutely positively have to have it overnight (or even within a week or two) call UPS because Fed-ex can't be bothered!

  • Unfortunately, this is not the first time that I have had to complain about the delivery of a package from FedEx. Since July 5, 2015, I have been tracking my package via the tracking number 644885650615 which should have been delivered to my address on July 8, 2015; however, the package was delivered to someone named S. Summer who signed for the device. There was no door tag on my apartment door, which I believe is policy, yet the driver claim's that he delivered the package to the office. That is a lie. I contacted the office and they confirmed that there was no package delivered to my address or left in the office and there is also no employee named S. Summer in my leasing office in my apartment complex. I contacted FedEx at 4:30pm to have the driver contacted to see where the package and I was told that the driver was off work but says the package was in the leasing office. At this point, a dispute was filed with FedEx #0708550700. I have also contacted the sender of the package to ensure that they file a claim against FedEx to pay for the $700 phone that either your driver stole and decided to keep for himself or delivered to a friend of his because clearly today, he did not perform his job properly. The manager didn't even care enough to try to get the driver back at work to verify the address that the package was delivered to. What's sad is that, this is not the first time that I have had issues with FedEx. I am constantly shopping online, however, in the future, before I have an item shipped, I will definitely request to NEVER use FedEx again. You guys are incompetent or at least the driver or drivers who deliver to my address are. Even though I have had scheduled weekend deliveries in the past there have been at least 2 times before that the driver changed the shipping date to the next business day due to weather when there wasn't any report of any bad weather in Shreveport or Bossier City, LA. I am definitely taking this complaint to your corporate offices.


  • Right now I'm on hold for the last 25 minutes. I wasn't receiving a package my neighbor was and when the driver left he hit a statue in my yard. He drove away and did not stop or apologize. I called the head office and made a complaint. They interviewed my neighbor and myself. I have not heard anything in weeks. So now I am on hold with the cooperate office now its been a half hour. I think they are hoping I will give up and end the call. They don't know who they are dealing with. I will sit on hold til someone answers. Fedex sucks. If they would run over a statue then they probably would run over a child!


  • I was suppose to receive a pckg on 6/17/2015, item not rec'd, no door tag on door. Went online to track pckg. notation stated customer not available. This is so not true, I was home all day no attempt made, doorbell never rang. I Contacted FedEx rep placed me on hold for 25 minutes. The rep did not return to the phone, my call went directly to a voicemail & call disconnected. I called back my information was taken by another rep & I was advised that they will contact the driver to see if the package could be delivered that day. Unfortunately, I never received a call back on status. I was told the pckg would probably be delivered at the same time 6/18/2015, in which was 5:55pm cst after hours. I don't understand why packages are not delivered directly to the address that was requested in the first place. What is really crazy I constantly see FedEx delivering pckgs. in my apartment complex on a daily basis & pckgs are delivered during the morning. So I am trying to figure out what was the issue this time. This is poor good customer service. I am very disappointed.

  • I ordered a platform truck and was damaged in transit and had to be returned. I contacted FEDEX as I was informed to do by their driver to see what the procedure was in getting this replaced. Not only was the guy I spoke to NO HELP what so ever he was very rude. If I spoke to customers that way on my job I would no longer have one. I have to agree with the majority here and say FEDEX is the worst.

  • I recently left an item at a hotel during a vacation, it was sent to me via fedex, and was never delivered. The driver claims to have made the delivery but didn't. FedEx doesn't really care either, they said if there wasn't a signature required, there's nothing they can do. I wasn't the one who sent it, so I was unaware of this policy. Still, they are not interested in making this right. I wasn't even offered a refund for the package I never received. I will never use this company again, worst service EVER!

  • Dear Fed Ex, It's a shame you really don't care about your customers! I will have a sign in my business stating "Due to the lack of customer service with fed ex we will no longer deal with this company!" In December our small business sent out Christmas hams….paid for extra insurance! The customer service told me , because they lost my order and delivered late. they weren't paying for anything! Not only am I out the money for the hams and shipping (unlike fed ex I paid my customer in full!!!!) I lost my respect with fed ex! Hey fed ex… me! I want my money for you not delivering ! kim @ 269 405 5677

  • Good Day,

    Thought you may appreciate this info:

    Went to Lake Zurich IL Fedex Store to pick up FlatRate Extra Large Boxes for shipment to HI
    prompted by a phone call to “said store” who advised my doing so. After packed and ready for
    shipment, called for quote confirmation for our company. Received quote for 2 extra lrg flat rate
    boxes, ground service to HI for $ 141.69, 6 day delivery on conf/quote number –
    CPU1573050851. I requested labels be sent to my email, told not possible. It was recommended
    we do labels online with our customer log in.. OK….

    Upon attempting to do this, the fields did not correspond with the quote details regarding
    packaging or shipping. Tried Fedex automated assistance and after being on phone for
    over 5 minutes, the call disconnected before completing request. More time wasted.
    Upon contacting Fedex customer svc, was walked through same screen with assistance to find out Flat Rate boxes do not ship to Hi, we had to use our own packaging, and the cost will now be $210.00. We had already run our customers credit card for quoted amount. Money lost.
    So lets toss out the CPU number, re Pack the product and use UPS instead. We did…

    Total loss of time exceeded over 1.5 hrs. Lefty does not know what righty is doing at Fedex.
    Either your programs used by employees are poorly designed, or your employees are not trained
    for their positions or possibly both. The only positive to this is your employees were polite.

    Hope you can use this info to improve service.

  • I thought I was alone here but I guess this is standard practice for the X. was supposed to receive a package by 3/6/15 and now the "no estimated delivery date available at this time" says it all! I've heard all the excuses from "business closed", to customer not home, as well as didn't have the security code for the gate, which all contradict themselves in this case. can't wait to hear what they come up with next but i'd really rather just have my package! is it that complicated?????????????

  • All the FedEx employees would make great politicians they all lie I've been waiting on a pckg for three days that I have to sign for waited on my day off all day and no ph call and rearranged my schedule on the wknd and was just lied to more if the pres of FedEx was lied to like the customers he would have people fired! "I guess" heck he prob is a low life too !! I willnever use FedEx again if I order something and they sat FedEx is delivering it I will cancel the order..!! This is one of the worst Co. I've ever had to deal with. I served my country for 26 years if I would of served my country like this troops would of lost their lives. This all has taken place from, 3/4/2015- 3/7/2015.. I would be ashamed to work for FedEx !!!

  • I have been on hold with your corp. # for over an hour and a half. The recording says so sorry for your wait, a customer service agent will be right with you. This is ridiculous. I have a package that was to be delivered by 3/5/2014 @ 10:30 am. This package (??????) shown in transit for 2 days. This is the worst service I have ever seen. I know that there can be weather delays, but to give the customer no indication of when a package may be delivered is unacceptable. I would appreciate an update

    This is the 3rd time today I have waited on the phone for over an hour and no one has ever answered the phone.

    I do not know how you expect to keep your clients.

  • I called FEDEx to have my package rerouted to a FEDEX location. The lady ensured me that it would be rerouted to the location close to my home. Instead it was sent somewhere on the other side of town.
    When I finally tracked MY OWN package down and traveled out of the way to get it. I looked at the box and it CLEARLY had the address of the FEDEX location that I had originally requested it be sent to. Im talking about 900.00 worth of merchandise. this is abosolutely RIDICULOUS!

  • My son ordered merchandise that was a little more than $300.00. Both he and my husband were home all day. However, the package was marked as delivered before 11am est. No package was delivered. Fed Ex sates that they will ask the driver and that he would need to describe my house. Crazy right?! Once thats done I have to ask the merchant to let Fed Ex deal directly with me IF they come to the conclusion that there was no package to get my money back. Its over $300.00 spent and I'm out the $ and the merchandise. Spoke to 6 different people and got 5 different answers. Corporate office is no better than the supposed regular customer service. All packages should require a signature or at least leave an attempted delivery notice so what was ordered can be picked up. Don't just leave costly merchandise on the steps. Now its the drivers word against mine. The only recourse is to file a dispute with my credit card company. Fed Ex is no better than UPS…are their any other alternatives? Do I get a say in who delivers my package or at least demand a signature be required?

  • What a mess. I signed up for request notifications , received the email letting me know I signed up. That's it , only the I signed up notification. I have tracked the package everyday myself manually and the tracking website confirmed delivery 02/11/15. I checked this morning, now delivery date is 02/12/15.
    I have no problem with a delay .. EXCEPT .. I never received a notification !!!!! ???????
    I scheduled all my appointments around this delivery date .. some being health related so I would be home for the delivery.
    Since this is not the first , second time this has happened .. notification not working, I called in to Fedex to let them know and ask ask why notifications does not work .. as this is not the frst or second time ??
    The customer service rep started explaining the whole shipment process ???
    I asked for a Supervisor .. she started the same things .. whole process . order , pick up , etc, etc.
    I would have been better off talking to a rock in the yard ! Certainly would have gotten less attitude.
    UPS .. no problems .. always notified every step of the way !
    No wonder they post the same generic contact info / ph# for their corporate offices .. scary how this company stays n business ???

    Impossible to get a straight simple answer to a straight simple request : why do I never get notifications after the 1st original email stating that I signed up for notifications and to let them know that Fedex notifications service does not work ?

  • Your new FEDEX GROUND distribution center in Henderson, Nevada, at Airport Executive Drive and Bruner Avenue, has employees cutting across the desert to go to lunch, thereby saving them 5-10 minutes. The problem is that here in the desert the dirt is like flour and tremendous amounts of dust are generated when people drive over bare desert. Specifically, Bruner Avenue disconnects at the FEDEX GROUND facility, and reconnects at Bermuda Road one-half mile to the west. It is over this one-half mile stretch of "disconnected-bare-desert" Bruner Avenue (i.e., it's not an actual road, yet) that the employees are driving. I reported this to Clark County Air Quality Control a couple of months ago, and the owner of the property containing the "disconnected-bare-desert" Bruner Avenue was contacted; the owner then placed about eight very large boulders — 250-400 lbs — the size of bowling bags to block this desert path the FEDEX employees are taking as a shortcut. But today, I noticed that three or four boulders had been moved off the path, thereby allowing a vehicle to ONCE AGAIN drive through. And I ONCE AGAIN reported this to Clark County Air Quality Control today, but I wanted to report this to FEDEX directly to make sure that this behavior ends! Let me be very clear: before the boulders were placed, there were apple-sized rocks in the middle of Bermuda Avenue where the desert path connects, and I can only imagine that FEDEX employees were JUST FLYING down that desert path and then sliding onto Bermuda Avenue. And they were probably flying down the path not only to get to lunch earlier but because they absolutely know that it's ILLEGAL TO DRIVE ACROSS OPEN DESERT in Clark County, at least within city limits, and again, the reason is because doing so generates HUGE AMOUNTS OF DUST IN THE AIR, and this is a HEALTH HAZARD. So hopefully, the manager of the FEDEX GROUND facility will be contacted so s/he can put an end to this VERY OBJECTIONABLE BEHAVIOR.

  • For 2 days now we have been trying to have a package picked up by the local FedEx office here in Greenville, SC AND for 2 days now they have told us every excuse in the book why they just can't get to our house!!!! WTH is going on?! This is a freakin joke!!!! I think FedEx needs to hire more American people for their dang phones and STOP hiring these stupid "I can't speak or understand English" overseas idiots! Soooo tired of this crap! Now my husband has to come home with his work truck to take it to a local office so it can be delivered! I HATE FedEx!!!!!!! just 110% idiots is all they are!

  • FEDEX has got to be the worse people ever. My complaint is beyond a package being delivered. FedEx thinks one of their drivers can hit my car and get away with it. I have been battling with them since mid October back and forth with getting my car released from the impound, but to no avail. As well as no compensation of a rental car or anything. Now I'm being faced with the demolition of my car by the impound lot if it is not picked up by tomorrow(12/19/2014).

  • Tracking 403934042786215
    CNOR shipped via FedEx Ground. Shipment was out for D/L on Thursday, 12/11. @ 1652, Driver enters comment Customer not available or business closed with DT #. My company is a 24/7 operations and we receive no D/L attempt @ 1652 and unable to find a DT anywhere. Friday, 12/12, I online chat with CSR advising them we are 24/7 and to make notes to D/L to the front lobby. I track and see an attempt @ 1704 with an exception note stating Customer not avaiable or business closed. I called FedEx and spoke to CAT. They advise they are unable to contact the driver however will put a note stating they will attempt again on Saturday. Saturday, I track the shipment and see no out of D/L scan. I call FedEx CAT and asked why my shipment is not out for D/L. They advise an Alternate delivery requested has been made therefore my shipment is being routed to another facitily. The only Alternate delivery request was to change the delivery location from Receiving to Lobby which was done Friday prior to the 2nd falsified attemtp. How does changing the delivery location within the same address reroute my shipment to another facility? Follow-up call was received from CAT advising my shipment was not re-route, but in fact the IC drove his vehicle home (legal per their contract) however my shipment was still in his vehicle and he is not working on Saturday so I will not receive my shipment until Monday. Monday, I track my shipment and do not see an out for D/L scan. Chatted on-line with a CSA and she advised that the CNOR selected a Tues- Sat D/L service thus I will not receive my shipment today. She oipens a case number and advises they will try to get my shipment D/L today and will have a CAT member call me back with a status. This was around 1100. As of 1800 no call back from CAT and guess what I found in the lobby as I headed out for the day. My shipment which was signed for by Farrell @ 1458. Just to top off how bad the reliablity and data integrity of FedEx Ground service is…..there is no such person named Farrell that works in my office.

  • I live in Eagle River Alaska, my wife spoke with one of your people on saturday concerning shipping a rug back. We were told that it would cost ($30.00 some dollars so we drove to Fed-Ex in Anchorage today, that is a ( 30 ) mile round trip for us. We took the rug in to ship it and were waited on by a very rude young lady named Ashley. We had it wrapped in the original plastic wrapper that it was shipped to us in and that is how my wife was told to return it, I told Ashley that was how it was shipped to us, why do we need to put it in ( 2 ) boxe's, of course to charge us more with the extra weight, it came to ( $129.00 ) dollars so we told her to forget it and we brought it back home. Ashley also was very rude to my wife, she asked her how we were going to pay for it and my wife told her by Credit Card, She was a smart mouth and said I need to know which one, i am hard of hearing or I would have told smart mouth I was using my Sears Card! We are Senior Citizens, I am ( 72 ) and my wife is ( 68 ), show some respect for our age. There were ( 2 ) customers ahead of us and they were treated ''Rudely'' also, she needs someone to ''Slap'' her along the side of her Head to wake her up! I will never use Fed-Ex unless they fire this ''Bimbo'' and prove to me that she was fired! Where do you people find your help? I hope this make's you aware of this problem at ( 2210 East Northern Lights, Anchorage, Alaska. Gary Ferriss.

  • FEDEX driver is holding my flat screen television hostage. I stood outside for two nights until 8-9 pm. The drivers all ride past my house everyday. I witnessed the driver for our area ride by and go two streets down for a delivery. This service is horrific and I am so disappointed in the lack of compassion when a drover performs poorly.

  • package was to be delivered to my home of Friday , I did not received it On Monday I checked my tracking infomaton, and it stated that It was left at my home on Friday , I found that to be strange being that I took off work just for this package, upon investigation FedEx called me stating that my package was left at my front door, at my white house with a for sale sign, wow I don't live in a white house and my house is not for sale., the address that was on the shipment was the correct address however the driver delivered it to the wrong address. Now FedEx is giving me a hard time with my claim, telling me that Alamo has to make the claim not me. Somebody needs to get it together, its bad enough that I have lost all my memories in the phone, and the talking mess, I will be contacting BBB also and Help me Howard and a attorney, the they have a nerve to tell me they can only give me 100.00 . They are crazy that phone cost me almost 800.00 ITS A IPHONE NOT A TOY PHONE. Im very very upset, and they have employees that do not know what they are doing, I will be contacting Corporate also, everyday

  • tracking 771636912340
    after many miss delivered packages to wrong address and me having to do all the legwork to get a credit to my card acct, I will be filing a police report against the drivers, who may be stealing the packages.
    I never ever hear we are accountable for delivering to wrong, well I;m thinking the drivers are stealing to be continued after police report filed, i will get to the bottom of this with or withouht fed ex.

  • 852426172357547 shipping number. the driver claims to have delivered it to my home and left it at front door. his claim would be a bold faced lie as i have 8 survelliance cameras around my house 3 shows the driver and front door. no such package was left and when we call the fed ex they say their driver knows the area well and that he left the package, but my cameras don't lie and and i don't leave for work until 240 and he claims to have left it at 1.37 while i waas home.

  • Re: tracking 606220972565. I was monitoring the tracking page wondering where was my package. Suddenly at 8 pm it days that an attempt was made at 12:05 and the business was closed. First off, this is a home not a business. Secondly, the business they claim they went to has a different address. I went downstairs to look for a door tag… nope, no tag. The delivery person LIED!!!! There was never an attempt to deliver this package. When I called customer service the rep was telling me that the attempt was made. Baloney! If they truly did attempt to make the delivery I would've received an email much earlier in the day stating that they tried to deliver the package at 12 like they claimed. Now they tell me I have to wait until Monday. This is something I needed to take with me on a business trip this weekend. FedEx in Mt. Vernon, NY S U C K S!!!!!!!!!. Never again. If I have to deal with them delivering something I will cancel the order. That's saying something. You corporate honchos need to get your act together because your organization has a lousy reputation for delivery and customer service. RUN!

  • I worked with fedex through a temp agency. The actual employees there use the temps to do the job, then goes out of their way to get that temp employee fired. I did everything I was asked to do. When I told them I was having problems doing a task and I asked for help, the employee had management convinced that I was refusing to do my job. When they moved me to another area that employee sent me home early. The sad thing is I had to wait four to five hours in the break room for my ride. They as they were over staffed and I was the only one continuously sent home early because in his eyes I was refusing to do the original task. Then he convinced management that I was not doing my job unless I was being watched and I was let go. After waiting for my ride yet again, he went into the break room bragging about getting me and three other people fired in the same day. I went to the representatives to make a complaint and he comes in trying to cover his back saying he was talking about someone else. Which is against policy. Multiple complaints have been made about this individual and he makes the work place hostile. People like that is why this company is going down the crapper, they let the good hard working people get fired by people like this and takes credit for the job that the temps who got fired. Purple promise sucks.

  • I am tired of calling constantly and complaining about my driver not delivering my packages and having nothing done about it! He is now leaving my packages at random neighbor homes rather than mine! No results still from the company. Why is it that UPS can deliver properly!?! I am done with FedEx!

  • Fedex has a crack head hanging out in my neighborhood has the van parked right where everyone can see it. Lets other people drive the van. The explains why customers have complaints.

  • Yes, Carol. Same thing is happening to me. These guy lie about delivery. They say they came for delivery and they missed you but actually never did. Thats a complete. This company sucks so bad. I don't know whats wrong with Fedex. Everybody out there avoid Fedex. I think UPS is a good choice.

  • They tried to deliver a package to me on Friday Jan.31 2014 they did not ring the door bell and I missed them by 15 minutes I called and asked if they could turn around and deliver it I was told no that it would be delivered on Saturday February 1, 2014 I waited by the door all day so I called again and they told me they tried to redeliver it at 1:29 pm I was home and I was waiting in which case I have witnesses that they did not try to deliver my package so I called (Mike) a supervisor and he said he would have it redelivered this evening I waited and waited and waited so at 8:15 pm I called again and talked to (Carol) a supervisor and was told that it would be delivered tonight well it is now 10:30pm so I called again and was told that it was to late to deliver I will not be using FedEx in the future

  • I used to work for FedEx until I was fired. How I got fired would make people feel bad for me. I was working there and as I worked there, I found out many things. One: If you work for FedEx and want insurance benfits, you must work 1,000 hours. Even if you work full-time. Two: Safety violations are made ALL THE TIME and c-slides are in the worst condition ever. Three: Self-defesne equals termination. I defended myself from another employee from pushing me onto a moving conveyer belt and I got fired because I happened to have a box in my hands. I, however, received an ass kicking resulting in me not walking properly for weeks. Four: If you are told there is an investigation going on because of an incident, it's a lie. The security cameras are very old and do not display picture properly and are often dirty or foggy. Five: A LOT OF PACKAGES END UP DAMAGED OR HAVE MISSING LABELS! This results in most of the packages not being sent. This had to be said. FedEx is a company that should ALWAYS be avoided.

  • FED EX needs a better customer service department and skilled delivery people that know how to locate a address. YES I have a mailbox with numbers YES its at the road. YES I have someone here to sign and recceive…especially when overnight charges are paid to have something shipped in a timely manner. I WOULD NOT use FEDEX to send a rock even!!!…but other business do and I can not help that…but seriously>. IF YOU CANNOT DELIVER correctly FEDEX>you need to close your doors. 1 out of 3 packages end up at that wrong address or either the delivery person lies about even attempting to deliver. YOUR IGNORANT SKILLS ARE SICKENING!

  • FedEx Ground Tracking # 554465472335320 to be delivered Sept 12th 2013. The driver didn't show up and made a delivery exception stating Customer not Available or Business Closed. Contacted Customer Service. The Rep left incomplete notes. Next day (Sept 13th) Driver didn't show up and made an exception again. Called Customer service and found out that FEDEX is doing us a favor by just carrying the package around. I wasted an entire day at home, didn't get my package nor any response from FEDEX Management. FEDEX is not organized and I pledge not to use FEDEX in any way in my life. By the way, I am shifting my exports carrier to TNT or DHL.


  • Fedex delivery for Upper Marlboro, MD stinks! I wish companies that I order from would not use fedex and would have UPS deliver packages for them!

  • Fedex delivered my phone to a wrong address…after numerous phone calls and the run around, I was told that it would be picked up and processed then delivered in a couple of days. The address it was delivered to was about 1/2 mile from my house but I was so annoyed that they can't do their job that I was not going to go and get it. After talking to a supervisor this evening and not finding resolution, I decided to go and get the package myself. I then called their customer service and told them that due to their incompetence I took care of it myself. I am so irrated with their lack of customer service….


  • I have tried to ship through Fedex and its awful…4 packages got delivered and one package missing and 4 packages are under weight of 80 lbs still they charged me $302.I didnot understand and called them they are simple so careless and irresponsible.10 days passed still they dont have information about missing package.The Staff simply transfers calls among departments……Revenue department,Terminal department all STUPID and long wait….Which annoys very badly……Still no info and no reasons about what they are doing….False statements about Delivery dates….all STUPIDITY…..Fedex Sucks!!!!!!!!!!
    Never ,Ever Use Fedex…….

  • My package was indicated as delivered on the tracking info but it was never delivered to me. When I called they told me they driver had misread the address and delivered it 100 blocks south of me. My address contains an apartment number and he delivered it to a single family home in a totally different zip code and a totally different part of the city with even another name!!!

    The driver obviously even received the authorization from his supervisor to leave the package at the totally wrong address with NO APT. NUMBER, the WRONG ZIP CODE, and the TOTALLY WRONG PART OF THE CITY!

    Can we ask for more educated decisions combined by driver and supervisor?

    I wasted my entire day today in order to get this package delivered to the right address. And, this was not the first time that I had problems with the delivery of FEDEX packages. My neighbors and associates just tell me the very same frustration. Most of them went to UPS but I cannot tell the sender which company to use. But, in the future, I will ask beforehand and simply not order anything from companies anymore using FEDEX! I can do without this frustration and wasting my time! The Internet will get this story as well – a great add-on to the already plenty of horror stories about FEDEX allover the world!

    I hope they at least have the decency to reply to my complaint sent to their headquarters and offer a little something as a customer satisfaction after this nightmare!

    I finally received my package on March 3 at 8:40 p.m. after I was talking to FEDEX all day long, otherwise nothing would have happened!!! It is so stupid and sad that we have to deal with this kind of stupidity!!!

  • Hi,

    There are several issues with your services and I am totally fed up with the approach of the customer service and false statements!!!

    The shipment was supposed to be delivered on 6th Feb, however it wasn’t. On the pretext of wrong address. Address was alrite, but No one called me
    6th feb, when I called on 25714444, one of your lady executives Arti said, that address is correct, but the pin code would be changed. So the delivery is 100% confirmed next day
    Next day (7th Feb) when I called on 25714444, your lady executive had no idea about any thing. She asked me to confirm my address, though she re-iterated the correct address she had with herself. She also said that the consignment would be delivered IMMEDIATELY.
    Nothing happened till evening. Even website was not updated.
    When I called again on your lousy customer care, the same incident happened. Your executive told me that, it would be delivered tomorrow.
    The sans sense reason provided for the same was
    Fedex: “You provided the delivery request today only”. Then what was the call that I made yesterday?
    Why at all you need the delivery request? You have my consignment, right? You are supposed to deliver it !!!! You don’t need any request or followups !!
    What about the commitment today noon that said- it would be delivered immediately or by evening. Its out for delivery?
    If it was out for delivery, then why it was not delivered??

    So much follow up for this small consignment and then totally irresponsible behaviour of the fedex executives has fed me up. First they make false statements, then don’t wasn’t to assume any responsibility!

    I didn’t see any difference between the provider like first flight and Fedex !!

    AWb- 541331993448

  • i thought fedex was a good company to work for. there morale is bad mangement do not want to help out when you have ploblems . nobody cares .the are bad co. to work for…

    • fedex is a bad company to work for..manegers do not want to help out with ploblems when the come up and morale sucks.. there programs sucks to.

  • What is it about white males that Fedex feels compelled to show as not only idiots but now in their current TV adds, a thief as well. I wonder if these idiots reflect their feeling about their customers or perhaps the corporate executives that authorized these adds? Why just degrade white males all the time?

  • Oh Fedex did it again. I filed 3 complaints already.

    1st time they made no attempt to deliver and sent my package back to the shipper the same day it was supposed to delivered (within 2 hours! Delivery attempt at 1:00pm claimed that I wasn't home and then claim it was wrong address. I verified with the shipper that they didn't mess up my address on the packing slip)

    Now today I waited a whole day, saw a truck drove by this afternoon and then up until 8:29PM EST the tracking finally updated to "Delivery exception Customer not available or business closed". I called the customer service and filed a complaint. I feel bad for the rep on the phone because she's listening to me ranting and typing the whole claim at the same time. I'll see what that MANAGER of that office got to say to me when they call me back within 48 hours. This is beyond ridiculous. Not the first or 2nd time it happened. I even said go tell them this is the 5th time it happened for whatever reason they're intentionally avoiding my address.

  • FedEx sucks! I was in home, waiting for a package. They did not even bother with door bell, just apply the door tag and drove away! My car was on a driveway with opened doors and trunk, and still delivery guy neglected to call the bell or knock. Ridiculous! I called FedEx and they said they would try to contact the person who left a slip. Never called me back!

  • fed ex have a whole bunch of liers working for them, they claim they tried three times to deliver my package and every time, all they do is stick door tags on your doorI'm at home, so now i have to try to find transportation to pick up a package that I paid to have shipped to my house,and the only thing they tell me is, " I will see if the driver will come back out", THAT'S THEIR DAMN JOB, you don't ask them anything ,you tell them to redeliver what they lied about delivering in the first place!!!fed ex ain't no better then ups. only thing customer service do is take notes no action

  • I don't usually bother to write and complain to corporate as I am not sure they really care but rather attempt to placate. My overall experience with Fed Ex, like many of you, has been disappointing and extremely frustrating. "Customer Service" is a thing of the past, perhaps noted in the Fed Ex Mission statement but left out of practice. I have given up on Fed Ex as a reliable shipper with my latest contact (Track #017136211068598) and shall minimize my future contact to absolutely necessary only. Good Luck!


  • FEDEX YOU HAVE THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE/SUPPORT STAFF EVER! My package was supposed to arrive on September 10th. According to the tracking it is still in RICHMOND, CA since the 18th of August… It is now September 18, A WHOLE MONTH LATER…I've tried to get details on WHY it's still in Richmond… But of course, your CSR couldn't even answer that for me. YOU GUYS ARE NOT DOING YOUR JOBS. I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW YOU STILL HAVE SO MANY CUSTOMERS AFTER READING EVERYONE'S COMPLAINTS ON HERE… YOU SHOULDN'T EVEN BE A BUSINESS ANYMORE. I am just so disgusted with the service and the people that I have been dealing with for this ONE package.

  • On Sept.8th,2012 at about 7:30 p.m i went to Fedex in Lake Mary Fla,to have some papers coped.When a lady came in fedex screaming were is Jessica and threw her package on the counter still sreaming were is Jessica.Young lady said i,m jessica can i help you.This women was cursing her out like she was on some kind of drug or something.I called Corporate to tell them what happened and told them the women went behind the counter screaming in her face and all the Vice President secty.said to me was if the girl didnt like it to find another job.Fedex Company is the coldest people on the face of the earth and they dont seem to care a bit about their employee,s what so ever.I will never take any business to those people again,if they actlike that about people they sure arent gonna give a dame about your package.I never had problem,s with U.P.S and i,m gonna stay with them.Fedex sucks bad……..

  • Don't use Fedex use UPS they deliver!! I was told today that my lost package was left at the side door of a trailer( I live in a brick house) and that the driver could not retrive it yesterday, today that if he could not tomorrow I could file a claim and get my money back! I want my package that why I ordered the merchandice in the first place!! I am not satisfied!!

  • This company should be investigated and class action lawsuit brought against them. Waiting for 5 days so far past the "On FedEx Vehicle Out For Delivery" date and calling FedEx only to be told they have no idea why the driver will not deliver my package. Being placed on long hold times just to be told they can not get any info from the station that the driver loads from. Save yourself the stress and ship with another company.

  • After experiencing a recent botched delivery attempt and consequential robbery of my package I will make it a mission in my life to expose and bring to justice the neighborly theif and incompetant accomplice, I mean Fed Ex employee, to the fullest extent of the law. In three days, I have been exposed to a lying and soon to be sued driver, an incompetant customer service rep named Craft who does not return phone calls, a Station supervisor, nameless, who believes his lying driver before a customer and one lonely supervisor named Nina who actually did what she said she would. Apparantly she slipped through the jerk crack and manages to keep a job.
    Congrats!!!!!! The police are involved in this and the offending parties will be prosecuted and sued. Whomever runs this global corporation cannot possibly know that these conditions exist or he or she should be shipped to Iran and delivered to the wrong person.

  • Now a story from the inside. Try working for Fedex, don't believe the propoganda they tell you upon hiring. Not only do they miss treat, verbally abuse, and break the odd laws but it seems like its a game for the local HR department to cover up this behavior but it also seems the behavior is condoned by corporate. Slander and bigatry seems to be high on the list of behavioral problems with local management alike and if you do as they say and complain then you become a moving target for dismissal. I think its time for the attorney generals office and the labor offices to start investigating Fedex for its role. Its all good the president is off golfing while his undermangement is violating code of ethics and laws in general.

  • I have been waiting 8 days for a package pick up. I wad told the absolute last day I would receive it was yesterday. Today a driver left a note ony clear glass storm door stating that he attempted to pick upy package. His feet were two inches from where he left the note on a clear glass sort. You would have to be blind to bot see it.

  • hahaha i have you all beat. i sent a care package to my girlfriend in china. she is over there teaching for four months. the package arrived in china no problem, two days after i sent. perfect i thought. nope! then the nightmare started. it was not allowed to go through customs because there was peanutbutter and popcorn in it. they said that was not allowed so i was like fine take it out. they then said they had to charge me to destroy the stuff which was going to cost $50. then finally when my girlfriend did get the package, almost two weeks later, there was barely anything in it and the few things that were there were all beat up and broken and damaged. and when my girlfriend tried to call them and figure out what was going on they repeatedly hung up on her and would not help her out at all. not impressed with fedex at all!! so make sure to spread the word around not to send anything to china with fedex. friends she is with received packages via the regular postal system no problem. anyone know who i can contact that is high up in the company.

    -jonas, BC Canada

  • I was informed that my package would arrive on 4/16/12 which is normally a work day. I took the day off because the package requires a signature. After being told my package would arrive before 6 pm, i was held hostage waiting ALL DAY. When my package did not arrive at 6 i called again. I was told the package would be delivered by 8 pm. when the delivery was not made i called the customer service line and was told that my package had a delivery attempt at 7:24 pm. This is a false statement made by the driver who should be written up for not performing his job. There was no delivery attempt made and no notice left at my residence. While waiting for a driver that did not come i periodically waited outside my front door for your driver to arrive. I want some kind of confirmation that this matter will be dealt with appropriately. If i am not satisfied i will start contacting corporate offices with my complaint.
    tracking number # 734419860807382

  • I would like to complaint about your shipping charge, mislead of your FedEx employee in Kent WA It’s my 1st time using FedEx and it’s the worst service at all, I use to ship package via USPS to Philippines with 6-10 days shipping for amount of $47.95 then I will pay custom charge. I talk to your sales rep on FedEx Kent asking cheapest shipping to Philippines that I will pay all the charges so the recipient won’t need to pay on custom. He let me fill-up form and weight my item to calculate the charge; He said the amount is $152.88 packages will be delivering to recipient door he did not tell me that I still need to pay custom charges. “If I know I will still need to pay custom charge I will ship it via USPS and wont spent $152.88 for total shipping” I paid by my credit card FedEx tracking # 872909034300 at 3.5 lbs. Time of payment is 4:23:55PM when I proceed on my car I read the receipt and it said “subject to additional charges and on details said NO Warranty” I immediately come back to the store only matter of 5 minutes and ask the store sales person who assist me, He said there’s a warranty if something happen to package the amount declare is the amount they will pay. I ask about the receipt additional charge is this means recipient will pay additional coz if yes it’s too expensive, I thought custom charge is already added that’s why my bill is 152.88 if that’s the case I will cancel it now that’s not how you explain and that not the service I want. He said he cannot cancel Item has left there facilities and no worries the will be no more extra charge and package deliver on recipient door. Within 5 minutes package already leave the Kent FedEx store but when I track it its said it was leave at Kent store at 6:49pm so sales rep lied to me.
    Package arrived on Philippines and they charge the recipient P4, 881.19 pesos which is equivalent to$114 .10 USD. I don’t think this is fare coz your sales rep told me no more payment needed on recipient that’s why I pay high payment of $152.88 if he said the truth before making the transaction it will not lead to this, we spent more than haft of the value of the item, Item declare cost value is $510.00 total charge we spent is $266.98 USD If I sent it via USPs I will not spent more than $150.00 including custom charge.
    Itemized charge in Philippines
    Custom Form and Stamps ———————- P 315.00
    Duties and Taxes (w/ BIR receipt)————– P 3, 581.19

    Why I got charge for storage but FedEx is the one who reschedule the delivery on next day.

    Storage —————————————– P 985.19(FedEx storage charge)
    Valuables Storage Fee ——- P 201.75
    Service charge fee ———– 1.38
    Special release fee ———– 378.00
    Documentation fee ———– 15.00
    Deconsolidation fee ———- 283.50
    Value Added tax ————- 105.56

  • I checked my tracking number, and it said package would be delivered NO LATER than 10:30 AM on April 9th, when 10:30 came and went, I called Fedex, they said it would be between 1: PM and 1:30. They brought the package by on Friday before the 9th of April, left a tag on the door with 9:45 am on the delivery ticket, but I was here at 9:45 am. They wanted me to drive to the facility to get my package. FEDEX is terrible. They really do suck. Use DHL or UPS, you can depend on them.

  • I received a obscene e-mail from a possible employee using what I believe is a FedEx e-mail address. I don't trust that the corporate office will handle this without trying to cover it up. I opened the e-mail on Fri nite and will be taking it to my attorney Mon. Morning to investigate this further!!


  • I should have read the comments above BEFORE using FEDEX!
    My shipment to India was supposed to be delivered on Nov. 30. Today is Dec 3rd. and it is still in another town.
    The tel. reps are VERY rude and rough and are in a hurry all the time!
    They even can not take tel. nos. correctly!!! I gave them a tel. no and they noted down a wrong no. somehow and called that no as the recipient's tel. no. No wonder, no one picked up!
    I am just mad as hell with FEDEX!
    Can't do anything…they are a trillion dollar company I guess and I am a single individual.
    So, they will continue this horribly bogus and poor service as before…till eternity.
    And we customers will pay!

  • Complaint-Tracking #473583948576 Was Supposed To arrive to me by Oct. 7th 2011. I paid Extra Shipping for having it by Oct. 7th,It sat at the Fed Ex facility Since Oct. the 5th according to Online tracking And When I called Customer Service 3 separate occasions I was told they tryed to deliver but failed.I kept giving them directions and even recieved a call and called them back this morning Oct. 11 at 9am and gave them directions again. Found out that it was sent back to shipper after they recieved my directions.I order online all the time, your trucks come out all the time so why is this so difficult??? I have decided that if I cant get a complete answer to why & how you can take our money for service you didnt do, I will go to our local media To get my answers." 2 Works For You" seems to be a good start since your Customer service cant seem to help me. Iam so dissappointed in you lack of care and service, & your customer service. I hope I get a reply & to make it easy for you I will leave my name & e mail And phone. I will be expecting to hear from you on this matter. Or If not I can at least worn others WHAT NOT TO DO when it comes To FED EX! Krissy Pearce Koehn, E address, Phone 580-227-6168 Fairview, Ok.

  • Complaint re: Tracking #476738798831 (due Aug. 5, 2011)
    FedEx has failed to deliver a package to me or make the COMPLETE contact with me required for a package to be delivered. Expected a package since August 5th and still have not received it as of August 9th. Incomplete notes documented in the FEDEX system reflects a lack of skills required to continue to provide service that your company has built. I am paying for a service that I can utilize because of the inadequacy of representative to provide the DETAILED information to deliver a package which is what your company does. I am TOTALLY disappointed at this point with the process as i have NEVER encountered this before. If the name and/or address is the cause of this situation, WHY isnt there skill representative to advise me of that before 4-5 days later. I am PAYING for a service (in the package) that FEDEX has in their possession. The type of follow-up on this matter lacks a professional concern for satisfied customers. It reflects a need for additional training for critical and technical issues that should arise. So perhaps this situation can be used as a "lesson learned" and taught in a training capacity starting with ALL of the individuals that I've spoken with. WHY is it 4 almost 5 days later and I haven't received a package that was expected in 2-days? Where is the quality control over your processes. Today is Aug 8th and NOW the package MAY be delivered Aug 9th. Also, if I called on a Monday evening WHY not may I still not receive the package before Wednesday. On Aug 10th, that will be exactly 7 calendar days that I requested a product that I should have received August 5th. How can your company ensure that this won't happen to other customers? I'd like to hear from FEDEX management and receive your response as to how this will be resolved and if you can redeem my opinion of your company to desire and to trust future use of your company's service.

    • The same thing has happened to me over and over and over again. It is an absolutely disorganized company that either isn't training their staff properly, has staff that don't care about what they are doing or how they are affecting the people who are sending packages. I can't do my job without some of these packages that go missing through FedEx and it's thousands of dollars worth of materials that are being lost and for days no one looks for the package even though they say they are I get excuses every time I call and talk to a different person . they need more info or the person who deals with that is out for 4 days. It is ridiculous. i have switched my business to UPS.

    • I absolutely agree with you . I have had several expensive packages go missing with Fedex and have been given excuse after excuse as to why they haven't looked for them. I called once to find out about a missing package and they said "yes, we found that package.". Well, no one had called to tell me they found it. Isn't anyone over there doing their jobs? Either they don't have the right training or they just don't care. I'm sending a letter to the CEO and telling him he needs to go on undercover boss because Fedex is not running like it should. I'm also going to ask if he looks at the reviews on line because if he did he would see all the problems. if he knows about the problems and just doesn't care then it's no wonder his employees don't care either.

    • FEDEX is the worst! I received a phone call on Thursday (Oct 12, 2017) last9#029067680 was told package needed to have adult signature~ so I stayed home from work on Friday guess what ~ What you ask ??? The package never showed.

      So I stayed home (literally I didn't go ANYWHERE) on Monday once again the package never showed~ the WORST part though was that I called Fedex and was told that they attempted delivery at 5:36 but no one was home to receive the pakage…. WHAT THE HECK they were LYING!!!!!!

      I called and spoke with someone in CS and got a case number I told him I had stayed home two days already from work waiting for the package and I wanted it delivered by ten am on Tuesday he said it would be done and that I would receive a call in the morning from #FEDExtheworstshippersofalltime

      Tuesday morning ten am… no phone call received from FedEx and no package so I force myself to make the call to them again UGH!!!

      I told the situation first to Heather supervisor from main call center, she switched me to…
      Courtney from TX (who by the way didn't know where corporate headquarters were~ so I told her =() I told her the situation and was then transfered to…
      Wayman (manager) from Fairfield I told him the situation/story/problem…
      He did mention that there is no way to communicated with the driver WHAT has no one there heard of a cell phone at the very least?????????????????

      As it stands now I am still waiting for my package and am expecting a call back from Wayman as to why information was "falsified" or insert LIE about being attempted to be delivered.

      Will have package delivered to a local FEDEx office if there is a porblem today so I don't have to stay home again waiting for something that will never show up because FedEx doesn't think #Imworthit

    • It is Aug 7,2020 I have been waiting for a package that FedEx has in their position, they have lied that it was out for delivery and when it is time to close they write not delivered. I have a big surprise for you fedex. You were accused of stealing high tech cameras long before the virus what is your excuse for bad behavior in your deliveries…

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